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Known Buckner Immigrants to America


Among my loose papers was a brief study of Buckner immigrants.  I do not have the author’s name. 


I have interspersed additional names and information.  The original list is Bold font for easy identification.


1585:  Thomas “Bookener”

Accompainied Sir Walter Raleigh’s settlement venture at Roanoke in Virginia, the first English colony on the continent.  Ultimate fate unknown.  Either died there or returned to England.  Sometimes identified with Capt. Thomas Buckner of London, but this is speculative.


The colonists landed on Roanoke Island in Aug., 1585, and built the “Citie of Ralegh” (or New Fort), but they returned to England the next year. In 1587 Raleigh sent another group under John White.  White returned to England for supplies.  It was the second group of colonist, 1587, that had disappeared by 1591 when John White was able to return.  Thus, depending upon the accuracy of those who studied the manifests of those ventures, (if such existed and were studied) and upon the known friendship between Thomas Harriot and Thomas Buckner one would conclude that Thomas “Bookener” of the 1585 expedition returned to England in 1586 and that although he may have joined the second expedition, he did not remain with the colonists.


According to Buckners of Virginia page9, Buckner was a companion of Thomas Harriot in ‘one of Raleigh’s first expeditions to Virginia in 1585.’  Another source giving the friendship and the companionship with Harriot on the Raleigh expeditions, World Nobility & Peers, page 502.


Thomas Harriot, a mathematician and astronomer as well as a former tutor to Sir Walter Raleigh, was appointed as geographer in the second expedition to Virginia in 1587.  The friendship between Thomas Harriot and Thomas Buckner was such that Buckner was an executor of Harriot’s will.  In that will Thomas Harriot states that as of his making of his will, 1621, he is residing in the house of Thomas Buckner in St. Christopher’s Parish.  He mentions Thomas’ wife, but does not name her.  He gives Thomas’ ‘eldest sonne’ John the sum of five pounds. (Source: Buckners of Virginia pages 9 & 10).


Thomas Buckner, friend and companion of Thomas Harriot, is the only known issue of Thomas Buckner, Sr who was born September 11, 1533 and died sometime after 1608 in Berkshire, Compton, England.  Thomas Buckner Sr. is claimed by some researchers to be a son of William and Mary Hord Buckner, a claim not proven.


Thomas Buckner, Jr. was born August 11, 1555.  He married Elizabeth Crackplace in 1590.


NOTE:  Two sources had that Elizabeth Crackplace married Thomas Buckner born 1590 in St. Aldate Parish, Oxford, England. Dave ( wrote that a church registry disproves that particular bond as according to the records of St. Michaels, Cornbill, she was married to Thomas Buckner on Jan 24, 1590 in London, England.  Another source gives Elizabeth Crackplace as the wife of Thomas Buckner born 1533 but Dick Buckner, through his ever fantasic sources, has identified Elizabeth Crackplace with Thomas Buckner born 1555.  Thomas and Elizabeth had five children; John, Thomas, William, Mary and Elizabeth (source: Buckners of Virginia, page 10


Thomas Buckner, Jr. died intestate in 1634. (Source: Buckners of Virginia page 10)


Ca 1645-1655: John Buckner


Often known as The Immigrant, this individual is the ancestor of the largest Buckner lineage in the US.  Settled in Virginia.


About 1645-1655:  Phillip, Nathaniel, Anthony, Thomas, Richard Buckner


While John Buckner (1631-1695) was a man of prominence and may have been the first Buckner to settle in the colonies, he was not the only Buckner of that era to do so.  According to Crozier, page 1, Buckners of Virginia, early records of Gloucester county were destroyed by fire and names of others may have been in those records.  Crozier names John’s brother Philip as one of the Buckner immigrants.  According to Crozier, Philip’s name ‘is first mentioned in the records of Gloucester County in 1669.  Then comes Nathaniel Buckner of Stafford County in 1680, and Anthony Buckner of Stafford in 1678, who patented land in Rappahannock in 1672-3.’


The source and accuracy of the following is unknown, but interesting enough to be considered.


John Buckner (1631-1695), the immigrant, was born in England and was living in Cunmore, Berkshire, England with his brothers, Thomas, Philip, Richard, Anthony and William in 1666 at the time of their emigration. They came to Gloucester County, Virginia.


John’s brothers were Richard, Thomas, Lawrence, Phillip and William.  All but William are known to have immigrated to Virginia.  Richard died March 04, 1732/33 in Caroline Co.,Virginia.  Thomas Buckner Jr. died before. February 10, 1694/95 in either Essex or Gloucester County. Virginia.  Lawrence died about 1720 in Prince George County.  Phillip died about 1700 in St. Paul's Parish Stafford County, Virginia.


Neither Anthony nor Nathaniel has been identified as a brother of John Buckner.


In 1672 Anthony Buckner received a land grant of 716 acres in Rappahannock County. (Source Virginia County Records, IX, Index to Land Grants Rappahannock County, (Continued from Vol. VI.) Book No. 6.  Also, he is listed in Legislative Petitions of Prince William County, VR., date not known.


Because of the lost records to fire, no issue of these men (if any) are known.  One might conclude that any Buckner ancestor appearing in records preceding 1760 was of one of the immigrants from England and related in some manner to Rychard of Cumnor.  This is not a totally safe assumption as there may have been any number of Buckners who immigrated during the time that ship passengers were not listed. 


The next known immigrant was Patrick McBuckner/Macbuckner/Buckner, who was sometimes known as Mac. 


1769:  Patrick [Mc]Buckner

Irish immigrant, probably arrived in the 1760s, possibly in 1769m, depending on the correct reading of a particular record.  Descendants concentrated in Eastern KY and Southwestern VA.

I have not researched this family.  I do know that E. LaMar Buckner wrote an excellent report of Patrick “Mac” [McBuckner] but I failed to bookmark it and now cannot find it <sob>. 

From the web site, “Descendants of Obediah FULKS / FULTZ” URL comes the following information:

Elizabeth FULTZ was born about 1810 in Russell Co, VA. She died on 21 Jan 1875 in Carter Co, KY. married Overton M. BUCKNER (son of Patrick "Mack" BUCKNER and Molly ESTEP) on 9 Apr 1832 in Lawrence Co, KY. Overton M. BUCKNER was born on 9 Nov 1812 in Scott Co, VA. . He died after 20 Jun 1870 in Carter Co, KY. Elizabeth FULTZ and Overton M. BUCKNER had the following children:

+63 i. James BUCKNER.
+64 ii. Martha Jane BUCKNER.
+65 iii. William BUCKNER.
+66 iv. John W. BUCKNER.
+67 v. Mary BUCKNER.
+68 vi. Sarah BUCKNER.
+69 vii. Emanuel BUCKNER.
+70 viii. Harrison BUCKNER.
+71 ix. Cornelius BUCKNER.
72 x. Andrew Lafayette BUCKNER was born on 4 Oct 1852 in Carter Co, KY. He died on 4 Oct 1852 in Carter Co, KY.
+73 xi. Overton BUCKNER.
+74 xii. Barnabas K. BUCKNER.
75 xiii. Andrew BUCKNER was born in 1859 in Carter Co, KY.


Ca 1847: Johann Buckner

Immigrated from Germany, settled in Indiana or Illinois


Found on the Family History.Com Message Boards was this item about Johann Buckner, posted by Leah Byzewski:


The Buckners in my family were of German origin. My great great grandfather was John (Johann) Buckner. His death certificate says that he was born in Germany. He lived in Indiana, then moved to Streator, IL, possibly in the 1870s. He has several sons, born in the 1860s. The family trade was glass blowing. I'm not aware of a Thomas, but it's possible that he's a relation. I hope this provides a little help. First names in this line are John, Louis, and George.


Two Buckners are listed on the “Andaira Valley” arriving Galveston from Antwerp, March 27, 1846; but first names are not given at the site searched; i.e.,


On or Before 1845: William and his wife Rebecca Buckner:


The family of William Buckner is listed in the 1850 census of Peoria, IL  William born Barbary was 48, his wife Rebecca born Barbary was 35 and their daughter, Rebecca, age five was born in Illinois.



Ca 1855:  James and Thomas Buckner

Immigrated from Scotland, settled in Massachusetts.


Federal census of 1860, Suffolk Co, MA shows on page James Buckner, age 45, machinist born Scotland with wife May 44, Barbara 19, James 15, Thomas 13, Annie10, Marion (female) 4 , Milton 2.  All born in Scotland except Marion and Milton who were born in Massachusetts.


I did not locate Thomas, but did not do an extensive search.