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Baylor County, Texas

From the Baylor County Banner - March 18, 1910

For Assessor

By referring to the announcement column it will be seen that the name of Redic E. Bryan appears there as a candidate for the office of Tax Assessor.  As he is not thoroughly known to our people it might be well to give something of his biography.  Mr. Bryan was born in Louisiana, but moved to Texas and to Erath County with his parents when he was only eight years of age.  He attended a good school at Stephenville and upon completion of his school days he acquired a first grade certificate and taught for five years in that county. 

Five years ago he moved with his family to Baylor county and settled on a farm in Levelview community, northwest of town of town.  He has been living there ever since, except a period of eighteen months when he was at Big Springs for his wife’s health.  His life in our midst has been and exemplary one and he has earned the high regard of the people with whom he has been associated.

Mr. Bryan is forty years of age and is in the prime of his usefulness.  He is a robust, vigorous man, fully capable physically to cope with the cares of office.  He has also had the training that would fit him for the position he seeks.  That he is perfectly honest and trustworthy is not to be doubted for an instant.  He will refer you to anybody that knew him where he came from or who has known him here as to his character.

            Being thus qualified, Mr. Bryan believes he can serve the people in the capacity of assessor to their entire satisfaction.  And no effort will be spared on his part in case he is elected, to make of himself a good officer.  He is determined that his race will be a perfectly clean one.  He has not a word to say against his opponent, whom he believes to be a good and capable man.  But he believes in rotation of office and believes that all public favors should not be given one man, no matter how good that man may be.

Mr. Bryan is at some disadvantage in not knowing everybody, but he intends to make a thorough canvas and will try if possible to meet you before the July primary.  He asks for a careful consideration of his candidacy on the part of the voter.  Mr. Bryan is a good man and qualified for the office he seeks.  If the voters of our county should feel constrained to give him their ballot it is save to say they would have no great cause to regret their action.

Note: Redic won the election and served two terms. This same clipping and one of his campaign cards can be seen on my Baylor County Banner pages, 1910.



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