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Searching Our Roots

What Price Slavery? An interesting look at the philosophy in 1856

A brief History of Ashfield - 1887

More on the Phillips Surname

More on the Gould family

The Young's and Gould's Travel West

Why did our Ancestors move South? The answer maybe.... here

More on the Cutright family

More on the Judy Kelleher Fox family

History of Diamond Springs

Bill Before Congress - French Creek Church

Phillips - Coat of Arms

Maps of Interest - follow the movements of the Phillips Family

PHILLIPS in the Revolutionary War

Civil War Soldiers

Annual Meeting Descendants of French Creek Pioneers

Birth Records.............

These are copies of the original pages of the birth records of the children.  Copies were made from the original book held in the Ashfield Clerk's Office in Ashfield, Mass..

Philip Phillips and Mercy Phillips - the children

Philip Phillips Jr. and Elizabeth Smith - the children

David Phillips and Anna Goodwin - the children

Israel Phillips Sr. and Mehitable Belding

Lemuel Phillips and Sarah Cranson - the children

Simeon Phillips and Ruth Andrews - the children

Abiather Phillips and Hannah Ranney - the children

Israel Phillips Jr. and Sabrina Ward - the children

Benjamin Phillips and Hannah _____ - the children

Vital Records for PHILLIPS surname

Deeds, Wills, etc...............

Transcription of the original document written 1739 for drawing of lots in Huntstown

Thomas Phillips deed to Lot 25 in Huntstown - September 17, 1742

Capt. John Phillips deed to Lot 13 to Chileab Smith - March 16, 1743

Herbert Honestmans deed to house lot number 2 to Philip Phillips Esq. - May 17, 1759

Buckland Mass. Census Page - 1850

Abiram Phillips deed to land located in Waupaca County, Wisconsin - April 1, 1856

Abiram Phillips deed to land located in Shawano County, Wisconsin - April 1, 1856

Lewis E. Phillips deed to land located in Outagamie County, Wisconsin

The will of Nicholas Phillips born 1664 died 1751

Stories..... Biographys and Other...................

The story of Thomas Phillips Sr. gravestone.. how it became

Philip Phillips Confinement "to appear to be unfriendly to these American States"

The Electa Phillips story

Bio Earl Brooks

The Earl Brooks Letters

Some French Creek People

Formation of Upshur County

Arthur Gould Biography

Dr. Orr L. Perry Biography

Indian Camp Community

Barbour County W.Va. 1860 Census Images

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Early Gravestones and Cemeteries................

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Other things.......................

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