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Doctor F. (possibly Franklin) Hammons b. 1813, NC or SC; d. July 17, 1875, Franklin Co IL m Sarah, a Cherokee woman. He is possibly a brother of Rev. Jeremiah Hammons, b. Abt. 1803, NC; d. February 1866, Ripley Co, MO.

Sarah, his wife, was born 1817 in KY or TN, and died April 06, 1878.

D. F. and Sarah first appeared in the 1840 Census of Franklin County, Illinois and it is postulated that they were on the Trail of Tears with Michael Hildebrand's group in November of 1838. For those not familiar with the history of the Trail of Tears, the Cherokees were forced from their homes with very little time to prepare. Caucasian spouses of Cherokees, such as D. F. Hammons, were among these forcibly displaced persons. Many left their homes with little more than the clothing on their backs and blankets for warmth. Thirteen contingents of Cherokees crossed Tennessee, Kentucky, and southern Illinois where the first groups reached the Mississippi River and could not cross due to ice flows. Hillous York, another Hamon/Hammons researcher, and I believe that D. F. and Sarah either left the group during its march through Franklin County or upon reaching the Missippi and learning they were to camp there during the bitterly cold winter months, returned to Franklin County for sanction.

Hillous York has researched Jeremiah Hammons b abt 1803 NC, d. Febuary 1866 in Riply Co., MO m. 1) Susannah Hays1823 in North Carolina 2) Lydia Workman bet. 1835 - 1838, daughter of John Workman and Lydia Bilyeu.

Below I have inserted portions of Hillous York's EMails to me

"I have some papers of William Dawson, who spent years looking into the family, he has since passed away. His wife lives in N.C. In his papers he says Cora Belle (daughter of Melinda Hamon and granddaughter of either Lydia Workman Hammons or Susanna Hays Hammons) & Samuel Conner (grandson of Sarah Hammon) states their mothers, Julia Ann Hamon and Melinda Hammon were cousins from Indian parents, from N.C.

"James W. Dawson( my mother-in-law's gfather told her Melinda was full Indian) and I think Sarah (Julia Ann Hamon's mother) was full Indian. Julia Ann's parents were D F Hamon & Sarah. D F was born in N.C. and Sarah gives her birth as Ky. sometime and Tenn others.

"Melinda Hamon was born in Tenn and both her parents were born in N.C. William Dawson says Melinda's father was Rev.Jeremiah Hamon, living in Franklin Co., born N.C. I don't think so at this point. William says that Melinda's bother, William Bluford Hamon, was postmaster at Plumfield. I don't think a Indian would have been postmaster do you? So, Melinda is shown living with Rev. Jeremiah Hamon in 1850 but listed at the bottom of the family as age 18. So we will have to work on Melinda's parents. But!!!! the Indian blood of Julia & Melinda is right. Melinda was Cherokee and Sarah, D.F.'s wife, was Cherokee. It may be that D.F and Sarah were on the Tail of Tears with Michael Hildebrand's group. But!! Rev Jeremiah's wife Lydia Workman has the Hildebrand connection! Surely D.F. and Jeremiah were brothers or family at least. I think we need to find D.F. in Tenn and N.C. that will help us to find Sarah, his wife, and there will be Melinda also. Jeremiah Hamon --we have him in Wiles Co. N.C. then Jefferson Co. Tenn., then OvertonCo. Tenn. then Franklin Co. ILL. I found Jeremiah Hammon, Eli Hammon and Barton Hammon in Jackson Co. Tenn in 1840, this is next to Overton Co. Tenn and was all Overton Co. at one time. and Jackson Co. had lots of Cherokee. Including my gg-grandmother, Mary, full Cherokee. I found where Jeremiah and D F Hamon parents were born in Tenn. So I think we need to look for Hamons in Tenn ,maybe Jefferson Co. Tenn in the late 1790s or 1800. They must have went back to N.C. where Jeremiah and DF were born. In 1830, Jefferson Co. Tenn., Jeremiah had a man and a woman in their 70s living with him. and they were living with him in Jackson Co. Tenn in 1840 also. They must have been his and DF's parents and died in Jackson Co. Tenn in the 1840s, then Jeremiah moved to ILL in 1845.

Some Hammons found in Tennesse and North Carolina:

1820 Hammon John Warren County TN 18 000011-00201 Federal Population Schedule TN 1820 Federal Census Index TNS2a538086

Hammon, Michael married Mccool, Malinda on 30 Jul 1823 in Blount County, Tennessee

Elmore, David married Hammon, Elizabeth on 26 Feb 1805 in Jefferson County, Tennessee

Hammon, Hiram married Harris, Jane on 07 Nov 1814 in Rutherford County, Tennessee

Hammon, Sally married Trail, William on 29 Jan 1813 in Sumner County, Tennessee

Hammon, D. F. buried at the Leeville Graveyard in Tennessee. From the other names listed it appears that this D. F. Hammon died a soldier or a veteran of the Civil War. He is probably not the D. F. Hammon of Franklin County unless the latter's place of death information is incorrect.

The other names are:

Adjt.: A. F. Claywell, R. Alex Graves, J. A. Neal, Howell W. Williams, O. D. Hearn, John Kanary, E. D. Vaughan, H. M. Blair, W. W. Smith, J. A. Sakers, W. P. Skeen, W. A. McClain, Capt. Ellis Harper, J. F. Doak, J. A. Woollard, D. J. Barton, T. C. Wheeler, S. C. Trigg, A. J. Doak, Capt. Andrew McGregor, Capt. W. J. Gamble, Capt. R. P. McClain, Prof. A. H. Buchanan, Prof. R. V. Foster, D. F. Hammon, W. T. Grissim, S. M. Matherly, J. S. Mosley, R. M. Whitescarver, D. C. Donnell, R. Cox, J. T. Spears, J. H. Johnson, Maj. A. W. Page, Joe M. Miller, R. T. Davis, W. H. Halbert, H. H. Harkreader, Benjamin Duggan Rogers, J. M. Fakes, Capt. Brown P. Whitlow, A. Whitlack, H. Dorsey, Andrew B. Martin, P. H. Anderson.

Hammon, Mary married Hays, Joseph on 17 Nov 1823 in Wilkes County, North Carolina, Bondsman John SaintClair, witness: W. W. Martin.

Sally Hammon m. Wm Hammond Nov 5 1825 in Wilkes County, North Carolina, Bondsman: Jeremiah Hamon, Witness: C. Barrett


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