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Death of Adelaide Burnham Of Missouri
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Roda Burnham      Callaway County, Missouri

Sarah Angeline Burnham    Callaway County, Missouri


Name Birth  Death
Burnham, Archie Arthur Dec. 3,1885  Marshall Co. Ky. Sept. 3 1929 Delight, Pike County 
Burnham, Benjamin Franklin March 22,1844   Marshall Co. Ky. Oct.12, 1930  Pike County
Burnham, James Perry Feb. 14,1874   Marshall Co. Ky. June 4,1951 Pike County
Alexander, Mary Maggie (Burnham) Aug.2,1887  Marshall Co. Ky. March 5,1964 Murfreesboro, Pike Co.
Bradford, (Burnham) Nancy Jane
Jan. 25 1857  Marshall Co. Ky.
1940  Pike County
Bradford, William J. (Nancy's husband)
Dec. 17, 1861 Henderson, Tn.
March 24, 1932 Pike County
Burnham, Nancy  Leeanner June 14,1848     Mississippi Oct.8, 1910  Pike County
Burnham, Paul Franklin
March 30, 1922  Pike County
June 14, 1997  Oakland Co. MI.
Burnham, Robert Phillip Sr.
Jan. 24, 1925  Pike County
Feb. 14 1999  Quachita County
Burnham, Walter
June 1, 1899 Pike County
July 26, 1915  Pike County
Burnham, William Andrew Sept.30,1875  Marshall Co. Ky. Nov. 30,1956 Quachita County


Burnham, John                     
Oct. 24, 1689 Hartford CO.
April 18, 1776  Hartford CO.
Burnham, Sarah  (Spencer)
May 15, 1697  Hartford CO.
May 31, 1734  Hartford CO.
Burnham, Hannah (Morton) .    
About 1726  Hartford CO.
Sept. 25,1794 Hartford CO.  68 Yrs.
Burnham, Silas          
Nov. 27, 1721  Hartford County
March 23, 1788 Hartford CO.   67 Yrs.
Burnham, Urijah
Nov. 14, 1772  Windham County
April 20, 1810    Windham County


Name Birth Death
Burnham, Wentworth B. August 21, 1904  Saco, York Co. Maine 1986    age 83 yrs.  Wilmington, Delaware


Name Birth Death
Hugh Allen Burnham Aug.21,1887   Bienville Parish Aug.8,1944   Bienville Parish
W.Egan(Williams)Burnham(Hugh's wife) July 11,1888 1969
J.T. Burnham
Nov.8,1973  Bienville Parish
Mable Clair Burnham April 14,1910  Bienville Parish Aug.21,1910  Bienville Parish
Maxine Burnham July 11,1917   Bienville Parish July 13,1921  Bienville Parish


Name  Death Date County
Burnham, Lydia Reed Jan. 19, 1926 Bradford-O'Keefe Funeral Home
Burnham, Rufus July 29, 1936 Bradford-O'Keefe Funeral Home


Name Age/ Dob             Death Date County
Burnham, Adelaide
56 yrs.                      3/21/1900
Burnham, Caleb  21mo                      11/16/1885 Jackson
Burnham, Charles 40                           4/16/1908 Jackson
Burnham, David M.
1/8/1827                  1/23/1879
Burnham, Eliza Gay  (Martin)
4/15/1842                3/14/1924
Burnham, George E. 66                           7/24/1909 Jackson
Burnham, Gilbert R. 2 mo                       3/23/1896 Jackson
Burnham,Henry Souke  1/ 20/ 1870               7/1952 Callaway 
Burnham, James Kellogg 63                            3/14/1907 Jackson
Burnham,John  1/19/1927                 1/ 27/ 1927 Callaway 
Burnham,John L.  *
4/15/1847                 12/ 3/ 1909  Kansas City, Mo.
Burnham,Mrs.Julie Nellie  ---                            3/ 2/ 1905 Callaway 
Burnham, J.T. Elder  Abt. 72                     1/17/ 1903  Callaway
Burnham, Lena 35 yr                        5/19/1890 Jackson
Burnham, Lizzie
25                            4/25/1886
Burnham, Martha Ann 44 yr                       10/25/1886 Osage
Burnham,Mrs. Sarah Angie  9/18/1848                12/ 29/ 1917 Callaway 
Burnham,William Henry Jr. 7/18/1895                11/ 28/ 1907  Callaway
Burnham,William H. Rev.  6/30/1839                  9/13/1926 Callaway 
Burnham, William L. 55 yr                         8/1/1891 Jackson
Burnham,Willie  Abt. 12                     12/ 5/ 1907 Callaway 

* John L. Burnham was Baptized in the fellowship of Dry Fork Baptist Church 1865, married Eliza Gay Martin,
(who was first married to John's borther David M. Burnham) they are the sons of Squire Burnham  and Mary
Sappington.   Squire and Mary are my 2nd Great-Grandparents.

Source for information is Sappingtons of America.
Submitted by : Connie Foster

North Carolina

Name Birth  Death
Athel Campbell Burnham
July 11, 1880
January 19, 1930  Orange County
David Burnham
68 years
January 12, 1973  Wayne County
Fred Burnham
70 years
July 3, 1970  Wayne County
Fredy B. Burnham
July 25, 1876
May 10, 1899  Wayne County
Jacob H. Burnham
April 29, 1833
January 28, 1898  Wayne County
Johnsie Evans Bason Burnham
January 17, 1882
February 11, 1980  Orange County
Hoy A. Burnham
April 2, 1916
September 8, 1973  Cleveland County
Mary S. Burnham
March 17, 1917
January 9, 1988  Cleveland County
Robert Edward Burnham C 1936 C 1977      Korea


Coffee Co. Loose Papers
May 18, 1877
Larkin Burnam, dec'd., John S. Moore admr.  Power of Attorney from  Mary F. Cowan and husband Jomes G. Cowan of Lawrence Co. Mo. to  P.C.  Isabell to collect their share of the estate of Larkin Burnam.   Power of Attorney from James M. Williams and Eliza A. his wife  ( a daughter of Larkin Burnam ) of Baray Co. Mo. to  P.C. Isabell for same.  Receipt of Wm. Powers and M.E. Powers for their share of the estate.
Deaths in Coffee Co.
William  Burnam,      his sons,  Alfred and Larkin Burnam appt. admrs.  Provisions laid off for unnamed widow; Nancy Keeling transferred her part of inheiritance to Larkin Burnam;  list of  provisions,  Jan.-Feb. 1838
Alfred Burnam,    Larkin Keeling appt. gaurdian for minor heirs of ;  Narcissa, Thomas W., James, Marinda,  George Washington, and Perrilla Burnam,   $700 bond,  E.E. Thacker and James B. Angel,  sec. Sept. 1853

BURMAN JESSE CAPTIAIN 9-15-1792 4-30-1831
BURMAN NANCY 6-15-1811 2-3-1896 W/O CAPT. JESSE


Name Birth Death Date
Alice Clarkson Burnham April 1851 November 1920  Albermarle Co.
Laura Jane Burnham March 1845 Febuary 1922  Albermarle Co.
Lucy Burnham Parents Wm. & S.W. Burnham Feburary 30, 1859 Prince Wm. Co. 
Lyman Burnham About 1793  in   New York After 1851  Albermarle co.
Nancy M.Clarkson(Mary E.'s Mother) Febuary 1787 September 15,1824 Albermarle co.
Mary Elizabeth Burnham(Clarkson) August 18,1811 Albermarle Co. January  31,1894 Albermarle Co.
Mary Walker Burnham July 15,1842 October 26, 1925 Albermarle Co.
Thomas Burnham
Aug. 26, 1711  York Co.
Thomas Burnham
March 31, 1718  York Co.


Death date                                 
Burnham, Elizabeth    (Harvey)     wife
April 26, 1867
Burnham, J. Rev. ( Jesse)            husband
December 5, 1863


.From:  Washington Soldiers Home  located in ORTING...AUGUSTUS C. BURNHAM.... be. August 28, 1837
in Seneca Falls, NY.  do. April 10, 1901 at Washington Soldiers Home.  Wife listed as:  LAURA
A., living in Carson City, Michigan in 1903 when requesting pension application.  Mention of 3
children, no names.  Also listed:  Co. "I", 3rd NO.I. Art. 1864, enlisted 2nd time in Grand Rapids,

PROCTOR  b.  Sept 16, 1866 in Carson City, MI....(Washington Death Index):  VICTOR E. ...d.
1-14-1949 at age 82 of death:  King.....