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PROPRIETORS of Huntstown - 1739 ~

The below list of Original Proprieotors of Huntstown now Ashfield, has been transcribed by John Buczek from the original document as written in 1739.

"A list of Record of ye first lots of ye Original Proprietors of ye Township granted to ye Officers & Soldiers under ye Command of Capt. Ephraim Hunt of Weymouth in ye Canada Expedition in the year 1690 viz to them or their legal Representatives or their Descendants &c west of Deerfield.  As Each one drew his first Lot in whose Right as appears by the List &c - viz ye former Clerks & Mr. Cushings one of ye Courts Committee."

This Collum         And ye Last
Sheweth ye           Colum at ye
Order of              Right Hand
Draughts.            Showeth the
                        Number of
                         ye Lot drawn
                         Against Each
                         Man's Name

1     Lt. John Hunt of &c In his fathers Right  No.38
2     Dea. Thomas White in his Fathers Right, viz Ebeneezer White No.20
3     En Nathaniel Wales in his Fathers Right, viz Nathaniel Wales No.16
4     Benjamin Ludden in his Fathers Right, viz Benja Ludden No.19
5     Gideon Turrel in his Fathers Right, viz Gideon Turrels No.43
6     Richard Faxon in his Fathers Right, viz Thomas Faxons No.59
7     Lt. William Crane in his Fathers Right, viz Henry Crames No.15
8     Capt Ebeneezer Hunt in ye Right of Mr. Joseph Nash, viz Jacobs No.2
9     The Reverd Mr Joseph Belcher (sic) for, viz in his uncle Wm. Right No.23
10     Jonathan Webb for Hew Baly in ye Right of Saml Baly No.21
11     Seth Chapin No.25
12     Capt. John Phillips for Richard Phillips No.13
13     John Herrick, viz Capt Benja Lowing for his Uncle Jonathan Buckle No.62
14     Capt John Phillips in his own Right No.6
15     Zachariah Brigs in his Fathers Right, viz Clement No.53
16     Capt Ebeneezer Hunt for ye Revd Mr. Richard Pierce No.30
17     Job Otis in ye Right of James Otis  No.10
18     Jonathan Daws in his Fathers Right , viz Sam No.30
19     Heb for Josiah Prat in his Fathers Right, viz Sam (see note 1) No.1
20     Richard Davenport in his own Right No.45
21     Capt Ezra Whitmarsh in his Brothers Right, viz John No.5
22     Solomon Leonard in his Fathers Right, viz Jacob No.26
23     James Mears for Samuel Hollis No.27
24     Joseph Good, viz for Sam Below in his Fathers Right Vizt No.4
25     Thomas Bolter in his Fathers Right, viz Thomas No.14
26     Ephraim Emerson in his Fathers Right, viz Ephraim, viz The Revd Mr. Baly & James Mears No.52
27     Benjamin Beal in his own No.29
28     Barnebas Dayly, viz Capt Benja Lorring for his uncle Solomen Buckle (see note 2) No.22
29     John Miller, viz Capt Benj Lorring for his uncle Benjamin Buckle (see note 2) No.28
30     Josiah Owin in his No.48
31     Sam Thayer in his Faters Right, viz Sam, viz The Revd Mr. Baly in his No.12
32     Ephraim, viz Thomas Copeland in his Right No.8
33     James Hayward in his, viz Wm No.34
34     Sam Gay for his Father John Poole No.61
35     Ebeneezer Staples for Issac Staples, viz his No.31
36     Sam Staples in his Fathers Right, viz John No.36
37     John King for his uncle, viz in his No.58
38     Mr Sam Niles for Caleb Littlefield, viz in his Right No.11
39     James Mears for John Chine, viz in his No.46
40     James Mears for Sam Nightingal in ye Right of his No.42
41     Moses Penniman in ye Right of his Uncle Joseph No.44
42     Josuha Phillips for his Father Joshua, viz in his Joseph No.56
43     William Linfield in his Father Wm, viz in his No.33
44     Mr. Sam Niles Junr for Ebeneezer Vinson in his Father Joseph Drakes Right No.9
45     Ebeneezer Owen, viz Daniel Owen in his Right No.40
46     Sam Darby in his Fathers Right, viz Edward No.3
47     Jonathan Webb for Nathaniel Blancher, viz in his Right No.41
48     John Bass for his Brother, viz Samuel K No.47
49     for Joseph Keith Prat, viz in his own Right No.18
50     J. French for John Weld, viz in his own Right No.37
51     Amos Stulson for Issac Thayer, voz in his own Right No.51
52     Joseph Drake for Wm Drake, viz in his own Right No.60
53     Thomas Wells For his Uncle Wm, viz in his Right No.39
54     Sam Andrews for his Father Sam, viz in his Right No.57
55     John White for Perigrine White, viz in his &c No.35
56     Benja Stuart for james, viz in his Right No.63
57     Joseph Vickery in his own Right No.49
58     Joseph Lobelle for his Father Joseph, viz in his No.32
59     Joseph Milton for his Father, viz in his Right No.59
60     John Bartlet for his Father John, viz in his Right No.7
61     see note 3
62     see note 3
63     see note 3

Note 1: Heb is Herber a "negro" (term used then) slave to Mrs Pratt of Easton and married (?) to Hagar.  Mrs Pratt gave them their freedom and the Lot No. 1 in Huntstown.  Herber and Hagar travelled to Huntstown with some of the later Phillipses and settled on this lot. They were the first African American Blacks to settle in Ashfield. (Source: History of Easton and History of Ashfield)

Note 2: Capt Benja Lorring and Capt Benja Lowing (lot 62) may be one in the same.

Note 3: Althought there were "63" lots, only sixty were drawn.  The other three lots were held in Easton for the workings of the Church.

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