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                                                         Revolutionary Pensioners
                    A Transcript of the Pension List of the United States for 1813
To the Hon. the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States
War Department
May 28,1813
In obedience to a resolution of the House of Representatives of the United States, bearing date the 12th of Feburary,1812, the Secretary of War has the honor to present a transcript of the pension list of the said states,(contained on four sheets in folio, paged from one to sixteen) exhibiting the number of each pensioner as he stands on the roll of the respective districts or agencies, his rank or quality, and the amount of the annual stipend at present allowed each person by law.
All which is respectfully submitted

John Armstrong

Paid at the seat of goverment but residing in;
# 10  Isaac Burnham,   Private,    $48.00

War of 1812
Pension Record

Numbers              Soldier               Widow            Bounty Land
S.O.   9812            James Burnham         None listed              19003-80-50
S.C.  14156                                                                           13913-80-50
Service:  Pvt., Capt. Thomas Well's Co. Tenn Mil
Enlisted: Sept.20,1814           Discharged: April 20,1815
Residence of  Soldier: 1850,1855,  Hickman Co. Tenn.
                                  1871, Shady Grove,  Hickman Co. Tenn.
Maiden name of widow:  Alice White (deceased)
Marriage:  June 13, 1819  Dickson Co. Tenn.

Numbers                    Soldier              Widow             Bounty Land
W.O.  38334              Lyman Burnham        Mary E.Burnham         29333-80-50
W.C.  28485                                                                                    4086-80-55
Service:  Pvt.  Capt. Brownells Co. Va. Mil
Enlisted:  July 7,1812               Discharged : Dec. 9,1812
Residence of Soldier :  1851,1855, Albermarle Co. Va.
Residence of  Widow : 1879  Albermarle Co. Va. (P.O. Lindseys Depot)
                                    1887 Benivagle, Albermarle Co. Va.
Maiden name of Widow : Mary E. Clarkson
Marriage : July18,1839  Albermarle Co. Va.
Death of Soldier : Jan.5,1866  Lindsey Depot Va.
Death of Widow : Jan.31,1894

Numbers                Soldier                Widow            Bounty Land
S.O. 29377              Jesse Burnam               None listed          47549-80-50
S.C. 21350                                                              46222-80-55
Service :  Pvt.  Capt. John Hutchins Co. Tenn. Mil.
Enlisted : Sept. 28,1814               Discharged : April 28,1815
Residence of Soldier : 1852, La Grange, Fayette Co. Tx., 1856, Burnet Co. Tx.,
                                 1873,  P.O. Double Horn, Burnet Co. Tx.
Remarks : Soldiers discharge CTF. in brief
Residence of Widow :  Not listed
Maiden name of Widow : Temperande   ( my notes, widow's name was Temperance Nall Baker)
Marriage of Soldier and Wife : 1810, Bedford Co. Tn.
Death of Soldier : April 30, 1883 Shovel Mountain, Tn.

Numbers               Soldier                Widow          Bounty Land
W.O.  4623            Joel Burnam             Tabitha Burnam         18884-40-50
W.C. 22820                                                                          79027-120-55
Service :  Sgt.  Capt. James Whites Co. Ky. Mil
Enlisted :  Sept. 18,1812            Discharged : Oct. 30,1812
Residence : 1850, 1853, 1855, Clinton Co. Mo.
Remarks : Soldiers discharge CTF. filed in brief
Residence : 1871, 1878,  Ridgely, Platt Co. Mo.
Maiden name of Widow : Tabitha Harris
Marriage of Soldier and Wife : Mch.16,1809  Madison Co. Ky.
Death of Soldier : Mch. 3,1866  St Joseph, Mo.
Death of Widow : Mch. 7,1883  Ridgely, Mo.

Claim of Widow for Service Pension
State of Missouri, County of Bates
On this 17th day of April, 1879, personally appeared before me, County Court Clerk, the same being a court of record within and for the County and State aforesaid,  Eliza Bourland aged 64 years, a resident of Bates County in the State of Missouri who being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is the widow of Slaton Bourland,  deceased, who served as a Private in the Company commanded by Capt. Thomas Stokes in the Regiment of Col. Phillip Barbour, in the War of 1812, that her husband was mustered at Henderson, Kentucky, Sept. 1812, for the term of 6 months  and continued in actual service in said war for the term of 6 months and whose service terminated by reason, of Expiration of   Service at Henderson, Ky. on ---day of 1813.
She further states she was married to Slaton Bourland in the County of Calloway, State of Kentucky on the 25th day of March 1834, that her name before said marriage was Eliza Burnham, and further states that her husband was formally
married to Polly Reese Oct. 10th 1815 and the said Polly, his first wife died the 13th day of Dec. 1833. and her husband Slaton Bourland, died at Franklin Co., Arkansas, the 27th day of August, 1871, she futher declares that the following have been the places of residence of herself and her husband since the date of his discharge from the army, Calloway Co. Ky. 1834 to 1837,  near Holly Springs, Missouri, to 1842, to Arkansas, 1856  to 1870.  She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the pension she may be intitled to.

     The affadavit of James Burnham, a resident of the County of Marshall and State of Kentucky, says he was present at and saw the marriage of Slaton Bourland and Eliza Burnham. The said parties were married on or about the 24th day of March, 1834 and he further states that the said Slaton Bourland and Eliza Burnham were united in marriage by, Johnathan Mullins, the Justice of the Peace, in and for the said County of Calloway and State of Kentucky.
Signed:, James Burnham, September 29th, 1879  
Subscribed and sworn before me by James Burnham Sept. 29th, 1879.    Signed, J.N. Williams  C.C.C.C.

State Of Kentucky,   Marshall County
On this 20th day of November, 1879,  personally appeared before me, T.L. Goheen Jr., Clerk  Marshall County Court, William Burnham, who after being duly sworn states that he is 55 years of age, and resides in Marshall County, Ky. That he was born in Muhlenberg Co. Ky. and that his father, Frederick Burnham moved to Calloway Co. when he," Wm." was 8 or 10 years old, and some four years after his father moved here ( now Marshall Co.Ky) about the year 1834, Slaton Bourland and Eliza Burnham, (his sister) was married at his father's house by Johnathan Mullins, a Justice of the Peace, and that there were but few invited guests present. The ceremony of marriage was in the presence of his father
and  mother, and immediate family of brothers and sisters. He further states that said marriage was before his father's death, and that his father died in 1835 or 1836, and that he was about 14 years of age when his sister was married to Slaton Bourland. And that he has no interest in this matter.  Signed ; Wm. Burnham
 Subscribed and sworn to, before me by Wm. Burnham, and that I have no interest in this matter.
November 20th, 1879    Signed ; T.L. Goheen Jr. Clerk,  Marshall County, Ky.
Treasury Department, April 16th, 1880
Respectfully returned to the Commisioner of Pensions, with the information that the rolls of Captain Thomas Stokes, Company of Col. Philip Barbour's Reg. of Kentucky Militia, show that Slaton Bourland, Served from September 1st, 1812, to December 23rd, 1812   Signed,  Amlfaufewer? ( best I can read the name)  Deputy Auditor

Civil War
Pension Application Files

Soldier : Alexander C. Burnham
Service : Majors  Ceo. Mo. En. Mif.
              C & C  Mo.  Dn. Military
Date of filing :    Application No.       State filed from:
Feb. 4,1890      Invalid : 752820          Missouri

Soldier : Alexander M. Burnham
Widow : Sarah A. Burnham
Minor : Sarah A. Lynch   (gran.)
Service : H 142      Ind. Inf.
                 H 133      Ind. Inf.
Date of filing :         Application No.    Cert. No.    State filed from
June 17,1880      Invalid : 379154      378807             Texas
Oct. 27,1882      Widow : 297943     244 903            Texas
Feb. 6,1893        Minor :  569835      511616             Texas

Soldier :  Alfred W. Burnham
Widow :  Mary C. Burnham
Service :  C  2  N.H. Inf.
               38 Ca. 2  Batton  V P C
Date of filing :      Application No.      Cert. No.     State filed from
April 7,1873      Invalid : 182804                  126000            Illinois
Jan. 2,1902       Widow : 754093

Soldier :  Charles H. Burnham
Service :   D 127     IL. Inf.
Date of filing :        Application No.     Cert. No.      State filed from
March 16,1888    Invalid : 645224     427374             Illinois

Soldier ;   Charles N. Burnham
Widow ;   Mary A. Burnham
Service ;    H  39   Pa. Inf.
Date of filing ;            Application No.       Cert. No.     State filed from
June 6, 1892           Invalid ; 1115734      855744           Missouri
June 30,1924         Widow ; 1221 499     954022           Missouri

Soldier ; Charles O. Burnham
Widow ; Vella B. Burnham
Minor ;    S. L. Howell    ( gran )
Service ;    H  2  Mo. Inf.
Date of filing ;       Application No.     Cert. No.   State filed from
June 22,1918       Invalid ; 1122445   940926         Texas
Aug. 27,1923      Widow ; 1209276                        Texas

Soldier ; David Burnham
Service ;  D 175  N.Y. Inf.
                  A  93   N.Y. Inf.
Date of filing        Application No.     Cert. No.    State filed from
July 9,1890        Invalid ; 663220     424810          Illinois

Soldier ; Dwight Burnham
Service ;  A. McClellan's Dragons  IL.Cav.
               M 17   IL. Cav.
Date of filing          Application No.     Cert. No.     State filed from
Nov. 23,1901        1277756              1050632          Illinois
Attorney ;  C. W. Bremster
Remarks ;  C 2535146

Soldier ;  Edward Burnham
Service ;  667  USC  Inf
Date of filing         Application No.      Cert. No.     State filed from
Sept. 3,1890       Invalid ; 933464      705633          Missouri
Attorney ; C.J. Donnely & Co.

Soldier ;  Edward S. Burnham
Widow ; Geneveie Burnham
Service ;  H 16   Conn. Inf.
Date of filing       Application No.         Cert. No.        State filed from
May 14, 1892    Invalid ; 1111500        885694             Illinois
Oct. 28, 1911    Widow ; 974004         733929             Illinois
Attorney ; M.B. Stevens  & Co.

Soldier ; Frank H. Burnham
Service ; F. & G. C.  Me. Inf.
Date of filing          Application No.       Cert. No.     State filed from
July 16,1891        Invalid ; 1040711       816063          Illinois

Soldier ; George A. Burnham
Widow ; Nellie D. Burnham
Service ;  G. 2  IL. Inf.
Date of filing         Application No.         Cert. No.      State filed from
Sept. 2 1920      Widow ; 1163026        924111           Illinois
Attorney ; XC 2707574

Soldier ;  George A. Burnham
Service ;  D 127   IL. Inf
Date of filing        Application No.       Cert. No.     State filed from
April 26, 1900     Invalid ; 1247609   1057262          Illinois

Soldier ; Hiram H. Burnham
Widow ; Emma Burnham
Service ; E & H  44   USA  Inf.
               C 50  IL. Inf.
Date of filing           Application No.    Cert. No.      State filed from
July 26,1890        Invalid ; 903249       630520          Missouri
April 30,1908      Widow ; 891634      656396          Missouri

Soldier ; Isaac B. Burnham
Widow ; Mary ( K or H )? Huffman
Service ; D 3 Ark. Cav.
Date of filing         Application No.      Cert. No.       State filed from
April 25,1889      Wodow ; 394011     548824          Arkansas

Soldier ; James Burnham
Service ; 8  U S V  Inf.
Date of filing                 Application No.     Cert. No.     State filed from
September 22,1920           1441529          118065          Kentucky
Remarks ; C 244 9876

Soldier ; Oliver F. Burnham
Widow ; Mary M. Burnham  (Starks)
Service ; D  15 Ky. Cav.
Date of filing                  Application No.       Cert. No.     State filed from
September 13,1882     Invalid ; 459770        294481          Kentucky
April 11, 1887             Widow ; 353174       295045          Kentucky

Soldier ; William E. Burnham
Widow ; Lucy A. Burnham
Service ; G  46 En. Mo. Mil.
               D 1  Prov. E. Mo. Mil.
Date of filing                Application No.         Cert. No.       State filed from
June 28, 1889            Invalid ; 713668          615692            Missouri
November 9, 1895     Widow ; 643435        448027             Missouri

Soldier ; William H. Burnham
Widow ; Aurelia C. Burnham
Minor ;  Aurelia (C.?)      (gran)
Service ; B  118  IL. Inf.
Date of filing                 Application No.        Cert. No.         State filed from
Febuary 20,1878         Widow ; 235517       189434                  ------
June 22, 1891              Minor ; 517917         ------                 Illinois