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What's New On My Web Pages
May 2012
The links on my Preschool page have been updated.

Six Weeks of Summer, Interactive Speech and Language Practice Activities  was added.

Moments in Time, A Genealogy Blog was added. This is a blog about all of the families that I research.
The Reddick Bryan Family, Bienville and Beyond, A Timeline was added.
February 2010
The links on my Preschool page have been updated.
September 2008
I updated the links on my Preschool page.

Additional information about Catherine Amanda Bryan Watts has been added to her page.

December 2007
 There are some new links and corrected links on my Preschool page.

I removed the page about our new home.

Links on my Research Help and Links page have been updated.



January 2007
Both of my "non-genealogy" pages have been updated. There are some new links and corrected links on my Preschool page and I've added house pictures to my new home page.

There are many new links on my Research Help and Links page.

I have added Ellis Island pictures and corrected content on the William Quinn and Susanna Murray page.

My Bryan page was getting a little cluttered so I revised the page and have added a Bryan-Biggs page with photographs. My "More Bryan Family Links" page is gone. Those links can now be found on my Research Help and Links page.  A picture of my father's grave and some links have been added to my page containing Bryan family cemetery photos. I have updated Catharine Amanda Bryan's page with some corrections and additional census information.

I have added a few more issues of the Baylor County Banner for the year 1906.

The Hairston pages have been updated. I corrected some information on the pages and added sources for the pictures.

January 2006
Both of my "non-genealogy" pages have been updated. There are some new links on my Preschool page and our new house page has a new picture.

There are many new links on my Research Help and Links Page. I eventually hope to keep all of my genealogy links on that page.

Information about Laura Louise Keith, a Bryan family ancestor, has been added to my site. See the Table of Contents or click here.

August 2005
Newspaper clippings from Erath County reporting some details about the life of Tom Wylie. Included are his marriage announcement, mention of family in Mississippi, and a brief mention of his death in Bronte, Texas.

My Baylor County Banner pages have been updated to include abstracts of articles from issues published during 1912, 1913, and 1920.



May 2005
I added information about found in the probate record of James C. Watts, husband of Catharine Amanda Bryan Watts, to Catherine Amanda Bryan's page. The information about the Tutorship of the minor Watts children lists the Watts children.

A clipping from the Dallas Morning News reports that Terrell Bryan discovered a jail break in 1891.

Newspaper clippings about Terrell Bryan's stay in the Texas Confederate Home has also been added.

April 2005
I have added nine new pages for the Quinn and Murray families. Included are narratives about several Quinn and Murray ancestors and many pictures.
 I have a scrapbook (on microfilm) containing numerous obituaries and marriages. This is a scrapbook of newspaper clippings from Baylor County,Texas and the surrounding counties. I have been told that the original can be found in the library in Seymour, Texas. These clippings are not dated, but appear to be from the 1930s and 1940s.  On my Baylor County Banner pages, I have posted the names of those found in the clippings, most are marriages and obituaries. There were a few birth announcements, birthday parties, and miscellaneous clippings. 
I am currently working on my Giddens family and hope to have some more information on the web sometime this spring. Non-genealogical updates to this site include the progress of my new home and updates to my preschool page, Using Computer Activities to Enhance Language Learning.
Much of the new genealogical information on the my site pertains to my Bryan family of Louisiana and Texas.I have created pages for Catharine Amanda Bryan Watts and Georgia Ann Frances Bryan Pitman Wimberly, both daughters of Reddick Bryan and Elizabeth Regan and sisters of Terrell Bryan. 
Many thanks to Mary Smith, a descendant of Joseph Bryan, who resides in Alaska. She sent many new Bryan Family Pictures.  My favorites, James Bryan and a picture of Joseph Bryan and "a brother" can be viewed by clicking here.

New items have been added to my Bryan Family Documents pages which contain over 30 transcriptions of Bryan letters, deeds, newspaper clippings and other documents from North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas.  Updates include the will of Joseph Regan, transcribed deeds from Bienville Parish, Louisiana and old newspaper articles from Stephenville, Texas. 

Thank you to Betty Crain and Rick and Annette Sherrod for the new Hammett - Bryan cemetery pictures.
Thank you to  Carol Ann Trujillo for the new picture of the monument to the Castor Guards of Bienville Parish, Louisiana.  The back of this monument lists all of the campaigns and battles that this unit participated in during the Civil War. Terrell Bryan, our great-grandfather, fought with the Castor Guards. 
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