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St. Stanislaus Catholic Church
Anderson, Grimes Co., Texas

Baptismal Records

This is only a partial listing of church records from St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in Anderson, Texas that contained family members records.  These records are written in Latin and Polish and are very hard to read.  Some spellings are as close as possible to the actual spelling. Some errors may occur.  If there is a blank it is because the information was not legible enough to tell what was written.  If the name has a question mark after it means that the spelling may be incorrect or was too hard to read and is close as possible.  It is not in chronologial order. It has been placed in alphabetical order according to the child's last name and is group by each family unit.  If you have any questions, please contact me at .
Child's name Birth Baptism Father Mother Godfather Godmother
Mary Evelyn Bohack 4/18/1953 4/25/1953 Anthony Bohack Lucia Burzynski Vance Burzynski Agnes Krol
Leon Bohack 10/6/1941 10/10/1941 Anthony Bohack Lucia Burzynski Joseph Piegelsoki  Hieromina? Bohack
Henry Thomas Bohack 3/29/1948 4/4/1948 Anthony Bohack Lucia Burzynski Stephen Burzynski Theophelia Burzynski
Barbara Martha Bohack 2/15/1942 Joannes Bohack Hieromina Burzynski Joannes Gorney Lusia Bohack
Francisca Bohack Joannes Bohack Hieromina Burzynski Stephen Bohack Rosalia Burzynski
Julian Burzynski 9/29/1944 10/5/1944 Charles Burzynski Theophelia Gorney Vincent Burzynski Valerie Gorney
Floyd Burzynski 10/5/1954 10/7/1954 Charles Burzynski Theophelia Gorney John Gorney Willie Mae Burzynski
Mark Burzynski 1/24/1952 1/27/1952 Charles Burzynski Theophelia Gorney Louis Burzynski Agnes Koronka
Gerard Eugene Burzynski 8/16/1953 8/23/1953 Eugene Burzynski Loukattie Krol John Burzynski Betty Jane Krol
LeoThomas Burzynski 2/15/1957 2/17/1957 Eugene Burzynski Loukattie Krol Rufus Burzynski Mary Mattern
Barbara Burzynski 10/3/1920 10/5/1920 Louis Burzynski Rosalia Wawrzon
Clara Burzynski 12/31/1925 1/7/1926 Louis Burzynski Rosalia Wawrzon Michael Sivcoski Antonia Cecielski
Genefa Burzynski 3/29/1923 3/31/1923 Louis Burzynski Rosalia Wawrzon Ladislawa Jagrozuski  Maria Wawrzon
Joannes Burzynski 11/22/1918 11/22/1918 Louis Burzynski RosaliaWawrzon Franciscus Cieselski  Catharina Wawrzon
Julian Burzynski 6/7/1928 6/14/1928 Louis Burzynski Rosalia Wawrzon Joseph Wawrzon Clara Wawrzon
Raymond Joseph Burzynski 8/31/1934 9/3/1934 Louis Burzynski Rosalia Wawrzon Stanislaus Wawrzon Clara Klapecki
Rufus Burzynski 5/17/1917 5/18/1917  Louis Burzynski Rosalia Wawrzon Ladislawa Wawrzon Rosalia Burzynski
Theodore Stephan Burzynski 12/20/1955 12/22/1955 Vence Burzynski Antonia Tomkivitz Steve Tomkivitz Willie Mae Tomkivitz
Lucia Burzynski 11/30/1918 11/30/1918 Vincentus Burzynski Rosalia Szymczak Michael Sivcoski Tella Berger
Stephanus Burzynski 8/23/1926 8/28/1926 Vincentus Burzynski Rosalia Szymczak Silvester Demny Marie Szymczak
Ladislaus Leon Busa 7/29/1948 8/2/1948 Andrew Busa Martha Podraza Boleslaus Podraza Rosalia Paszkiet
Stephanus Silvester Cieschelski 11/6/1921 11/9/1921 Franciscus Cieschelski Antonia Wawrzon Ladislawa Jagrozuski Anastasia Wawrzon
Alphonsus Carollus Cieschelski 11/4/1925 11/17/1925 Franciscus Cieschelski Antonia Wawrzon Joannes Wawrzon Anna Kielbasenska
David Felix Cieschelski 7/4/1929 7/13/1929 Franciscus Cieschelski Antonia Wawrzon Joannes Berger Clara Wawrzon
Raymond Phillip Cieschelski 10/12/1923 10/20/1923 Franciscus Cieschelski Antonia Wawrzon Stanislaus Wawrzon Anna Dobyanski
Joannes Benjamin Cieschelski Franciscus Cieschelski Antonia Wawrzon Antonius Cieselski  Rosalia Burzynski
Balbina Cieschelski 9/10/1915 9/12/1915 Franciscus Cieschelski Antonia Wawrzon
Frances Marie Gorney 8/15/1940 8/18/1940 Joannes Gorney Cecelia Burzynski Vincent Burzynski Theophelia Gorney
JosephLudoslaus Gorney 8/24/1944 8/27/1944 Joannes Gorney
Cecelia Burzynski
Vincent Burzynski Valerie Gorney
Valentinus Michael Gorney 3/14/1948 3/19/1948 Joannes Gorney Cecelia Burzynski Michael Gorney Anna Burzynski
Maria Koronka 4/8/1927 4/10/1927 Clemens Koronka Stanislawa Nowak  Joannes Paszkiet Rosalia Paszkiet
Nicholaus Koronka 9/8/1900 9/8/1900 Stanislaus Koronka Marianna Koronka AgnesPodraza
Agatha Christina Klapecki 1/14/1922 1/14/1922 Stanislaus Klapecki Clara Burzynski
Anna Agatha Klapecki 2/14/1919 2/14/1919 Stanislaus Klapecki Clara Burzynski
Joseph Casimier Klapecki 2/23/1924 3/2/1924 Stanislaus Klapecki Clara Burzynski Vincent Burzynski Martha Cecielski
Ludovicus Adelbertus Klapecki 4/22/1926 4/25/1926 Stanislaus Klapecki Clara Burzynski Joannes Burzynski Maria Sivcoski
Francisca Pelagia Klapecki 2/15/1928 2/20/1928 Stanislaus Klapecki Clara Burzynski Michael Sivcoski Pelagia Klapecki
Edward Adam Klapecki 10/30/1929 11/5/1929 Stanislaus Klapecki Clara Burzynski Anthony Candorski  Catharina Podraza
Margaret Anna Krol 8/29/1942 8/30/1942 Silvester Stephan Krol Maria Podraza Vincent Sadinkowski Martha Podraza
Barbara Ann Noski 9/17/1945 9/22/1945 Donald Noski Carrie Wawrzon Frances Wawrzon Catharina Noski
Joyce Marie Noski 7/19/1954 8/7/1954 Donald Noski Carrie Wawrzon David Noski Mary Ubnoski
Joannes Ogradowicz 7/3/1917 7/3/1917 Antonius Ogradowicz Bronislawa Ogradowicz Leon Podraza Helena Podraza
Francisca Podraza 0/0/1882 0/0/1882 Adolberti Podraza Agnes Matyjaski F. Tophil?  Sophia Klapecki
Josephina Podraza 8/17/1894 8/17/1894 Adolberti Podraza Agnes Matyjaski Valentino Dobyanski Agnes Podraza
Marianna Podraza 9/23/1893 9/23/1893 Adolberti Podraza Agnes Matyjaski
Christina Podraza 2/4/1922 2/11/1922 Albinus Podraza Helena Ogradowicz Michael Podraza Maria Werolek
Victoria Podraza 3/18/1924 3/25/1924 Albinus Podraza Helena Ogradowicz Ludwick Podraza Catharina Marcejcska
Martha Podraza 8/25/1916 8/25/1916 Albinus Podraza Helena Podraza Leon Podraza Helena Podraza
Marianna Francisca Podraza 9/1/1937 9/4/1937 Anbrosus Podraza Pelagia Sicinski  Joseph Sicinski  Francisca Julka
Albinus Podraza 12/18/1894 12/23/1894 Antoni Podraza Agnes Knach Valentino Dobyanski Agnes Sybest
Francisca Podraza 10/9/1899 10/29/1899 Antoni Podraza Agnes Knach
Toni Podraza 9/20/1890 9/22/1890 Antoni Podraza Agnes Knach Ladislawa Podraza Victoria Knach
Jacob Podraza 5/13/1951 Antoni Podraza Lucadia Busa
Raymond Podraza 3/13/1943 3/16/1943 Carolen Podraza Magdalena Kapalski Michael Podraza Sophia Kapalski
MaryHelen Podraza 1/4/1952 1/13/1952 David M. Podraza Christine Shock Harold Podraza Agatha Walkoviak
Heinymann Podraza 12/29/1921 1/1/1921 Joannes Podraza Maria Demny
Margaret Podraza 9/10/1925 9/12/1925 Joannes Podraza Maria Demny Mikolojezak  Catharina Bohack
Silvester Podraza 10/4/1917 10/4/1917 Joannes Podraza Maria Demny LudovicusPodraza Rosalia Mikotajeska
Victoria Podraza 9/11/1923 9/11/1923 Joannes Podraza Maria Demny Stanislaus Mikolojezak  Pelagia Mikotajeska
Josefa Podraza 12/17/1916 12/17/1916 Joannes Podraza Marianna Demny Ignatius Cechelski  Catharina Podraza
Michael Podraza 7/25/1913 7/25/1913 Joannes Podraza Marianna Demny
James Podraza 5/20/1953 5/23/1953 Lee Podraza Agnes Busa Anthony Sicinski Raul Busa
ClaraChristina Podraza 2/11/1946 2/14/1946 Lee Podraza Agnes Busa Joannes Baronowski  Theophelia Busa
Marion Podraza 4/19/1943 4/23/1923 Lee Podraza Agnes Busa Stanislaus Masijewski  Maria Koronka
Thomas Podraza 12/25/1940 12/27/1940 Lee Podraza Agnes Busa JohnAnton Podraza Martha Busa
Marianna Podraza 11/8/1914 11/10/1914 Leon Podraza Aniela Ogradowicz Michael Podraza Marianna Podraza
Boleslaus Podraza 1/17/1920 1/17/1920 Leon Podraza Aniela Ogradowicz Stanislaus Nowak  Magdalena Sicenski
Clara Podraza 3/14/1924 3/16/1924 Leon Podraza Aniela Ogradowicz Ignatius Censka  Catharina Sulek
Margaret Podraza 3/25/1922 4/1/1922 Leon Podraza Aniela Ogradowicz Joseph Klapecki Agnes Podraza
Martha Podraza 8/1/1916 8/1/1916 Leon Podraza Aniela Ogradowicz Antonius Ogradowicz Catharina Podraza
Leocodius Podraza 5/25/1918 5/25/1918 Leon Podraza Aniela Ogradowicz Albinus Podraza Anna Podraza
Veronica Podraza 9/28/1931 9/29/1931 Leon Podraza Aniela Ogradowicz Stanislaus Walkoviak Aniela Nowak
Joannes Podraza 9/8/1914 9/10/1914 Louis Podraza Catharina Burzynski Anthony Podraza Marianna Podraza
Albinus Podraza 9/14/1917 9/14/1917 Louis Podraza Catharina Burzynski AlbinusPodraza Victoria Podraza
BarbaraJane Podraza 6/28/1956 7/8/1956 Michael Podraza Alice Berger Thomas Berger Agatha Walkoviak
John Podraza 5/29/1954 6/13/1954 Michael Podraza Alice Berger Stanislaus McClosky  Anna Joswiak
Anna Podraza 10/12/1950 11/5/1950 Michael Podraza Alice Berger Silvester Podraza Maria K?
Caroline Podraza 8/24/1917 8/24/1917 Michael Podraza Anna Ogradowicz Albinus Podraza Aniela Podraza
Hienymann Podraza 7/1/1925 7/5/1925 Michael Podraza Anna Ogradowicz Joannes Klapecki Balbina Mikotajeska
Laclaru Podraza  12/26/1929 12/27/1929 Michael Podraza AnnaOgradowicz Joannes Podraza Catharina Podraza
Leocadia Podraza 12/26/1929 12/27/1929 Michael Podraza Anna Ogradowicz Joseph Klapecki Aniela Podraza
Leon Podraza 6/28/1922 6/29/1922 Michael Podraza Anna Ogradowicz Petrus K?  Maria Lioceska
Marianna Podraza 10/31/1915 11/1/1915 Michael Podraza Anna Ogradowicz LouisPodraza Helen Podraza
Petrus Podraza 6/14/1919 6/22/1919 Michael Podraza Anna Ogradowicz Leon Podraza Bolisawa Podraza
Rufinus Podraza 6/25/1921 Michael Podraza Anna Ogradowicz Adolbertus K?  Francisca Sicenski
Michael Andrew Podraza 10/27/1952 Michael Podraza Alice Berger HaroldPodraza Agnes Berger
Leocadia Podraza 12/17/1925 12/18/1925  Stanislaus Podraza Rosalia Busa MichaelPodraza Aniela Podraza
Magdalena Podraza 11/20/1932 11/21/1932  Stanislaus Podraza  RosaliaBusa Victor Borski Aniela Podraza
Maria Podraza 2/2/1930 Stanislaus Podraza Rosalia Busa Anthony Podraza Geila Berger
Phillip Podraza 11/4/1954 11/7/1954 Tony Podraza Alice Busa Louis Podraza Agatha Busa
Josephina Podraza 7/20/1890 7/20/1890
Agatha Rolirod 10/29/1929 6/18/1931 Agnes Rolirod
Elizabeth Rolirod 12/31/1930  6/18/1931  Agnes Rolirod
Martha Rolirod 12/31/1930  6/18/1931  Agnes Rolirod
Rose Marie Rosilier  3/5/1954 3/7/1954 Vincent Rosilier  Anna Burzynski Steve Burzynski Joesephine Rosilier
Walter Rosilier  10/11/1952 10/19/1952 Vincent Rosilier  Anna Burzynski Vincent G.Rosilier  Rose Burzynski
Barbara Rose Sivkoski 8/25/1917 8/25/1917 Michael Sivkoski  Rosalia Burzynski Louis Burzynski Helena Nowak
Barbara Ann Smith 7/27/1947 7/27/1947 Edwin L. Smith Barbara Burzynski Rufus Burzynski Barbara Bater
Valentine  Edwin Smith 9/2/1946 9/30/1946 Edwin L. Smith Barbara Burzynski Joannes Burzynski Martha Wawrzon
Marcelia Sulek 9/5/1952 Edwin Sulek Genefa Burzynski Eugene Burzynski
Petronela Sulek 8/8/1949 8/12/1949 Edwin Sulek Genefa Burzynski Joannes Burzynski Valerie Gorney
Maria Catherine Sulek 10/30/1949 11/1/1939 H.K. Sulek Lucia Danford LouisBurzynski Maria Werolek
Thomas Adam Szymczak 7/3/1943 7/5/1943 Adam Szymczak Margaret Podraza IgnatiusSzymczak Aniela Podraza
Leon Ignatious Szymczak 12/12/1948 12/13/1948 Adam Szymczak Margaret Podraza Boleslaus Podraza Anna Borska
Marion Wladislau Szymczak 7/19/1946 7/20/1946 Adam Szymczak Margaret Podraza Leon Podraza Catharina Szymczak
Leon Ignatious Szymczak 11/5/1943 11/6/1943 Anthony Szymczak Leocadia Podraza Leon Podraza Catharina Szymczak
Raymond Anthony Szymczak 8/23/1947 8/30/1947 Anthony Szymczak Leocadia Podraza Ignatius Szymczak Aniela Podraza
Hierongina Phillip Ubnoski 8/5/1946 8/14/1946 Carol Ubnoski Maria Wawrzon FrankWawrzon Helena Ubnoski
Rosalina Walkoviak 8/21/1893 8/25/1893 Casimere Walkoviak Magdalena Knach Adolbertus Wjoyskowski  Victoria Walkoviak
Rosalina Joanna Walkoviak Casimier Walkoviak Magdalena Knach VictoriaWalkoviak
Michala Walkoviak 2/27/1892 2/27/1892 Josepha Walkoviak Rosalia Walkoviak
Agatha Cecelia Walkoviak 7/10/1938 7/12/1938 Stanislaus Walkoviak Francis Podraza Stanislaus Kelojazak  Helena Podraza
Czeslaus Walkoviak 10/10/1926 10/13/1926 Stanislaus Walkoviak Francis Podraza Leon Podraza Bolislawa Wawrzon
Genefa Walkoviak 7/11/1929 7/13/1929 Stanislaus Walkoviak Francis Podraza Joannes Podraza Maria Walkoviak
Jacobus Phillip Walkoviak 2/9/1940 2/11/1940 Stanislaus Walkoviak Francis Podraza Franciscus Szymczak Veronica Szymczak
Louis Walkoviak 5/24/1915 5/24/1915 Stanislaus Walkoviak Francis Podraza Marianna Podraza
Maria  Josepha Walkoviak 8/8/1931 8/9/1931 Stanislaus Walkoviak Francis Podraza Stanislaus Wawrzon Victoria Walkoviak
Irma Marcela Walkoviak 4/28/1934 4/28/1934 Stanislaus Walkoviak Francis Podraza Albinus Podraza Cecelia Szymczak
Catharina Barbara Walkoviak 3/17/1936 3/19/1936 Stanislaus Walkoviak Francis Podraza Joseph Walkoviak Maria Podraza
Victoria Walkoviak Catharina Walkoviak
Balbina Wawrzon 4/26/1925 4/28/1925 Frank Wawrzon Veronica Koronka StanislausWawrzon Rosalia Paszkiet
Casimiera Wawrzon 4/24/1926 4/27/1926 Frank Wawrzon Veronica Koronka Victor Koronka Antonia Cecielski
Clemens Joannes Wawrzon 6/16/1929  6/19/1929 Frank Wawrzon Veronica Koronka Joannes Paszkiet Rosalia Burzynski
Ludovicus Wawrzon 8/3/1919  8/5/1919  Frank Wawrzon Veronica Koronka JoannesWawrzon Agnes Koronka
Augustina Wawrzon 6/30/1922 7/3/1922 Frank  Wawrzon Veronica Koronka Stanislaus Paszkiet Regina Paszkiet
Rosalia Wawrzon 2/23/1916  2/23/1916 Frank Wawrzon Veronica Koronka
Stanislaus Wawrzon 8/20/1913  8/23/1913  Frank Wawrzon Veronica Koronka Theophelia Wawrzon
PhillipEdward Wawrzon 9/23/1947 9/28/1947 Ignatius Wawrzon Valerie Ubanowski  Joannes Gottschalk  Maria Klawinski
Christina Wawrzon 8/20/1923 8/23/1923  Joannes Wawrzon Anastasia Paszkiet Thomas Szepanski  Catharina Wawrzon
Felix Stanislaus Wawrzon 11/12/1920  11/17/1920  Joannes Wawrzon AnastasiaPaszkiet Louis Burzynski Stanislawa Paszkiet
Rufinus Wawrzon 6/16/1919  6/16/1919 Joannes Wawrzon Anastasia Paszkiet Joannes Sivcoski Maria Wawrzon
Ladislawa Wawrzon 8/18/1892  8/20/1892  Joannes Wawrzon Catharina Czenska Felix Demny Rosalia Cecielski
Joannes Wawrzon 6/29/1912  6/29/1912  Joseph Wawrzon Theophelia Wawrzon Joannes Kelbaynski Catharina Wawrzon
Martha Wawrzon 11/17/1926 11/20/1926  Joseph Wawrzon Theophelia Wawrzon Stanislaus Wawrzon Anna Dobyanski
Barbara Wawrzon 10/10/1921 10/12/1921  Ladislaus Wawrzon Clara Burzynski Franciscus Cieselski  Rosalia Burzynski
Leona Catharina Wawrzon 3/4/1935 3/12/1935  Ladislaus Wawrzon Clara Szymczak  Joseph K?  Anastasia Wawrzon
Edwardius Florian Wawrzon 3/4/1928  3/13/1928 Ladislaus Wawrzon Clara Szymczak Casimieres Szymczak Antonia Cecielski
Stephanie Wawrzon 10/12/1922  10/14/1922  Ladislaus Wawrzon Clara Szymczak Franciscus Wawrzon Maria Cecielski
Bronislaus Joseph Wawrzon 10/6/1930 10/11/1930  Stanislaus Wawrzon Magdalena Walkoviak Stanislaus Walkoiviak
Antonia Cecielski
Maria Catherine Wawrzon Stanislaus Wawrzon Magdalena Walkoviak Franciscus Wawrzon Maria Walkoviak
Raymond Felix Wawrzon 8/27/1929  8/31/1929  Stanislaus Wawrzon Magdalena Walkoviak Joseph Walkoviak Catharina Wawrzon
Rufinus Wiarek 9/10/1928  9/16/1928  Joannes Wiarek Agnes Podraza Joseph Busa Maria Podraza
Albinus Wroblewski  5/31/1918  5/31/1918 Stanislaus Wroblewski  Francisca Podraza Antonius Wroblewski Bronislawa Cecielski
Catharina Wroblewski  2/4/1920  2/5/1920  Stanislaus Wroblewski  Francisca Podraza Franciscus Hetmaniak  Maria Dobyanski
Joannes Wroblewski  2/3/1917  2/3/1917  Stanislaus Wroblewski Francisca Podraza Ludovicus Podraza Agnes Podraza
Debra Ann Yorek 12/29/1955  1/1/1956  Brunas Yorek Bertha Burzynski Joseph Yorek Cecelia Gorney