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This is a deed for Frederick Burnham of Kentucky;
Mulenburg Co. Ky. Deed Book # 5 1817- 1823 page 159 shows James Thompson
Sold to Frederick Burnham both of Mulenburg Co. Ky. for $7.00,  40 acres on waters
of Elk pond creek, Survey of Spencer Stanley, Smith line Jesse Kerby line, Pennick Military line,
signed by James Thompson.  Witness: Chas. F. Wing

This deed is witnessed by Frederick and Joel Burnham,(brothers) of Kentucky
Muhlenberg Co. Ky. deed book 6 pg. 465 1823-1828 Aug 20 1827
Josiah Underwood of Hickman Co. Ky. sold to Benjamin Dukes of   Ky. for $ 1,  280 acres
on waters of caney creek in Mulenberg Co. Ky.
Gardner corner, Gorman corner, James Wilkins line. Signed: Josiah Underwood,
witness: Frederick Burnham & Joel Burnham

This deed shows Frederick Burnham of father of the below named children.
This indenture made and entered into the 1st day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and forty eight,by and between ;
T.K. Burnham,Lewis Burnham,James Burnham,William Burnham,Slayton Bourland and his wife Eliza Bourland,all except
said Bourland and his wife (who are of Calloway Co)of the County of Marshall and State of Kentucky of the one part,and Oliver F. Burnham and Martin F. Burnham of said County of Marshall of the other part ;
Witnesseth ; That said T.K. Burnham, Lewis Burnham, James Burnham, William Burnham,Slayton Bourland and his wife
Eliza parties of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of twenty-five Dollars in hand paid, the receipt of which
is hereby acknowledged, hath this day granted, bargained, and sold and by these presents doth convey unto said
Oliver F. Burnham & Martin F. Burnham, the party of the second part, all their undivided right, title, claim, interest in,
demand in, to, over and against the lands held and owned by their ancestor, Frederick Burnham Dec'd at the time of his death,the same being two quarter sections known and designated as the South East and North East quarters of section
twenty, Township five, Range five East, lying and being in said County of Marshall on the waters of Clarks Spring and containing three hundred and twenty acres, more or less with all and singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging or in
any wise appertaining. To have and to hold the lands hereby conveyed, with all and singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaing unto said Oliver F. Burnham and Martin F. Burnham, their heirs and assigns forever:
and said T.K. Burnham, Lewis Burnham, James Burnham, William Burnham, Slayton Bourland and Eliza Bourland his
wife for themselves, their heirs, Executors administrators and assigns, against the claim of themselves their heirs etc. and
against the claim or claims of all persons whomsoever claiming by through or under them the said party of the first part,
doth and will forever warrant and defend by these presents.
In testimony of which said T.K. Burnham, Lewis Burnham, James Burnham, William Burnham, Slayton Bourland and Eliza Bourland, and Mary Burnham, wife of said T.K. Burnham, Lucinda Burnham, wife of said Lewis Burnham and Celia
Burnham wife of said James Burnham, (who hereby relinquish their rights of dower in and to the lands conveyed in this deed) hereto set their hands and affix their seals the day and date first herein written.
T.K. Burnham      Mary J. Burnham
Lewis Burnham    Lucinda Burnham
James Burnham   Celia Burnham
Wm. Burnham
Slaton Bourland   Eliza Bourland

DEED: Pharoah Dunn Sr., 1852, Marshall Co., Ky
Submitted by: Rick Girtman
Marshall Co. Deeds 1850--1852 page 76 from Marshall County, Kentucky courthouse
Deed from Pharoah Dunn Sr. to Pharoah Jr.
Pharoah Dunn Sr. of Marshall Co. Ky is the owner of two tracts of land lying on the waters of bear creek, and known as the northeast quarter
of section thirty township five range five east; the other as the north half of the southeast quarter of the same section, both together containing
two hundred and forty acres. which he intended to divide equally with his eight children ,viz, Martha Gregory, now deceased, late wife of Peter
Gregory; Elizabeth Johnson, now deceased, late wife of Newton Johnson; Mary Harp, late Dunn now widow of Wiley Harp, deceased;
Lucinda Burnham Late Dunn, wife of Lewis Burnham; Eliza Tubbs, late Dunn, wife of John Tubbs; Benjamin Dunn; Pharoah Dunn Jr.; and
Celia Burnham, late Dunn, wife of James Burnham. Indenture made this 31st day of march 1852, between Pharoah Dunn Sr. and Pharoah Dunn Jr.,
 and for and in consideration of the love and natural affection which he has for his son, has granted to him the tract of land containing two hundred and
 forty acres.Pharoah (X) Dunn, Sr.


From The Book, Settlers of Maryland   1679-1700
William Burnham,  Charles County
85 Acres  May 23, "1682"
Film or Reference # 24 / 457 : 31 / 198

North Carolina

Pasquatank Co. Record of Deeds  1700-1751

Page 236
Gab.Burnham, and Benj. Burnham, witness deed between Relfe Barker of the city of Norfolk to John Abbitt of N.C.
216 acres at Fork of Pasquatank River, Dec. 13, 1734

Page 431
Cornelius Forehand for the sum of 410 pounds paid by Caleb Burnham, sold 50 acres being part of Joy's patent fork of Pasquatank being the land that was Cornelius Forehands, 30 Oct. 1750
Signed ; Cornelius  X (his mark ) Forehand
Wit. ; Joshua Gambling, Benjamin Burnham
Ack. April Court 1751,  Reg. 18 April 1851
Page 370 & 371
Benjamin Burnham of the county of Pasquatank and Province afsd., Planter, for the love, goodwill, and affection which
I have  towards my loving brother, James Burnham of the Co. and Province afsd., Planter have given a tract of land
containing 200 acres, taken out of a patent containing 1,654 acres commonly called Wolf Pitt Ridge, Cypress Branch
20th May 1746.  Signed ; Benji. Burnham
Wit ; John Burnham, Jacob Burnham
Ack. July Court 1746      Regt. 1 Sept 1746.

Page 371
Benjamin Burnham of the Co. of Pasquatank & Province afsd. Planter,  for the love, goodwill, and affection which I
have and bear towards my loving brother Jacob Burnham of the Co. & Province afsd., Planter have given tract of land containing 140 acres binding upon Joshua Gambling's line by the Swamp side ; 8th July 1746
Signed ; Benj. Burnham Wit. : John Burnham & James Burnham.
Ack.; July court 1746   Regt. 1 Sept 1746

Page 60
June 28th 1717
Eliza Gambling in the prect. of Pasquatank and in the Province aforesaid appointed my brother-in-law Gabriel Burnham,
of the Province & prect. aforesaid to be my true and lawful, Attorney to get my land from Richard Leary, by way of his
Attorney, Robert Keel, and also to acknowledge a deed of Gift to my son Joshua Gambling bearing date ye 23 day of
May, 1717   Signed  ; Elizabeth  E.G. Gambling X (her mark)
Wit. ; Thomas Relfe, James I. Jones X(his mark)
Proved 16 July 1717 by Thos. Relfe and   Regt. 24 July 1717.

Page 374
14th Oct. in the 20th year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord, George the second 1746,  between Isabella Burnham
of N.C. Pasquatank Co. of the one part and Jarvis Jones of the same place Planter in consideration of 5 pounds
Sterling money, acknowledge all the rights of Dower she hath to the land that did belong to Capt. Gabriel Burnham
at his death.   Signed  ; Isabella Burnham
Wit. ; James Burnham,  Thompson Grandy
Ack. Oct court 1746       Regt. 28 Oct. 1746

Deed Book  7    Page 197    November 18, 1778
Alexander Burnham to Pageman Coleman,  both of Bute Co. North Carolina 600 Pds. Va. money for 325 Acres in
Bute Co. on Sauls Creek, adj. Richd. Ellis.
Witness: Thos. Miller, Thos Miller, John Balthrup. Proved by Thomas Miller Jr.
Bute  February  Court 1779 Thos Machen, C.C.Reg.April 20, 1780 by William Johnson, P.R.

Duplin Co. Deeds Book  1A   1784-1813
Page 11  #122
Wm. Hurst (William) to William Burnum, both of Duplin Co., 18 Aug. 1784, for 50 pds. specie money 150 A in 2 tracts ;
(1)  100 A. on the NS of Goshen Swamp, being part of a tract patented by John Beck 22 April, 1767 & part of said land patented by John Carter 6 Nov. 1779, beg.  at a white oak & maple in the fork of Rattlesnake & North Prong ;
(2)  50 A being part of 300 A patented by John Carter  6 Nov. 1779 beg. at a white oak, William Underhill's corner, to Wiggins corner.
Wit ; James Oates, Thomas Wiggins, Wyatt Oates          Jan. Ct 1785

Duplin Co. Records of Deeds    Vol. M. years 1802-1805
Wm. Burnham
Vol. 4  years 1832-1833
Ann Burnham, wife of John Burnham

Abstracts of the early Deeds of Wake Co.  1785-1802
Deed Book G. page 25
Dianah Burnham of Wake Co. bill of sale to Dempsey Powell of same, June 3, 1785 for 12 /12/ 9&1/2 one set
of blacksmith tools and one shotgun.
Wit ; John Rogers, Dempsey Powell Junr.

Dianah Burnham of Wake Co. to John Roberson and Henry Ivey, June 6, 1785 for 100 pds. specie (?)
a tract of  343 acres on the south side of Nuce River ; also, four feather beds and furniture, seven head of cattle,
four bee hives, twelve head of hogs, and a chest of joiners tools.
Wit. : Jacob Rich, R. Noris

Henry Burham (no N ) of Wake Co. to William Jefferys of same June 3, 1786 for 160 pds. a tract
of  343 acres on the south side of Nuce River, adjoining Abbott, Bohannon, and Jacob Rich.
Wit. : Nat. Jones, Josiah Reddick

Abstracts of Warren Co.  Land Records,  DB-4, Page 237    March 12, 1774
Alexander Burnham & Charity Burnham to Richard Ellis, both of Butte Co. 10 pds. Va money (& annual quitrents)
for 100 A. in Bute Co. near Saul's Creek, part of a tract bought from Lodwick Alford, adj. Warren and sd. Ellis.
Wit.: Thomas Miller Jr., James Egerton, Wm. Edwards
Proved by James Egerton
Bute May court 1774   Ben McCulloch  C.C.  Reg. 28 April 1775 by Jas. Johnson  P.R.


Burnam's / Burnham's in Bedford County

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 Book B, p. 280.  26 March, 1804.  Thomas Burnam purchased 180 acres for  $600.00 from Joseph Walker.
 Registered 3 May, 1810.

 Book B, p. 101 29 July 1809  Thomas Burnham to Samuel Hughs for $800.00 200 acres granted to said Burnum
by grant 444.
Witnessed by John Nall and William Burnum.  Registered 10-14-1809.

  Book B. p. 382  Thomas Burnum & Joseph Walker sold to Josephas Irvin 180 acres for $1,000, land in Bedford Co.
on Wartrace, Fork of Duck River.  Being a part of a 5,000 ac. tract granted to Stokley Donalson by the state of  No.Car.  Witnessed by: James Hobbs, Thomas Smith and Wm. Martin.      Registered 5 Oct. 1810.

Book HH. p. 328 & 329  Hickerson Burnham to John H. Anderson, deed 50 acres. 11 Jan., 1819 between Hickerson Burnham & John H. Anderson for $100.00.  A certain tract of land on Bryan Creek, a south branch of Duck River.  Witnessed by John Wortham & James Brittain.      Signed Hickerson Burnham.

Book L. p. 108,  9  Nov., 1818  Jesse Burnam to Hickerson Burnam, his attorney, to attend to Thomas Bell of Bedford
Co. Tn, a  general warrant, right and title to 50 acres in Bedford Co. on Bryans Creek & Sinking Creek, a bond given to Thomas Bell.    Wit: James Nall and Wm. Burnham.  Registerd 13 July 1819.

Book L, p. 108  Jesse Burnam to Hickerson Burnnam 13 Nov. 1818, fifteen acres of land on the east waters of
Rock Creek and bounded as follows: at the n.w. corner of a tract of land laid off for the use of schools.  In the east
boundary of a survey in the name of Henry Saling.  The same tract of land being granted by the state of Tennessee
unto the sd. Jesse Burnnam by grant # 10785 & dated 26 Sept. 1817.
Witnesses: James Nall, Wm. Burnnam.
 Signed ; Jesse Burnam.  Registered 13 July 1819.  24 Sept. 1819.

Book L, p. 142  Jesse Burnam, me hereunto moving, have made and appointed Hickerson Burnam his true and
lawful attorney for me to make to Thomas Bell a general warrantee, right and title to fifty acres situated in Bedford
County on Bryan's and Sinking Creek.  Bond given by me to sd. Bell.
Hereunto, I set my---& affix my seal Nov. 9, 1818.
Witnessed by James Nall & William Burnham.
 Signed Jesse Burnham.  Recorded July 13, 1819.

Book L, p. 271  Thomas Burnam to Robert Waite.  Witnessed by Hickerson Burnam.
William Burnam swore as witness.  15 Oct. 1819.

Book M, p. 454  Hickerson Burnam to Thomas Greer  (Goin?) 27 December 1820 for the sum of one thousand dollars
land situated in Bedford county on the waters of the east waters of Rock Creek a south branch of Duck River, land entered
in the name of Henry Saling #3751 dated the 26 Feb., 1812--the east boundary of school land-- a tract of land entered in
the name of Henry Saling 24 Mar. 1812 #3848.
Witnesses: Giles Burdett & Has. Britton (?)  27 Dec. 1820.
Signed: Hickerson Burnam.

Book M,  p. 458  Henry Saling to Hickerson Burnam 24 Sept., 1820.  Henry  Saling of county of Howard, Territory of Missouri, for $240.00, have granted to Hickerson Burnam a certain tract of land in Bedford Co. state of Tenn. on
the east water of Rock Creek, a south branch of Duck river.  Contains 80 & 1/4 acres.
Wit: Jas.(?) Brittan & Giles Burdett.  Signed Henry Saling

This one I got from the book 'Land Deed Genealogy of Bedford County,

Book P, p 94 of the book, but p. 127 of actual record book.  Henry Saling to James Hall (or Nall?), Power of Attorney.
We, Hickerson Burnum and Henry Saling, late of Bedford Co., Tn., but now residents of Howard Co., Miss.,
(Could this be Mo. not Miss.) appoint our friend James Hall formerly of Bedford Co., but now resident of Clay Co, Mo.,
our attorney to oversee our business or land we sold in August or Sept. 1820 to Thomas Greer, on waters of East Fork
of Rock Creek, to convey a good deed to said land.  24 Sept, 1822.
Registered 28 Oct. 1822.

Book R, p. 49  William Burnam to Wm. Carethers.  Rec'd of Wm. Carethers $550.00 in full for a negro woman named
Eve above 28 yrs. old, and one boy child named Philip two yrs. old.  15th day of April 1823.
Witnesses: Benjamin (?) & Samuel Stone.  Signed William (X) Burnam

Book S, p. 402  William Burnham to Margaret Hart 10 Sept., 1824.  Wm. hath sold seven acres lying on the waters of Nalls Creek, south banch of Noah fork of (?) River.  Fifty dollars pd. by Margaret Hart.
Wit: James Walker, David Hart & John G. Walker.    Signed Wm. Burnam

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Coffee County Record Books (Either Minute or Deed Book)  Sometimes it was
difficult to tell which kind of record book it was as it would only say
Record Book!

"A deed from Sarah Ann Burnam to Wm. ? Harris (not able to make a confident
translation of the initial) for 31 acres of land  was this day proven by the
oaths of James G. Patton and J. M. Hunter subscribing witnesses thereto and
certified for registration this 19 day of October 1850.  James Darnell,
clerk. "

"A deed from Burnums heirs etc. to R. L. Singleton for 160 acres of land in Coffee
County was this day proven by the oaths of ....Elliott and .....Roughten two
of the subscribing witnesses thereto and certified for registration Oct 30,
1849.  Hiram ? Emerson, DC."

" A deed from Mrs. Burnum to R. L. Singleton for one hundred and sixty acres
of land in Coffee county was this day proved by oathes of Elliott and
Routon two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and certified for
registration  Oct 30, 1849. Hiram G. Emerson DC "  (This is obviously a
repeat of the item just above it in the record. No explanation for why it
was repeated. )

(On the same page and possibly relating to the same event: )
A bond from J. G. Walker and others to R. L. Singleton was this day proven
by the oaths of ....Elliott and ....Routon two of the subscribing witnesses
thereto and certified for registration Oct 30, 1849.  Hiram G.?  Emerson DC.
" (Note: I am not confident of the transcription of the middle initial of

"A deed from Alfred Burnam to Abram Norvell for 127 acres of land was this
day proven by the oaths of Thomas Mason and E. Keeling subscribing witnesses
thereto and certified for registration this 20 day of September 1850.  James
Darnell Clk. "   (Note: in this case the E. Keeling is Elzy Keeling brother
of Edmund B. Keeling who married Nancy Burnam.  These brothers consistently
distinguished their signatures by  an E. for Elzey and E.B. for Edmund. )

Williamson County,

I have a very difficult time reading the inventory of the estate sale of Mary
Burnham filed in Williamson Co.TN March term 1853.  It lists items, who
bought them.  and for what value. The  actual date of the sale was 14
January 1853.