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1925 Senior Class with Annotations
A through C

Tall, dignified, and handsome is our hero. Words cannot do him justice according to Horatio Algier. He is studious to the 'nth degree and even digests Commercial Law with gusto. He's just the type the girls rave over but is too serious to be romantic--unless we are greatly deceived.
Bitter Truth: He's Aaron's son but Moses wasn't his uncle.

By the cute curl which he wears over one eye, ye shall know him. Emmett believes "Never do today what can be put off until the middle of next week," consequently he never hurries. His teachers' anathemas fall about him like a cracked ceiling.
Bitter Truth: He'd be a face card in any deck.

National Honor Society.
Claribel is one of the youngest seniors in Tulsa High, and also has one of the highest scholastic records. She has the unique distinction of being selected to pose as the emblem of Peace on our 1924 Peace Float. Briefly, Claribel is a girl who "wears" and will bear close acquaintance.
Bitter Truth: Claribel's heart is in Florida--at Lakeland!

Hi-Y, T-Club, Orchestra
A violin and a tennis racquet are the implements by which James climbed to the bill board. He eliminates all unnecessary trouble by doing all his heavy talking with his violin bow.
Bitter Truth: He's the kitten's cuffs in his shorthand class--besides himself, the class is all girls.

Booster Club.
Domingo intends to travel to the ends of the earth some day, but she will never go where she won't have an opportunity to trip the light fantastic frequently. Many are the cops who have chased her, only to admit themselves defeated and to give up after the first five miles.

If a bill introducing cross-word puzzles between the pages of stale musty history pages were put through Congress, Helen would write the President a letter of commendation. Scientific data about her: she has beautiful eyes, aristocracy is her middle name, her clothes would make a peacock weep.
Bitter Truth: If she ever takes the witness stand, the masculine jury will vote for her.

Tom Tom, Senate, Hi-Y, A. A.
Our Tom Tom money grabber meets success in everything except his love affairs. His activities if recorded in full would fill an encyclopedia. Pep, strong auburn hair, a green sweater, and a misplaced locker key are his personal belongings.
Bitter Truth: He never can remember where his car is parked.

Juanita is rare, she can hike five miles in thirty minutes. Tulsa-Sapulpa being her most common route. Her ambition is to be a stenographer. She wears blue, has blue eyes and still insists that she is "never blue!" Juanita says she "doesn't like to study."
Bitter Truth: Her bywords are "heck" and "shoot."

HAROLD ADKINSON [Also spelled Adkison]
Booster Club, 1924 Tom Tom, T-Club.
Goliath was a half-back and he runs in a broken field like an eel slides through mud. Dramatics has taken a lot of his time and he has graced the stage on several occasions. His football practice is helping him plunge through Algebra IV.
Bitter Truth: Oh, girls, he hates 'em all 'cept one.

We play the Victrola less easily than Faustina plays the typewriter. She's so good at shorthand she challenges any hen with a bunch of biddies to a speed contest. Faustina is a Gregg artist and she wants to be a big one. She's like a Kansas bluff that wars with her teachers when they are rough.
Bitter Truth: She will be allowed to enter the private office while we kick our shins outside.

A better baseball player than the immortal Jack Keefe, and about as well known. Glen has been the mainstay of the baseball nine for two years. Though he entered from Emerson four years ago as "skairt and green" as the rest of the class, behold, in this short period, our alma mater has molded a man.
Bitter Truth: When it comes to walking, he's "too tired."

Girl Reserves, athletic Association School Life.
She has about as many hobbies as she has "crushes." She enjoys hiking, tennis, swimming and dancing, although her greatest interest is in music. Her giggle is as individual as--Waneta.
Bitter Truth: When they sing "Juanita" she says, "Farewell to thee."

Girl Scout.
Irene is a girl scout who has numerous other diversions. She is a very modest and retiring young lady despite the fact that she takes public speaking. Living a full, wholesome life is her hobby, and it is her ambition to be a good friend to everybody, thus, perhaps, affording an opportunity for some wandering knight-errant.
Bitter Truth: Just anybody won't do.

Vivian Ruth doesn't prefer that she be called by her full name, but as she has received pink slips for two other Ruth Allens, she must bear the burden. Dancing and music combine to make Ruth's hobby and she also revels in the hope that she will be an expert stenographer some day.
Bitter Truth: Sh; Vivian Ruth is a tom-boy, she plays real baseball.

According to his appended cognomen Howard certainly am er man. He thinks so at least. Just How 'ard he is we don't know and although we are usually from Missouri we are still willing to accept his name as a definition:
Bitter Truth: It isn't hard for him to remain a boy scout.

Helen frankly confesses that her chief interest is in the masculine sex. It may be added that this interest is reciprocated. She came to T. H. S. this year from Cottey College, and quickly found her place among the B corridor promenaders. She likes shows, dances, cars, in fact anything that means freedom from work.
Bitter Truth: She considers C10 an ideal place in which to slumber.

Launa is just too busy with a number of things to pay any attention to the usual cosmetics. Fact of the matter is, she is so busy with outside things that school is more a hobby with her than an occupation. Launa like Hamlet wonders "to be or not to be," an artist or a musician, and she likes history. What a complex!
Bitter Truth: She wants to be like Peter Pan and never grow up.

Let us present Nate Appleman's "lil" sister, [pardon the staff] we mean big sister, because she no longer rushes down the halls to escape a pink slip as in freshman days; but instead, walks calmly and in true senior style into class, willing to be late rather than lose the dignity that so characterizes an upper classman.
Bitter Truth: When it comes to dancing she makes the Zeigfield folly girls back numbers.

When this lady smiles at you, your heart goes roaming to Paradise. She has a clever little line which is captivating to say the least. The art of graceful dancing is hers, topped off with charming wallflower manners. To do the most things with the least effort is her rule of parliamentary procedure.
Bitter Truth: Her baby doll expression will fool you if you don't watch out.

Lodema is fond of cultivating the friendship of great artists, hence her attachment to Bill Lundy {Bill's also a girl]. Lodema has a peculiar habit of giving herself in unstinted service while trying to remain in the background. Perhaps this explains why most of her friends are intimate friends who "stick."
Bitter Truth: Her favorite B's: bugs, Bolyard, biology.

This maid is studying geology so she can become a stenographer. Her pet aversions are walking to school and washing dishes. Her chief delights are streetcar riding and candy pulling. She is commonly called Little Red Riding Hood because of her preference for red.
Bitter Truth: If practice makes perfect she must have been passing notes before she left the cradle.

G. R., Athletic Association, T. N. T.
Georgia is a good sport who knows how to give and take a large share of good-natured raillery. She is president of T. N. T. and looks forward to a fruitful career in the teaching profession. She is so fond of hiking that she has become quite a familiar before-and-after-school pedestrian between Tulsa High and her home out in Kendall.
Bitter Truth is missing from this one.

Girl Reserve.
Hazel, with her curly locks and love for red, reminds one of "Red Riding Hood." If you are ever in deep water and want help, don't call Hazel; for she couldn't help you any. She likes music, but above all things, horse-back riding.
Bitter Truth: Hazel shuns the old swimming hole like a small boy does the bath-tub.

Senate, T-Club, Glee Club.
Better known as "Fricaseed" from the famous Sooner Minstrels in which he starred, this young gentleman is known for his monkey antics and fine voice. He used to sing in cherry trees when he was a wee chap, so he is well able to play the "Boatswain" in "Pinafore."
Bitter Truth: He's a charter member of the Pool and Poker Club.

MARY ESTHER BACKUS [Spelling Backes in other location]
Mary's a German madchen who says very little but when she does talk, she chatters like a squirrel. And don't believe that she wanders in the halls, for she can outstep the average pupil who thinks he's late for class.
Bitter Truth: If you wish to see a real comedy, ask Mary Esther if she's had the mumps.

Writers' Club
Meet Miss Bagwell from Blackwell. Wanetta arrived this year and is finishing her preparations for writing exceedingly modern short stories. She is full of pep and very friendly, as all her friends will testify. Her fatal weakness records that she can't get along without teasing everyone she meets.
Bitter Truth: She has a past.

T-Club, National Honor Society, Vice-President Freshman Class.
This youthful-looking gentleman is no other than Daniel Bailey, another one of our famous class. He is a politician, having been elected "Frosh" vice-President. He is one student who makes the honor roll every time it crawls around, and he is also an athlete.
Bitter Truth: He is small, but so is a stick of dynamite. Be careful girls.

Samuella is quite reserved but there is a warm fire of congeniality burning within. She is tall, dark and, very slender, and has brown eyes, all of which suggests the artistic element. But Samuella is also a practical girl who intends to go to college. During her four years in Tulsa High School, she has consistently patronized all school activities.
Bitter Truth: Samuella likes dates---when they come in a jar.

This guy is a good broncho-buster, steer bull-dogger, horseman, dancer and athlete, but at T. U. academy he was known as "the sweetest boy in the school." He could defeat all comers in an excuse-making contest, and moreover, he doesn't have to go to the ocean for pearls. He has 'em in his mouth.
Bitter Truth: He can chew tobacco like an old timer.

Fae wants the business world to know that she has begun extensive preparations for a career as a private secretary. She thinks she won't work for any man who hasn't a million or so with which to finance trips to Europe for his employees. Fae takes her daily setting-up exercises by chewing a package of Wrigley's.
Bitter Truth: Her best friend owns a beauty parlor.

School Life, T-Club, Tom-Tom, Honor Society, Debate, Writers Club.
Mark once said that he studied from habit, but he says he labors over writing some things, biographies are not among those things. The lad is true to his appearance, he does things in a frank manner. He asks questions so point blank, the answer is forced from the questionee like H2O from a hydraulic jet.
Bitter Truth: Mark hates stacomb like Milwaukee hates Volstead.

One of Miss Bowman's "sheltered few." Miss "all-wise" can speak or write on any subject that happens along--witness her prize-winning essay in the Stewart Essay contest. She's a big tease and possesses that feminine necessity--"curiosity" in large and numerous lumps. Her teachers usually spell her name with an "A" on her report cards.
Bitter Truth: She longs to be a Spanish Vamp.

A long time ago Shakespeare said, Our little life is rounded in a sleep." Elgy seems to prove this statement beyond a doubt. He is that half-awake fellow you have seen in the halls about dinner time. Elgy's hobby is riding around on his bicycle. Chasing girls? No, delivering telegraph messages.
Bitter Truth: He hates the women.

Her voice is sweet and low, an excellent thing in a woman. Ruth has the southern style of beauty; moonlight goes well with the type. Personally we always adored brown eyes, both in women and dogs, but especially in girls. Ruth has a very helpful nature; we believe she would even help a burglar take away the piano.
Bitter Truth: She will never live to be a full-grown Barr Maid.

Modesty is his twin brother. Randell is rather bashful and refuses to admit he's an unusual personage. Sh-h-, he was once a real Sultan with a harem. Who knows but in this fact lies the reason why he has no heart for the ladies.
Bitter Truth: He bought his crown on the installment plan.

Very quiet and self-effacing. Maggie intends to juggle sand tables and pretty colored blocks as a kindergarten teacher after awhile. Hidden beneath her reserved exterior is a wealth of humor. "och, Mon, but she's a splendid cook."
Bitter Truth: "Her modest looks the cottage might [probably will] adorn."

The Romeo who romanced so romantically in the Romancers, is quite an athlete, in spite of his poetic nature [fake]. His scholastic record is also O. K. He has that calm air that looks hard to ruffle, [but isn't.]
Bitter Truth: His beauty causes him much pain, but he uses kid-curlers just the same.

After varied experiences with different high schools, Bennett tried T. H. S. last year, and was so well satisfied he returned. It can't be decided whether he makes the biggest hit playing the saxophone or talking to the girls. "Luke" is as well qualified as any to compose a song entitled "Waiting at the Locker."
Bitter Truth: He'll snore sometimes in assembly.

When dad comes home he must needs look twice before he finds his oldest daughter; for she resembles a boy somewhat, wearing high collars and neck ties. She regrets that she is not thrifty, but it doesn't matter, little sister always has some change.
Bitter Truth: She has dimples in her knees.

Bob is long, lean, lank and sometimes he might sing "My Heart's in Italy, but my Hair's in Greece." When asked how long a man's legs should be, he observed that they should reach to the ground. Strange to say, his legs are a perfect example of his reasoning.
Bitter Truth: His Cranium would dishearten any phrenologist.

Harry may properly be named the "Idyll of the Queens." This young individual has only scampered around the Tulsa Hi corridors for one short year but in this period he has become noted. His physical prowess would make Apollo a back number.
Bitter Truth: He wears Crisco on his hair; be careful ladies, he's a slick gentleman.

A good-looking sleepy eyed individual who graces our corridors. Because of her beauty she was chosen one of the Queen's attendants. Her rippling giggle is a source of much amusement among her many friends. We'll remember her for her looks and style but mostly for just Mabel--Claire.
Bitter Truth: She uses lipstick.

Tom Tom.
"See yersilf as ithers see you," by this noted cartoonist, Gerald the artistic. He has ample opportunity to practice his art while standing in the corner [dere teacher's orders]. Not even the strenuous games of the gym floor can alter the geometric precision of the dividing line in his locks.
Bitter Truth: He hasn't found her yet.

Booster Club, Athletic Association, T. N. T., Girl Scouts.
A real star in girls' athletics! Ruth's voice certainly is a contrast to her personality, as anyone would expect a deep, mannish voice to emerge from her. Ruth is an excellent example of the opposite of that old saying. "All saying and no doing."
Bitter Truth: She'd give anything to be a boy.

"Kid 'em along" is Junior's motto. He revels in teasing his teachers. As an appletree bursts into full bloom with the first spring days, so Louis's face bursts into beaming smiles whenever he meets a friend. And "e'en though vanquished, he can argue still."
Bitter Truth: He uses his slide rule to draw straight lines.

To be out in the open seems to be Lee's hobby. He is very interested in farms and farming. Lee knows the whys and wherefores of onions, big and small, but then he ought to, for he holds the office of president in the Agriculture Club. When he bade farewell to Denver Hi-School it was their loss and our gain.
Bitter Truth: She poisoned his life, so he calls her "Ptomaine".

A demure little damsel with a heart-shaped face and soulful eyes. Can it be that she wears her heart on her sleeve--no, no, we mean on her face? Edna can't be very decisive--she thought she wanted finish Tulsa High last year, and we find last year's book graced by her visage. However We're glad we still have her.
Bitter Truth: She let sister Frances finish one heat ahead of her.

Mildred likes men--but only the great ones. Those home room talks on great Americans found her orating on their lives both pro and con. The curling iron and Mildred are inseparable friends and oh, the results she achieves. Say, she's not hard to look at.
Bitter Truth: She likes archery--Bowen arrow.

The significant cognomen she wears is largely responsible for many a good natured quip at her expense. Oklahoma intends to be an English teacher, instead of indulging in the wild west propensities of the state from which she took her name. We'd suggest O. K. as a good nick-name for her.
Bitter Truth: She's from Missouri.

Paul had a hard time finding the best school to attend. First he went to O. M. A. , but not satisfied, he tried Broken Arrow. Then, finally, he hit the right trail when he decided to graduate from T. H. S. Paul just naturally had a winning way, so that accounts for his rapid advance in scholastic circles. He's always Johnny-on-the spot at Hi-Y meetings.
Bitter Truth: He likes the freshmen-- girls.

Senate, Hi-Y, Booster Club, Debate, Dramatics, Tom Tom.
"Oh death, everything bores me terribly!" Who else could this be but "Sauerkraut Boysell?" James is a Jack-of-all- trades. He is fond of dramatics, Hi-Y, church banquets, and horseback riding--to say nothing of the song "Juanita." When the cops see his little gray boat coming down Main they think it's a Kansas cyclone gone astray.
Bitter Truth: He played left end in the Spanish bull fight.

"Red" and soap boxes go together like ham and eggs. The only time he stops orating is while he takes printing, and perhaps he tries a little persuasion on the printing press. He's a red letter man in salesmanship class. Can sell anything from Crimson pep to cerise socks. He's the tadpole's legs when he gets in H2O.
Bitter Truth: Mr. Tilton gets him mixed with the red ink can.

Gus has a voice which reminds you of Mephistopheles--we're not swearing, that's an opera. He thinks he likes nature and he keeps whole flocks of notes in a state of perfect health. Fiddle and Gus aid the orchestra and demoralize the neighbors. When oral themes are to be given, Gus can talk on five seconds' notice.
Bitter Truth: The girls all love him--for his voice.

BUD BRANDEBERRY [Also spelled Brandberry]
Bud is one novice who looks beyond his years. He believes in results, not cause. He thinks that the future is more important than the formalistic book knowledge of the present, and his original remarks keep us on edge. His chief hobby is running from publicity.
Bitter Truth: Bud is just a tender young "bud."

T. N. T. , Athletic Association.
If you chance to meet upon the way,
A smiling face and eyes so gay,
Record it in your mind to say,
"That's Myrtle Branham."
She expects to be a teacher some day, and all her talents point in that direction. Horse-back riding is her favorite sport.
Bitter Truth: She can pass the worst of cops!

Commercial courses are as absorbing to her as a blotter. A sample of T's in bookkeeping besides lots of other good grades are mute testimony to her ability. If she used Crisco on her hair, her head would make a good gridiron.
Bitter Truth: She can balance a book, but not on her finger.

Florence aspires to movie fame. She says she isn't afraid of alotta hard work--well maybe she isn't. Those baby blue eyes, and golden locks will look fine in black and white on the screen. According to reports she has some work to do this summer.
Bitter Truth: She couldn't abide a private school.

T-Club, Hi Glee,
"Smell the hair tonic--ain't it grand, and so penetrating." This is the remark heard just before our Bright boy makes an entrance. Floy has one of them there tenner voices--but he sings bass. And the contrast has obtained for him the presidency of the Boys' Glee Club.
Bitter Truth: He likes the Crerie brand best.

"Bernice, why do you sit here idling away the hour?" asked her teacher one day. "Because I don't have any more pictures to paste," answered she. Home crafts seem to be her Jonah, especially when it comes to finding pictures of sphinx, obelisks, and other erudite specimens of sculpture.
Bitter Truth: Daisies won't tell Bernice anything, she has to dig for it.

Maxine is ironically clever and has a line of conversation that is never exhausted. She likes school but oh, those lessons! Three hobbies belong to the young lady--1, wearing a different dress every day. 2, dodging superfluous admirers. 3, Betty Krebs.
Bitter Truth: Is Bobby Lewis the reason why she wants to pass to Watts' every morning.

John is a great sportsman. But alas, he is also "the most beautiful boy in Tulsa High!" His muscular frame, before which the mightiest foes on the gridiron quailed, has stood in blushing temerity before a "love-lorn" eye.
Bitter Truth: John knows how six boys can consume 250 eskimo pies.

Athletic Association, Debate.
Leslie is going to be a lawyer [not the contracted form if you please]. Perhaps future years will witness him expounding to awe-stricken audiences the intricate windings of barristry and jurisprudence. Leslie also has a side-line who is patiently waiting for the day when Leslie's senatorship shall come rolling in on the bounding tide of Oklahoma voters.

Though he is taking the general course in high school, we suppose he'll be a military demagogue despite his resolution to be a slick oil man. Watts would close their candy counter if we all were like Merritt. He plays basketball and his marks have been left on the diamond and gridiron.
Bitter Truth: He keeps that school girl complexion with Palmolive soap.

T. N. T.
That girls should prepare themselves for something useful as well as ornamental is her belief. For that end, she is testing her ability at the teacher's desk. She has a vivid imagination which causes her distress after a romantic play or movie has been fed her, for she always lives over the life of the heroine.
Bitter Truth: Love's Labour is lost with Opal so far as seniors are concerned. She likes sophomore boys.

Pauline's pet pastime is planning sarcastic answers for possible emergencies. If her schedule of classes is an indication of her tastes, she likes everything from Social Problems to Bookkeeping. She has decided opinions of her own and refuses to be dominated. Those who doubt it should experiment.
Bitter Truth: Pauline is looking forward to more than a graduation frock.

Marian is black-headed, tall and cute. Dancing is her dish and music her sideline. In fact she had rather tickle the ivory than do almost anything else except tease a "crush." But please don't get the wrong idea about Marian for it is a rare privilege indeed to be numbered among her friends.
Bitter Truth: Marian maintains a unique dimple by sleeping on her collar botton.

When tennis balls were first ironed out, John made a racquet and played the game in the cradle. "Bum" is as cool as a cucumber on the court. He likes girls but remains single and studies hard. "The words of the wise are as choice silver" and John imparts it's every consistency in his manner of speech.
Bitter Truth: He pots ducks on off-days, eats spaghetti on Monday, and strings beans on Tuesday.

In spite of his radio, "Bum" earned a berth as center on the all-class lightweight football team last fall. Although he is the possessor of a genuine spirit of helpfulness, it is not known whether it was this or a desire to mend his grades that prompted him to do all the outside mimeograph work for his psychology teacher.
Bitter Truth: His dream of Italy was only static.

Hazel isn't late to classes on swimming days anymore, for she has parted with her curly locks. When anyone calls to see Hazel, she is usually found in the kitchen cooking nice things to eat, or in the parlor coaxing music from her violin.
Bitter Truth: Her head must be heavier on one side than the other, it leans to the right.

"Show me," says Thompson, "I'm from Missouri," and so he is. He had a hard time getting accustomed to a big town, but now he can flirt with the best of them. He delves into the intricate mazes of chemistry with avidity, and enjoys memorizing the long speeches of great men in public speaking.
Bitter Truth: Someday he'll find out why his hair reflects the color of his native Clay.

Allen is working in the high school bank in preparation for a future career as a banker. He expects to attend college and will select either Tulsa or Oklahoma University for next year. Allen is one of our old-timers in Tulsa High.
Bitter Truth: He juggles our shekels.

Football and baseball makes Jim lord of all. "Society" is Jimmie's favorite food but between meals he manages to master the gridiron. He presides over the athletic Association and tells 'em what's what. He was "Beautiful Brooks'"contest manager.
Bitter Truth: Front Row seat at the Broadway.

T-Club, Athletic Association. "Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning" is Mildred's daily protest against the trials of this cruel world. Even Colorado and other foreign countries don't compare to Spring Creek with its square dancing and swimming in Mildred's estimation.
Bitter Truth: She's trying to find a husband.

Lorene has tried several high schools in the Sooner state and now that she is in Tulsa high she says she likes it best of all. Her past history is one of useful activity, for she has participated in school doings in each of the three schools she calls her alma maters. She knows the secret of making friends too.
Bitter Truth: If you wish to hear her talk, just mention Turley.

A petite and charming little lady with a name that suits her because she's different. Danafaye is a tiny harbinger of fashion and absolutely "correct" from head to toe. She's the reason "Why boys leave home"--every night about eight o'clock. She takes her daily dozen out in smiles.
Bitter Truth: "Mischief" is her middle name.

Girl Scouts, T-Walkers, Girls Athletic Assn.
Neither too studious nor too carefree. Scout Mabel strikes an ideal medium by concentrating on athletes. Nothing is serious enough to keep Mabel from being cheerful and no one can change her independent opinions.
Bitter Truth: She can't decide which of the girls' gym teachers is her ideal model.

Girl Reserves, National Honor Society.
Helen is demure and studious, but she likes to have something to giggle about. She is a hopeless idealist who searches the world for people without conceit and telephones that don't ring. High divers and tennis champions thrill Helen and push her on to greater efforts.
Bitter Truth: She balances chemical equations in her sleep.

Scissors poised, eyes alert, hands in place ready to cut a lovely garment--and you see Hattie. Her chief interest lies in the realm of costume design. But she knows how to design bandages for fingers and swollen elbows too, since she absorbed a course in home crafts.
Bitter Truth: She used to be Hattie Lolley; now do you know her better?

"Whew! I'm so warm." Cooking a delicious meal is a joke for Jessie. She loves to cook, and when it comes to making shirts and dresses, her knack with the needle is almost unsurpassable. She's neither large nor small, but just right and it brings success, it is told.
Bitter Truth: is she always so quiet?

Mary's heart is still back in Robinson, Illinois, but she likes us too. She has nothing on us, we like her too. She enjoys reading romances, detective mysteries, anything that smacks not of learning. Unlike most bookworms, though, she knows a football from an Indian club.
Bitter Truth: She has a whistle but she didn't get it at Kress'.

Tom Tom.
Don is largely responsible for the art work of this Tom Tom. Without his enormous amount of work Don gave to the book this year, it could not have been a success. He is known as a mighty dependable fellow and a talented artist.
Bitter Truth: He, his Ford, and Ben are inseparables through thick and thin.

Picture Harold's curly black hair, combined with wonderful dancing ability, a build like a Packard Straight-Eight, and you have the true "drug store cowboy" of the school. Harold managed to sing his way to fame.
Bitter Truth: His picture is on his shelf.

Senior Vice-President, Dramatics. When Jimmy says "Home James," he is transported forthwith to "T. H. S." and from force of habit he goes to B17. Jimmy can play lead in character roles with equal ability, an accomplishment few can boast. Jimmy backs the school in all its undertakings, but he never loses his dignity doing it.
Bitter Truth: He is superbly handsome in make up.

Girl Reserves.
Enter the Scotch lassie. She's distantly related to the Campbell kids--she eats their soup. She also has an enormous appetite for art, for two weary years, she has manipulated the palette and brush, but has not yet changed her jovial nature for the flighty temperament associated with artists.
Bitter Truth: She's somebody's Annie Laurie.

National Honor Society, Girl Reserves.
Dorothy reminds us of a girl in a shampoo ad because of her curly auburn hair. She makes "A's" in school work and would make "A" in picture show attendance and novel reading if only grades were given. Tennis and swimming are Dorothy's favorite recreations.
Bitter Truth: She goes to bed at 9 P. M. but when she goes to sleep nobody knows.

Enter the collar ad! Maurice is a rival of Al Jolson and a social success in the circles of the most high. His "good looks" has made him the height of many a flapper's ambition. As a junior member of the Carter Brothers firm, he's a "howling success."
Bitter Truth: He has that grin that won't wash off.

Glee Club, Senate, Writers' Club.
One of the outstanding pins in "pinfore" was Bob, the glee-clubber. He's a regular fellow, studies, wrecks hamburgers, and courts the ladies [excuse the editor, the latter should have been singular.] He is a good backer of the braves when they scalp the visiting teams.
Bitter Truth: Minetta, she getta.

As a worshiper of aestheticism, Ruth has the ideals of the ancient Greeks. She has worked out a remarkable philosophy of life and lives in accordance with it. Music, school work, and deep thinking leave her little time for frivolity, and that, she says, is as it should be.
Bitter Truth: She's from Jenks.

T. N. T.
Bernice is firmly convinced that small stature is no excuse for being undignified. Acting on this conviction, she avoids being taken for a first-yearman. She spends her time after school attending movie thrillers and preparing high-powered oral themes.
Bitter Truth: She doesn't love History VI for itself alone.

Call Bob "Chapman," and watch him rave. Bob is a good example of the fact that the size of the body and brain has nothing to do with the intellect. He absorbs large extracts from such exciting books as Bassett, Cheney, Muzzey, etc. Bob is a very useful fellow, he has procured the respect of Miss Bowman in history matters.
Bitter Truth: His ambition is to be a Prof. in History.

Pres. Hi-Y, National Honor Society.
It is seldom that we write about a chick, especially such a chick as this one. Selden is a scholar and a leader. In most cases it might prove fatal to other students. Selden has concentrated most of his efforts on making Hi-Y a success, and as president of that organization he is realizing that his efforts are not in vain.
Bitter Truth: While Jay's away Selden does play!

T-Club, Orchestra.
Jack is a professional musician who pulls rhythm out of his fiddle like a baker pulls dough from a giant mixer. His specialty is jazz but he has been known to tune in fittingly as the sinking moon smiled at the old, old story.
Bitter Truth: His "friend in Chicago?"

In the first place she is an honest Miss. [She is T-Club treasurer] and she is thrifty for she makes her own hats in sewing class. She is attractive, note the predominance of masculine attire about her locker. She is a true and constant friend, prove it yourself.
Bitter Truth: All her men go to Cow Colleges.

"Pert and pretty" is her royal majesty. Yes, and she is the local synonym for style, whether dainty and alluring in a filmy evening dress or a "Tomboy Tommy" in tweeds. She dances, drives a car like the speed Spook, never misses a steak-fry and likes the boys with balloon trousers.
Bitter Truth: She gets spanked when she's naughty as all little princesses should.

Aquatic Club.
"There was once a little girl and she had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead," and it is plastered down as tight as it can be. Eunice likes swimming and horse-back riding. No better critic of the latest bill at the Orpheum can be found.
Bitter Truth: She uses axle grease to keep her curl in place.

Aquatic Club, Girls' Athletic Association.
Hila is quite athletic. She plays everything except football, and would like to do that. Making faces, telling the latest jokes, and making people laugh are her favorite diversions. She also drives a balky Ford, and attends numerous parties.
Bitter Truth: When she starts chattering she rivals a squirrel.

Bang! Bang! The startled, flapping, quacking ducks rose again--leaving three to fall with a splash into the reeds of the lake. "Cromwell Clark" carefully stretched his cramped, chilled limbs and waded, shivering out into the icy water of gray morning. An outdoor, purposeful, hard-working, likable fellow--that's Leland Clark.
Bitter Truth: Famed as a mighty Nimrod.

Girl Reserves.
Cynical readers of masculine gender, take notice. Here is the girl who doesn't know how to make "Catty" remarks, and as for courage--she took Chemistry III. The exact reason why her friends call her "an angel child" is not known, but we think there is "more truth than poetry" in the statement.
Bitter Truth: Boys tremble before the sweep of her analytical gaze.

Once listen to the rippling sound of Florence's giggle and you can never forget it--nor the girl. She has taken a commercial course during her high school career, as her ambition lies in this field. She wants to be the manager of an office force some day.
Bitter Truth: She'll probably be the boss of the boss of the office force.

This young lady is happy as long as there is "pep" in the crowd. Therefore she continually inspires enthusiasm whether at a dance or at a football game. She doesn't believe in working too hard for there is danger of acquiring the habit--anyway Anna manages to get through and make good, and that's what counts.
Bitter Truth: She has a weakness for cokes published by "Watts."

Carol is one of the eternal triangle, and is always looking for her better half. You think she is modest and sweet? Yes, she's that and a lot more. Carol is full o' pep like the peppermint kind.
Bitter Truth: She likes 'em with glasses on.

This young buck is long-legged and loquacious. It is easy to understand why he is such an able debater--he has been practicing all his life. With this accomplishment, plus his love of absorbing pages of history, Vernon should leave Harvard four years hence well prepared for a fist-thumping career as a lawyer.
Bitter Truth: He knows only one way to use his eyes.

There are so many chances to praise this attractive miss, that we hardly know where to start, but there is no doubt that she is a little "kitten on the keys." There are some who faintly recall the time she studied in homeroom, so you see she does indulge in that pastime once in a while.
Bitter Truth: She throws a line that would put Cleopatra in the shade.

T-Club, Boy Scouts, Tom Tom Staff, Wrestling.
If you crave big brawny, tanned he-men, Glynn is the only real one we know. Although his mind runs more to "what's on at the Orpheum," he has gotten through school in shipshape form.
Bitter Truth: We didn't know cave men danced.

T-Club, Hi-Y, Senate, National Honor Society, Tom Tom.
Ray won't tell what the "F" in his middle name stands for, but we are sure it must have something to do with history. He's that long, lanky, sleepy looking fellow you see wandering about B corridor. When a great naturalist first saw Ray's face he muttered something about Darwin.
Bitter Truth: He is afraid to ask a girl for a date.

Hi-Y, Interclass Athletics.
A flash! A woman screams! Silence. Now don't be alarmed, it was only Sig dashing down the basketball court. Sig won numerals in football and basketball this year. He was captain of the Senior heavies interclass champions. Sig's hobby seems to be hanging about in the halls except when urgently requested to attend class.
Bitter Truth: He's quite bashful among women.

If "silence is golden" our "hero" is a rich man. However Raymond believes in doing, not saying. He played well on the senior lightweight football team in proof of his belief that athletics makes a man. Although not artistically inclined he may usually be seen in the company of a famous T. H. S. cartoonist [possibly in hopes of being used for a model.]
Bitter Truth: He secretly admires Bill Kelly and the fair sex.

She is now driving her sixth or seventh Buick and she with her vast experience has caused many a cop to give up the chase and admit defeat. She is a big-hearted little girl and enjoys doing things for people. Thelma entered from Cushing high school.
Bitter Truth: Queen of Detention on Monday.

Orchestra, T-Club, Athletic Association.
A breezy individual who likes to talk, Eileen is a follower of out-door sports, and always jumps at a chance to ride a fast horse a mile or two, or swim across a lake. It wouldn't pay to get funny with Eileen--she has a strong right arm as a result of sawing the fiddle in the orchestra, and serving mean balls on the tennis court.
Bitter Truth: She's a Cromwell, but not a Round head.

"Cockle doodle do" and we hear Raymond Crowe. He likes dramatics and his droll humor has brought down the house in front of the footlights whenever he is allowed to shine there. The stage has always called him for even as a freshman he shuffled the scenery around as a stagecraft boy.
Bitter Truth: What would happen if Ray were a parrot instead of a raven.

Band, Indian Club.
"Aw guy listen to this mournful note--" a deep silence reigns and then a low howl pours forth from al's trombone. He is a wizard on the sob maker. His greatest success was made at the football game when his horn caught more peanuts than the rest of the band instruments combined.
Bitter Truth: His hair would be red 'twere not for bandoline.

Honor Society, Glee Club, T-Club, Booster Club, Football, Basketball, Secretary Senior Class.
Out of the deep, deep voices in the glee club come the music like that of the rocking billows. Floyd's music box is at the bottom of these. He made an excellent record in Tulsa high school as an athlete, student and friend. "Bo" has recently won a scholarship to the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Bitter Truth: He's in love.

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