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Baylor County, Texas
Letter from Myrtie Hairston Bryan to her Cousin May Barton
A copy of this letter was sent to me by Lena Criswell. Myrtie refers to Marie as having nervous troubles.  My father, Marie's brother, said that she had a  severe speech problem and was difficult to understand. She had some weakness on one side.  Could she have had Cerebral Palsy?
Seymour Tex Nov 24,19  {1919}

Dear Cousin May,

I have just read your letter was glad to get it and so glad of Motherís pictures I think the one with you and the dog the best. I think you looked like your Aunt Mary Manning. May I want you to send me some of Uncle Johnís pictures. May I am so glad you are moving close to me but you did not say where you were to move I am guessing Its Wichita. I was there two weeks ago. Its a city. We can visit often. After Seymour is a little long just now If you must come to Wichita we sure see each other often.

May I am going to Dallas Thursday I am going to carry Marie to Babtest Sanatarium for an X-ray Examination She is having nervous troubles I feel so sorry for her It just breaks my heart to see her suffer I am sending you a Kodak of her Drs here say I may have to have an operation on her head (a bone cut that is pressing on the brain

I will make the trip with she and myself and if I have her operated on I will wire for Redic. If you get this letter in time to ans before Thursday write me and tell me If Frank is at Wichita and I may see him as I come home You come to see me when you get moved. I get so lonesome since Mama died. Financially we have made lots of money lately. If we had not been in the hole from just 2 years but we are making good now but I have had so many worries lately I have not that very much about money but I am thankful that I have the money to have Marie treated and try to restore her to health. I realize her condition will be improved after the operation or worse and if an operation canít be performed I just canít see how I can see her get in such bad shape she is just as pretty as can be She is in 10th grade will finish next year if she stays in school DeRay is a senior She came in today telling me she had ordered her cards and invitations she says all the kin is going to hear from her

I have not seen you in so long I can hardly realize you are grown and I cannot realize that I am so old I hope Aunt Amy is in better health. If you move out close to me I will get to see her sometime as can drive to Wichita in 2 hrs DeRay is waiting to mail this Love to all the Kin folks

Your Cousin






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