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14 June 2010-Added by Catherine Burke

I have just added many of the new things I've been working on for the site. We've had some exciting breakthroughs since I put the site up!
Recently, I was not only able to locate the maiden name of Nellie Kershaw but also the marriage information pertaining to John T. Burke, Elmer's father. Who'd have thought that they would have gotten married in Kansas? But they did.
This document in itself gave some interesting insight.
After locating Nellie's maiden name, I was able to trace her family roots and found some interesting stories along the way. Read the family history section if you would like to know more!
In the next few days I will be working on adding new census information for our newly found branch, the Lawson's!
The quest is still on for the family of John T. Burke. I have a lead and a suspect family but nothing to verify it yet so hold tight!