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Tulsa Central High School - Graduating Class of 1925

14 Students from Page 27 of the Tom Tom Year Book for Tulsa Central High School, Graduating Class of 1925. Surnames on this page: Bowles, Kimball, Novak, Bumgarner, Smith, Marr, Davis, Angus, Baker, Albitz, Brown, Backus, Borah, Vorheis
Paul Bowles:
Paul had a hard time finding the best school to attend. First he went to O. M. A. , but not satisfied, he tried Broken Arrow. Then, finally, he hit the right trail when he decided to graduate from T. H. S. Paul just naturally had a winning way, so that accounts for his rapid advance in scholastic circles. He's always Johnny-on-the spot at Hi-Y meetings.
Bitter Truth: He likes the freshmen-- girls.
Melvin Kimball:
Glee Club.
Melvin is well versed in the tricks of a romantic toreador, or a crap-shooting nigger, but is destined to hang out an M.D. shingle. He's a prize winner as a noise maker, and will demonstrate his prize anywhere. Melvin is enthusiastic when sport is mentioned, but should anyone suggest study, Oh, well--he's only human.
Bitter Truth: He's a social whip-poor-will.
Mary Novak:
Mary is the tall, dignified girl in our midst who had distinguished herself as an angel. Her good humor and ready laughter have helped her "get by" when many another would have lost faith.
Bitter Truth: Ask her sister, Eva if she can keep her supplied with cherry phosphates.
Kenneth Bumgarner:
In spite of his radio, "Bum" earned a berth as center on the all-class lightweight football team last fall. Although he is the possessor of a genuine spirit of helpfulness, it is not known whether it was this or a desire to mend his grades that prompted him to do all the outside mimeograph work for his psychology teacher.
Bitter Truth: His dream of Italy was only static.
Roseanne Smith:
Girl Reserves.
Roseanna is thankful indeed that study hall in the auditorium was abolished. She never could so much as utter a sound, for she is known for her ringing voice, and Mrs Polk didn't appreciate chimes in that place. She hates mathematics and can't understand why girls must dull their spirits in such torment.
Bitter Truth: She says she's interested in football but others say it's the players.
Shelby Marr:
It is impossible to think of Shelby without thinking of swimming. His pipe dream is to win a medal at the Olympic games. When he is in the mood, his sarcasm can be so perfect that no one but himself can comprehend it.
Bitter Truth: He abhors dark nights and slippery streets.
Dorothy Davis:
Girl Reserves, Athletic Association.
A private office of a large bank or business corporation labeled "Dorothy A. Davis, President," is her day dream. As proof of her business ability she wears that boyish bob, mannish clothes and seldom changes her mind when she once decides a thing. She speaks in a slow drawling voice which discloses her excellent sense of humor.
Bitter Truth: She hurries only when she is hungry.
Launa Angus:
Launa is just too busy with a number of things to pay any attention to the usual cosmetics. Fact of the matter is, she is so busy with outside things that school is more a hobby with her than an occupation. Launa like Hamlet wonders "to be or not to be," an artist or a musician, and she likes history. What a complex!
Bitter Truth: She wants to be like Peter Pan and never grow up.
Warren Baker:
This guy is a good broncho-buster, steer bull-dogger, horseman, dancer and athlete, but at T. U. academy he was known as "the sweetest boy in the school." He could defeat all comers in an excuse-making contest, and moreover, he doesn't have to go to the ocean for pearls. He has 'em in his mouth.
Bitter Truth: He can chew tobacco like an old timer.
Faustina Albitz:
We play the Victrola less easily than Faustina plays the typewriter. She's so good at shorthand she challenges any hen with a bunch of biddies to a speed contest. Faustina is a Gregg artist and she wants to be a big one. She's like a Kansas bluff that wars with her teachers when they are rough.
Bitter Truth: She will be allowed to enter the private office while we kick our shins outside.
Merritt Brown:
Though he is taking the general course in high school, we suppose he'll be a military demagogue despite his resolution to be a slick oil man. Watts would close their candy counter if we all were like Merritt. He plays basketball and his marks have been left on the diamond and gridiron.
Bitter Truth: He keeps that school girl complexion with Palmolive soap.
John Backus:
Senate, T-Club, Glee Club.
Better known as "Fricaseed" from the famous Sooner Minstrels in which he starred, this young gentleman is known for his monkey antics and fine voice. He used to sing in cherry trees when he was a wee chap, so he is well able to play the "Boatswain" in "Pinafore."
Bitter Truth: He's a charter member of the Pool and Poker Club.
Lee Borah:
To be out in the open seems to be Lee's hobby. He is very interested in farms and farming. Lee knows the whys and wherefores of onions, big and small, but then he ought to, for he holds the office of president in the Agriculture Club. When he bade farewell to Denver Hi-School it was their loss and our
Bitter Truth: She poisoned his life, so he calls her "Ptomaine".
Leon Vorheis:
Leon plays one of those Convulsive horns; we mean a French horn. We can't understand how he does it without feeling like a futuristic impression of the North Wind. Leon is a bizzy man; we wonder if it's all music studies, or a woman. Don't ask him. The pyramids will tell you sooner.
Bitter Truth: If silence is golden, he is John D. Rockefeller's son four times.