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Joannes Marx

Mathias Marx

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Theodor Marx

Mathias Marx

Dominicus Hauer

Christoph Marx

Maria Hauer

Margaretha Marx

Margaretha Weides

Peter Marx

Helen F. Marx

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Mathias Hungershöfer

P. Joseph Marx

Katharina Marx

Johann Hungershöfer

Johanna C. Marx

Christoph Marx

Elisabetha Klein

Theodore M. Marx


Catherina Hungershever

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Matthias Hastert

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Elisabethae Hastert

William O. Marx

Susanna Weber

Marie F. Marx

Margarethe E. Marx

Josephus Wiedemann

Florence E. Marx

Johann M. Wiedenman

Paul M. Marx

Barbara Mayr

Johann M. Wiedenman

Maria Elizabeth Wiedenman

Jacobus Schnepf

Joseph Wiedenman

M. Crescentia Schnepf

Michael Wiedenman

Barbara Furthmüller

Margaretha Wiedenman

Anna C. Wiedenman

Elisabetha Wiedenman

Joseph O. Wiedenman

Franciska Wiedenman

Rosalia Wiedenman

J. Christian Nüchter

J. Michael Wiedenman

J. Petrus Nüchter

Crecencia Grace Wiedenman

A. Katharina Wiegand

Maria A. F. Nüchter

Joannes Hausman

M. Margaret Hausman

M. Elisabeth Winterling

On December 3, 1848 Matthias Marx was born and baptized in Menningen, Trier, Prussia, and his Godparents were Margaretha and Peter Wenner, of Menningen [Familienbuch 2 der Pfarrei St. Lambertus, Edingen an der Sauer]

On December 16, 1859 Maria Elizabeth Wiedenman was born in Laporte, IN

On May 2, 1866 Katharina Hungershöfer, Witter von Theodor Marx, geboren den 11 Juni 1821, Mathias Marx, geboren den 3 Dezember 1848, Margaretha Marx, geboren den 22 Juni 1852, Peter Marx, geboren den 9 April 1854, Nicolas Marx, geboren den 13 August 1856, Johann Marx, geboren den 28 Marz 1858, and Katharina Marx, geboren den 7 Febvier 1860 were granted permission to emigrate from Menningen, Trier to America [Certificate of Emigration: Trier]

On June 2, 1870 Jacob Mosbrugger, 46 year old Farmer born in Austria, with $2000 worth of real property and $400 worth of personal property; Catherine, 48 year old born in Prussia; Matthias, 21 year old Farm Laborer born in Prussia; Peter, 16 year old born in Prussia; Nicholas, 14 year old born in Prussia, who had been attending school; John, 12 year old born in Prussia, who had been attending school; Catherina, 10 year old born in Prussia, who had been attending school; were living at household 51 at New Buffalo, Berrien, Michigan [Page: 7: Line: 5]

Maria Elisabetha Wiedenmann addendum to letter from Michael Wiedenman, New Buffalo, to his brother Josephus Wiedenman, Tapfheim, Bavaria, Sunday, December 1, 1872
Dear Cousins. I will also write a few lines, namely that I have left home when I was 11 years old to go to school. Was 1 1/2 years in Fort Wayne with my grandmother and went there to the German Catholic School with the nuns, as the catholic girls were all taught by the nuns. There one can learn sewing, knitting, crocheting and all kinds of handicraft. Here is no German school, just an English one
[With heartfelt greetings Maria Elisabetha Wiedenmann]

Maria Elisabetha Wiedenmann addendum to letter from Michael Wiedenman, New Buffalo, to his brother Josephus Wiedenman, Tapfheim, Bavaria, March 16, 1876
Dear Cousins. I, and all my siblings, greet you heartily. The letter is full or I would write still more. So I remain
[truly your cousin, Maria Wiedenmann]

On June 21, 1880 Mathias Marx, 29 year old Farmer born in Prussia; Mary, 20 year old born in Indiana; Hellen, 2 year old born in Michigan; Teresa, 10/12 [Aug] year old born in Michigan; were living at household 148 in New Buffalo, Berrien County, Michigan [ED: Page: 24D: Line: 19]

Around 1890 [possibly in conjunction with Elizabeth's marriage to Henry Weishaupt] the Wiedenman Family sat for a portrait

[Back]: Elizabeth, Frances and Ann
[Middle]: Mike, Joseph and Maggie Seimetz
[Front]: Mary Marx, Michael, Grace, Frances, and Rose

In 1892 Mathias Marx was living on a 40 acre farm, worth $700, in Section 12, New Buffalo [Berrien County Directory: 1892: Page: 496].

In Winter, 1899 Mathias and his son Ted posed for a photograph felling a tree in the Michigan woods .

Around the turn of the Century [possibly in conjunction with the funeral of Maggie's husband, Henry Seimetz, who died April 11, 1899] the Wiedenman family sat for a portrait

[Standing]: Ann Gotto, Mike, Elizabeth Weishaupt, Frances Alter, Joseph, and Mary Marx
[Sitting]: Rose Brinkerhoff, Frances, Michael, Grace and Maggie Seimetz

On June 14, 1900 Mathias Marx, 51 year old Farmer born Dec 1848 in Germany and immigrated in 1866, who had been married 23 years, and who owned his own farm with a mortgage; Mary E., 40 year old born Dec 1859 in Indiana, who had given birth to 12 children, 10 of whom were still living; Teresa C., 20 year old born Aug 1879 in Michigan; Joseph P., 18 year old Railroad Laborer born Mar 1882 in Michigan; Theodore M., 16 year old Farm Laborer born Nov 1884 in Michigan; Veronica E., 13 year old born Feb 1887 in Michigan, who had been attending school; Leo J., 11 year old born Dec 1888 in Michigan, who had been attending school; Otto W., 10 year old born Dec 1889 in Michigan, who had been attending school; Mary F., 8 year old born Dec 1891 in Michigan; Ester M., 6 year old born Dec 1893 in Michigan; Florence E., 3 year old born Jul 1896 in Michigan; Paul M., 1 year old born Feb 1899 in Michigan; were living at farm 230 in New Buffalo [ED: 69: Page: 10A: Line: 45]

On July 10, 1901 Mathias and Mary sat for a portrait .

On July 22, 1901 Mathias Marx (aged 52 years, 7 months and 18 days), Farmer who had been married 28 years and was the parent of 12 children, 10 of whom were still living, died of Tuberculosis, contributed by Gastritis, each having been suffered for one year, and was buried July 24th [Berrien County Death Certificate: Page: 351: Registered No: 10] at Pine Grove Cemetery in New Buffalo

Uncredited Newsclipping, [sometime the week of July 25th, 1901]

The funeral service of Matthias Marx took place at the Catholic Church on Wednesday, the Rev. Father Hofsted officiating. The deceased was an old resident of this place, having lived here over forty years. He was looked upon, by all who knew him as one of the most straightforward men in this township; he was respected and esteemed by all. A wife and ten children are left to mourn his loss

On July 15, 1907 the family gathered at Frances Wiedenman's farm in New Buffalo to celebrate Katherine Theresa Marx joining the Order of Providence

[Standing]: George and Frances Weishaupt, Joe, Marie, Otto and Leo Marx, Leo, Cecelia and Henry Seimetz, Mathias Gotto, Henry Weishaupt, and 2 unidentified men
[Sitting on chairs]: unidentified woman, Theresa and Marm Marx, Theresa Weigand, Frances Wiedenman, Margaret Seimetz, Ann Gotto & unidentified baby, Elizabeth Weishaupt & unidentified baby, Veronica Marx
[Sitting on grass]: Clara Weishaupt, Florence and Esther Marx, Angeline Gotto, Paul Marx, Joseph, Jr., Marie, Helen, Joseph and Michael Wiedenman

On April 18, 1910 Mary E. Marx, 50 year old Widowed Manager of Home Farm born in Indiana, who had given birth to 12 children, 10 of whom were still living, and who owned her own farm free and clear; Joseph P., 29 year old Disabled Carpenter born in Michigan; Leo J., 21 year old Farm Laborer born in Michigan; Florence, 13 year old born in Michigan, who had been attending school; Paul M., 11 year old born in Michigan, who had been attending school; were living at farm 31 in New Buffalo [ED: 78: Page: 2A: Line: 38]

Around 1915 the Weidenman Women posed for a photograph

[Standing]: Liz Weishaupt, Maggie Seimetz, Grace Rauner, Frances Alter and Ann Gotto
[Sitting]: Frances Wiedenman, Rose Brinkerhoff and Marm Marx

On January 7, 1920 Mary Marx, 60 year old Widowed Farmer born in Indiana, who owned her own farm free and clear; Florence, 22 year old born in Michigan; Paul, 20 year old Farm Laborer born in Michigan; were living at farm 35 in New Buffalo [ED: 94: Page: 2A: Line: 31]

In 1927 Sister Carmelita visited home and posed for a photograph with some of the family

Sister Carmelita, Lawrence, Leo, Marm, Effie, Rex, Robert, and Paul

On April 11, 1930 Mary E. Marx, 70 year old Widow born in Indiana, who owned her own farm; was living at farm 100 on Modlin Road in New Buffalo [ED: 11-34: Page: 4B: Line: 71]

In 1934 Sister Carmelita, Robert and Marm posed for a photograph .

In 1934 some of the family gathered at Marm's farm in New Buffalo

[Back]: Joseph Charles Wiedenman, Leo, [unidentified man], Joseph Otto Wiedenman, Edward John Wiedenman and Leona Finn Wiedenman
[Middle]: [2 unidentified women], Effie, Marm, Marie Isabella Wiedenman, Margaret Frances Krause, [unidentified women]
[Front]: Helen Marie Kroening, Charles Harvey Kroening, Mary Alice Kroening, Robert, [unidentified woman], [unidentified man], Ann, Margary and Paul

In August, 1934 Marm posed for a photograph .

Marm posed for a photograph next to the backdoor stoop on the farm .

Marm posed for a photograph at her spinning wheel .

On November 27, 1939 Mary E. Marx, MOTHER, died and was buried at Pine Grove Cemetery in New Buffalo

Uncredited Newsclipping, November 27, 1939

New Buffalo-Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Marx, aged 80, died at 2:40 p.m. Monday in her farm home near here after suffering a stroke of paralysis Thanksgiving day. She was born in Laporte, Ind, but had spent most of her life in New Burffalo. She was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wiedeman, pioneers of this vicinity. Surviving are four daughter, Mrs. Charles Rezek and Sister Carmelita, both of Chicago; Mrs. Mary Bachman, Chattanooga, Tenn., and Mrs. Esther Tellman, South Orange, N.J.; five sons, Leo and Paul Marx, Chicago; Otto Marx, McBride, B.C.; Theodore Marx, Brooks, Ore., and Joseph Marx, New Buffalo; six sisters and one brother, Michael Wiedeman, New Buffalo. Mrs. Marx was a member of St. Mary's Roman Catholic church and the Altar society. Friends may call at the Smith funeral chapel

The Herald-Press, St. Joseph, Tuesday, November 28, 1939

New Buffalo Woman, Nearly 80, Is Dead
NEW BUFFALO, Nov. 28 – Mrs. Mary Marx, who would have been 80 years old Dec. 16, died of a heart ailment yesterday afternoon at her home two miles east of here.
The daughter of Michael and Frances (Nichter) Wiedenman, pioneer residents, Mrs. Marx had spent nearly all her life in this vicinity. She was born in La-Porte.
The funeral will be held in St. Mary’s of the Lake Catholic church here, but the date has not yet been set. Members of the St. Mary’s Altar and Rosary society will meet tonight and tomorrow night at 8 at the church to recite the rosary. Mrs. Marx was a member of the society. The body may be viewed at the Smith funeral home.
Sons and daughters surviving are: Sister M. Carmelita, Chicago; Joseph, New Buffalo; Leo, East Chicago; Theodore, Brooks Ore.; Mrs. Ernest Bachmann, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Otto, McBride, British Columbia, Canada; Mrs. Joseph Tellson, south Orange, N. J.; Mrs. Charles Rezek, Chicago, and Paul, Chicago. Three daughters, Helen, Hannah and Veronica are deceased.
The following brothers and sisters survive: Mrs. Margaret Seimetz, Michigan City; Mrs. Elizabeth Weishaupt, New Buffalo; M. J. Weidenman; Mrs. Anna Gotto, LaPorte; Mrs. Frances Mahley, Kansas City; Mrs. Grace Raunner and Mrs. Rose Dabner of Vallejo, Calif. A brother, Joseph, died in February.
Mrs. Marx’ husband, Mathias, died 39 years ago. Also surviving are 22 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren

Uncredited Newsclipping, November 28, 1939

Mrs. Marx Dies in Michigan

Mother of Mrs. Bachman, of Chattanooga
News was received here yesterday by Mrs. E.A. Bachman, of the death of her mother, Mrs. Mary Marx, at New Buffalo, Mich., on Monday. Mrs. Marx was the mother of Mrs. Bachman, wife of Attorney E.A. Bachman, of this city.
She was a lifelong resident of New Buffalo and member of St. Mary's of the Lake Catholic Church at New Buffalo, the daughter of Joseph and Frances Wiedernman, pioneer German residents of that section.
Mrs. Marx would have been 81 years of age had she lived until this next December. She is survived by five sons and four daughters, Joseph Marx, of New Buffalo, Mich.; Ted Marx, Seattle, Wash.; Otto Marx, of Saskatchewan, Canada; Leo Marx, of East Chicago, Ill., and Paul Marx, of Chicago; Marie Frances Bachman, wife of Attorney E.A. Bachman; Mrs. Joseph Telsen, of South Orange, N.J.; Mrs. Charles Resek, of Chicago, Ill., and one sister, Carmalita, principal in the Chicago Catholic schools. Three daughters preceded her in death.
Mrs. Marx visited here several years ago. She was in good health considering her age, and her sudden death is a distinct shock to friends and relatives.
Mrs. Bachman left last night for New Buffalo to attend services which will be conducted from St. Mary's of the Lake Catholic Church at New Buffalo, Mich

The Herald-Press, St. Joseph, Wednesday, November 29, 1939

Sunday visitors at the home of Mrs. Mary Marx, who passed away Monday afternoon, were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marx and daughters, Mrs. Charles Rezek and Sister Mary Carmelita, all of Chicago, and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Marx of East Chicago

Letter from Hattie Marx to Ted Marx
Dear Brother:
Am so sorry you couldn’t be here for Mother’s funeral all were here with the exception of Otto and yourself. She was taken with a stroke Thursday Nov. 23rd at 1 o’clock noon, and her left arm and leg were paralyzed, but she was conscious and knew everyone, but didn’t seem to know what she was talking about, she lived until Monday the 27th at 2:40 in the afternoon, I was there Joe was on a job, he couldn’t leave but I stayed and looked after things as best I knew called the Doctor, a nurse, as she was completely helpless and a great care, we had a Doctor three times the last day, but nothing could save her, she is buried here in Pine Grove cemetery beside your Father, she is resting, she has been a great worry and responsibility this is the only end I know any thing of, other things business affairs and all others, I know nothing of. You can get that from the rest. How are your family. I guess Hazel, doesn’t have many at home now only the little fellow I understand of course we don’t know much, as we don’t hear from you very much, I guess writing is to much like work for all of us, here’s hoping you are all well and busy, as that keeps us all in good trim
[Hattie Marx]

Galien River Gazette, [undated]

Order for Publication

Appointment of Administrator and Determination of Heirs

State of Michigan
The Probate Court for the County of Berrien.
At a session of said Court, held at the Probate office in the City of St. Joseph, in said County, on the 10th day of November A.D. 1941.
Present, Hon. Malcolm Hatfield, Judge of Probate.
In the Matter of the Estate of Mary E. Marx, Deceased.
Joseph Marx, having filed in said Court his petition praying that the administration of said estate be granted to Joseph Marx or to some other suitable person and his petition praying that said court adjudicate and determine who were at the time of her death the legal heirs of said deceased and entitled to inherit the real estate of which said deceased died seized.
It is Ordered, That the 19th day of January A.D. 1942 at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at said Probate office, be and is hereby appointed for hearing said petitions;
It is Further Ordered, That Public notice thereof be given by publication of a copy of this order, once each week for three successive weeks previous to said day of hearing, in the Galien River Gazette, a newspaper printed and circulated in said County

On July 17, 1957, in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of their daughter Katherine Theresa's profession as Sister Mary Carmelita, O.P., Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Marx & Family were certified as special Benefactors of Mount Angel Monastery and have in life and after death a full share in the Daily Perpetual Convential High Mass and the Divine Office recited by the Benedictine Monks of Mount Angel Abbey in Saint Benedict, Marion County, Oregon

I have photos of: Mary Marx standing in the sand in front of a peach tree (Rt. hand on hip Lf. hand down); A school picture no year ~1902 includes Florence (my grandmother), Marie, Paul, and Esther; School picture 1914. I have the crazy quilt Helen made while babysitting Florence as an infant. Helen died soon after and the quilt was given to Florence. I have a lot of Florence's mother's lace work. I have the family sugar bowl too. Grandma said they always carried it to the table. She thought it was amazing it survived through all of the children. She said that her father was strict. They spoke German in the home when she was small. She told me a story of a stake growing into a tree and insisted the big tree between the house and the barn grew from a stake. Florence said all or most older siblings died of multiple strokes. Dad says that 'Grandmother Maria Elizabeth Marks was never called Mary by anyone everyone called her Marm or Marm Grandma [Email of Mathias and Mary's GreatGranddaughter Susan Ingermann: Monday, November 12, 2001].

This Memorial is a Tribute in recognition of our ancestor's sacrifices and hard work, which has allowed us to live the life which we have and to the suberb German & Irish heritage which has given us our values and humanity, but most of all our faith in God, and to the full blooded American heritage which has given us our zest for life and allows us to dream; for we live in a nation where we can achieve and accomplish anything!

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