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Tulsa Central High School
Graduating Class of 1925

14 Students from Page 32 of the Tom Tom Year Book for Tulsa Central High School, Graduating Class of 1925. Surnames on this page:  Lingo, Bumpus, Hatcher, Scott, Swartz, Forman, Rabkin, Francisco, Burris, Rowe, Taulbee, Hildt, Church, Norvell


evalingo.jpg (42052 bytes) EVA LINGO
Girl Reserves.
Curly golden hair; sky blue eyes that peep coyly about. She enhances the faultless complexion with frocks of dainty pastel shades. How she danced, our Eva danced the minuet in the George Washington assembly long ago!
Bitter Truth: Eva likes for her "friends" to write romantic biographies in her memory book.
hazelbumpus.jpg (34561 bytes) HAZEL BUMPUS
Hazel isn't late to classes on swimming days anymore, for she has parted with her curly locks. When anyone calls to see Hazel, she is usually found in the kitchen cooking nice things to eat, or in the parlor coaxing music from her violin.
Bitter Truth: Her head must be heavier on one side than the other, it leans to the right.
marthahatcher.jpg (36234 bytes) MARTHA HATCHER
T-Club, T-Walkers.
Martha holds the distinction of being the only senior girl having an athletic T. During her three and a half years at T. H. S., she has participated in all girls interclass athletics and has been a member of several teams. Martha avers she detests studious people.
Bitter Truth: The sidewalks around her house are all cracked--no wonder, she roller skates.
georgescott.jpg (38882 bytes) GEORGE SCOTT
His attire is absolutely correct [he admits it.] But seriously speaking, every one knows and likes George. He is a great student as is shown by the fact that he passed Miss Bowman's history course. This statement alone should preserve him a fitting memorial in these corridors.
Bitter Truth: He is like the tom cat that sleeps all day and prowls all night.
dorothyswartz.jpg (32841 bytes) DOROTHY SWARTZ
Out-door sports for Dorothy Swartz! She lives through the day at school cheerfully braving the terrors of Chemistry and Spanish VIII to play tennis and swim afterwards. She is an excellent tennis player and has won her life-saving emblem.
Bitter Truth: She stands above the crowd of medium stature.
harryforman.jpg (33634 bytes) HARRY FORMAN
Harry stars in basketball, as he has played on interclass teams for two years. Don't you think he has a stern look?--He is trying to decide his life occupation. All that he can decide on at present is to be an advertising man but he's also interested in his father's overall factory.
Bitter Truth: The original "Blue-boy."
isadorerabkin.jpg (31469 bytes) ISADORE RABKIN
He, Isadore! No, he's a jumping-jack. He is a tease, he'll help anyone in a test whether or not he knows the subject, and he'll talk your eyebrows off, but he has the kindest heart in the world and everybody is fond of him
Bitter Truth: "Sleep, chief nourisher in life's feast," how he loves it.
maryfrancisco.jpg (10596 bytes) MARY FRANCISCO
T-Club, School life, Booster Club, Girl Reserves.
Mary is a breath from old "K. C." She dances, makes "A" grades, has freckles, reads, sticks her tongue out, and sports a left-handed curl. After combing the world for a freckle remedy, she gave up and tolerates them. We think they are adorable.
Bitter Truth: We believe that old song "Oh, What a Pal was Mary."
helenburris.jpg (31930 bytes) HELEN BURRIS
Girl Reserves, National Honor Society.
Helen is demure and studious, but she likes to have something to giggle about. She is a hopeless idealist who searches the world for people without conceit and telephones that don't ring. High divers and tennis champions thrill Helen and push her on to greater efforts.
Bitter Truth: She balances chemical equations in her sleep.
danrowe.jpg (39445 bytes) DAN ROWE
With his blue eyes, slender but athletic build and well-kept hair, Dan presents an appearance that is indeed enviable. He has been in Tulsa High four years and made the swimming team last year. He intends to go to either Tulsa or Oklahoma University. Boxing has a great appeal for him.
Bitter Truth: He is too modest to quarrel, but blushes instead.
jessietaulbee.jpg (39447 bytes) JESSIE TAULBEE
T. N. T.
Jessie always sits in the back row [her name begins with T] and makes lengthy recitations when everyone else is stumped. When she asks a favor, her brown eyes are so appealing that no wonder she is seldom refused. If her pupils next year learn their lessons as well as Jessie does now, she will have an easy life.
Bitter Truth: Giggling is contrary to her rules--sometimes.
johnhildt.jpg (37842 bytes) JOHN HILDT
"Sure and begorra, my hair is red, and I'm proud of the fact." It is none other than "Fiery" Hildt telling the world about his convictions. John played a line position on the championship senior football team. John has been the feature fun-maker of the class.
Bitter Truth: "Fickle Wimmin" phase him not.
hilachurch.jpg (37146 bytes) HILA CHURCH
Aquatic Club, Girls' Athletic Association.
Hila is quite athletic. She plays everything except football, and would like to do that. Making faces, telling the latest jokes, and making people laugh are her favorite diversions. She also drives a balky Ford, and attends numerous parties.
Bitter Truth: When she starts chattering she rivals a squirrel.
georgenorvell.jpg (31515 bytes) GEORGE NORVELL
Cheer Leader, Dramatics, Senator, Booster Club, Hi-Y, Tom Tom, Vice president of Sophomore Class.
"Pinky" has red hair, and is head cheer leader, and is afflicted with the gift of gab. He participates in interclass activities and serves the school when ever possible. His jazz singing plus uke accompaniment is one of his drawing cards [and it certainly draws 'em.] As to girls--well he just likes 'em "skinny."
Bitter Truth: His line is as hot as his hair.