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Children of John Driscoll and Mary McTighe

Patrick Driscoll

Patrick Driscoll was born about 1875 and is the first known child of John and Mary Driscoll. In 1894, he was working as a brusher (probably in a mill) and in 1895, his occupation was listed as "operative." From 1908 until the year of his motherís death in 1916, he was listed at his motherís address and was in the United States Army.

Mary Driscoll

Mary Driscoll was born about 1877 and may also have been called Mary Ann. Mary was not listed as living with the Driscoll family on the 1900 census. From 1903 to 1909 she resided with her family and her occupation was listed as "weaver." She was not listed in the local business directory again until 1915 where she was listed as a boarder. She was listed as a boarder with no occupation until 1922. The 1920 census listed Mary as 38 years old and living with sisters, Helen and Bertha and a boarder, Jennie Thompson. In 1930 Mary Driscoll, whose age was then given as 45, was living with her niece, Mary Bernice Hannon, and nephew, John Hannon, on Trinity Street in Cohoes.

{Note: It is possible that Mary and Mary Ann are two different children. Irish families would often name a child after one who died previously. Maryís age and birth year varies on each record found. However, this problem has been fairly consistent with the women in this Driscoll family. As these women were older and unmarried, they may have lied about their age to appear younger or their ages may just have been reported incorrectly by the persons giving the information to the census worker.}

Kate Driscoll

Kate Driscoll was born in August 1878 and was also known as Katie. She was listed in the business directory of Cohoes as an ironer in 1904, 1905, and in 1906. In 1907 she married Ernest Miller.

Simon Driscoll

Simon Driscoll was born in August 1881. In 1906 and 1907 a Simon Driscoll was working as a clerk in on 169 Remsen in Cohoes. He was not residing with the Driscoll family, but boarding on Mohawk Street. Simeon Driscoll, son of John Driscoll and Mary McTigh married Marie Boyer at St. Joseph's on Sept. 23, 1906. Witnesses were Patrick Walsh and Jenny Boyer. Marie Boyer's parents were Francois Boyer and Marie Beauvais.  In 1908, Simon, a clerk was listed as boarding with his family. Simon moved to Schenectady in 1909. Simon died in December of 1912.  His residence at the time of his death is currently unknown.

Note: Thaise Driscoll married Ernest Evers on May 26, 1917 at St. Joseph's Church in Cohoes, N.Y. . Her residence was New York, N.Y. She was baptized at St. Joseph's Church Cohoes, N.Y. on Oct. 14, 1889. Witnesses at the marriage were Charles Formann and Cesarie Boyer.  Thaise lived in New York City when she got married.   Could Thaise and Marie be on in the same? Thaise B. Evers lived in N. J. in 1920 and 1930.

Anna Driscoll

Anna Driscoll was born September 17, 1882. In 1900 she was working as a spinner. She married Edward Hannon, also of Albany County and they had two children, John, born in 1905, and Mary Bernice, born in 1907. Anna died on March 12, 1930 and is buried in the St. Agnes Cemetery in the Hannon family plot.

James Driscoll

James Driscoll was born on November 22, 1884. At age 10, he was listed as a weaver in the Cohoes Business Directory. He was not listed again until 1904 when he was listed as a spinner which was also his occupation in 1905 and 1906. In 1907 and 1908 he was a member of the United States Army James returned to Cohoes in 1909 and continued his work as a spinner until at least 1916.

Bridget / Bertha Driscoll

Bridget Driscoll, a child of John and Mary Driscoll, was born on March 28, 1886 according to church records.

A Bridget Driscoll was counted on the 1900 census with the Driscoll family and her date of birth was given as September 1888.

{Note: This could very well be the same child with errors in the reported dates or this could be a second child named Bridget.}

Bridget A..Driscoll was working as an ironer from 1907 to 1915 and living with her family. In 1916, she moved to New York City. In 1918, Bertha A. Driscoll is living with the family in Cohoes and working as a forewoman in a woolen mill.

{Note: At this time Ellen J. Driscoll changed her name to Helen J. Driscoll and it is my theory that Bridget changed her name to Bertha at the same time.}

Bertha maintained this job as forewoman until she moved to Albany in 1923 or 1924. Around 1926, Bertha married Michael Caccavo, an electrician and an immigrant from Italy. In 1930, Bertha was living with Michael and their two children, Cathleen and Robert on Boston Street in the Bronx.

{Note: In 1920, Bertha was living with her sisters Helen and Mary. Berthaís age was recorded as 26 years. Ten years later, on the 1930 census, she was reported to be 32 years of age.}

Ellen / Helen Driscoll

Ellen Driscoll, also known as Helen Driscoll, was born on March 7, 1887. Ellen was listed on the 1900 census as Nellie, a common nickname for girls named Ellen. She was 13 years old and attending school. Beginning in 1907, Ellen J. Driscoll worked as a stitcher. She lived with her family and worked as a stitcher until 1915. In 1916, she began using the name Helen J. Driscoll and her occupation was listed as "forewoman"in the city business directory. After her motherís death in 1916, Helen lived with her sisters Mary A. and Bertha. In 1920 she was living with these sisters and a boarder named Jennie Thompson. From 1920 to 1922, Helenís occupation is listed as manager. She worked in a collar factory. In 1923 or 1924, Helen moved to New York City where it is assumed that she met her husband, Charles Staubach. Charles and Helen had one child, Doris Mary Staubach. In 1945, the family lived at 518 West 153rd Street in New York City. Helen applied for a Social Security Number. She gave the name Helen Irene Staubach and she reported her birthday to be March 7, 1895. In 1946, Helenís husband, Charles died. Helen died on May 23, 1965. She was 77 years old. Helen and her husband are buried in St. Raymondís Cemetery in New York.

Agnes Driscoll

Agnes Driscoll was born on December 9, 1889. There is no other record of this child and it is assumed that she died at a young age as she is not counted on the 1900 census.

{Note: The New York State DOH Index does list the death of an Agnes Driscoll on December 15, 1889}



Sarah Driscoll

Sarah Driscoll was born on June 3, 1891. There is no other record of this child and it is assumed that she died at a young age as she is not counted on the 1900 census.

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