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Baylor County, Texas
Letter to Redic E. Bryan from his sister, Terrell "Bunch" Bryan Biggs
Found in the Bryan family Bible and transcribed by Diana Bryan Quinn
Groom Tex May 14

Mr. Redic Bryan and family

My dear Redic and children. I was made to feel so sad this morning. Maggie phoned me that I had a letter from sister Dollie, stating the death of Mirtie. It shocked me so. I was planning to visit you as Jimmie went to the C of C at Wichita Falls, but I had a sick spell and decided not to try the trip. he left for the convention then about 10 oíclock got the word that Myrtie was Dead. Oh how my heart went to you, just wanted to tell you how I did sympathise with you all. I know it was so hard to give up your dear Mama. Dear children donít grieve to much. You know where dear mama has gone. So live the Christian life. She wanted you to live. donít grieve on as thos that have no hope - the children has lost there best earthly friend. be good to your Daddy. he must be mother to you. Redic now Myrtie is gone you must have more patience than you ever did. for it wonít be long untill you will have to go too. You never will have another sweet Myrtie. I always thot she was such a sweet woman with high ideals so dear girls be a pattern after your dear sweet mother. I would love to be with you for awhile. Write me all about her sickness and Death. I do miss Mr. Biggs so much. Just left alone so write me at .

Mrs. J. D. Biggs Groom Tx.

We are needing rain bad here. Been raining around most all day has hailed and hurt the wheat north of here.



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