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Jenney's Letter
Submitted By : Mary Burnham Hayden

 This letter is from Jenney Williamson age 14, a student, to her older sister Lula Belzora Fletcher age 19, apparently in her first year of teaching somewhere in Mills County, TX.
Jenney and her mother Virginia (Burnham) Fletcher Williamson are apparently living for a
time in Leesburg, Florida. Jenney is attending school. So far, I have not been able to determine why they are there. I also have not found the burial of Virginia Williamson.

My comments are in parentheses ]

On the front of the envelope:
(There is a 2 cent US stamp, and a Leesburg, Fl cancellation stamp on the
front of the tiny envelop.)
Miss Lula Fletcher
Goldthwaite, Texas

On the back of the envelope:
(There is a Goldthwaite, TX cancellation stamp with a date of about May 8,
1894 - hard to read.)

Inside the letter:
(Top left corner the year: 1894
Leesburg Fla
April 11th

Dearest Sister,
I received your sweet letter a few minutes ago and was so glad to hear from
you. It always makes me happy to hear from you. I am so glad you are
teaching and I hope you will have good success. I do wish I could write like
you. I just think you write beautiful. I don't see why in the world you
thought such a thing as that. I have'nt had it (picture) yet but I thought I
told you something about it. Mama is going to have it taken as soon as I
pick up a little more. I have fallen off a good many pounds since last
summer. I only weigh 64 lbs now.

I never did have my picture taken but once and that was the time we had them
taken together and the man run off and we never did get them. Don't you
remember. Yes dearest I am still taking music lessons and I am taking a
right pretty piece now the name of it is Mabelle's Peal. I have taken a
duet with cousin Loutie (who is cousin Loutie from Florida?) and it is very
pretty the name of it is The Sleigh Ride. Dear sister don't start your
letter with Miss. I don't want you to. We just got through examination last
Friday but I have'nt got my report yet and I don't know how I stood. I
would like to see Uncle Emit (probably Goode, Mary Goode Burnham's brother)
very much and Grandpapa (T.C. Burnham) and Theo (Theodore Jasper Burnham,
T.C.'s son) to. Do you like to teach. I should think I would like it very
much. You ask me for my picture as much as you want to I will send it as
soon as I have it taken and I hope it will be soon. You send me your picture
to. Is Aunt Mary (Mary Goode Burnham) there. You did not say anything about
her and I did'nt know whether she was there or not. You said for me to write
a long letter and I think I have. Don't you?

Good bye dearest Sister. Write soon give my love to all and lots of kisses
for them too and plenty for you. Good bye. (Jenney)

P.S. Do you ever hear anything about our property in Burnett or do you
really know