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Tulsa Central High School - Graduating

Class of 1925

14 Students from Page 37 of the Tom Tom Year Book for Tulsa Central High School, Graduating Class of 1925. Surnames on this page: Garner, Goodwin, Stevens, Pickel, Price, Brooks, Ballard, Manion, Smith, Branham, Swain, Kerst, Cowan, Adams
Athletic Association.
Brown is his hair, brown are his eyes, but romantic is his disposition, and he goes to the movies of his own volition. Variegated neckties throng the glory of his vesty, color-bedecked chest. He's in love with history, but history treats him like a hawk treats a dove.
Bitter Truth: The dying sun brings to his mind thoughts of "another home."
Juanita is like President Coolidge--she can keep silent and get away with it. She doesn't have to talk for one to know she's mighty sweet--she just smiles. Industrious? We'll say she is. She spends her spare time wielding a needle and she sure gets the results.
Bitter Truth: Her pet ambition is to be the silent woman of the White House.
Tulsa School Life.Merle has been pursuing a college preparatory course and expects to be a civil engineer. At any rate Merle wears a golden necktie and slicks his hair back, and keeps his chest bedecked with fountain pens. He admits that his hobby is going to picture shows and he doesn't "stag" it neither.
Bitter Truth: " Joe" says he is "timid."
Just any kind of day will do so it isn't raining. A lunch basket filled with goodies, a camera that works and two or three lively companions and Helen is off for a real hike. Even if Mr. Bolyard is along explaining the species of rock and soil, she enjoys it.
Bitter Truth: "The saints preserve me. I'm in a pickle," said Helen as she got in the cafeteria Jam.
Lorene's make-up is one of those rare combinations that always go over so big, that of red hair, and a very fair complexion. Although they say she's shy in the dramatics class, she surely makes herself heard in the swimming pool.
Bitter Truth: Lorene is a high "price."
Athletic Association, Debate.
Leslie is going to be a lawyer [not the contracted form if you please]. Perhaps future years will witness him expounding to awe-stricken audiences the intricate windings of barristry and jurisprudence. Leslie also has a side-line who is patiently waiting for the day when Leslie's senatorship shall come rolling in on the bounding tide of Oklahoma voters.
Bitter Truth: None given
School Life, T-Club, Tom-Tom, Honor Society, Debate, Writers Club.
Mark once said that he studied from habit, but he says he labors over writing some things, biographies are not among those things. The lad is true to his appearance, he does things in a frank manner. He asks questions so point blank, the answer is forced from the questionee like H2O from a hydraulic jet.
Bitter Truth: Mark hates stacomb like Milwaukee hates Volstead.
One of nature's idle men. Kenny tries to be a convincing bluffer, but can't succeed for he can't control a tel-tale grin. Usually he spins around in a Ford, and wishes that he might do so in our corridors. However, when he feels especially high and mighty, he brings out a real car.
Bitter Truth
: When it rains, Kenneth has to wear a hat to keep from drowning.
"Fate tried to conceal him by naming him Smith." His success may be attributed to his ability to make the most of the goods before him spread, even his unusual name. During the last year that such certificates were issued, he received a certificate for being neither absent nor tardy for a whole school year.
Bitter Truth: He wears a London lavender suit.
T. N. T. , Athletic Association.
If you chance to meet upon the way, A smiling face and eyes so gay,
Record it in your mind to say, "That's Myrtle Branham."
She expects to be a teacher some day, and all her talents point in that direction. Horse-back riding is her favorite sport.
Bitter Truth: She can pass the worst of cops!
Marion sticketh to Math closer than a brother. He has taken all this high school affords, including college algebra. He won his numeral in basketball. The lad has been successfully vaccinated so he hasn't caught girl fever yet despite his good looks and intentions.
Bitter Truth: Will he always be --- "marryin?"
Katherine is a sweet little lady despite her name. What's in a female's last name anyway? It's easily changed. kitty's bobbed head is the seat of many a mischievous prank and the "children of her brain" have caused many a pedagogue to sigh.
Bitter Truth: She's high-powdered but she takes a lot of gas.
Hi-Y, Interclass Athletics.
A flash! A woman screams! Silence. Now don't be alarmed, it was only Sig dashing down the basketball court. Sig won numerals in football and basketball this year. He was captain of the Senior heavies interclass champions. Sig's hobby seems to be hanging about in the halls except when urgently requested to attend class.
Bitter Truth: He's quite bashful among women.
Juanita is rare, she can hike five miles in thirty minutes. Tulsa-Sapulpa being her most common route. Her ambition is to be a stenographer. She wears blue, has blue eyes and still insists that she is "never blue!" Juanita says she "doesn't like to study."
Bitter Truth: Her bywords are "heck" and "shoot."