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Records indicate that Absolom Davis was born before 1779 and that he married about 1799 or 1800, probably at about the age of 21 and probably in Iredell where he and his wife resided in 1800.


In that era of frontier America, families usually lived and traveled together and thus I believe that Absolom was a son or nephew of one of the Davises in the area of his 1800 abode.  At the end of this writing I am listing Davis households of Rowan or Iredell County, NC in which there appeared a male under 16.


One possibility of Absolom’s ancestry is that he is a descendant of Uniah Davis who immigrated from Wales in 1732.  The ship in which Uriah came to America was the PATAPSCOE or PATAPSCO merchant ship, which left England in April of 1732 and arrived in Annapolis in October of 1732.  As this ship transported convicts many researchers have assumed that Uriah was forced to depart England due to trouble with the law.  Another theory is that Uriah was a member of the crew.  This last assumption seems plausible due to the fact that Uriah Davis and John Brown were Captains of schooners making trips from Maryland to Rhode Island and from Rhode Island to Barbadoes and from Rhode Island back to Maryland.[1]  In August of 1740 he was tried for "begatting a child on the body of Mary Watkins"[2]. This was in Baltimore, Maryland. His will was written on October 31, 1767 and names his land as Uriah's Abode and Uriah's Addition. It was proven on February 1, 1768, in Baltimore, so he died apparently in January of 1768. His wife is listed as Margaret, she later married a John Brown (by 1770).[3] His child with Mary Watkins may have been his daughter Susannah.


The children of URIAH DAVIS and MARGARET are:




iv. SHADRACK DAVIS. (Shadrack was in the 1820 census of Hall Co. Georgia)

v. SUSANNA DAVIS.  (she has been identified by some researchers as the illegitimate daughter with Mary Watkins.)

vi. URIAH DAVIS, b. Maryland; d. 1808, Buncombe County, Chandler, North Carolina.


viii. MESHACH BEDNAY DAVIS, b. 1749, Maryland; d. October 7, 1853, Gilmer County, Ga..

ix. SOLOMON DAVIS, b. 1767; d. Unknown.


In his book Uriah Davis, Sr. From Wales to America And His Descendants, privately published, George Neil Davis names issue of Uriah Davis Jr. and his wife Elizabeth born in Rowan Co. NC as Hannah, Rachael, Uriah William, Elizabeth, Davis, James and Daniel.  Mr. G. N. Davis gives issue John as birthplace unknown, George b. Buncomb Co, NC, Benjamin b NC, and Mary Polly b NC.


Ten children of MESHACH DAVIS and LYDIA BENTLY are identified by G. N. Davis but places of birth known only of Isaac, b 1797 in Lincoln Co. NC and Aaron Davis B 1799 Buncombe Co, NC


Children of JOSHUA DAVIS and MARTHA HARRISON are identified by G. N. Davis and by Eddie Davis.  Places of birth that have been identified are for Elijah (Iredell Co., NC), Anna (Rockingham Co., NC) and Solomon (Tennessee)


I had initially considered URIAH DAVIS, JR. as he who appeared as a head of household in the 1800 Rowan County Census but have concluded this was another man of the same name.  My reasons are that Margaret would have been over the age of 45 and the oldest female in the household was under 45.  Also, two young sons of Uriah and Margaret do not appear in this census record.  There is a possibility that the Uriah Davis of Rowan is a grandson of Uriah Davis Sr. as several son of the immigrant have not been located and their families are unknown.


In no way conclusive and based only on Absolom Davis’ location in 1800 and on the naming of his known  sons and, my current (April, 2002) hypothesis is that the mysterious Uriah Davis was the sire of Absolom Davis, my ancestor.  (1)  Absolom named his first born son Adam after Adam Hall, his father-in-law.  He named his second son Uriah.  Other sons of Absolom were (in order of birth) James, Abram/Abrahm and Solomon.  (2) Absolom and his wife, at the time still childless, were in the 1800 census of Iredell County, NC.  I also have information that Adam Hall was the bondsman for Isaac Davis in his marriage to Elizabeth Beverr in Wilks Co, NC November 03, 1796.  On the other hand, I’m uncertain as to the significance of that marriage as applicable to Absolom other than that Isaac was close in age to Absolom and had the Adam Hall connection.  (Note:  Isaac is possibly the man who appeared in the 1800 census of Rowan Co., NC with three children under five years of age.)


Isaac is also possibly the man who immigrated to McMinn Co, TN and had in his household Solomon Davis who was listed as age 93 in 1960.  This opens up new questions and areas of speculation:  Was Solomon Davis of McMinn Co, TN the same Solomon identified as issue of Uriah Sr. and Margaret Davis?  Was Isaac his son? Is this the Isaac who married Elizabeth Beverrs and if so, what was Isaac’s relationship to Adam Hall who made bond for his marriage   Was there a relationship between Isaac Davis and Absolom Davis who married a daughter of Adam Hall?  Were Isaac and Absolom the two males under 16 listed in the household of Solomon Davis of Iredell in 1790?  There is MUCH, MUCH to be done.


I advise anyone interested in more information on the family of Uriah Davis the immigrant from Wales in 1732 refer to Uriah Davis, Sr. From Wales to America And His Descendants, privately published, George Neil Davis, 110 Davis Chapel Road, Candler, NC 18715 (828)-667-3047 and the web site of Eddie Davis


There were so many Davis immigrants along the Eastern Seaboard only research of all might establish the true ancestry of Absolom – and possibly not even then.  As of April, 2002 I have looked at another family out of Maryland who were also in North Carolina and moved from there to Kentucky.


Charles DAVIS and Lydia SWEARINGEN  were the parents of Levi DAVIS who, by one account was born on JAN 15 1752 Prince George Co, Maryland.  Conflicting information is that Levi migrated to Prince George Co. Maryland in Prince George Co., Maryland.


Levi served in the Revolutionary War.  He received a Pension and possibly as a result of his service he also received a land Grant #300 from North Carolina between 1800-1820. He was first listed in the Census in the U.S. in the year of 1790 in North Carolina. 


Tennessee was admitted to the Union 1796. It came under the state of North Carolina and that state did give out large tract of land to men that had been in the military or did a good deed.  Levi was possibly a recipient as he died on JAN 17 1836 in Knox Co., TN.  He married Lydia KEARNS on MAR 14 1786 in Fauquier Co., VA.  Their children were: Stewart DAVIS, Daniel DAVIS, William DAVIS, Uriah DAVIS, Bradford DAVIS, Elizabeth DAVIS, Mary Polly DAVIS, Henry DAVIS, John DAVIS, Sarah Sally DAVIS, Charles DAVIS. 

Davis Households with males under 16 in 1790 census of Iredell Co., NC


Between the taking of the tax list in 1759 and the first census of 1790 several counties were created from Rowan; i.e., Guilford 1770, Surry in 1770, Burke in 1777, and Iredell  in 1788.


In Iredell County on the census of 1790 are:


DAVIS, James             (males 16 yrs or older)  1 (males under 16 yrs) 2 (free white fem.) 4


DAVIS, Solomon                                             1                                   4                             3

Absolom named his male children Adam (after Adam Hall), Solomon, Uriah, James and Abraham.  These names make both Solomon and James possibilities as the father of Absolom.


DAVIS, Joshua                                                 1                                     1                              3

The issue of Joshua and Martha Harrison Davis have been identified by Eddie Davis, Absolom was not an issue of that couple  Joshua and Marth were in Iredell Co. in 1785 where and when their second child and first son, Elijah, was born.  In 1794 their second daughter, Annah H. was born in Rockingham Co., but the couple does not appear in the 1800 census of Rockingham Co. NC.  Joseph Ellis of Grainger Co. TN   If this family is that of Joshua Davis, Iredell County, N.C. 1800, (21010-21010 00) Elijah (1786-) and Peggy were the children over ten years of age, Alexander (ca1794-1867) and Solomon (1796-1876) were the two boys under ten and Annah (1794-1867) and an unknown daughter (Elizabeth or Rachel) were under ten


DAVIS, Patrick                                      l                                      1                      “……5

Although this census was listed mostly in alphabetical order, Patrick was listed separate from the other Davises.  I do not believe that Absolom was of the Patrick Davis family.


Davis Households with males under 16 in 1790 census of Rowan Co., NC


In Rowan County on the 1790 census are:


DAVIS, Benjamin                                               2                                      5                              5


DAVIS, Edward                                                 1                                      2                              2


DAVIS, Hardy                                      1                                      2                              4

I did not find a Hardy Davis in any NC county in the 1800 ensus.  Later several men of that name appeared in various counties of NC.  Just to name two, there was a Hardy Davis of Hertford County Regiment, Eighth Company, NC 1812-1814 Muster Rolls  There was also a marriage record in Randolph County, bond date March 14, 1816 Bride: Rebacka Osburn  Groom: Hardy Davis  Bondsman: Absalom Millika
DAVIS, Widow                                      2                                      2                              4

DAVIS, Conrad                                      3                                      1                              1

A Conrad Davis of Mansfield, Warren, New Jersey had a rejection of AM REV WAR Pension    On 1771, Dec. 30 a Davis. Conrad married Mary Hart in Pennsylvania.  I have no evidence these men are the same person.  The info is here simply for what it is worth.

After 1790 Conrad did not appear in NC under that name and spelling of that name.  Neither did he appear to have moved westward. Three males over 16 may indicate the hh head was an older man.  I suspect he died before the next census.


DAVIS, David                                                  1                                      2                              1

It is said that Davis is a Welsh name derived from David.  Uriah Davis Jr. had a son named David, but his date of birth was about 1794.  This David may have been of the Uriah Sr. family, born to one of the elder sons of Uriah Sr whose families are not identified; or John Davis b about 1768 who was the oldest son of Uriah Jr.


DAVIS, John                                                    1                                      4                              3

Uriah Davis Jr. had a son named John born about 1768, but I do not know if this is he.


DAVIS, James                                                  2                                      4                              3

Uriah Davis Jr. had a son named James, but he was born about 1795 and like David DAVIS (above) may have been of the Uriah Sr. family.


The following were grouped together and I believe they were of one clan including a Hannah and a Henry Sr who had no males under 16.  The oldest daughter of Uriah Davis Jr. was named Hannah born about 1763 in Rowan County, NC.  It is presently unknown whether she married, or if so, whom she married.  The name Henry has not appeared in the Urniah Davis family to my knowledge.  There was a Henry named as a son of Levi Davis but by the date of marriage of Levi, his son Henry would have been under-age in 1790.


DAVIS, Jacob                                                 2                                        3                             4


DAVIS, Henry Jr.                                            1                                         1                             2


DAVIS, Jacob Jr.                                            1                                         1                             2


DAVIS, John                                                   1                                         2                             3


DAVIS, William                                     2                                         2                             3


DAVIS, Samuel                                     1                                         1                             2


DAVIS, James                                                 1                                         1                             2


DAVIS, Sarah                                                  1                                          2                              1


DAVIS, John                                                   1                                          1                              2


DAVIS, Merick                                     3                                          2                             2

Following is information found at on a Merick Davis:  Born 175?, NC

Also found: Date: 2 4 1747 Prove Date: 15 6 1747 BookPage: H:257 John Miles
Remarks: Miles, John. Bristol, Philadelphia County. Cordwainer. April 2, 1747. June 15, 1747. H.257. Wife and Exec: Ann. Father-in-law: Merick Davis.

Also found:  The name Merick Davis also appeared in the census records of  Pike Co., Arkansas 1840 age 40 to 50  with 6 males in the hh between ages under 5 through 20 to 30 and 3 females, the oldest 30 to 40.  The name appeared again in 1870 in Polk Co. AR

Also found:  Merick Davis was a private in the war of 1812 -6 REG'T (BARBOUR'S) KENTUCKY MILITIA.


DAVIS, Richard                                                2                                          4          :                   1


DAVIS, Solomon                                               1                                          1                             2


DAVIS, Joseph                                      1                                          1                             3


DAVIS, John                                                   1                                          3                             4


In the Rowan County census also is Adam Hall the further father-in-law of Absolom Davis and probably the man who made “bond” for the marriage of Isaac Davis

HALL, Adam                                                   2                                           2                              6


Other surnames possibly connected to the Davises are:

HALL, Abm                                                     1                                          1                              1

This man has note been researched by me and I do not know if he has any connection to Adam Hall or the Davis family.


FOX, John                                                       4                                           3                              7

Note:  This John Fox is not the same as the man whose daughter Frances married Adam Davis.  The man listed above may have had no relationship to the FOX family of KY in 1800 or the DAVIS family.  He is merely mentioned by reason of the coincidence of his name.

Davis Households 1800 census of Iredell Co., NC


By the 1800 census ages are grouped free white males under 10; 10 to 15; 16 to 25; 26 to 45 and 45 and over, followed by free white females under 10; 10 to 15; 16 to 25; 26 to 45 and 45 and over, followed by all other free persons and ending with slaves.


DAVIS, ABRAM 10011-30000 00; oage 609

By the ages of those in the hh, it appears that the male between 26 and 45 was a widower with four young children and was probably the head of the household.  As there was a male over 45 in the household the previous statement is far from conclusive.


DAVIS, ISAAC 10100-20100 00; page 609

Probably Isaac who married Elizabeth Beverr: 03 Nov 1796, Wilks Co, Adam Hall, Bondsman


DAVIS, JOSHUA 21010-21010 00; page 609

Believed to be Joshua and Martha Harrison Davis.  Joshua was possibly a son of Uriah Davis of MA


DAVIS, SOLOMON 01100-01001 00; page 610

This Solomon is listed as between 16 and 25.  He is too young to be the son of Uriah Jr.  Possibly the woman over 45 is the mother of Solomon and the others denoted.


DAVIS, JAMES 12010-31110 00; page 610


DAVIS, ABSALOM 00100-00100 00; page 614

Known to be a son-in-law of Adam Hall, Absolom and family moved first to KY and from there to Edgar CO, IL


DAVIS, URIAH 02101-22010 06; page 629

If this is Uriah Davis, Jr. of MA where are his two youngest sons?


DAVIS, GEORGE 20010-20010 00; page 629


DAVIS, WILLIAM 30010-00010 00; page 629


Davis Households  in the 1800 census of Iredell Co., NC


DAVIS, RICHARD 11210-00100-00; page 286


DAVIS, JESSE 11010-11110-00; page 306


DAVIS, GEORGE 00100-20100-00; page 306


DAVIS, RICHARD 10201-01101-00; page 306


DAVIS, RICHARD 10010-40010-00; page 306


DAVIS, EVAN 00100-00100-00; page 360


DAVIS, JOHN 22001-21010-02; page 360

John, over 45 is not a son of Uriah Jr.


DAVIS, WILLIAM 00100-00101-00; page 364


DAVIS, SOLOMON 10110-10100-00; page 364


DAVIS, SAMUEL JUN 00010-10010-00; page 365


DAVIS, JOHN 20010-10010-00; page 365


DAVIS, JEAN 00100-00101-00; page 378


DAVIS, JOHN 20010-21011-00; page 378


DAVIS, CHARLES 10201-01220-00; page 378


DAVIS, BENJAMIN SEN 21101-31010-10; page 378


DAVIS, HARDEMAN 00101-21102-00; page 378


DAVIS, THOMAS 10010-20011-00; page 378


DAVIS, CLARK 00200-10100-00; page 378


DAVIS, EDWARD 01001-11001-00’ page 378


DAVIS, EDWARD 01011-11001-01; page 385


DAVIS, JESSE 00010-00100-00; page 391


DAVIS, MYRICK 00101-10101-00 page 391


DAVIS, SAMUEL 00110-10101-00; page 391


DAVIS, GABRIEL 30010-00010-00; page 391


DAVIS, JOSEPH 11001-12110-00; page 391


DAVIS, JOHN 11110-10301-01; page 391


DAVIS, MORRIS 21120-00000-00; page 403


DAVIS, JOHN 31010-01010-00; page 446


DAVIS, SARAH 20100-02201-00; page 446





Uriah Jr. b ca 1740 d 1808, Buncombe Co, Chandler, N.C.  He appeared in no other NC census in 1800.  His wife Elizabeth is said to have died in 1803, but would she have been under 45 in 1800?  Dau Hannah b. 1764, son John went to Georgia (1768-1823), son George b 1776, son Benjamin (1780-1870dau Rachael (1786-1870), Uriah William SR (1790-), dau Elizabeth (1792-1850), Son David (1794-)son James (1795-), Daniel Madison Sr (1796-), dau Mary Polly (1799 - ).  If these dates of birth are correct and Elizabeth is the mother of all these children, she would have had to have her first child about age 13 and the last about 48.  Children in the household could be Mary Polly 1, Daniel Madison age 4, James age 5, David age 6, Elizabeth age 8, Uriah William age 10

M 3-10 F 2-8, 1 10to16


[1] Uriah Davis, Sr. From Wales to America And His Descendants, privately published, George Neil Davis

[2] WWW various sources

[3] Uriah Davis, Sr. From Wales to America And His Descendants, privately published, George Neil Davis