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CENSUS RECORDS can be accessed by going into each individual surname. You will then find a census link located at the end of the page.

Here are some interesting facts to keep in mind when viewing census records:

  • The first census was taken in 1790

  • A federal census has been taken every ten years. Some states took state census' in between.

  • Every 10 years, a new census is made available for public records. The last census opened in 2000 was for the year 1930.

  • Prior to 1850 only the head of the household was named.

  • The 1890 census was destroyed by fire. There are few fragments of it that survived.

  • Census takers were often very poor at spelling. You will find several variations of your ancestors surnames.

  • In the absence of a family or a parent, neighbors sometimes gave information "to the best of their knowledge".

  • The age of a person may vary more or less than the standard 10 years between census recordings. Birthdays were not kept track of as well as they are today.

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