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The Myth of the second marriage of Deacon Nicholas Phillips to Hannah Salter

The Expedition to Quebec

Isaac Phillips "Slave Trader?"  - Husband of Rachel Hayden Son of Deacon Ebenezer Phillips and Susannah Manley

Simeon Phillips - Son of Philip Phillips and Mercy Phillips ~ Church Commitee

Elijah Phillips - Husband of  Cynthia Goodwin Son of Philip Phillips and Mercy Philips

David Phillips -  Husband of Anna Goodwin Son of Philip Phillips and Mercy Phillips

David Phillips Bible - Husband of Esther Gould Son of William Phillips and Mehitable Gould

John Phillips -  Husband of Harriette Bosworth and Eva Haddock Son of David Phillips and Anna (Goodwin) Scott

Franklin Phillips - Husband of Fannie Shurtliff Son of William Phillips and Mehitable Gould

Sylvester Bunyan Phillips - Husband of Marcia Louis Sumner Son of Richard Phillips and Eliza Perry

"The Singing Pilgrim" Philip Phillips - Husband of Olive Clark Son of Sawyer Phillips and Betsy Jane Parker

Abiather Phillips Sr.-  Husband of Hannah Ranney Son of Philip Phillips and Mercy Phillips
     Abiather Phillips Jr. - Husband of Amanda P. Ellis Son of Abiathar Phillips Sr. and Hannah Ranney

Augustine Phillips - Husband of Maria Nutting Son of  Elijah S. Phillips and Fanny Rude

Allen Burr Phillips - Husband of  Almira T. Taylor Son of Liscom Phillips and Fideliah Baldwin

Lothrop Phillips - Husband of Charlotte Bean Son of William Phillips and Mehitable Gould

Burton Phillips - Husband of Narcissus Brake Son of Horace A. Phillips and Susan Cutright

Elijah Phillips and Fanny Rude descendants

Orson Decator Phillips - Husband of Elizabeth Atkinson Son of Oliver Perry PHILLIPS and Elizabeth "Betsy" DUTTON

Harry Atkinson Phillips - Husband of Anna Reading Son of Orson Decatur PHILLIPS and Elizabeth ATKINSON

Edmonson Phillips - Husband of Rebbecca J. Kilingsworth Son of Lafayette Phillips and Elizabeth Cogar

John Goddard Phillips - Husband of Mary Williams Nightingale Son of Rev. Lebbeus Rude Phillips and Susanna Goddard

Frederick S. Phillips - Husband of Laura A. Taylor Son of Abiram Phillips and Lucretia Jepson

Philip Phillips - Husband of Nora Darnall Son of Coumbus Phillips and Elizabeth Thomas

Robert C. Phillips - Husband of Betty Hacker Son of Philip Phillips and Nora Darnall

Eugene Millard Phillips

World War II Veterans

Below is some geneaolgy information on the PHILLIPS surname.  Some have not been linked to this family.  I include just in case or for other Phillips researchers who may have information relating to these Phillips.


Source: History of Weymouth by Chamberlain
Transcribed by John Phillips Buczek

1. DEACON NICHOLAS PHILLIPS first appears in New England as an inhabitant of Dedham with Henry Phillips, Martin Phillips, Abraham Shaw and over 120 others. He was an inhabitant of Contentment (Dedham) before 15 Aug.  1636 (Dedham Town Records, 1: 20), and on that day had twelve acres granted to him there. He laid "downe a p'cell of ground for a buriall place" at Dedham, 6 Apr. 1638. He was chosen "to mowe," gather up and bring home thatch for ye Meeting house," 28 Aug. 1638. He purchased a lot of Philemon Dalton and sold the same to Henry Phillips before 1 Mar. 1641. (Dedham Town Records, 1: 84.) He is last mentioned on the Town Records of Dedham, under date 23 Feb. 1650 (page 178). He was made a freeman of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, 13 May, 1640. (Register 3: 187.)

"Deacon Phillips " received thirteen acres in the First Division and thirty-nine acres in the Second Division in Weymouth, 14 Dec. 1663. (Weymouth Land Grants, 282, 283.) His lands were adjoining the lands of Martin Phillips (Ibid. 272). He was one of the appraisers of the estate of William Brandon of Weymouth, 23 Nov, 1646 (Register, 7: 35), and of Dorothy King's estate, 18 Oct. 1652. He was called Deacon Phillips, 8 Feb. 1660.

He must be distinguished from Nicholas Phillips of Boston, who died 15 Mar. 1669-70. Dea. Nicholas Phillips of Weymouth was born near 1611, and died at Weymouth between 2 June, 1671, and 7 Sept. 1672.

Nicholas Phillips of Weymouth, "age Sixty Yeares or thereabouts having a very weake body," made his will 2 June, 1671 ; proved 3 Oct. 1672. To eldest son Richard Phillips the marsh which is now in his possession. To his three sons Richard, Joshua and Benjamin Phillips his wearing apparell. To second son Joshua Phillips £6. To third son Benjamin Phillips £6. To eldest daughter Alice Shaw £10. To my six younger children, viz., Joshua Phillips, Benjamin Phillips, Alice Shaw, Experience King, Hannah White, and Abigail Phillips, the rest of his estate to be equally divided. Overseers: sons Richard, Joshua and Benjamin Phillips. Son Richard Phillips, executor. "My loving brother Henry Phillips and my loving friends Thomas Dyer and Jonas Humphrey mentioned. Witnesses: Elizabeth Shaw and Thomas Dyer, Jr. (Suffolk Probate Records 7: 248.) Inventory taken 7 Sept. 1672, by William Torrey Thomas Dyer and Jonas Humphrey. Among the items mentioned were "bookes in leather and 7 pamphlets," £2 02s., total £257 lls. 6d., presented by Richard Phillips as the estate of his late father Nicholas Phillips, 3 Oct. 1672. (16id.250.)


    Richard, "eldest son," 2 June, 1671.
   Alice, eldest daughter, m. John Shaw of Weymouth.
    Experience, b. 8 May, 1641; m. 17 Sept. 1658, Samuel King of Weymouth.
    Caleb, b. 22 Jan. 1643-44; probably d. before 2 June, 1671.
    Joshua, "second son," 2 June, 1671.
    Benjamin, "third son," 2 June, 1671.
    Hannah, m. Ebenezer White of Weymouth before 2 June, 1671.
    Abigail, unat. 2 June, 1671; probably m. near 1684, John Blanchard of Weymouth.

2. ENSIGN RICHARD PHILLIPS (Dea. Nicholas) was born before 1641 and died at Weymouth, between 27 Oct. and 22 Nov. 1695. He married (1) Mary Packard, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Packard of Weymouth and Bridgewater. He married (2) Elizabeth (Edson) Kingman, widow of John Kingman of Weymouth, and daughter of Dea. Samuel and Susannah (Orcutt) Edson of Bridgewater. She survived her second husband. He was made a freeman of Massachusetts Bay Colony, 8 May, 1678.

Richard Phillips of Weymouth, "being sick and weak of body" made his will 27 Oct. 1695, and it was proved 19 Dec. 1695. To his wife Elizabeth, according to a contract made before marriage, £ 10 and pewter marked R. & P. To his grandson Caleb Phillips a ewe. To his wife's daughter Susannah Kingman another ewe. To his eldest son Caleb Phillips, if he be living, or if not, to his widow Elizabeth Phillips, now dwelling in Roxbury, a double portion. To his three sons and two daughters, viz. Nicholas Phillips, Samuel Phillips, John Phillips, his daughter Mary Humphrey, and his daughter-inlaw Amy Phillips the remainder. "The and irons which my Father Packer gave me I give to my son John Phillips." Sons Nicholas, Samuel and John to have his wearing apparel. Sons Nicholas and Samuel to have £3 each and be executors. Witnesses: John Bicknell, Nathaniel Ford and William Chard. Inventory of the estate of Ensign Richard Phillips taken by Joseph Green, James Richards and Nathaniel Ford, 22 Nov. 1695; mentions fowling piece, musket and sword; total, £242 11s. (Suffolk Probate, 13:705, 706.)

Children by wife Mary, born at Weymouth:

   Son (not named), b. 7 Dec. 1657, may be Caleb.
   Caleb, "eldest son," 27 Oct. 1695; lived in Roxbury.
   Mary, b. 21 May, 1660; died soon.
   Mary, b. 24 May, 1661 ; m. (1) near 1678, Jonas Humphrey of Weymouth, and m (2)     Peter Newcomb of Braintree.
   Joshua, b. 1 Mar. 1661-62.
    Nicholas, b. 30 Mar. 1664.
    Elizabeth, b. 27 Nov. 1665; d. before 27 Oct. 1695.
    Richard, b. 20 Oct. 1667.
    Samuel, b. 7 May, 1670.
    John, birth not on record.,

3. JOSHUA PHILLIPS (Dea. Nicholas) was called "second son" 2 June, 1671; died at Weymouth, between 10 Apr. and 2 May, 1679. He served in King Phillips War under Capt. William Turner on the Connecticut River. He made his will 10 Apr. 1679, calling himself "32 years of age, or thereabouts."

To Joseph Pool, to him, his family, and house, and his charge about me in my sickness, £3. To his sister Experience King yarn that I have at my brother Ebenezer White's." To sister Hannah White "apparell, armes and arnunition." Residue to be equally divided amongst my brothers and sisters and cousin Elizabeth Poole. My brother Richard Phillips and Dea. Jonas Humphrey, executors. Witnesses: Joseph Dyer and Ephraim Hunt; probated 2 May, 1679. (Suffolk Probate, 6: 281.)

4. BENJAMIN PHILLIPS (Dea. Nicholas) was called "third son" 2 June, 1671. Benjamin Phillips, "son of Dea. Phillips of Weymouth," was admitted to the First hurch of Charlestown, 3 Apr. 1680. He was a ship-carpenter and died at Charlestown, 13 Feb. 1687, "in middle age." He married, near 1679, Anne, who married (2) 3 Feb. 1696, Benjamin Lawrence of Charlestown.

Children, born at Charlestown:

   Benjamin, b. 2 Oct. 1680; bp. 17 Apr. 1681.
   Hannah, b. 24 Sept. 1682; bp. 1 Oct. 1682; m. William Patten.
   Joshua, b. 14 Apr., 19 Apr. 1685.
   Abiel . 18 Aug. 1 ; bp. 19 Aug. 1688, as "daughter of Anna widow of Benjamin Phillips."

5. JOSHUA PHILLIPS (Ensign Richard, Dea. Nicholas) was born at Weymouth, 1 Mar. 1661-62; married, near 1686, Amy who survived her husband and was living 27 Oct. 1695. Amy Phillips, widow, and Thomas Drake of Weymouth, sawyer, granted administration on the estate of Joshua Phillips of Weymouth deceased, near 1690. (Suffolk Probate, New Series, 4: 98.). Inventory taken by John Holbrook and James Nash, 23 Jan. 1690, and presented by Aymee Phillips as estate of her late husband, 27 Jan. 1690. (Ibid. Old Series, 8: 181.)

Children, born at Weymouth:

   Amy, b. 10 Oct. 1687.
   Joshua, b. 19 Apr. 1689.

6. NICHOLAS PHILLIPS (Ensign Richard, Dea. Nicholas) was born at Weymouth, 13 Mar. 1664; died at Weymouth, 11 Mar. 1750-51, aged 87 years, He married, near 1688, Mary - who was born in May, 1667 she died at Weymouth, 11 Feb. 1748-49,aged 82 years 9 months buried in old North Cemetery, North Weymouth. (Reg. 23:423.) Nicholas Phillips of Weymouth, husbandman, "being weak," made his will 14 Apr. 1749 it was proved 26 Mar. 1751. To his daughter Mary Badlam £80, £50 of which his son-in-law Samuel Badlam has in his hands. To his daughter Mary Badlam his silver tankard. To his grandsons Samuel and William Badlam one-half of cedar swamp in Braintree. To his grandchildren (children of his daughter Mercy, deceased, viz., John Kingman, Elisha Kingman, Daniel Kingman, Mary Blanchard, Hannah Kingman, Mercy Kingman and Lydia Kingman, each £10. To my grandchildren (children of my daughter Hannah, deceased), viz, Hannah Tirrell Mary Tirrell and Bathsheba Bisby, to each £10. To his maid Elizabeth Penny one cow and the keeping while she live unmarried, and use of house. To his grandsons Nicholas Phillips and William Phillips his homestead, buildings, stock, etc., at 21 years. James Pettee of Weymouth, executor. Witnesses: Joshua Torrey, Jr., James Humphrey, Nathaniel Humphrey. (Suffolk Probate, 45: 4.) Inventory, £333 15s. 11d.

Children, born at Weymouth:

   Mary, b. 29 Nov. 1690; m. int. 22 Sept. 1716, Samuel Badlam of Weymouth.
   Mercy, b. 24 Aug. 1692; m. 6 Apr. 1720, John Kingman of Weymouth.
   Nicholas b. 23 May, 1697.
   Hannah (twin), b. 23 May, 1697; m. 10 Oct. 1720, John Whitmarsh of Weymouth.

7. JOHN PHILLIPS (Ensign Richard) was called a son by Ensign Richard Phillips, 27 Oct. 1695. He married, near 1690, Elizabethe

Children, born at Weymouth:

   John b. 18 Feb. 1692.
    Richard, b. 25 Nov. 1693.

8. NICHOLAS PHILLIPS (Nicholas, Ensign Richard, Dea,. Nicholas) was born at Weymouth 23 May 1697; died there 21 Aug. 1744, aged 47 years 9 months. He married at Weymouth, 12 Feb. 1727-28, Judith Savil, daughter of William and Experience (Quincy) Savil of Braintree. She was born at Braintree, 10 Oct. 1694. (William Savill and Mrs. Experience Quincy were married at Braintree, 24 Nov. 1693.) She died at Weymouth, 11 July, 1766, in her 72d year. "Judah" Phillips of Weymouth, widow, was appointed administratrix of the estate of her husband Nicholas Phillips, Jr., late of Weymouth, 27 Nov. 1744. Inventory taken 12 Nov. 1744, by James Pettee, Joshua Torrey and James Humphrey; total, £2,145 9s. 10d. (Suffolk Probate, 37: 329, 330.)

Account of Judith Phillips presented to Probate Court, 20 Mar. 1745. (Suffolk Probate, 38: 462.)

Children, born at Weymouth:

     Nicholas, b. 20 Oct. 1733.
     Experience, b. 26 Mar. 1736; d. 9 Nov. 1736.
     William, b. 12 June, 1737.

9. LIEUT. NICHOLAS PHILLIPS (Nicholas, Ensign Richard, Dea,. Nicholas) was born at Weymouth, 20 Oct. 1733; died there 4 Mar. 1797, aged 64 years. He entered his intention at Weymouth, 23 Mar. 1754, with Rhoda Bates, daughter of John and Thankful (Randall) Bates, born at Weymouth, 2 July, 1733; she died there 15 May, 1790, aged 58 years.
Heirs on 4 Apr. 1797, were John Phillips, eldest son, William Phillips, Jr., Judah Larrabee, wife of Asa, a daughter, all of Weymouth, and Experience Burrell, who lives in Plymouth County., He left no widow. (Norfolk Probate, 14450.)

Division to heirs of Nicholas Phillips, Jr., to John Phillips, to Judith Larrabee, to William Phillips, Jr., to Experience Burrell, wife of John Burrell, daughter of deceased. (Ibid. 14450.)

Children, born at Weymouth:

   Nicholas, b. 12 Apr. 1755.
   John, b. 1756.
   Judith, b. 15 Feb. 1767; m. 5 Apr. 1795, Asa Larrabee of Weymouth.

   Experience, bp. 22 Jan. 1758; m. John Burrell of Plymouth County.

               William, b. near 1770.

10. WILLIAM PHILLIPS (Nicholas, Ensign Richard, Dea,. Nicholas) was born at Weymouth, 12 June, 1737; died there 20 Oct. 1822, aged 85 years. No wife or children are mentioned on the town records of Weymouth. The Norfolk County records do not show his heirs.

11. LIEUT, NICHOLAS PHILLIPS, Jr. (Lieut. Nicholas Nicholas, Ensign Richard, Dea,. Nicholas) was born at Weymouth, 12 Apr. 1755; married there 26 July, 1781, widow Mary (Warden) Greenleaf of Hull, probably widow of John Greenleaf of Hull and Boston.
Mary Phillips, widow, with Elnathan Bates, gentleman, both of Weymouth, and Benjamin Greenleaf of Dorchester, painter, guardian to Nicholas Phillips and Zeruiah Phillips, over 14, children of Nicholas Phillips late of Weymouth 8 Aug. 1797 (Norfolk Probate 14451)

Children, probably born at Weymouth:

   Nicholas, b. -.
   Zeruiah, b. -.

12. WILLIAM PHILLIPS, Jr., (Lieut. Nicholas, Nicholas, Ensign Richard, Dea,. Nicholas), was born near 1770; died at Weymouth 27 June, 1801, aged 31 years. He married at Weymouth, 19 Nov. 1795, Hannah Gardner. She may be the daughter of Joshua and Mary Gardner, born at Hingham, 2 Mar. 1773. She married (2) at Weymouth, 1 Jan. 1805, Ephraim Pratt of Weymouth.

Hannah Phillips, Sophia Phillips and William Phillips, under 14, children of William Phillips, Jr., were committed to guardianship of Urban Bates, 10 Aug. 1802. Hannah made choice of John Bates of Quincy for her guardian 5 May, 1810. (Norfolk Probate 14439.) Administration granted to Hannah Phillips, widow, 10 Nov. 1801. Urban Bates, housewright, and James Humphrey, 2d, both of Weymouth, sureties. (Norfolk Probate, 14455.)

Children, born at Weymouth, baptized at North Church:

Hannah, bp. 22 July, 1804.
William, bp. 22 July, 1804.
Sophia, bp. 22 July, 1804.


1. ISAAC PHILLIPS, a native of Kingston, was born near 1775; died at Quincy, 23 Mar. 1864, aged 88 years 6 months. He married at Scituate, 12 Mar. 1804, Rhoda Litchfield of Scituate. She died 24 Dec. 1854, aged 73 years; both buried in the Village Cemetery at the Landing.

Children, born at Weymouth:

   Lucy, b. 14 Aug. 1804; m. 9 Mar. 1824, Freeman Whitmarsh of Weymouth.
   Sally B., b. 29 Sept. 1805; m. - Pope; d. 14 June, 1899.
   Isaac, b. 22 Aug. 1807.
   Joshua, b. 20 Mar. 1812.
   Elizabeth, b. 15 June, 1814; m. 14 Dec. 1831, John P. Peterson of Weymouth.
   Rhoda Ann, b. 11 Aug. 1816; m. 10 Sept. 1837, Zachariah Damon, Jr., of Hanover.
   Lemuel, b. 22 Mar. 1819.
   John, b. 22 Feb. 1822.
   Harriet N., b. 2 Dec. 1824; m. 28 July, 1844, Mark M. Blanchard of Braintree.

1. ISAAC PHILLIPS, Jr. (Isaac), was born at Weymouth 22 Aug. 1807; died in 1888. He married at Weymouth 8 Nov. 1829, Lorana Judkins, probably a sister to his brother Lemuel's wife. She was born in 1808; died in 1899; buried in the Village Cemetery.

Children, born at Weymouth:

   Betsey, b. 26 May, 1831. r -,son, b. 29 Dec. 1832.

3. JOSHUA PHILLIPS (Isaac) was born at Weymouth 20 Mar. 1812; died 30 May, 1895. He married at Weymouth, 12 Mar. 1834, Adeline Whittier, who was born 12 Aug. 1815, and died 28 July, 1888.

Children, born at Weymouth:

Martha Anna, b. 1845; d. 1846.
Frank Herbert, b. 1857; d. 1859.

4. LEMUEL PHILLIPS (Isaac) was born at Weymouth, 22 Mar. 1819. He entered his intention at Weymouth, 27 Sept. 1839, with Betsey Judkins of Boston. She was born near 1820. He married l2) Caroline Robinson, who died 26 Apr. 1881 aged 64 years 10 months 5 days. She was probably the former wife of Azel Robinson of Weymouth.

Children, born at Weymouth:

   George Lemuel, b. 31 Mar. 1841.
   Susan Maria, b. 11 June, 1842.
   Alice, b. near 1847.

5. JOHN PHILLIPS (Isaac) was born at Weymouth 22 Feb. 1822; married Mary E. -,who was born in 1830 and died in 1889. No children recorded before 1850.


MARGARET PHILLIPS, died at Weymouth 13 Apr. 1897, leaving sons Charles H. Phillips and Frank Phillips of South Weymouth, Ida M. Williams, wife of Charles A. Williams of North Abington, Lizzie F. Poole, wife of Russell F. Poole of East Weymouth, and Margaret Horning, wife of William Horning of Gloversville, N.J., daughters, 4 May, 1897.(Norfolk Probate, 32623.)



Page 668
Transcribed by John Phillips Buczek


PHILLIPS, Ebenezer, adopted son of Thamezin Nurse, who married Ebenezer Hemenway; died 1767. He married Abigail Pratt, who converted May 10, 1767.

Child -

Ebenezer, born Aug. 12, 1766.

PHILLIPS, John. Taxed in Framingham 1753.

PHILLIPS, Sydney, born Newfane, Vt.; son of Nathan and Hannah of Easton, Mass., and Newfane; bought, 1857, the Higgins place, near Parks' Corner; sold and built on Union Ave.; deacon; died Nov. 17, 1878, age 65. He married Abby Atwood, born Easton, Mass.

Children -

Sidney A., born Boston, Mar. 14, 1847, graduated D. C., 1869; was a lawyer in South Framingham; married Mary C. Wallingford of Dover, N. H..

Mary Stoddard, born Boston, June 1, 1852, was a teacher.



Page 358
Transcribed by John Phillips Buczek

PHILIPS, EBENEZER, m. Abigail Pratt, and had Ebenezer, born Aug. 12, 1766. Widow Abigail converted May 10, 1767.

PHILIPS, MARY, of Southboro, was married to Nathaniel Nickols, of Framingham, Sep. 12, 1745.

PHILIPS HENRY, Esq., was moderator of a Town Meeting, in Framingham. June 12, 1728.

This family is found on the Southboro Records.



The Phillips Family - pages 627-628.
Transcribed by John Phillips Buczek

ABIEL PHILLIPS came from Easton to North Bridgewater; married  Anna, daughter of Job Bryant, 1787.


    Polly, married Joseph Blanchard, of Roxbury.
    Laura, married Darius Westgate, of Plymouth.
    Louisa, m. 1st, Austin Glover, of Milton; 2d, Nathaniel Phillips.
    Cyrus, married Elizabeth Bassett, of Plymouth.
    Rhoda, died single.
    Calvin, died single.
    Caleb, married, 1st, Roxana Ford; 2d, Mehitable Gardner.

CALEB (son of Abiel 1) married Roxana, daughter of Asa Ford.


    Charles Healy, b. Oct. 14, 1828 [17]; married Louisa M. Maroni.
Asa Ford, b. July 27, 1830; married Julia B. Smith, June 14, 1862; she wife died Aug. 2, 1831 He then married Mehitable White, dau. of Zaccheus Gardner, of South Abington.
    Caleb Henry, b. Feb. 22, 1834 [21]; married Caroline A. Whitten, Nov. 14,1858.
    Herbert, b. April 14, 1837; Co. F, 12th Mass. Regiment.
    Harrison, b. Aug. 22, 1840; single.
    Anthony Palmer, b. Aug. 18, 1843; married Carrie A. Whitten, Nov. 23, 1863.
    Helen Maria, b. Sept. 6, 1846; m. George C. Reynolds, Sept. 24, 1863.

CHARLES HEALY (son of Caleb 9) m. Louisa M., daughter of Francis Maroni, Aug. 12, 1851.


    Charles Walter, b. June 12, 1852.
    Norman Burritt, b. Aug. 31, 1857.
    Fanny Herbert, b. Sept. 26, 1861.

CALEB HENRY (son of Caleb 9) married Caroline Augusta, daughter of William Willis, and widow of Charles P. Whitten, Nov. 14, 1858.


    Carrie Mehitable, b. May 28, 1860.
    Caleb Henry, b. July 13, 1862.

MARGARET PHILLIPS, died at Weymouth 13 Apr. 1897, leaving sons Charles H. Phillips and Frank Phillips of South Weymouth, Ida M. Williams, wife of Charles A. Williams of North Abington, Lizzie F. Poole, wife of Russell F. Poole of East Weymouth, and Margaret Horning, wife of William Horning of Gloversville, N.J., daughters, 4 May, 1897.(Norfolk Probate, 32623.)


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