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The Burnett one name STUDY centre.

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This web site is Dedicated to all those researching the Burnett surname including its variant spellings, be they new or old , beginners or accomplished, amateur or professional, of whatever persuasion and other Burnett affiliations.

Some of these pages contain other links and levels with additional materials, and new fresh materials are regularly added.


You are cordially invited to send details of your Burnett research for inclusion in the one name study database. The importance of recording your Burnett research on the database at Burnett Family Ancestry cannot be over - emphasized. Persons researching the same lines can automatically , be put in touch with each other , and hopefully, eventually a massive world wide interconnected tree(s) can be established. Some small irrelevant piece of information to you may be the key to the jigsaw for another researcher.
Please help - send your details now. If you have a web page send details of that for inclusion in our BurNETting page. If you are having problems subscribing to the Burnett list at Roots  send us your E-Mail address and we'll place your on the list . Its Free so what have you got to lose ?

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All researchers should now take account of the new database laws which came into operation on 1st January 1998 , implementing the "E C Database Directive".
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