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Family of Rev. Wilson J. Kierce
submitted by Vanessa Burzynski

On November 12, 1786 William Kierse was granted 100 Acres on the waters of Great Saltcatcher's Cowpen Branch in the Orangeburgh District of Winton County, South Carolina.

South Carolina's first census was taken in 1790.  From this census we found that a George Kierce lived in Orangeburg District, South Carolina.  His family consisted of 2 males over 16 years, 4 males under 16 years, and 4 females.

Rev. Wilson J. Kierce was born in South Carolina in 1810 to John and Rebecca Kierce and sometime after that moved with his family to Emanuel County, Georgia where he grew up and married Bedy Jane Curl on November 11, 1829.  Wilson moved his family to Baker County, Georgia in 1842 and on December 25, 1855 he moved to Elba in Coffee County, Alabama.  Sometime after 1860 he moved to Andalusia in Covington County, Alabama where he lived until his death in 1886.  His remains are intered near Florala in  Covington County, Alabama.

My Great-Great-Great-Grandparents
Wilson J. Kierce (1810-1886) (son of John and Rebecca Kierce)
married Bedy Jane Curl (1813-1863) (daughter of Matthew and Lecy Curl)/Mary Cockroft (2nd wife)

Children of Rev. Wilson J. Kierce and Bedy Jane Curl
1.  Andrew J. Kierce (1833-1851)
2.  Leciann Kierce (1835-1835)
3.  Rev. George W. Kierce (1836-1819) married Mary L. Savell(1st wife)/Theodosia Terry (2nd wife)
         Mary Kierce married James M. Watson
         Daniel Kierce (1865-1942) married Sarah E. ?
4. Rev. Barryan A. Kierce (1838-1911) married Malinda Jane Rowe
         Martha Ella Kierce (1872-1960) married Thaddeus Warsaw Morgan
         Cora Dell Kierce (1873-1951) married James Clanton Brunson
              Jesse Brunson (1896-?)
5. William Roan Kierce (1840-1843)
6. Daniel Kierce (1843-1929) married Rebecca(1st wife)/Martha Jane Ott (2nd wife)
         George Dewey Kierce (1899-1970) married Pearl Tucker
7. Rev. Henry Kierce (1846-1928) married Honor E. Hinote (my great-great-grandparents)
      Moses Kierce (1868-1928) married Florida L. Mims  (my great-grandparents)
                    Infant Daughter (1891 - died at birth)
                    Edward Kierce (1892 - died at 6 months)
                    Thomas Henry Kierce (1895-1924) married Isabel Griffin
                    Marshall Earl Kierce (1897-?) married Clyde/Sue Angle
                    Roy Jackson Kierce (1901-1982) married Martha Penn
                    Erma Lois Kierce (1905-1968) married Fred Fahrny
                  Mims Moses Kierce (1909-1995) married Mary Ann Lehman (my grandparents)
                    Eloise Mozelle Kierce (1913-1995) married Clyde M. Hall
        Sara Jane Kierce (1870)
        Daniel Kierce (1875-1917) married Ella Viola Hurst
8. Bedy Jane Kierce (1847-1928) married William Joseph Harper.
         Roy Harper
         Kirt Harper
         Frank Harper
         Moses Harper
9. Sarah Kierce (1850-1902) married William Jacob Cravey (went to Texas)
         Honor Elizabeth Cravey (1873)
         Noah Wilson Cravey (1875)
         Buner Frances Cravey (1877)
         Mary Jane Cravey (1878)
         William Henry Cravey (1880)
         Sarah Caroline Cravey (1882)
         Martha Ophelia Cravey (1884)
         Albert Cleveland Cravey (1885)
         Rocksy Alabama Cravey (1890)
10. Joseph T. Kierce (1854-1930) married  Mary Patience Arnold
         Ira Kierce (1872-1873)
         Dan Kierce (1873-1903) married Martha Faull
         Zebadee D. Kierce (1877-1936) married Lula King/Martha Faull/Jewell Alexander
         William Walton Kierce (1879-1952) married Ellen Brunson
         Lillie B. Kierce (1880-1968) married Charles T. Brunson
         Joseph S. Kierce (1882-1949) married Flora Bond
         Rosa B. Kierce (1884-1971) married Clinton T. Trent
         Katie M. Kierce (1889-1968) married J. Mack Barron
         Madde E. Kierce (1888) married Jimmy Swartz
         Kendrick Kierce (1893-1943) married Alice Beard
11. Rev. Moses J. Kierce (1856-1925) married  Roxie Ann Kierce (went to Texas)
         Dona Lee Kierce (1895-1926) married Mr. Miller
         Jeanie Kierce

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