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Researched and written by John Phillips Buczek

Mayra Phillips Scarborough

Mayra and her husband Henry, were driving around the area of Ashfield looking for something suitable for Thomasís grave.  They found themselves in the Town of Watson and as they were driving along they came to an old school house and as they past upon it, Myra spotted a spectacular white boulder peeking out from under some shrubs.  They immediately stopped and investigated the site; pushing aside the brush she was able to observe this magnificent stone and immediately decided that this was exactly what she was looking for.  A marker fitting to grace the grave site of the long past death of Thomas Phillips.  Upon further investigation they discovered that the property belonged to a Phillips family.  They went to the home and explained what her mission was and without further adieu, the two families agreed that this was the stone and it was to be placed at his grave site.

The task was at hand to remove the stone to the site and to get the proper authorization to have it placed.  After several weeks of discussions with the local authorities in Ashfield, it was determined that this must be done.  Myra with the help of Mr. Ralph Townsley, a member of the Ashfield Cemetery Commission, made the necessary arrangements.  This beautiful gleaming white boulder was installed at Thomasís grave in the south east part of the Beldingville Cemetery the furthermost corner in the grave yard just behind Richard Ellisís and Jane Phillips, Thomasís sister, rather large and boisterous grave stone.  It should be noted that this Ellis stone was erected in 1887, one hundred years after his death.  It is not known by the writer if this replaced an original marker or was the first one to be placed there. Myra continued to vindicate the absences of a memorial to Thomas, she eventually provided sufficient evidence to have his grave marked so that everyone would know that he also was a ďRevolutionary War HeroĒ

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All of the descendants of Thomas Phillips owe a debt of gratitude to Myra for her unselfish and continued effort to honor the life and death of our ancestor.

This stone was dedicated in 1995...........................

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