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Pictures submitted by Dorothy McCann Phillips
Source: The French Creek Book

Jonathan Alden
First Choir Leader and
Singing School Teacher

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~ Historical Excerpts  -   Our Early Families ~

Excerpts transcribed  by Dorothy McCann-Phillips

Excerpts from "The First Session Book of the French Creek Presbryterian Church"

Feb. 11, 1820

The following persons presented themselves as candidates for Communion in the Church.
Mr Gilbert Gould, Jonathon Alden, Daniel Gould and Margaret, his wife, Pascal Young and Cynthia,
his wife, Mrs Rhoda Gould, Esther Gould, Mary Knowlton, Mrs Chloe Conkey, Anna Young, Sally Gould, Sarah Peebles.

The session after Church examined them individually and voted unanimously to receive them.
Asa Brooks, Moderator

July 30, 1820

The Lord's Supper administered. Roswell Knowlton and Prudence, his wife, were received by letter into full Communion in this Church by the consent of the members of the session.
Asa Brooks, Moderator

June 22, 1821

Session to previous appointment convened at the home of Asa Brooks, opened by prayer. Present Elders: Aaron Gould, Robert Young. The session brought forward a charge of intemperate drinking against Mr. Samuel Gould, the offence being committed publicly at a late geberal muster of the Militia of the county was considered one of public notoriety.

Mr. Samuel Gould, having had previous notice of the session, and being present, declared himself ready for trial.
Mr. Daniel Gould, the oath being administered to him, gave the following testimony:

At a general training at Weston, just before sunset as we were about to leave town, I discovered that the brother Samuel Gould from his appearance, drunken excessively of ardent spirits to his injury, tho not so as to disable him from attending to business. I also perceive that this was the case when on his way home as we rode in company of the way.

The above is a true copy of Mr. Daniel Gould's testimpny as signed by himself.

Asa brooks Moderator

To the above testimony, Mr Sam'l Gould made no exceptions and having delivered his penitence and asked forgiveness. The session voted unanimously, that he be acquitted, and also voted that the moderator shout the vote publicly on the Lord's Day, that Mr. Samuel Gould had made satisfaction to the session for his offence of intemperate drinking at the muster in Weston.

Asa Brooks Moderator

May 13, 1823

Messirs David Phillips and Gilbert Gould having been previously elected to the office of ruling Elder to the Church, and signified their willingness to accept of the appointment, were after sermon set apart by prayer to the office of Elder.

Asa Brooks Pastor

Jan 27, 1825

The session was convened at the house of Aaron Gould and was consituted by prayer. Present Elders:
Aaron Gould, Robert Young and Gilbert Gould.  Rev Twelas Loomis of the Prysbytery of Lexington, Va., being present by invitation of the session, acted as moderator of the session.

The session proceeded to the examination of the following who presented themselves for church fellowship: Alfred Morgan, Chandler Gould, Loyal Young, Martial Rice, Paschal Alen, Zepanah Alden, Freeman Gould, Lyman Rice, Dorcas Rice, Mathew Rice, Esther Rice, Fanny Morgan, Lovina Phillips, Julia Gould, Isabella Gould, Loomis Young.

Examination being had of each individualy, the session unanimously voted to receive them. The session adjourned to Saturday the 29th, and closed by prayer.

Arvelas Loomis, moderator pro-tem

Jan 29, 1825

Mrs. Rhoda, wife of James Gould, received both baptism and the Lord's Supper from the hand of James Shurtleff, a man of Unitarian sentiments and who persists in saying he has done right, will not engage to abstain in future from communing with him-Voted that as a decision at this time cannot be had by a regular process it is expedient that she be debarred from the communion table until a regular process can be had.

The following persons presented themselves for candidates for fellowship in this church:

Joshua Morgan and Hannah his wife, Luther D Morgan, Apheus Rude, Joel Gould, Lathrop Rude, George Sexton, William Sexton, Maris Peebles, Jane Peebles, Mehitable S. Young, Amaryllis Barrett, Laura Gould, and Lydia G. Morgan.

The session after examining each individually, and being satisfied as to their faith and knowledge of experimental religion, voted unanimously to receive them into full communion in this church. The session was closed by prayer.
Areta Loomis Moderator pro-tem

Sep 3, 1725

Mrs Rhoda Gould repented and was received back into full communion in the church by unanimous vote of the session.

May 2, 1826

Mrs Hannah hayes expressed a desire to be received into communion-examined, received.
Mrs Orpha Alden was received

Nov 10, 1832 Anson Young

Nov 10, 1834 Mrs Fanny Bosworth

Nov 6, 1836 Fannie Young

Nov 18, 1838 Lyman Young

July 22 1841 Earl Young, Ezekiel Quillen, mary Young,  Signed, Pascal Young, Clerk.

Oct 22, 1843 Franklin Phillips

December 20, 1843 Mehitable Phillips, Eliza Phillips, Cloe Ann Loomis, Cemantha Young, Lucinda Young, Rebecca McMorrow, Loomis and Aletha Sexton, Almira Sexton, David Phillips, Sanford Brown Young, Almandus Young, Adolphus Brooks, Chandler Brooks, Layfette Phillips.

Dec 22, 1847  James McAvoy, Jason Loomis, Amy Loomis, John Porter Phillips, Laura Young, Anna Young, Lydia Jane Phillips.

Jan 3, 1855  William McMorrow, David McMorrow, Freeman Sexton

Mar 27, 1855  Ebenezer Phillips and Katherine, his wife.

May 5, 1855 Adaline Hayes

Clipping from Buckhannon Delta

"Eulogy of Benjamin Gould, who died Dec 19 1901 in his 80th year, and Ashly Gould, who died Dec 21, 1901,  in his 78th year.  It  was signed H.H. Hazlet, Moderator; A. Brooks, Clerk.

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