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Scenes around Camp Owada, Japan
Page 4B
(Army Site)
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Photos by William C. Ronnenberg

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brc20.jpg (84406 bytes)
 Bill Ronnenberg climbing
microwave towerl

brc21.jpg (85924 bytes)
 A portion of the Compound
from the Microwave tower

brc03.jpg (88846 bytes)
Antenna fields from
Microwave tower

brc04.jpg (87243 bytes)
Antenna fields from
Microwave tower

brc05.jpg (85391 bytes)
Japanese Housing outside
Camp Owada compound

brc12.jpg (80614 bytes)

View of swimming pool &
Countryside from MW tower

brc06.jpg (77409 bytes)

Barracks life at Camp

brc16.jpg (85993 bytes)

 Quonset hut was Bill's
Barrack for awhile

brc17.jpg (84192 bytes)

Antenna raising at
Fuchinobe, Japan

brc08.jpg (83038 bytes)
  Air Force equipment
at Camp Owada

brc19.jpg (89249 bytes)

  More Air Force 

brc15.jpg (75380 bytes)
Volleyball time at
Camp Owada

brc01.jpg (81049 bytes)
A session in Mr.
Hartnell's office

brc02.jpg (79368 bytes)

Group in Repair

brc22.jpg (67027 bytes)

Very nice looking

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