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Tulsa Central High School
Graduating Class of 1925

14 Students from Page 40 of the Tom Tom Year Book for Tulsa Central High School, Graduating Class of 1925. Surnames on this page:  Young, McMorris, Aspin, Passmore, Burns, Johnson, Raub, Lowe, Dickinson, Cramberg, Scaggs, Hawkins, Onstott, Jacobs


margaretyoung.jpg (14962 bytes) MARGARET YOUNG
Athletic Association, T. N. T., Basketball.
Margaret has two ambitions, to be dean of a girl's school [notice she is in the T. N. T. club], and the other one is to reduce still more. Last year she let her hair grow, but we're glad she had decided to keep it bobbed. The dimple in her chin is almost as large as a gold dollar.
Bitter Truth: She likes to feed the rats in the cooking class.
williammcmorris.jpg (13045 bytes) WILLIAM MCMORRIS
Tom Tom.
He once rode 500 feet in an airplane and always brings about the subject thus: "Speaking of flying--" It's astounding to contemplate what he would do as a conversationalist were he ever to have an operation. Perhaps, sometime Atty. McMorris will be able to support a plane and a wife from his fees for granting divorces.
Bitter Truth: He's gone with her four years.
harrietaspin.jpg (15083 bytes) HARRIET ASPIN
When this lady smiles at you, your heart goes roaming to Paradise. She has a clever little line which is captivating to say the least. The art of graceful dancing is hers, topped off with charming wallflower manners. To do the most things with the least effort is her rule of parliamentary procedure.
Bitter Truth: Her baby doll expression will fool you if you don't watch out.
kennethpassmore.jpg (15807 bytes) KENNETH PASSMORE
A few years hence, we'll hop in our winged flivver and skim over to Abyssinia of an evening to hear Kenneth play before the King. His scrapbook is filled with pictures of famous pianists. In fact, the stage entrance to Convention Hall is quite worn with Kenneth's footsteps.
Bitter Truth: Despite the fact that we expect him to be nothing but temperamental as befits a future impresario, he isn't at all. We like him.
mabelburns.jpg (16737 bytes) MABEL BURNS
Girl Scouts, T-Walkers, Girls Athletic Assn.
Neither too studious nor too carefree. Scout Mabel strikes an ideal medium by concentrating on athletes. Nothing is serious enough to keep Mabel from being cheerful and no one can change her independent opinions.
Bitter Truth: She can't decide which of the girls' gym teachers is her ideal model.
charlesjohnson.jpg (14446 bytes) CHARLES JOHNSON
"Haw! Haw! That's a good one, but listen to this one." Of course it would be none other than jovial Charles chatting to his inseparable Shelby. While he eats, the cafeteria walls look down and hold their sides in wonderment, for he can consume more hot dawgs, bowls of chili and Eskimo pies in two minutes than you and I in two days.
Bitter Truth: His vociferous method of expression will get him heard in the cruel world.
annraub.jpg (13863 bytes) ANN RAUB
When Ann entered T. H. S. we scored another victory over Oklahoma City. She has only been with us a year, but is already noted for her ability to ask foolish questions. Her good-looking clothes and unbobbed hair, together with her naive remarks, immediately class her as "individual."
Bitter Truth: She pines for a Frenchman to practice on.
boydlowe.jpg (12128 bytes) BOYD LOWE
Interclass Football, Basketball, Baseball.
Behold the dashing young peanutsacker! Although Boyd steadfastly maintains that the only place he ever sacked peanuts was for the T-Club, nevertheless, some have their suspicions. Boyd's hobby is athletics. He plays basketball, football, baseball, and works for the ball park. During off hours some say he plays billiard balls.
Bitter Truth: He orders his clothes from Sears Roebuck--Imported.
hildadickinson.jpg (17060 bytes) HILDA DICKINSON
Glee Club.
A tonic of Hilda every morning would be a good eye-opener to the dispositions of some of us. She's as cheerful as a chipmunk and as busy as a bee. She thinks the fountain of youth can be found at the nearest drug store. Hilda made an ornamental and useful member of the Glee Club.
Bitter Truth: She doesn't need to use yeast to rise to the occasion.
raymondcramberg.jpg (15994 bytes) RAYMOND CRAMBERG
If "silence is golden" our "hero" is a rich man. However Raymond believes in doing, not saying. He played well on the senior lightweight football team in proof of his belief that athletics makes a man. Although not artistically inclined he may usually be seen in the company of a famous T. H. S. cartoonist [possibly in hopes of being used for a model.]
Bitter Truth: He secretly admires Bill Kelly and the fair sex.
berniceskaggs.jpg (17302 bytes) BERNICE SCAGGS
Enter "Salesman Sam" from Noo Youk. At the same time she may be selling roller skates to a gouty old man, she juggles a column of figures as tall as the Woolworth building and picks a merry tune on the typewriter. Although she's rather shy she is about the "most smilinest" person we know.
Bitter Truth: She's actually trying to get fat.
chesterhawkins.jpg (18597 bytes) CHESTER HAWKINS
Chester is a life saver, having won his emblem under Mr. Endres in summer school. In the palmy sweat-evoking days of last summer he was also an aspiring orator. Chester took a trip to Dallas last summer, and is still brim-full of inspiration gathered from the Texas Longhorns.
Bitter Truth: He works in his father's furniture store so he can have a reduction when he "sets up his own."
fayeonstott.jpg (17619 bytes) FAYE ONSTOTT
The diet shark. She restrains her naturally healthy appetite about as often as the 29thday of February rolls around. Faye will never have to depend on Heinz's 57 varieties for her meals for she's an A number one "chefess" herself. Second qualification--she has a never-failing sense of humor.
Bitter Truth: A mischievous child with a pleasing grin, whose chief ambition is to get thin.
clydejacobs.jpg (14394 bytes) CLYDE JACOBS
Hi-Y, School Life, Tom Tom, Boy Scouts, Dramatics, Tennis.
"Jake" is a regular three ring circus plus the menagerie. His witty line, sublimely innocent stare, and poetic [?] genius make up a matchless combination. In dramatics he goes over big, whether in the role of a Noo York Dood or a capering Spanish bull.
Bitter Truth: He is, oh, so fickle.