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The Gould Family History

Submitted by Dorothy McCann-Phillips

The following is a history of the GOULD family, beginning with Roxanna GOULD, who married Squire Bosworth McCAN Dec 24, 1857.  Squire was the son of Samuel McCAN and Jane WYATT of Randolph County. W. VA..  The children of Nathan GOULD Jr., and his first wife  Hester E. ALDEN-GOULD who were married 1801 were Martha, born 1803, married Cyrus RICE 1824 Elizabeth, born 1804, married 1st to Roswell KNOWLTON, 2nd to Rev. BUTLER in 1839, Joel, born 1805, married Electra PHILLIPS in 1833, moved to Illinois. Julia, born 1808, married George CURTIS in 1833; Freeman, born 1810, married Dorcas WARD in 1832, moved to Bone Gap, Illinois Lydia, born 1811, married John BROWN in 1833 Nathan, born 1813, married Angelina ROBINSON in 1837 Gilbert, born 1815, died 1820 at age 5

Nathan then married Samantha PHILLIPS-BURR  in 1828. The children of Nathan GOULD Jr., and his 2nd wife, Samantha PHILLIPS-BURR Esther, born 1829, married David PHILLIPS in 1845 Lt. Marshall GOULD, born 1830, married Celeste PERRY , 2nd wife was Cecelia ABBOTT Jonathon ,  born 1836, married Jemima CRITES in 1865. He served in the Civil War Roxanna, born 1840, married Squire Bosworth McCann in 1857. She died  in Elkins, Randolph Co. W VA. Cynthia Ann, born 1835, married Philander P. HOWES in 1856 Joseph, born 1833, married Lois HOWES in 1856 Cecelia, born 1842, married ______WYATT Watson, born 1844, married _____? 1867

The GOULD line is as follows:

1. Richard GOULD (b abt 1435) of  Hemel, Hempstead, Hertford, England no wife listed
2. Thomas GOULD (b 1455) Last Will and Testament dated 1520, Wife Joan _____
3. Richard GOULD (2) (b abt 1479) 2nd son of Thomas,Will dated 1531, wife Joan ___born in Bovington, Buchs, England. Died 1537.
4. Thomas  GOULD,  (2) (b before 1500 in Bovington, Hertford Eng, Will dated 1546. Married Alice ____ Had 8 children.
5. Richard GOULD (3)  (b abt 1530), 3rd son of Thomas "above" Born in Bovington Eng. Died 1558. Will dated 1558 at Stoke, Mandeville, Eng.  He married Jane WEEDEN, a widow.
6. Richard GOULD (4)  (b1553)  at Stoke, Mandeville, Eng. His wife was Elizabeth _____
7. Zaccheus GOULD (b 1589) at Stoke, Mandeville, Eng. Died 1668 in Topsfield, Essex, Mass.  Married Phoebe DEACON. Came to America in 1635.
8. Capt. John GOULD (b Jun 1635)  Died 1709 in Mass. He married Sarah BAKER. Sarah was born 1641 in Essex, Mass. died 1709
9. Samuel GOULD (1) (b 1669-70)  in Boxford, Essex, Mass. He married Margaret STONE.
10. Samuel GOULD (2)  (b 1701 in Boxford, Mass.  Married Mehitable STILES
11. Nathan GOULD Sr.  (b 1733 in Boxford Mass. He died 1816 in Upshur Co., W.Va  - He married Martha GILBERT in 1756-57. Her mother was Esther PERKINS, her father Benjamin GILBERT.

Their children were:

  (1) Jonathon,  b 1761, killed in the Rev. War
  (2) Mehitable, b 1765,  died 1847married Barnabus ALDEN in 1782.  (He was from Ashfield, Mass.
  (3) Benjamin, b 1767, died 1849, married Lydia ALDEN in 1791.
  (4)  Pascal Paoli b 1770, died as infant
  (5) Lydia, b 1772, married Robert YOUNG
  (6)Nathan Gould Jr.  born Mar 19, 1776 married first to Hester ALDEN, second to Samantha PHILLIPS, daughter of Elijah PHILLIPS and Cynthia GOODWIN
 (7) Capt Gilbert Gould, born 1779, died 1877, married Mehitable TAYLOR in 1803. He was a Captain in the War of 1812.
12.  Nathan GOULD Jr. and Samantha PHILLIPS  to Roxanne GOULD-McCANN


The Will of Nathan Gould Jr.

Submitted by Dorothy McCann-Phillips

The following Will of Nathan GOULD Jr.  who was born 1776 in Charlemont, Mass. and who died in Bone Gap Illinois.  He had married twice,  1st to Hester E. ALDEN  whom he married in 1801. and with whom he had 8 children..... 2nd to Samantha PHILLIPS -BURR (She was the widow of Martin BURR).  Samantha was born 1803, her parents were Elijah PHILLIPS and Cynthia GOODWIN.  Nathan and Samantha PHILLIPS had  8 children.  Nathan GOULD Jr., was the father of Roxanna GOULD who married Squire Bosworth McCANN in 1857.  Squire McCANN's  parents were Samuel McCAN abd Jane WYATT who married in Randolph County W.VA.  (This is my family line....Dorothy McCann- Phillips) Nathan Gould Jr. was the son of Nathan GOULDSr.,  who was born 1723-4 and his wife Martha GILBERT.  They  moved from Charlemont, Mass. with son Nathan Jr. In 1816  and settled on a farm between Abott and Adrian  that was owned by Arthur Morgan GOULD.

We have found Wills of the early family in England, in which Judith GOULD wills to her son Nathan GOULD in New England 40 pounds. In her Will she writes of her son Zaccheus GOULD , the first to leave for America.  Her son Nathan settled in Amesbury, Salisbury, New England in 1652.  His descendants are scattered all over New Hampshire, Vermont, and Virginia.  Judith GOULD moved to Waterford after the death of her husband, John GOULD of King's Langley

Much of the information given here was found in a book named "The Family Of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield" (Mass.) by Athrop Gould of Cambridge.  Another book, which contains original Wills and Probate papers is "Genealogical Gleanings in England", by H.F. Waters .

Nathan GOULD Jr, died in Bone Gap, Illinois,  where his son Freeman Gould had moved . Freeman Gould had married Dorcas WARD.  Freeman GOULD was the 2nd son of Nathan GOULD and his 1st wife Hester ALDEN, and was born in 1810  near Charlemont, Mass.  He had migrated  with his family to West Virginia.  As a young man Freeman went to Illinois to find land and build a house for his prospective bride  Dorcas WARD who was a young schoolteacher.  They married 21 Feb  1832.

The GOULD family name is English, and is known to be an occupational name for someone who works in Gold..  A jeweler, refiner or gilder. It is also known as someone with bright golden hair.

"The Will Of Nathan GOULD Jr."

Submitted by Dorothy McCann-Phillips

GOULD, Nathan, Upshur County, W.V. 31 July 1855 Oct term 1856 Wife Cemantha, sons Joseph, Joel, Freeman, Nathan Jr., Jonathon,  Daughters,  Esther PHILLIPSS,  Celia, Roxanna,  Cynthia, Ann HOWES, Martha RICE, Elizabeth BUTTON, Julia CURTIS, and Lydia BROWN.  (no ex. named)

Testator bequeths to son Joseph all personalty with exception of household furniture and all realty, with exception of 100 acres (Testator's homestead) with provisions that he care for Testator's wife Cemantha for lifetime, also that sd. Joseph allow Testator's  sons Jonathon and Watson to reside with him and work with him until they reach  legal age; should Joseph fail to support said Cemantha , then realty and personaltry to her for lifetime or widowhood:

To wife Cemantha  all household furniture; to son Jonathan 1/3 of remaining realty with provisions that he pay Testator's daughter Roxanna $15:  to son Watson 1/3 of realty with provision that he pay Testator's daughter  Celia $15; to son Marshall prior gift of 50 acres on French Creek with provision that he pay Testator's daughter Esther PHILLIPS $15; son Joseph to pay

Testator's daughter Cynthia Ann HOWES $15; to daughters Roxanna and Celia same amount of household articles as sisters Esther and Cynthia have: to sons Joel, Freeman and Nathan $1 each, to daughters Martha RICE, Elizabeth BUTTON, Julia CURTIS and Lydia BROWN  $1 each.

Test. Anson YOUNG, John HOWES, Daniel HOWES

Children of Samantha  Phillips and Nathan Gould Jr.

Submitted by Dorothy Phillips

1. Esther  born 1829, m David Phillips1845
2. Lt Marshall Gould born 1830, m Celeste Perry - and m 2nd to Cecelia Abbott.
3. Jonathon Gould, b 1836  m Jemima Crites, 1865, was a Civil War soldier
4. Roxanne born 1840,  m Squire Bosworth McCann 1857, she died 1923
5. Cynthia Ann, b 1835, m Philander P Howes  1851
6. Joseph, b 1833, m  Lois Howes 1856
7. Cecekia, b 1852, m ...Wyatt
8. Warson, b 1844,   m  .......

Nathan Gould Jr.1st wife was Esther Alden with whom he had  8 children

Nathan Gould Jr  was 68 years old when Watson, the youngest was born. He was b 1776,  Nathan  died in Bone  Gap Ill.  1856 at the age of 80 years . He was the son of Nathan Gould Sr, and Martha Gilbert-Gould

Jonathon Gould - Civil War Veteran
Company B-10th Regiment -West Virginia infantry
State of West Virginia - County of Upshur
Claim No. 76.917

On this 17th day of December, 1895, personally appeared before me the undersigned and Clerk of the Circuit Court of the said county of Upshur, the said Dr. S.C. Rusmisall whose age is now 50 years and whose P.O. address is Buckhannon, W Va., who after being by me duly sworn, states in relation to the aforesaid case as follows to wit:

I was called to see the above named Jonathon Gould on about Dec 12th last and found him suffering intensely from the effects of pain in the right leg, due to,  I think,  the gunshot wound of the right hip.  he was suffering so
severly that he could not move without screaming. The entrance of the wound is about 1 1/2 inches above and to the right of the right trochanter major, and the point of exit is about 2 inches to the lower  end of the sacram. The
glutial muscles are atrophied and from apperances safuarted (sp.?)  greatly at the time of injury.

The pain originates at this locality and extends down the course of the sciatic nerve.  In my opinion this wound is the cause of the trouble, and is very painful and renders applicant unable to labor at all at times, and even demands the aid of an attendant or nurse when these bad attacks come on, which he tells me occur every few days.

Applicant further states that this affidavit was prepared in the Clerks Office of the Circuit Court of Upshur County, and is in his own hand writing and that in making the same he did ____and was not wicked or prompted by any
written or printed statement or recital prepared or dictated by any other person and not attached as an exhibit to this applicant.

Signed: S.C. Rusminsel MD

Sworn to and subscribed on this 17th day of December 1895. And I certify that said affidavit is in the handwriting of the affidant.
Witness my hand and official seal
John A Lees (sp.?) Clerk
The Circuit Court Upshur County, West Virginia

(Son of Nathan Gould and Samantha Phillips-Gould)
(Grandson of Elijah Phillips and Cynthis Goodwin Phillips)

Captain Loomis Gould
Source:  John Cogar

Captain Loomis Gould and his Militia were captured by factions of the 19th
Virginia Cavalry at Rock Cave in 1863. All were sent to Amdersinville. Some Officers were exchanged, including Capt. Loomis, so he escaped prison.

Virginia Hoover of the French Creek Church was descended from Capt. Loomis Gould who descends from Nathan Gould Jr.

Jonathon Gould was captured in Beverly W Va in 1863 during the famous raid of John Imboden, he spent the next year in Richmond as a prisoner of war before he was freed in a prisoner exchange early in 1864. It was during this time that his eye trouble began. As he mentioned in his letter to his brother in law, Squire Bosworth McCann.  This letter was written while in prison at Winchester.  Probably in 1864.  It is now in the hands of Morris McCan, son
of William J. McCann, passed down to him from Squire B. McCann family.

Descendants of Lydia Gray & Aaron Gould

1. Lydia Gray  b: June 03, 1759 Andover, MD. d: February 05, 1830 in WV, Upshur Co., French Creek.
        +Aaron Gould  b: December 23, 1757 Mass, Brookfield, Worcester , m: May 29, 1781 in Brookfield, Mass. d: October 16, 1826 in Brookfield, Mass.


(1) Lydia GRAY was not born June 03, 1759, in Andover, MD. The source for this error goes back to someone's entry in the I.G.I.  possibly even more years ago than I am old!  There was a Lydia GRAY born on that date in Andover, Massachusetts, but her death record, also recorded in the same volume as her birth, clearly shows that this was not our Lydia GRAY.

(2) Aaron GOULD died 15 Oct 1826, at French Creek, Lewis County, (W.) VA, in that part that later became Uphsur Co., WV.  This is also where his will was filed to record.

(3) Aaron GOULD and Lydia GRAY were married in Pelham, MA, per the published records for said town

Submitted by: Craig Beeman" <>

2. Mehitable Gould b: September 28, 1799 Mass, Charlemont, Mass.
        +William Phillips,   m: August 26, 1817 in Richland  IL.


Mehitable GOULD and William PHILLIPS were not married in IL, but rather in Randolph County, (W.) VA, per records that I have examined for Randolph Co., and the absence of same from the IL State Marriage site.

Submitted by: Craig Beeman" <>

3. David Phillips  b: November 29, 1820 WV, Lewis Co., d: July 11, 1907 in WV, Upshur, Buried at Indian Camp Cemetery
        +Ester Gould    b: February 22, 1829, Lewis Co. WV  m: in WV, d: November 02, 1896 in Upshur Co. WV, Buried at Indian Camp Cemetery

4. Osborne Phillips b: September 16, 1847 Upshur Co. Indian Camp WV. d: February 23, 1924 in Upshur Co., Indian Camp WV..
        +Permelia Rebekah Bean  b: August 24, 1854 Hampshire Co. WV., m: January 14, 1873 in Upshur Co. WV, Beans Mill   d: October 11, 1900 in Upshur Co., Indian Camp, WV..

5. Luvina Phillips b: July 13, 1876 Upshur Co. WV. d: July 28, 1965 in Warren, OH; buried Upshur Co. WV, Indian Camp Cemetery
        +Parley Queen   b: February 09, 1874 Laurel Fork, WV. m: November 13, 1898 in Upshur Co. WV d: September01, 1922 in Upshur Co., Indian Camp WV.

6. Elsie Mae Queen b: May 15, 1899 Alton, WV., d: June 24, 1983 in Warren, OH. buried Upshur Co., Indian Camp Cemetery WV.

Biography of ARTHUR M. GOULD

Upshur County, West Virginia

This file was submitted by Valerie Crook. The submitter does not have a connection to the subject of this sketch.

This file may be freely copied by individuals and non-profit organizations for their private use. All other rights reserved.

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York, Volume III,
pg. 425

ARTHUR M. GOULD represents one of the old established families of Upshur County, has followed the traditional occupation of farming, and was one of the organizers of the Bank of Adrian, which began business January 7, 1920. Mr. Gould is president of this bank, which is capitalized at
$25,000, and is one of the growing and prosperous banking institutions of Upshur County.

Mr. Gould was born on Bull Run, West Virginia, January 26, 1853, son of Benjamin and Eliza D. (Morgan) Gould. His father was born at French Creek in 1822, son of Gilbert Gould, who settled on French Creek from Massachusetts. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, was a successful farmer and large land owner there, and died in 1877. His wife was Mehitable Taylor, and they were the parents of eight children. Benjamin Gould grew up in the French Creek community, acquired about three hundred acres of his father's estate, and was a leading and successful farmer for many years. He was a Presbyterian and a republican. Of his seven children, four sons and three daughters, three are now living: Arthur M.; Albert G., a farmer near Weston; and Percy B., a farmer in Upshur County.

Arthur M. Gould grew up on his father's farm and had a common school education. For many years he has owned and operated a fine farm of 140 acres, a mile and a half west of Adrian. His activities have extended beyond his home farm to various community affairs, including the Bank of Adrian. He has served as president of the Board of Education, is an active republican, and, like his father and grandfather before him, is an elder in the Presbyterian
Church. On November 21, 1889, Mr. Gould married Mary Louise Sexton, a native of Upshur County and a daughter F. F. and Virginia (Craig) Sexton, farming people of the French Creek District.

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