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Hairston Family Photographs
Phillip A. Hairston

Lodema Criswell Hairston, daughter of Mary Ann Evans and William M. Criswell. Wife of Phillip A. Hairston  




Probably taken in Stephenville, TX, these pictures were taken by W.B. Praytor Studios. Johnie Myrtlene Hairston, my grandmother, was the only daughter of Phillip A. Hairston and Lodema W. Criswell. These pictures appear to have been taken in the early 1890s.

Pictures from the Jackie Skinner Collection



The picture on the left belonged to my father and the picture on the right, belongs to his second cousin, Juanita Thompson Gleghorn.  Floyd Thompson is behind the plow. Phillip and Lodema Hairston, my great - grandparents are standing. The children appear to be my father's older siblings, Marie, DeRay, and Buster.  


At one time, this was thought to be a photo of Mattie Hairston Chisum Thompson and her daughter Stella. If so, the photo would date at about 1890.  However, the hair and clothing styles are typical of the late 1860s. The young girl could be Mattie. The woman would not be her mother. Click here to read more about this photo and Mattie Hairston Chisum Thompson.

Picture courtesy of Nadine Waugh 2001



Picture courtesy of        Nadine Waugh 2001


Sisters, Mattie Thompson and Permelia Noah

On the left, Mattie and Permelia

On the right, Permelia and Mattie

Pictures courtesy of Nadine Waugh 2001

Phillip Hairston and sister, Permelia Hairston Noah. This picture was labeled Terrell; however, This is definitely the Phillip as he matches the man in the picture in front of the house. The woman was identified by Juanita Glegorn as her "Aunt Mellie" (Permelia).
Old picture of P.A. Hairston with unknown woman and child

Is this Floyd Thompson, son of Mattie  and John Thompson?

Picture courtesy of Juanita Gleghorn 2001


August 1912, double wedding of Floyd Thompson and Ora Cox and Terrell Biggs and Birdie Cox. Floyd was my grandmother's first cousin and Terrell was my grandfather's nephew.

  The above picture was sent to me by my cousin, Jackie Skinner, in a box with many unlabeled pictures.

Mattie's Boys - Ed Thompson, Floyd Thompson, Aaron Thompson, and Phil Chisum.

    Floyd and Ora Cox Thompson
Pictures courtesy of Nadine Waugh 2001
This picture (left), once one of my many pictures of unknown children, has always been a favorite of mine. Pictured are some of the children of Floyd and Ora Thompson; Juanita, Clarence, Lucille, and Bowie.  I meet Juanita on September 8, 2001 in Oklahoma. Juanita was ten years old when my grandmother died in 1927. She told me things about my grandparents that even my father did not know.  Juanita remembered visiting my grandparents and remembered my father as a baby. She tells wonderful stories.  Juanita is an extremely talented artist. She painted this portrait of my grandmother (right) and gave it to me during my visit.      
Nine year old, Tom Thompson as Uncle Sam

Picture courtesy of Juanita Gleghorn 2001

Ulma Thompson, daughter of Floyd

Clarence Thompson, son of Floyd


Pictures courtesy of Nadine Waugh 2001



  Clarence Thompson, Tom Thompson, and Floyd Mayo. Tom Thompson wrote the caption under the picture. He says that Floyd may be related to Amos Smith - a Thompson cousin. Floyd is also related to the Hammett family, my Bryan cousins.  

Picture courtesy of Juanita Gleghorn 2001

Lucille Thompson and  Frances Gresham with Ulma and Juanita Thompson, both wearing Roman sandals.  Where was this?

Picture courtesy of Juanita Gleghorn 2001




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