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 Will of Thomas Burnham  Hartford Ct.  (1688)

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Will of Josiah Burnham of Massachutes

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Will of Rowland Burnham of Virginia

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Coffee Co. Loose Papers
May 18, 1877
Larkin Burnam, dec'd.,   John S. Moore admr.  Power of Attorney from  Mary F. Cowan and husband Jomes G. Cowan of Lawrence Co. Mo. to  P.C.  Isabell to collect their share of the estate of Larkin Burnam.   Power of Attorney from James M. Williams and Eliza A. his wife  ( a daughter of Larkin Burnam ) of Baray Co. Mo. to  P.C. Isabell for same.  Receipt of Wm. Powers and M.E. Powers for their share of the estate.

Deaths in Coffee Co.
William  Burnam,      his sons,  Alfred and Larkin Burnam appt. admrs.  Provisions laid off for unnamed widow;
Nancy Keeling transferred her part of inheiritance to Larkin Burnam;  list of  provisions,  Jan.-Feb. 1838

Alfred Burnam,    Larkin Keeling appt. gaurdian for minor heirs of ;  Narcissa, Thomas W., James, Marinda,  George Washington, and Perrilla Burnam,   $700 bond,  E.E. Thacker and James B. Angel,  sec. Sept. 1853