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George Lullen Giddens

A Timeline







September 12, 1840

Wayne, NC

According to his Civil War record, George Lullen Giddens was born in Wayne County, NC.  The 1840 census places the Mitchell Giddens family as living in the Buck Swamp District of Wayne County, NC.

August 7, 1850

Duplin, NC

George Giddens lived in Duplin County with his parents; Mitchell, age 47, who was a shoemaker and Letisha, age 33.  His brothers and sisters were 13 year old Sarah J., 9 year old Patience E., 2 year old Mary J., 6 year old Henry C., and 4 year old David.

December 18, 1852


Mitchell Giddens, father of George, died. His place of death and burial place are unknown.

June 2, 1860

Sampson, NC

George L. Giddens was living in Sampson County in or near Clinton. He appeared to be living in the building labeled dwelling #30 and in the space where you would normally see the head of household, "unoccupied" was written. George was 21 years old. His occupation was lasted as dauguerman (maybe a Daguerreotypist?) and his personal estate was valued at $500. Also listed as living in that dwelling was a 74 old teacher, Rainey Mc____ (last name not legible).

May 9, 1861

Sampson, NC

Enlisted in the Confederate Army (infantry) - Private in the 20th Regiment CO F at Clinton

July 20, 1861

Sampson, NC

Mustered -in at Clinton by Jno. L. Cantwell for a period of one year.  The 20th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, formerly the 10th Volunteers, were assembled at Smithfield and Ft. Caswell North Carolina in July of 1861. It's members were drawn from the counties of Brunswick, Columbus, Cabarrus, Duplin, and Sampson. After serving in North Carolina, the unit moved to Virginia 14 November 1861 where it was assigned to Alfred Iverson's Brigade under Rhodes Division of the 2nd (Jackson's) Corps.

July 1, 1862


Slightly wounded at Malvern Hill (1st battle at Cold Harbor) in VA.

July 30, 1862 to

January 20, 1863


On furlough for 170 days.


March 30, 1863


Picked up $42.50 at a camp near Fredericksburg, VA.

April 1863


Discharged - furnished a substitute. His brother, David C. Giddens, age 17, was the substitute. David was captured at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863. He was confined at Fort Delaware until transferred to Point Lookout, Maryland. Transferred to City Point, VA where he was received March 20, 1864 for exchange.



Marriage to  Luellen Bradshaw is assumed. Date and place is unknown.


Sampson, NC

Ella Giddens was born.

November 22, 1865

Sampson, NC

Son, Charles A. Giddens was born in Giddensville, Sampson County, NC


Sampson, NC

Daughter, Georgianna Giddens was born and daughter, Ella Giddens, died.

15 Oct 1867

Sampson, NC

Georgianna Giddens died

January 2, 1868

Sampson, NC

Daughter, Frances "Frankie" Giddens was born

August 10, 1870

Sampson, NC

1870 Census -  George lived with his wife, Luellen, and family in Piney Grove, Sampson County. Charles, his son, was 4 years old and his daughter, Frankie, was 2 years old. George was a Dry Goods Merchant.

1877 - 1878

Duplin, NC

George and older brother, J. W. Giddens were both merchants at Faison's Depot ( a post office was also at Faison's Depot). They sold "general stock." It is not known if George lived in Duplin or Sampson.

June 15, 1880

Sampson, NC

1880 Census - George and Luellen lived in Piney Grove, Sampson County. Frankie was 13 years old and Charles was 14. Luellen's sister, MR Bradshaw, was also living in the home.


Sampson, NC

George Giddens was a merchant with a store in Giddensville, Sampson County, NC.

September 4, 1890


Wife, Luellen Bradshaw Giddens died in NC. She is buried in Troublefield Cemetery in Sampson County.



Son, Charles moved to NYC by 1891 and in March, married Mary Lucy Glynn in Manhattan. By October, he was living in Crewe, Virginia.

September 20, 1891


George L. Giddens married Sarah Rich

April 1893


Son, Oscar Giddens was born.

February 3, 1895

Sampson, NC

Letisha Britt Giddens, mother of George died. She is buried in the Troublefield Cemetery in Giddensville.

December 23, 1895

Duplin, NC

Daughter, Lina Letisha Giddens was born in Faison.


Duplin, NC

George Giddens was a magistrate in the town of Faison in Duplin, NC.

August 15, 1896


John W. Giddens, George's older brother, died. He is buried in the Troublefield Cemetery.

July 11, 1897

Duplin, NC

Daughter, Dorothy Mildred Giddens was born in Faison.

June 30, 1900

Duplin, NC

1900 Census. George, age 59, lived in Duplin County where he was the Postmaster. He lived with his wife, 24 year old Sarah and children, 7 year old Oscar, 4 year old Lina, and 1 year old Dorothy. His sister-in-law, Ada Rich , and brother-in-law, Milton Rich, also lived with the family. Ada was 14 years old and her occupation was "house labor." Milton, age 13, was listed as "farm labor." A boarder and dry goods clerk, Bessie Hobbs, age 20, lived in the home. Sarah had four children, but only three were living. She and George had been married for 9 years.  George's daughter, Frances "Frankie" Harper lived nearby with husband Warren Harper and family. His son, Charles, lived in Phillipsburg, NJ.

September 16, 1900

Duplin, NC

Son, Mitchell Alonzo Giddens, was born in Faison.



Daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Giddens, was born.

May 30, 1905

Duplin, NC

George's wife, Sarah Jane Giddens, died.  She is buried in the Faison Cemetery.

August 18, 1908

Durham NC

J. T. Giddens, brother to George, died in Durham. Three brothers, George of Dunn, Henry of Sampson County, and R. Giddens of Arkansas survived him. His sister, Sallie Bradsher, also of Dunn, survived.

April 22, 1910

Harnett, NC

1910 Census. George, age 69, and a widow, lived with children 17 year old Oscar, 14 year old Lina, and 6 year old Elizabeth. He rented his home in Harnett County, NC adjacent to and southwest of Sampson County in the Averasboro Township.  George owned his own business. He was a retail grocer. Children Dorothy and Mitchell Giddens were living in the Methodist Orphanage in Raleigh, Wake County, NC.  Mitchell, age 9, was working as a house boy at the orphanage and Dorothy, age 12, was working as a waitress at the orphanage.  His older daughter, Frankie, was living in TX and his son, Charles, was living in Phillipsburg, NJ.

June 26, 1914


George Giddens died in Christine, Atascosa, Texas.  His daughter Frankie Harper lived in Christine so it is assumed that he was living with her and her family. His burial place is unknown.



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