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'Court of Common Pleas and Circuit Court for Hempstead Co., Ark.'

P.38  Dec. 1820.  Friday Morning.
      Court met pursuant to adjournment.
      United States vs. Walter Pool, Jesse Burnham & Samuel Burnham
      Ordered on motion of Prosecuting Attorney that an Scire Facias issue
      returnable to the next term of this court.
     United States vs. Samuel & Jesse Burnham....Scire Facias
     Ordered by the court, on motion of the Prosecuting Attorney,  that the  defendants be fined in the sum of one dollar and
     the costs of this

 Arkansas Territory 1821

 From the book 'Territorial Papers of the United States, Vol. XIX
1819-1825 , page 384
There is Memorial to the President By Citizens of the
  Territory (Arkansas), dated 1821.
This is a petition by the citizens to the
  president in regard to the removal of the Choctaw Indians  to the area where
the petitoners are living.  It is signed, among a long list of persons, by Jesse and Samuel Burnham.

 Ref:  'The History of Lamar County'  by Neville    P. 11

That there was a considerable number of settlers in the  west end of Red River County, then Miller County, Ark., in 1835
and now
  Lamar county, is shown by a petition in the Miller county records asking for  a new township.
It reads:  "To the Honorable Judge of the county court of
  Miller county:
The undersigned petitioners humbly beg leave to show to your
  honor that a large and extensive portion of Miller County
lieing and being
about the town of Jones Boro, which is now known by the name of Washington  township, which is so
extremely large as means inconveniences to the citizens
  of this extensive township.
The undersigned petitioners humbly beg leave to show your honor  the inconvencience of said township could be divided
much more convenient to
  its inhabitants by having the same divided by beginning a line at the  lake.....

 Signed by Samuel Burnam, Samuel Fulton and Robert Cravens,
  along with 24 other people.
 Many of the men on this list  settled in what,
  eventually, became Lamar County.
In the same book, "The  Republic of Texas lost no time taking possession
  of the territory claimed by Miller County, Ark.
Meeting at Columbia, the
First congress enacted a bill establishing a general land office to record  the grants of land to settlers.
The bill provided that it should go into
  effect on the first Thursday in February, 1838."

 A record of Samuel Burnham's headright can be found in the records of Red  River County, Texas.
 Someone had written that he was dec'd by 1830, but he
  couldn't have been and received a headright.

Jesse Burnam is believed to have joined Austin's Colony and arrived there in the fall of 1821.
On the Wavell Red River Colony List, Samuel Burnham stated that he arrived May 1819,
Jesse and Samuel are believed to have traveled together on their move to Texas.

Madison County, Kentucky
Henry Burnam, to Brother, John burnham
Henry Burnam Power of Attorney

 Marshall County, Kentucky
                      Tavern Keepers Bond Book

Text of the Tavern Keepers Bond:

"WHEREAS, _____________ has obtained a license to keep a Tavern at ______________________, in the County of Marshall
NOW, WE, ______________________, Principal, and _______________ his Surety, do hereby covenant and agree that the
said ___________ shall continually find and provide
  in said Tavern good, wholesome, cleanly lodgings and diet for all travelers,
and stabling and provender, or pasturage,
  for horses and mules during the period the license remains in force; and that he will
not suffer and gaming in his house
  or on his premises; and will not suffer and persons to tipple or drink more than is necessary
 in his house or on his
  premises; or, at any time, suffer any scandalous or disorderly behavior in his house or on his premises.

GIVEN under our hands, this ___ day of ________, 18___"


Tavern Keeper's Name   Location of Tavern         Sureties                  Date of Bond

 A.F. Burnham                        The Burnham House           James Burnham                  3 Dec 1855

L.W.Graddy                           The Graddy House              M.Riley  &  W.J.Dycus       7 April 1856                

Martin F.Burnham                   Briensburg Hotel                 James Burnham                  5 Jan 1857

M.L.Williams &                     The Graddy House               Aurelius Daniels                  5 Jan 1857
R.K.Williams, Jr.                       J.S.Locker

There were others listed in the book.

New Hampshire

Page 79 of Farmington, N.H. Town Records,  Jan. 5th, 1805
Pursuant to the notification the freeholder &c met & proceded as follows viz ;
Appointed Enoch Burnham a juror to serve at the court of common pleas at Rochester, N.H. on the third
Tues. of January current. Meeting dissolved. Attest ; Eph. Kimball,  Town Clerk

 Page 6 of  Epsom,  N.H. Town Records dated March 6, 1816
John Burnham was among 12 men chosen by the court to be Surveyors of Lumber and Sworn.

1825 Epsom, N.H.     Town Records Assessments
John Burnham           Town = 1.59,  School = 1.15,  County .41,  Amount =3.15
Jeremiah Burnham     Town = 2.33,  School = 1.77,  County = .59,  Amount = 4.69
Ezekiel Burnham        Town = .91,   School = .56,    County = .23,  Amount = 1.70

Page 284 of  Farmington, N.H.  Town Records 1833
Enoch Burnham ; This may certify that Enoch Burnham took the oath of office as collector of Taxes for the town
of Farmington, on the 25th day of May A.D. 1833 before me ; Joseph Jones,  Justice of Peace

North Carolina

 Members of the N.C. Assembly  1729

Gabriel Burnham, along with about 20 other names
Information from CO 5 / 293  folio 137 of the British Records Collection at the N.C. State Archives

Navegation Project on Goshen Swamp   Duplin Co. 1785

From the book on Duplin Co..

The committee reported to the April 1785 Court ;
From the great abundance of water in the said swamp-- there is a practicability of making it navigable by clearing the main run during the dry season. The justices then instructed the committee to search the run of Goshen, lay it off in districts and obtain a list of inhabitants living near each district.

The committee reported to the July 1785 court that  it had layed off the run of Goshen Swamp into 17 convenient small districts. These districts were numbered consectively from where the Goshen empties into the Northeast Cape Fear, Westward along the Swamp to just beyond the mouth of Panther Branch in the west, which flows into the south side of Goshen a few yards west of where, US 117, now crosses the swamp.
This Panther Branch is not to be confused with Panther Creek, which empties into the northeast Cape Fear, just north of the mouth of Goshen Swamp in East Duplin County.

A description of each District, together with the names of overseers and hands follows ;

1st district thru 14th district, other surnames.
For the 15th District,  from mouth of White Oak up to the Bridge ; John Bradley overseer,  hands ; Jeptha Daniel, James Bradley, Shadrick Daniel, John Daniel Jr, William Gilly & his son,(not named) Thomas Wiggins & his negro, William Burnham, William Hurst and his two negroes, Thomas Flowers, Simon Flowers, Starling Powell & all others belonging to their families.
There were other names listed for the 16th & 17th districts.
This was also in the Duplin Co. Court minutes book of 1784-1787.

Duplin Co. Court Co. Minutes book of 1784- 1787
William Burnham served on Jury in Duplin Co.
Grand Jury / April 21, 1788  Duplin Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions begun and held for County of Duplin at the
Court House

Duplin Co. Court Minutes book  1791- 1795
Deed ; Thomas Flowers to William Burnham for 150 acres proved by John Hurst ; order registered.

Duplin Co. Court Minutes 1795- 1798
20 April 1795 county court of Pleas & Sessions begun & held for County of Duplin at the court house Wed. morning court
met at 9:0clock according to adjournment.
Ordered Hannah Summions, orphan child a free born negro, now about 1 year old, bound apprentice to Betsy Burnham, till age 21 to learn to read the Bible, and to spin & weave.

Duplin Co. Court Minutes 1805- 1809
Page 2
Tuesday,  22 October, 1805
Appointed Frederick Burnham, a constable, he gave bond

Page 88
20 July, 1808
David L. Kenan, Sherriff,  rendered a list of insolvents, Poll  Taxables for 1807 as follows ;
Fred'k Burnham, listed along with about 40 other names.

Duplin Co. Court Minutes 1805- 1807
Page 1
Tuesday  22 October, 1805
Appointed William Burnham, guardian to Serena Idelot, a minor, he gave bond of  f 1500 :
ordered he take her estate into possession.