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Submitted by Dorthy McCannPhillips

The Phillips Coat of Arms hereby illistrated is officially documented by
"Burkes General Armory".  The original description of the Arms is as follows:
 "ERM: A Lion Ramp. SA. on a Chief Engr.  Vert. a Stag's Head
Cabossed between Two Garbs Or"

When translated, the Blazon also describes the original colours of the Phillips Arms as:
Ermine: A Black Lion attacking on a Green Engrailed upper third,
A Gold Stag's Head,  Full Faced, between Two Gold Wheat  Sheaves."
Above the Shield and Helmet is the Crest which is described as:
"A Gold Wheat Sheaf  placed horizontilly,   Thereon:  A Naturally
Colored Leopard Sitting,  in it's Mouth is a Green Stemmed Trefoil"

Now... a modernized - bastardized version from the net

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