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An email from cousin Judy Kellar Fox

Cousin Judy provides us with some good info and advice.

From: "Judy Kellar Fox" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 11:31 AM
Subject: [MAFRANKL] Franklin Co. deeds and probate

Deeds and probate records are fabulous sources of information on our ancestors.  I've just spent a couple years looking at both for Heath and Ashfield.  In response to a question from a Thayer descendant, I wrote up the following information for accessing deeds and probate files.  It relies on the microfilmed indexes from the Family History Library (here represented with the film numbers for Thayer) as the first step in finding the records.  From there, the deeds and probate files can be read on microfilm or ordered directly from County offices.

Judy Fox
Aloha, OR


[from the Family History Library Catalog:]
Franklin County (MA).  Register of Deeds.  Deeds, 1787-1947.
Grantor index, v. S-T 1787-1889     no. 0893542
Grantee index, v. T-Z 1787-1889     no. 0893550

Once you find your name(s) in the indexes, then you would order the specific deed volume and read the deed.  I recommend copying (or photocopying) all the Thayers in the indexes.  I found that as I went along, I sometimes had to re-order indexes because someone who hadn't seemed important earlier in fact was.

You can either order the microfilm that has the deed (they cover about two years' worth of deeds each--see the Family History Library Catalog), or order a photocopy of the deed from the Franklin County Register of Deeds.

After spending hundreds of dollars ordering over 60 microfilmed deeds, I finally learned that the clerks at the Register of Deeds are extremely helpful and efficient in making and sending out copies.  The copies cost $0.75 per page (usually 1-3 pages), which is cheaper than $3.50 for a microfilm that has only one deed on it, and they come in about a week's time.  The copies are sent out with a bill for the service.

The phone number is 413-772-0239.  Or write to Franklin County Division of Deeds, P. O. Box 1495, Greenfield, MA 01302.  Or fax them an order at 413-774-7150.

They will want to know the Book and Page numbers and the Grantee (all available from the grantor and grantee indexes, which you have to get on microfilm, or read on site in Greenfield, I suppose).

Now then, the probate records work in about the same way:


Massachusetts.  Probate Court (Franklin County).
Probate Index v. K-Z 1812-1925  no. 0854380

The probate index lists individuals and gives volume/page numbers after various entries (petition for administration, for guardian of minor, bonds, petition for sale of real estate, etc.).  I think these refer to other volumes where deeds and such may be found.  The important number is a stamped (non handwritten) number to the left of the name.  This is the probate file number, and it's the probate file that you will order once you find your name.

By the way, even if the person you are looking for is not in the index, he may be mentioned in the probate record of his father or a sibling.  Probate records can contain wills and property inventories, which usually contain some names.

So, after you find the file number from the index, you can order the microfilm that contains that file (I don't have the numbers, but check the FHL Catalog under the entry above).  Or you can call the Register of Probate, Franklin Division, at 413-774-7011 (M-F 8:30-4pm).  Their copies are only $0.50 per page!  It seems to me that they had to look up the file number, determine how many pages there were, give me a price, and then required prepayment.  Still, the packet came in about a week after they received my check.  I paid about $40 for five probate files, and they were a goldmine!  Three of them had inventories of the deceased's property, which for me was fabulous, as I was writing about the families in the context of their place and time.  One had a list of notes owed the deceased (including some from his children and grandson); another had a full will listing children.  Those were great.  I have to mention, too, that a couple of my Heath guys did not appear in the probate indexes.  I believe that they simply disposed of their little property before their death, probably divided it up among heirs and creditors.

I'm very excited about the finds in the deeds and the probate papers, so I hope you will have good luck with them, too.

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Ashfield Historical Society collects, preserves, and presents material related to the history of Ashfield, a town in the hills of Western Massachusetts. Although the town is small, it has a rich history because it was at the crossroads of unique developments and because its citizens have always made a special effort to preserve its history.


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