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On March 4, 1928 Joseph Philip Marx was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in Spokane, Spokane County, Washington [Hazel E. Marx Bible] .

On May 13, 1928 Bea, Theo, Fairfax, Hazel and Philip at their house in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon .

On April 6, 1930 Theodore M. Marx, 45 year old Saw Mill Superintendent born in Michigan, who was 28 years old at time of his marriage; Hazel M., 37 year old born in South Dakota, who was 20 years old at time of her marriage; Theodore W., 15 year old born in Washington, who had been attending school; Beatrice E., 13 year old born in Washington, who had been attending school; Fairfax A., 12 year old born in Washington, who had been attending school; Joseph P., 2 year old born in Washington; were renting for $40/month at 679 East 55th Street in Portland, Precinct 351, Multnomah County, Oregon [ED 26-404: Sheet: 5B Line: 96] .

In February, 1932 Dad purchased a gentleman’s farm outside of Mount Angel, Marion County, so that we would have a stable place to grow up. Grandma Lamphier came down to manage the household duties and care for Phil [Phil, Uncle Ed and Dave ], while Mom and the rest of us stayed in Portland until I completed my freshman year at Holy Child HS in June, then we moved down to the farm and Grandma Lamphier went home to Spokane [Beatrice Bucknum Interview, Thursday, November 27, 1997].

On May 5, 1932 David celebrating his First Birthday with his brother Philip .

In 1934 Fairfax, Bea, Theo, Hazel, David, Philip, Ted and Sister Carmelita on the Marx' farm in Brooks .

In the Summer of 1934 the Marx Family stopped for a quick dip in the Pacific Ocean during a trip down the California Coast

Philip and Grandma Lamphier
Philip, Dave and Grandma Lamphier .
Philip, unidentified boy, Ted, Dave, Fairfax and Grandma Lamphier .

On April 12, 1936 Philip sat for a First Communion portrait .

On August 17, 1939 Thelma and Theo Marx, Edwin, Katie, Bea and John Bucknum, Hazel, Ted, Philip, Brother Boniface and David Marx posed for a Wedding Reception photo on the Marx Farm .

On April 1, 1940 T. M. Marx, 54 year old Saw Mill Superintendent of Construction born in Michigan, who had been employed 50 weeks during 1939 and made $3308 that year working 48 hours per week, and received more than $50 from other means, who had completed 1 year of High School, and who owned his own home valued at $3,000; Hazel, 47 year old born in South Dakota, who had completed 1 year of High School; Phillip, 12 year old born in Washington, who was attending school and had completed the 5th Grade; David Paul, 8 year old born in Oregon, who was attending school and had completed the 2nd Grade; were living at Farm 19 (as they had been five years previously) in North Howell precinct [ED: 24-44: Page: 1B: Line: 70] .

Around 1940 Philip and David sat for a portrait .

Letter from Hazel Marx, Route 1, Brooks, Oregon, to Bea Bucknum, 2312 Prospect Avenue, Wilmar, Los Angeles County, California, August 24, 1940
Dear Bea + Gordon and Denny me boy
I received your lovely letters and so glad to get the picture of baby at one month. He sure is growing fast now remember and don’t let that precious neck under each ear go with out a kiss each day for his Grandma. Well I hope you are feeling lots better by now and are following Drs orders to the letter. I sure been going ever since I got home guess the old saying is right (no rest for the wicked). I get up at 5 or some times 6 every morning + work in the yard until Grandma calls breakfast then I eat + out again until noon. I have 2 piles of weeds ea nearly as high as my head pulled out of the roses etc. Pat never pulled a weed all the time I was gone. Philip kept the lawn + roses watered so none died (Grandma kept her eye on him about that) So with a couple or 3 days more I’ll be thru. I want to get it all done before Daddy gets home Sept 1 st I got Pat to help me burn this back yard off + clean up under cedar trees yesterday + day before.
Thelma helped me clean up part of one rose bed one evening when they came out. Gee but Theodore + her are awful good to me now sure have changed a lot. Guess it drove them good for me to go away once they both have said several times how sorry they were that you had to have such a hard time. Guess it takes something like that to open ones eyes some times. They both can’t say nice enough things about you now. So when you write to them be your own sweet self and we will try + keep them like they are now it is much pleasant for me.
Well for the news around town Father Placidus died a week ago Friday had a stroke on the street in Portland. They had his funeral last Tuesday up on the hill we all went to it. Father Robert call up Father Abbots Sister in L. A. and he was there so he came back at once…got here Sunday morning on train. I was talking to Father Robert when I went up to see Fairfax on Aug 15 and told him Father Abbot spoke to me about having to go back to L. A. after he got thru in San F. to see his niece. So Father Robert said he took a hunch that he might be there as they didn’t know how to get in touch with him in S. F.
Well it worked as Father Abbot answered the phone he was there at his sister place. There sure was a crowd at the funeral. Bede was there also Father O Farrell + he stopped + talked to us for a while.
I heard the other day that Father Vincent wouldn’t be at the academy this year. Father James will take it over when ever he is needed there he will still be up on the hill too.
Grace Smith Ann had an operation for appendicitis while I was gone + Delores (her folks run the white corner store) had a baby boy while I was gone to. Also Mary Sellig (Thelma Aunt Grace’s daughter in law) is expecting a baby in Oct. Zeta is so big this time they expect twins. I just got announcement that Irene Armitage had a girl the 8 th of Aug. Thelma says she was huge when they were up there + now her baby only weighed 6 lbs + 6 ½ oz. She went to hospital at 3 + baby was born at 5 quick work wasn’t it. Grandma is having trouble with her right leg so am going to take her over to see Dr Smith at Silverton next week. That is the Dr John was always talking about so much. Oh I nearly forgot to tell you Henry Hagen (Carl’s oldest brother) was killed in a logging camp a couple of weeks ago. He was mashed so bad they couldn’t tell who he was. He + his wife had parted too.
Mrs. Hynes + Maurices Wife was over to see us one day this week. Maurice + her have just got back from the Fair at S. F. I showed them the baby’s pictures + you should have heard them rave about what a swell baby he is. I saw Father James the other day + he asked about you so I had some of the pictures with me + showed him one he thought they were swell. Every one remarks about how big + bright baby is for his age. Oh say if we do go to Arkansas I want to go thru Phoenix + stop + see you. Daddy said in his last letter Fred had got back + stopped to see him over there said he was figuring on that job now for sure. So now I don’t know just when we will go to S. F. Fair – we’ll have to wait until Daddy gets home and find out what’s what.
Well the Normile family came + stopped me, they had been up to Silver Creek Falls + stopped in on way home to see it I was home and to get your address as she wants to send you something for baby. Chas had another operation this summer was laid up a month but is O.K. now. They all send you best regard and good luck. I showed them all the baby pictures + they all Oh + ah over them. I sure hope baby is over that bowel trouble + gas.
Oh Fairfax calls baby “Dennis” all the time when he speaks of him. Mrs. Normile said why the name Dennis. I said why for Fairfax of course. She looked at Helen + says sure we never thought of that. Oh yes Thelma told me that Clara + Al are expecting to I don’t know when tho. She also said Dorothy Schwab is sure large now. I haven’t seen her yet tho. Well I guess that’s all for this time. So take good care of yourself now remember your health in later life depends on how you take care of yourself now.
Tell everyone hello for me. I sure would like to peek in when “Aunt Mary” has baby in the tub.
With love from
your loving Mother.
S.P. How is Dr Gil getting along does she still use castor oil as her main treatments ha! Ha!
Thanks again for the pictures I would like a couple extra ones of you + baby alone for Grandma + Fairfax he thinks that one is the best So write to him soon. Also to Ted + Thelma + Ed + Alice oh they leave on their trip Sept 8th for 2 weeks

On May 21, 1944 Ted and Hazel celebrated the ordination of their son Father Dennis [Fairfax] Marx, O.S.B.

Bea Bucknum, Dave, Father Dennis and Hazel Marx, Denny Bucknum, Philip, Sister Carmelita and Ted Marx gathered in front of the Blue Spruce tree
The following Sunday, Ted, Father Dennis, Hazel, Theo, Marcella, Philip, Thelma, Donna, Teddy, Dave, Sister Carmelita Marx and Denny and Bea Bucknum gather outside of St. Mary's Church in Mt. Angel following Father Dennis' first Mass .

In 1946 Phil sat for a Graduation photo from Mount Angel Prepatory .

On September 25, 1947 Pope Pius XII issued a Papal Plenary Indulgence to Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Marx and Family .
Most Holy Father,
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Marse and Family humbly prostrate at the feet of your Holiness, beg the Apostolic Benediction and a Plenary Indulgence to be gained at the hour of death, on condition that, being truly sorry for their sins, even though unable to confess them and to receive the holy Viaticum, they sall at least invoke with their lips or heart the Holy Name of Jesus.
S.S. mus Dominus benigne annuit precibus Datum es Aedibus Vaticanis, die 25 Septembris 1947
[S.S. It has been granted by the prayers of the Lord we are kindly agreed to at the Vatican, on the 25th day of September 1947].

The Mount Angel News, Sunday, September 11, 1949

Last Thursday, the simple profession was made by Frater Gerard Marx, Frater Antaasius Buchholz, Frater Eugene Esch, all of Mt. Angel, adn Frater Benedict Suing of Salem. Father Abbot received their vows at the offertory of the mass celebrated by the Very Rev. Prior Martin Pollard. All are students at the Mt. Angel seminary .

In the Summer of 1950 Father Dennis, Bea, Theo, Thelma, David, Hazel, Frater Gerard and Ted posed for a picture on the Marx Farm and Father Dennis, Bea, Theo, Gordon, Dave, Hazel, Philip and Ted posed for a picture and their children, Patty Marx, Denny Bucknum, Marcella Marx, Bob and Mike Bucknum and Donna Marx posed for a photo .

In 1951 Frater Gerard Marx received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Angel Major Seminary, with his Major being Philosophy and his Minors being Latin and English, and obtained his Oregon Teachers Certificate (Secondary), and proceeded with Theological Studies at Mount Angel Seminary [Richard Bucknum].

On May 27, 1954 Father Gerard Marx, O.S.B. was ordained at Mount Angel Abbey in Benedict [Hazel E. Marx Bible] , and Bea Bucknum, Dave, Father Dennis, Father Gerard, Theo and Thelma [standing], Sister Rose, Hazel, Ted and Sister Carmelita gathered to celebrate his Ordination .

On June 3, 1956 Father Gerard received his Master of Arts degree in Philosophy from University of Notre Dame, with emphasis on Aristotelian and Symbolic Logic and History of Formal Logic [Richard Bucknum].

In September, 1956 Father Gerard sat for a Faculty Portrait .

In December, 1960 Father Gerard displays his most recent Mosaic .

Seattle Post Intelligencer, Sunday, February 4, 1962

Grand-Parents’ Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Marx, accompanied by their son, Rev. Gerard Marx, OSB, motored to Mercer Island, near Seattle, Saturday where they spent the week end at the David Marx home. Saturday afternoon their grandson and nephew, Robert James, son of the David Marx, was baptized at St. Rita’s Catholic church, with Father Gerard officiating. Godparents are Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Bucknum, of San Jose, Calif., with Mr. and Mrs. Ted Marx, being proxy for the godparents, who were unable to attend. The little lad was born January 8th., and has two older brothers, John and Terry.
Following the ceremony a luncheon was served at the Marx home, in honor of the baptism and also in compliment to Mr. and Mrs. Ted Marx who were observing their 49th Wedding anniversary. Present were Rev. Gerard Marx, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Marx of Mt. Angel; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ballew of Everette, parents of Mrs. David Marx, and the hosts and family.

On February 4, 1963 Theo, Dave, Ted, Father Dennis [standing], Father Gerard, Hazel and Bea sat for a Family Portrait on their parent's Golden Wedding Anniversary .

Mount Angel News, Monday, February 4, 1963

Two Sons of Goldenweds Officiate at Ceremony

MOUNT ANGEL - The golden wedding celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Marx on Sunday, Feb. 3 was noteworthy in that their two sons officiated. Receiving the renewal of the wedding vows made by his parents fifty years ago was Rev. Dennis Marx, OSB. Standing beside Father Dennis during the ceremony in the sanctuary of St. Mary's Catholic Church immediately preceding the 9:30 o'clock solemn high mass was Rev. Gerard Marx, OSB, another son.
Father Dennis was celebrant of the solemn anniversary high mass and Father Gerard and Rev. Method Korn, OSB, a special friend, acted as deacons. Master of ceremonies was Rev. Thomas Brockhaus, OSB.
Taking the place of the best man and bridesmaid of fifty years ago were two children of the goldenweds, Theodore Marx of San Mateo, Calif., eldest of the couple's four sons, and Mrs. Beatrice (Gordon) Bucknum, Olympia, Wash., the only daughter.
David Marx of Seattle, the youngest son, escorted his mother up the aisle as the wedding march was played by Rev. Andrew Baumgartner, OSB.

Out of Town Guests
Among the relatives who came from a distance for the church services and the wedding breakfast in the new Copper Room in Silverton's Shoppng Center, were Mr. and Mrs. David Delamphire of Spokane, brother and sister-in-law; Gordon Bucknum, Olympia; Mrs. David Marx, Seattle; Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Osburn, Milwaukie, Oregon; and ten of the couple's 14 grandchildren.
From 3 to 5 o'clock in the afternoon about 200 guests called at the Marx country home in the North Howell district. Barbara and Dick Biucknum received guests at the door. Miss Mary Joe Waldron of San Jose, Calif. presided at the gift table.
A tall basket of 50 gold and white chrysanthemums, presented by their five children, banked the fireplace.
The gold and white tiered wedding cake was decorated with bells and roses. A tiny pink rose from the couple's wedding cake fifty years ago centered the rosebud nosegay atop the cake.
Mrs. Delamphire cut the cake; Miss Donna Marx of San Mateo, granddaughter, and Mrs. David Marx, Seattle, daughter-in-law, poured. Assisting were Mrs. Joe Brock and Miss Henrietta Saalfeld, Mt. Angel.
Hazel Williams and Theodore Marx were married in St. Ann's Catholic Church, Spokane, Feb. 4, 1913. The family moved to Mt. Angel in Feb. 1932, settling on a farm about four miles southwest of town. Mr. Marx is a construction superintendent. They have five children; two are priests and three are married: and 14 grandchildren .

Statesman Journal, Marion County, Thursday, February 7, 1963



A solemn High Mass with two sons on the altar started the Golden Wedding celebration Sunday, February 3, for Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Marx, residents of Mt. Angel for more than thirty years.
The Jubliarians renewed their marriage vows at 9:30 Mass in St, Mary’s Catholic Church, with their son, Rev. Dennis Marx, O.S.B., celebrating the Mass and another son, Rev. Gerard Marx, O.S.B., assisting as Deacon. Rev. Method Korn, O.S.B., sub-deacon, delivered the sermon and Rev. Thomas Brockhaus, O.S.B., Master-of Ceremonies.
The Rt. Rev. Abbot Damian Jentges, O.S.B., Abbot of Mt. Angel Abbey was present in the Sanctuary.
A daughter, Mrs. John (Beatrice) Bucknum, of Olympia, Wash., and son Theodore W. Marx of San Mateo, Calif., attended the couple. Their fourth son, David of Mercer Island, Wn. {escorted his mother up the aisle}, and son-in-law, John Bucknum, were ushers. Present also were Mrs. Marx brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lamphier of Soap Lake, Wash., Mr. Lamphier was also at the wedding 50 years ago. Attending, too, were Mrs. David Marx, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Osborn of Milwaukie, Ore., relatives, and Miss Mary Jo Waldron of San Jose, California, along with nine of the couple’s fourteen grandchildren.
Mrs. Marx wore shades of blue nylon lace over old rose satin with matching shades of old rose flowered hat and corsage of white orchid with golden throat.
The altar and church were decorated with gold and white chrysanthemums with special candles lighted on the Blessed Virgin’s Altar.
Major Seminarians from Mt. Angel Abbey sang the Mass in Gregorian chant, conducted by Rev. David Nicolson, O.S.B., and Rev. Andrew Baumgartner, O.S.B., was the organist.
The Jubliarians, following the Mass were honored by a Golden Wedding breakfast for the immediate family and relatives in the Cooper Room in Silverton.
More than 200 relatives and friends enjoyed an afternoon reception at the Marx country home {in the North Howell farming district} where Beatrice Bucknum was hostess. In a setting of gold and bronze chrysanthemums, Mrs. Edward Lamphier, assisted with the cutting of cake which was baked and decorated by Mrs. Sophia Jaeger of Mt. Angel. Mrs. David (Mary Beth) Marx served at the punch bowl and Barbara Bucknum, granddaughter and godchild, greeted guests and passed the guest book. Mrs. Joseph Brock of Woodburn, and Miss Henrietta Saalfeld of Mt. Angel also assisted the hostess.
The beautiful three layer cake bore four orchids and 50 Gold Roses and was topped by a four column pedestal. Bearing five roses for the couple’s five children, with a nosegay center fashioned around a pink rose from the original wedding cake 50 years ago. The frosting was forget-me-knots around gold roses.
During the day Mr. and Mrs. Marx received telephone calls from five grandchildren unable to attend, as well as from Mrs. Theodore W. (Thelma) Marx and from Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Cerrato of New York City. Telegrams also arrived from Mr. Marx’s sister, Mrs. Joe Tellson and his niece and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Ned Hurley all of New York {with gifts received from Paul Marx, Florence Rezek, Leo Marx, Sister Rose Seraphina Marx, O.P., Elizabeth and Christine Seimetz}.
Among the gifts presented to the couple by the family were two Mosaics; a crucifix and “Man of Sorrows” , done by their two sons from Mt. Angel Abbey: Fathers Dennis and Gerard, O.S.B.
Father Theo Piper of St. Anne’s Parish, Spokane, Wash., performed the original wedding ceremony, February 4, 1913.
The semi-centennial celebrants moved from Portland to Mr. Angel in 1932. Mr. Marx spent 50 years as construction superintendent of paper mills and saw mills through the West Coast before his retirement in 1956 .

The Capital Journal, Salem, Thursday, February 7, 1963

Pair Repeats Ceremony For 50th Anniversary

MOUNT ANGEL - Mr. and Mrs. Thoedore M. Marx, residents of Mount Angel since 1932, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Feb. 3 when they renewed their marriage vows of 50 years ago at a special anniversary mass in St. mary's Catholic Church here. Their five children were here for the occasion.
Officiating at the 9:30 a.m. solemn high mass were their two sons, the Rev. Dennis Marx, OSB. Subdeacon was the Rev. Method Korn, OSB, who also gave the sermon, and Rev. Thomas Brockhaus, OSB, master of ceremonies. Also present were the Rt. Rev. Abbot Damian Jentges, OSB, and Rev. Cyril Lebold, OSB.
The Rev. Andrew Baumgartner played the organ and the seminarian choir from Mount Angel Abbey sang, with the Rev. David Nicholson, OSB, conducting.

The altars of the church were decorated with gold and white pom-pom chrysanthemums with greenery and tall lighted candles.
Mr. and Mrs. Marx were attended by their daughter, Mrs. John Bucknum of Olympia, Wash., and their eldest son, Theodore Marx of San Mateo, Calif.
Following the mass, a breakfast was served in the copper room of Deshaw's in Silverton.
The Marx country home in the North Howell farming district, was decorated with gold flowers for the afternoon reception. The anniversary cake was decorated with 50 pink roses, one for each year of wedded life, and live additional roses honoring the five children. Topping th ecake was apink rose from the wedding cake of 50 years ago.

Hosting the reception were the honoree's three children, Theodore W. Marx, David Marx and Mrs. John (Beatrice) Bucknum. Mrs. Edward lamphier of Soap Lake, Washington, sister-in-law, cut the cake, and Mrs. David Marx, a daughter-in-law, served punch.
Several hundred friends, neighbors and relatives called on the couple.
Mr. and Mrs. Marx were married Feb. 4, 1913, at the St. Anne's Parish, Spokane, Wash., with the Rev. Theo Piper officiating .

The Oregonian, Portland, Thursday, February 7, 1963

Theodore Marxes Celebrate Their Golden Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Marx of Rt. 1, Brooks, celebrated theri 50th wedding anniversary Sunday at St. Mary's Church in Mt. Angel where a Solemn High Mass was held.
Two sons assisted with the mass, Rev. Dennis Marx, O.S.B. celebrated the mass and Rev. Gerard Marx, O.S.B., served as deacon. Rev. method Korn, O.S.B., sub-deacon, delivered the sermon and Rev. Thomas Brockhaus was the master of ceremonies. The Right Rev. Abbot D. Jentges was also present.
Mrs. Gordon Bucknum of Olympia, Wash., the couple's only daughter, and Theodore Marx of San Matea, served as attendants for their parnets as they stood before the altar to re-pledge their marriage vows. David Marx, the youngest son, from Seattle excorted his mother up the aisle as the wedding march was played by Rev. Andrew Baungartner.
The couple were first married February 4, 1913, at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Spokane, Wash. They have five children and 14 grandchildren.
A wedding breakfast was held at the Copper Room at the DeShaw House an dduring the afternoon more than 200 guests congratulated Mr. and Mrs. Marx at their home in the North Howell district.
A tall basket of 50 gold and white mums, a gift from the couple's children, banked the fireplace at the Marx home. Barbara and Dick Bucknum received the guests at the door an dMiss Mary Jo Waldron of San Jose presided at the gift table.
The beautiful tiered weddng cake bore four orchids and 50 gold roses and was topped by a four column pedestal beaing five roses for the Marxes' five children. A nosegay was fashioned around the pink rose saved from the wedding cake 50 years ago.
Assisting with the reception were Mrs. Edward Lamphier, Miss Donna marx of Seattle, Mrs. Joe Brock and Miss Henrietta Saalfeld of Mt. Angel.
Long distance phone calls and telegrams of congratulations were sent by friends and relatives unable to attend the celebration .

The Grandfolk's farm...From the old kitchen you would enter the new kitchen, which was substantially smaller and off of which was the Granfolk's bedroom.
Next was the small dining room, off of which were the stairs to the bedrooms upstairs and the second bathroom and against the wall was Grandma's upright piano. Occasionally she would play it, but mostly it was reserved for Fathers Dennis and Gerard, both concert pianists...
at the end of the hall was a small closet which Grandad had converted into Uncle Phil and Uncle Dave’s bedroom by installing a bunk bed. This was truly a room where you had to step outside to change your mind...
At the far end of the room a painting (tribute to Homer Winslow) which Dennis and Gerard collaborated on was built into the wall. Mom has both the petit point ottoman and the picture in her front room...
Of course there was also the occasional getting caught smoking behind the workshop and Father Gerard making us eat an entire pack of Pall Malls, but by and large it was great memories of family times...
Grandma and Fathers Dennis and Gerard had untold talents in the humanities...
[Richard Bucknum].

The Angelus, Saint Benedict, Volume 16, Number 6, May, 1963

Mosaic Presented

The Holy Spirit in the form of a descending dove, encompassed by the flame it enkindles - that best describes the new mosaid hanging in Father Ambrose's office. Designed by Father Gerard Marx, OSB, and constructed by Father Gerard and Reyes Rodriguez, the mosaic was a gift to the major seminary rector from the out-going student council .

In September, 1966 Father Gerard sat for a Faculty Portrait .

From September 1956 to May 1967 Father Gerard taught at Mount Angel Seminary and Mount Angel College. He described his teaching as:

Until the last three or four years the 'brand' of philosophy taught was entirely thomistic. During later years my interest has moved over into the existential field; more precisely: emphasis on the human person and what it means to be a person. In my opinion, I am convinced that I have succeeded in synthesizing these two 'styles' of philosophizing.

During this period he also served as a Marriage Counselor for Catholics in the Mount Angel vicinity, where he met Eva and they moved to San Diego, San Diego County, California; where he began working as a marriage, family and child counselor [Richard Bucknum].

On October 14, 1967 Joseph P. Marx, 39 year old, married Eva L. Wilwerding, 35 year old, in San Diego [California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985/Hazel E. Marx Calendar] .

On January 6, 1971, the day after I reported to Naval Boot Camp at San Diego, Phil and his family moved into a motel to await completion of their new house in La Jolla. After moving in, his first project was to paint a replica of Salvador Dali's 'Don Quixote' on his dining room wall, which he had completed by March when I got the weekend off from Boot Camp and visited them [Richard Bucknum].

Christmas Card from Hazel E. Marx, Portland, Oregon, to Philip and Eva Marx, San Diego, December 18, 1974
Hi – Your Xmas gift arrived today Wed. 18 and it sure is a beautiful Poinsettia with 14 big flowers on it. Thanks so very much for it.
Just had a card from Ann and she has sold the home in Chicago and moved in with Marjorie and George (they were married shortly after David was). I don’t know their last name. Anyway the kids didn’t want her to stay alone since Paul died. They live at 3324 Montmarte Ave, Hazel Crest, Ill. So it must be near Chicago. Daddy and I are about the same. His legs are so week. I still haven't gained any of my weight back. I am still 140 lbs. Lost 20 lbs. In Aug 20 to 29 when I was in hospital. Dr. don't want me to gain any either said it would be to hard on my heart. I do go to bed and rest everyday. Will go back to Dr. for disk after Xmas. Sure having lots of rain here now.
Hope all are well and O.K.
Have a Wonderful Xmas + New Year

Letter from Hazel E. Marx, Portland, Oregon, to Philip and Eva Marx, San Diego, California, March 25, 1975
Dear Eva and Philip – Just a note to let you know we are still here. Daddy is still awful weak so don't get around very well. He is still on that severe diet Salt less Bread and Salt less Butter and no salt in anything. No bacon or ham or lunch meats now. Also off sugar again.
Has lots more pills to take every day too. Oh Bob and Cathy had a baby girl today about 11 A.M. weighed 9 lbs call her Jamy. They both wanted a boy so bad. She went into hospital at 8 A.M. today. Another C. section like last one – (2 years June 10). (She weighed 9 lbs 3 oz).
Had a letter from Mary Beth and David last week and they all have been sick with Flue and Mary Beth had strep throat too with hers –
Well to day has been a beautiful sunny day here at last. Have had so much rain last couple weeks.
Hope all are well and OK.
Mother and Daddy

Letter from Hazel E. Marx, Portland, Oregon, to Philip and Eva Marx, San Diego, California, May 27, 1975
Dear Eva and Philip – Thanks so very much for such a beautiful Mothers Day card.
I had one from Marcella also a letter in it saying they stopped in to visit you when they took the children to San Diego in April to the Zoo ect.
She said you sure had a lovely home there and like it so much down there. Carl loves San Diego too. He wanted to go there to live. They have a lovely place at L. A. so (Thelma says)
Marcella never forgets me on Mothers Day ect. She and Dennis always remember Also Bea’s girls.
Hope your garden is coming along O.K. and Strawberrys is ripe soon –
Daddy weighs about 150 lbs. now. He was down to 144 in Feb 18 when he came home from Hospital, His legs are still awful weak he hasn't been out of Apt. since he came home. Gets around Apt. and takes care of himself. Has to take real short steps to keep his balance.
Oh Mrs. Bauman was operated on last Monday had to have some of her bowels cut out (a Stopage there).
Fr. Albert comes over every Thursday or Friday and brings us communion to Apt. Mrs. Bauman is 87 years old now. Mr. Bauman is nearly 90 now. They have their 62nd Ann this month.
Guess that all for now.
Oh yes Dick and Yvonne drove out last Friday and went to Olympia to her folks and will be back here to Beas Sat and hopes to stay until Beverly Graduation June 1st. He has wrote and asked for a few more days. He was supposed to be back on job June 3 when he got here. It took them 5 days to drive out. They got a new car last Xmas. But that 55 miles slows them a lot.
Mother + Daddy
God Bless you always

Letter from Hazel E. Marx, Portland, Oregon, to Philip and Eva Marx, San Diego, California, September 21, 1975
Dear Eva and Philip -
We received your loving letter some time ago. So glad you all are well and OK.
I have been very busy here. I fell Aug 1st as I was getting ready for bed about 11:45 P.M. (I always stay up and listen to the 11:00 o'clock news). I was getting a drink at kitchen sink and I saw a cockroach run across the floor so I turned around quick and stepped on it and lost my balance and fell backwards and hit my head on refrigerator and landed on my right ribs and sprained muscles in my right knee. (Granddad goes to bed at 10:00 o'clock every night) so I didn't wake him. I managed to get on my feet and get in my bedroom. My knee swelled up the size of an egg right away so rubbed Ben Gay on it and took a couple Bufferin also rubbed Ben Gay on my ribs. Got to sleep about 3 A.M. Bea wanted me to go to Dr so a few days afterward I went to Dr Marxen (the Bone Dr I had with my shoulder) They took 2 Xrays of my ribs and examined my head and knee. I thought maybe I had a concussion in my head, but he said no just a big black and blue lump there was all. I had not broken or even cracked my any ribs but muscles and all was swollen and sore. Well it took a whole month for that to get over. Even now when I do something extra ribs hurt. So much for me, now Granddad isn't so good. Has that wheezing so much (comes from that draining from his sinuses in his head) he has a hard time coughing it up. Well I had Dr Lodmell stop in to see him last of Aug and of course he wanted an Xray (hadn't had one since Feb 18) But he wouldn't go to Dr office or over to hospital. I tried to get him to go before Dr came. He is awful weak he don't go out of Apt. (even down to get the mail in lobby) His legs is so weak. Well anyway T and T got him to go to Dr office Friday afternoon this last week -
Ted came to Apt and took him in his car at 2:30 P.M. Thelma had made arrangement with the Dr and nurse to have everything ready so he could go right in and have Xray and check up. Ted took the stool along and Granddad sat on it going down in elevator and even in hall from Elevator when we got back to Apt. he was tired out. Of course he will be 91 years old Nov 9, so he is doing good for his age I think. Well Sat he was real bad all day and night, but today he is a little better seems to breath much better -
Michelle comes over from school and gives him a B-12 shot every day last week. She couldn't make it at noon Friday so I told her not to come after school as we wouldn't be back from Dr yet. Anyway I got the nurse at Dr office to give him one when we first got there so it gave him more strength before Xray. Oh Dr said Xray was just the same as in Feb. His heart was just the same. Dr said he may have a touch of asthma like he had on farm when I took him to Silverton Hospital that time and Dr Dodds put him in Oxygen tent. 15 years ago or so Dr had him in tent for 3 days then kept him there 3 or 4 days afterwards. Well this is all our troubles.
You know Patty Marx married a Don Hunter that went over to Singapore (to work for a company in Texas) drilling for oil. Don builds some sort of platform for men to live on while drilling. Patty went over there + married him about 5 or 6 years ago. They got thru there + came back here June 3 years ago + had a baby girl Nov. 2 (she will be 3 this year) They finally bought a few acres + home at Redmond, Ore then had a baby boy in Oct (he will be 2 years old this year). Now this spring (March I think) the same Company wanted Don to go to Urran for them on same deal so he went + got a place for Patty + children to live so she went over in May. Then T + T got a phone call from Patty Aug 20 that Don was in hospital at Singapore had an explostin + flash fire + was burnt bad about 35% of his body + wanted Thelma to come. So she had to get another small pox shot + also a cholera shot + went on Aug. 21 (all her other deals was O.K. until 1976 from T+T trip over there 3 or 4 years ago when they went to Japan etc). Thelma stayed ther for 2 weeks had to get a Sub. teacher for her school here until she got back. Patty + children are living in a friends of theirs house while they are on cavation. Don's back + right side is burned + also his left arm. Don't know how much skin grafting will be needed untill it all heals up. Dr. scrubbs it every other day, But it is healing nice now + Drs are well pleased with it. They are giving him Therapy treatments every dat to get his arms + back in movement now.-
Well Beverly graduated from high school June 1st while Dick + Yvonne was here came back of May + left June 3rd. The are with Navy back in New Hampshire. Dick is still with Subs there in Navy. Well they talked Beverly into go back with them for vacation so she went for a month + while back there she met this dear friend of Dick + been engaged to him, he gave her a beautiful diamond ring. He is with Dick in Navy on same sub. He was suppose to come out here + meet her folks on his vacation in Aug. + also get married Aug 23 Well Bevery + Bea went over to see the Priest at Lake Oswego + arrange for everything. Well the way things are now with the church Beverly is only 18+ under 20 she has to take instructions for 6 months to 1 year + of course Paul isn't a Catholic so he will be made to have instruction too. He came + brought his kid Sister 13 years old with him, he stopped a his folks in Missouri + got baptized in Christian church there
So they stayed until Aug 31 + Beverly went back with them. Dick + Yvonne is expecting their 1st baby Jan 25 or there abouts + she doesn't know anyone back there so they all had it figured out that Paul + Beverly would get married + be back there to help Yvonne from being to lonely. Well Beverly says she will stay with them until after the baby comes + come back home to get married in March!!!
Well Bea don't like it at all but can't do anything about it
Well Barbara Bea's oldest girl was to get married last year in June ast part think she planned on 6 or 10 of June. She had bought her dress + even the blue garter in May + brought it here. She had the priest at Lake Oswego + made all arrangements. Fr. Dennis was to do the honors etc. She had the invitation all ready except the date a frined of hers at Olympia was making for present then her intended wanted to postpone it + kept on so it nver happen. But Barbara had a baby boy Jan 7, 1975 at Olympia. Bea went up for it. I don't know all the deal but Bea told me once that Barbara would not have him later on. I don't know But Barbara never came near us untill Thanksgiving day + Bea want us to come over for dinner +9 Mike + Barbara was coming down from Seattle to be there (Mike had her working for him last Aug + fall to Xmas he was in Seattle all last year running a warehouse for a friend of his + Well Bea + Gordon came over the Sunday before Thanksgiving + asked us over for dinner + then told us that Barbara was going to have a baby around Xmas time or after
That was the 1st we kne of it. Barbara had been up at Olympia all the time I guess Bea + them new it before, But never said a word to us. Well Barbara was a so big then. The baby weigh 9 lbs 6 oz. Dick wanted to adopt it but Barbara said she was going to keep it. Its father folks live at Roseburg + Barbara takes the baby down there every once in a while to see them But never see the baby father (so she says)
Poor Barbara never got her shape back she is so awful big now, she was 21 the 28 of Aug. She moved down here with her folks this summer Mike also moved down here at Xmas time got Apt out near Gresham for a while finally got one in Lake Oswego this spring. So now Barbara is answering phone called for Mike at his Apt.
Oh Bea + Gordon moved to Lake Oswego in July live on South side of Lake Oswego so does Mike not to far away
Oh Denny + Barbara Ann have bought a home in Gresham a 3 bedromm house. They expect another baby Jan 7 or there about. Their little girl was 2 Sept. 7 + the adopted boy was 4 last March 28th. He sure is a beautiful child blond curly hair + big blue eyes real fair complextion. The little girl looks dead image of Denny. Well I guess this has turned out to be a real newspaper ha! ha!
Oh yes the new Abott made Fr. Vincent retire so Fr. Patrick took his place here in Portland at St. Agatha church + School so Thelma had him now + Fr. Ferald is ass. there. Fr. Ambrose Zenner is at Tillimook now + Fr. Benedict is at Mt. A. as Pastor ther. Fr. Valran Keeper is at Rockaway now. I heard other day that Fr. Methodist is going to Napa Ida as Chaplin there to be near his mother (I didn't know she was still alive) Oh Fr. Perdoc from Mt. A. is Ass to Fr. Albert here in Portland. Oh Fr. Albert Mother died this summer. she was 87 years old. Mr Bauman is pretty weak now too he was 89 in July.
Ustel + her husband is home now from Africa they are there then. So they are living with her folks. She got home in May last part before her mother died. Mrs. Bauman was in Nursing home at Mt. A. after she had surgery in Sivlerton Hospital she hasd an obstruction in her bowels removed. She never got over it.
Oh Thelma talked Daddy into letting her take him out to see the old farm once more so they went July 30. Daddy wouldn't go into house but did get out of car and go over where the dog house used to be and look at the wheat. Mr. Simm has that field East of the house all in wheat it sure is a grand crop of wheat this year he was already to thrash it any day then. Jim Hollin had thir all finished.
Oh Daddy says to tell you not to cultivate your corn as much as you use to on farm also it nees a lot of room for roots to grow.
Well I am trying to finish a gift for yo both hope to get it done by Oct. 14,
I been at it for 3 years. I never got to touch it last year. It is something I made it all myself. Me eyes aren't so good since last fall after my 2 spell in hospital with in 2 months had to much acid in my system etc.
Will get new glasses next month. It will be 2 year since mine were changed.
Is Kathy still at Phynix Ariz?
Sure glad to get the "Thank You" card from Dwane + to know he is going on to College + take up Foresting. God Bless you
Mother + Daddy

Oregonian, Portland, Thursday, November 27, 1975

Theodore Marx

Theodore M. Marx, who for nearly 50 years was a superintendent in construction of sawmills and papermills throughout the Northwest, died Tuesday in a local hospital. He was 91.
Vigil services will be held at 7”30 p.m. Friday in Sacred Heart Catholic Church and his son, the Rev. Dennis Marx, O.S.B., of Mt. Angel Abbey in St. Benedict, will celebrate the funeral Mass at 10 a.m. Saturday in the church.
Interment will be in Calvary Cemetery in Mt. Angel.
Mr. Marx was born Nov. 9, 1884, in New Buffalo, Mich. He resided in Portland at 111 SW Harrison St.
He began work in the construction business in Washington in 1911 and worked with the firm of Fred W. Horstkotte until his retirement in 1957. He supervised construction of mills in Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho and Montana.
In addition to the Rev. Marx, survivors include his wife Hazel, sons Theodore W. of Portland, J.P. of San Diego, and David P. of Mercer Island, Wash.; daughter Beatrice Bucknum of Lake Oswego; 16 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren .

The Mount Angel News, Saturday, November 30, 1975

Theodore Marx dies in Portland

MT. ANGEL – Theodore M. Marx, 91, died November 25 in a Portland Hospital.
He was born Nov. 9, 1884 in New Buffalo, Mich., and had lived in the North Howell area almost all of his life prior to moving to Portland eight years ago. He was a construction engineer.
Mr. Marx is survived by his wife Hazel, sons Theodore of Portland, Father Dennis of the Mt. Angel Abbey, Joe of San Diego, David of Mercer Island, Wash., daughter Beatrice Bucknam of Lake Oswego, sisters Mrs. Marie Bachman of Chattanooga, Tenn., Mrs. Esther Tellson of South Orange, New Jersey, Mrs. Florence Rezeck of West Lafayette, Ill., 16 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.
Vigil was held 7:30 p.m. Friday with Father Albert Bauman as officiant and Requiem Mass was at 10 a.m. Saturday with Father Dennis Marx and concelebrants from Mt. Angel Abbey (9 Priests and Abbott all from Mt. A.), both in Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Portland. Interment was in Calvary Cemetery in Mr. Angel.
Serving as pallbearers were grandsons Theodore Marx, Jr., Dennis Bucknam, Mike Bucknam, Bob Bucknam, John Marx and Terry Marx.
Unger Chapel was in charge of arrangements .

On May 14, 1983 Eva Louise Marx, who was born April 12, 1932 in Minnesota and whose Mother's maiden name was Allen, died in San Diego [California Death Certificate: 468-32-7515].

On August 17, 1989 Phil posed for a picture at his sister Bea’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration .

In the summer of 1991 Phil moved from San Diego to Portland, and, as he put it:

bought a house that had been built in 1988. The style of the house was late Cape Cod. The yard around the house was early Jurassic, where giant dandelions and wild grass grew and every unwanted week known to Oregon - except poison oak. I liked the architecture of the house but there were some serious mistakes. The narrow stairs ascending to the front-door deck looked like an ascent to a gallows and the bottom of the front door was higher than the deck making it look like the door in the bulkhead of a ship.
I was thinking of re-doing the front yard with the lawn going down to the street. I would pour a simple concrete curb to separate the lawn from the street. But before this idea had a chance to develop and gel, a boxer dog and his 'socially challenged' owners appeared on the scene. The three of them lived two doors down the street.
The first day I was here, moving in, the master of this dog brought him up to introduce himself and the dog to me. They seemed to think of this dog as their child so I considered them the dog's parents. They felt everyone should cherish this dog as they did. The dog never did anything wrong. He couldn't. So he was allowed to roam at will and to do his miscreant deeds where he will. They were convinced that the neighbors welcomed this dog and all his acts as much as they did. I overheard this incident not long ago.
'The dog hiking his leg against a juniper-hedge of the neighbor's yard across the street. The dog's mistress stood in her front yard looking on adoringly. Also watching was the neighbor across the street. The woman yelled out to the neighbor: "Look. He's watering your shrub." The neighbor, irate, said, "I don't want him to water my shrub." Then (she) called him home and hugged him and patted him lovingly on the head.'
The male owner once said that he believed the dog talked to him. I wonder about a man who is interested in what a dog has to say.
Still, I should pin a medal on this dog. He is responsible for the shape my landscape-plans took. The looks of the house would be drastically changed and would become the talk of the area. Some people came from another part of Portland when they heard what we were doing and so it began.
One morning, as I went out to get the paper, I saw in the yard a steaming monument to this dog's early-morning presence. Several days later I caught the dog doing his job in my yard. I shouted him off. That was it. I had to fence the yard. I turned my mind to the choices I had. A board fence? No, that was too enclosed. A chain-link fence? No, there is no beauty in a chain link fence. A wrought-iron fence? That had appeal. I had always liked a wrought-iron fence, especially if it had spears running along the top. But it was not dog-proof and pillars with lights on top. This was so appealing that there was no longer any choice, but to do it - dog or no dog. The dog would have to learn.
I immediately began the dog's adult education. I owned a Crossman BB gun (pump-action). The first BB caught the dog in the very act of fouling my yard again. The next one caught him at the backyard gate trying to get the attention of a little female mongrel living on the other side of the fence. I got him again. The dog was getting practice. He was faster now. I decided I was not going to wait for him to come into the yard. I chose preventive action. I would get the dog before he came into the yard, maybe even before he even thought about it. It did not take the dog long to associate pain with the sound of my pumping up the gun. I didn't have to use my gun anymore. I think there must now be so many BB's lodged in his hide and fur that he clinks when he walks.
So, thanks to the dog, I would have a wrought-iron fence in front, running between large concrete-block pillars with lights on top.

For the next two years, Phil toiled at his landscaping. All because of one dog!
During Phil's time in Portland he continued to work with Archbishop Vlaxny and Bishop Steiner toward his goal of reinstatement into the Priesthood, making frequent trips down to Mount Angel Abbey for continued education.
Quite frequently he would bring some 'exotic dish' over to his sister Bea's for her and Buck's dinner. He would never partake of the dish he brought, but would sit and talk with Bea for hours.
He also frequently, with his brother Dave, would go on hunting and fishing trips. Sometimes taking one of his step-children and some of the grandnephews, although this practice was shortly curtailed due to their noise and insistence on bringing more technological devices than Phil thought appropriate
[Richard Bucknum].

In the spring of 1996 Phil moved to Elk Rapids, Antrim County, Michigan and was reinstated into the Priesthood, where Father Joseph Marx served as the parish priest for Sacred Heart Church [Richard Bucknum].

Letter from Joseph Gerard Philip Marx, Elk Rapids, to Mary Beth Marx and the grieving church at 8846 SE 40th, Mercer Island, Sunday, April 27, 1997
I am sorry that I cannot be with you tomorrow. My decision rests not upon any one factor. But weighing heavily is the cost (on such short notice) of the airfare between here and there. Something like $730 and at a time when I used every bit of my monthly income to finish things remaining to be done on my house.
We share a great sorrow, a sorrow of loss: the loss of a husband, the loss of a father and the loss of a brother. I am one who can truly share this pain with you. I have lost the very last person in this world I could do things with. Loneliness now descends upon my life and there is nothing that can fill it. There is no one now to do things with. We will no longer hear his words in our ears.
Dave used words made of sound to tell us what he was thinking and how much he loved us. But now, thought for him is pure thought, no longer needing the crippling medium made from matter and its dimensions of space and time. His language now is "angel speak" which he will use to talk to us now. It will take some practice on our part to hear him. Although he is not an angel and would never want to be, he still "talks" like one because, like them, he now enjoys the "perks" of a spirit. He uses the same kind of communication that spirits use in talking with each other.
We should know something of this kind of speech. It is pure thought. Communication now is thought to thought. It will not come in words to us. We will not hear voices. If we did, we would not believe our ears and we would doubt and so we will find a thought suddenly there in our awareness and somehow we can tell. It's not ours. It's someone else talking and then we know…he is there, for where his thought is, there is he. Spirit is in the place where it acts.
This is heavy stuff. Some people think I'm a lightweight. But not quite. I'm simply an old hand at conversing with a beloved spirit who has died and now with Dave joining the chorus I have a crowd to listen to. A chorus of love. I can tell who is who by what the subject matter is that we once had in common.
It is a wonderful thing being spirit, to be free of the constraints of matter and its dimensions of place and time. A spirit (the human spirit) in the act of death bursts out of the cage of the body that had limited its immense power and then explodes into a state of perfect love of self and God and of others and a state of perfect knowledge. Without the body it is free of the constraint of being in a place within this universe. It is now "pan-cosmic.
Now that is a word that Bears the weight of an entire universe of thought. To be nowhere and yet to be everywhere for in the so-called "dimension" where the spirit lives, there simply is no "where" there. It is as meaningless to ask where Dave is now, as to ask the question: "how high is blue?" Wonder then of the Beauty of what I say even if you may not grasp fully the truth of it.
Our husband, our father, my brother is close and more present to all of us now than ever he was or could be before. Yet nothing has changed. He is still Dave. Only the excellence and closeness of his being has changed. He is now more perfect than he was before he died.
Before he had to work through the constraints and limitations of the body. Now he can work without them and he can love more and perfectly so, than ever before. You will find that he will not interfere with the way things are going in this life. He now possesses perfect knowledge of the present and the future. He knows where things are going. He knows the good of it that is hidden from us because he can see better than we can, the love smiling upon the face of God.
Dave is surely with God. If he cannot make it there, who of us can? But who is it that now is enjoying his company in that high empyrean plain? That community that stands before the face of God and knows Him and loves Him? Who is it now that calls him husband and father and brother all in one? Do they know who it is that stands at their side? Do they know…how unbelievably lucky they are!"

On April 22, 2001 Father Joseph Philip Marx (aged 73 years, who was born March 4, 1928, died in Elk Rapids [SSAN: Place of Issuance: Oregon: 541-48-6242] and was buried at Pine Grove Cemetery in New Buffalo, Berrien County .
[Aunt Mary Beth had shipped some of Uncle Dave's ashes back to cousin Charlotte to have him interred alongside Uncle Phil]

Traverse City Record-Eagle, Tuesday, April 24, 2001


FATHER JOSEPH PHILIP MARX, 73, of Elk Rapids, formerly of Milwaukie, Ore., died Sunday, April 22, 2001. He was born in Spokane, Wash. on March 4, 1928.
Visitation will be on Wednesday from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Elk Rapids, with Evening Prayer Service at 7 p.m. Mass from the Order of Christian Funerals will be celebrated at 11 a.m. on Thursday, with the Most Reverend Patrick R. Cooney, Bishop of the Dioceses of Gaylord, as celebrant. Interment will be in Pine Grove Cemetery in New Buffalo. Arrangements have been entrusted to the Elk Rapids Chapel of Covell Funeral Homes [].

On April 26, 2001 Charlotte Marx gave the Eulogy for Father Joseph Marx
I am Charlotte Marx, cousin of Father Joseph Marx, who always introduced me as his first cousin on his father's side. I'm speaking in behalf of the family, his sister Bea in Oregon and his stepchildren James, Kathleen, Duane and David and his grandson Jesse.
He arrived in Elk Rapids in 1996. This was only the second time I had ever seen him. I was present at his ordination in 1954 and visited him in San Diego in 1984. He found the area beautiful and the seasons fantastic, but most importantly he found wonderful caring people. He had a home built on North Bayshore which he thoroughly enjoyed. He was the fourth child in a family of five and lived on a farm five miles out of Mount Angel.
In his early years he attended a country public school. At the age of 13 he decided to become a priest and a monk at the Abbey, following his older brother, Father Dennis into the Benedictine order. He was ordained in May 1954. Two years later he received an MA in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame and returned to the Major Seminary as Vice-rector. During those years he taught Aristotelian and Symbolic logic along with all the courses in Aristotelian-thomistic philosophy. Logic and philosophy were his life.
When we took him into the hospital last Wednesday at 1 am and the emergency room doctor pulled up a stool close to the gurney upon which he was lying he said to him 'You are dying!'
The Dr. then went through the options one is faced with at that time. When he understood that Father comprehended the issues the Dr. seemed satisfied. Father said he didn't want heroic measures to prolong his life, but did request ample medication to reduce his pain as the end approached. At this point he went into a 3 or 4 minute dissertation on the premise that one could be heavily medicated even though it could kill a person because the intent was to kill the pain, not the person. The Dr. stood there patiently and listened until he finished. He simply said, 'All we want to do is make you comfortable.'
In 1967 he left the Abbey and married Eva who had four children. In 1983 Eva died of colon cancer. After that he moved to different states and several attempts were made in order to return to his calling. On his first visit to Elk Rapids he met with Father Cole to talk about the possibility of returning to the priesthood. This was the first step in his journey to accomplish it. This was successful with the tremendous help of Father Hayden and Bishop Cooney. One of the requisites was that he return to the monastery for study for six months. He did this and was reinstated. He helped out in Bellaire and Sacred Heart.
There were 3 other interests he had.

Cooking was #1 with recipes intermingled with religious writings. There were treatises on Mary or death or whatever and on the next sheet of the tablet there were recipes for meatballs, beef jerky or a quiche.
Second interest: movies, which he had hundreds of and could quote the pertinent lines.
Third interest: precision of words. He frequently expounded on Hemingway's concise sentence structure. Hemingway was noteworthy for sentence structure and Capote for content.

Those of us who drive or live on north Bayshore remember his evening walks with his distinctive attire. No one could accuse him of being a clothes horse. His attire usually consisted of white sweat pants, sweat shirt, either a black cap or straw hat, flapping sandals or winter high boots because he could slip into them easily. He would be smoking a cigar and stepping well off the road to face the oncoming traffic. Frequently he'd stop and talk to the neighbors about something philosophical or something silly like the last Frazier program.
When he built the house he insisted on having large white pillars on his porch. Frequently we'd walk over to visit and, because the pillars made the hose look southern, we'd ask him if he were surveying his plantations.
Father was a man of words and everything was written down. I'm going to quote from notes that I found on his coffee table after he was hospitalized the first time a few weeks ago.

'The doctor sees his patient before 8 AM. On Saturday morning. He pulled up a chair saying nothing and began his conference with the sentence " You're going to die!" So you have a statement from the medical profession. It gives you great evidence of prayers and their power. As the doctor's words were announcing the death of the doctor's patient, the people of Elk Rapids through their prayers were saying, " He shall not die" as they trusted in their faith and the love Christ had for them. I think the people who did so many things in their touching my heart with their good and loving deeds. But the community of Sacred Heart I thank even more for they have touched the heart of God.'

It is ironic that Father was born in Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane, Washington and comes to rest eternally in Sacred Heart Church in Elk Rapids.
Again the Marx family would like to thank Father Hayden and Bishop Cooney

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