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Bienville Parish, Louisiana
Letter to Spann Ragan from his mother, Elizabeth Span Regan Bryan
I originally copied this letter from the files belonging to Richard Warner, a Bryan-Hammett descendant.  It was sent to him by Marguerite Cook Clark.  Marguerite Cook Clark received the letter from E. Ragan Pruitt who gave me permission to post his family letters to my site. This letter and others belonged to Lizzie Ragan and their location is not known at this time.

Elizabeth Regan married Joseph Regan in Robeson County, NC in 1815. Spann was their second child. Joseph died in about 1820 and Elizabeth married Reddick Bryan in 1821.  At the time that this letter was written, the Bryan family lived in a portion of Claiborne Parish that would later become Bienville Parish, Louisiana. 

Note that Spann's name is written both as Span and Spann.  I have chosen to use Spann when writing about him as the recent memorial to him and his family is marked with that name. Spann changed the spelling of his last name from Regan to Ragan therefore all of his descendants are Ragans.

Transcribed by Diana Bryan Quinn - Punctuation, grammar, and spelling are copied exactly as written


{Page one}

 La. Claibourne Parish                                                             1845

                                                                                                Nov the 16


Dear Son

            I received your letter on yesterday and was glad to hear from you and to hear that you were well but it did give me no satisfaction to hear of your condition with your condition that you were in. We have been generally healthy hear hear this year but not so mouch so at this time we are all a labouring under verry bad colds at this time  all the family both black and white and it is a general complaint all over this country   We had a camp metting in one mile of us in October and we had a fine time of it  There were but four tents but we had a good many hearers   there were thirteen joined the church among the number General Wimberly   Joshua Melvin  J. Hunter   Wim Wimberly and I could name a good many more But those were the hardest sinners that we got and I expect that you will be glad to hear that they are a trying {not legible and a portion cut off}.


{Page two}                 

My son I have seen more trouble this year about one thing or other than I ever saw in my life    you wrote to use about your affairs hear   we has been a try all the year to make some arrangements to send you some money but it appears like it is in vain    I have got a little money and would sent it to you but I am a fraid for fear you will not get it    you write that you do not get any letter from us but it is not our fault   We have written several time   Before we received this letter wh{cut off} then we do not sent our letter to the write place or not  I can not say your wrote to us to direct our letter to fort valley and we done so  there is one of our neighbors  Mr. Williams that has money owing to him in Georgia and Mr. Bryan has been a trying to make some arrangements with him  Mr. Williams brother  then wrote to him that that he had collected some {not legible}.


{Page three}

If fort vally is the nearist post office to you let us know it as we may not be mistaken,  I had like to forget to tell you that we have got acquainted with a docter Kenney that says he knew you whin at colledge   he is living out here in this settlement at this time  The boys are single {not legible} and so is Dorothy but it thought that Joseph will get maried shortly to Miss S. Wimberly but we are not shore it is the case  Span I do wish you were here it seems sometimes like I canít bear it.  I am gitting old weekly and it appears like I wont live much longer   I canít hear half what I wance could if Mr. Williams fails to git an answer soon we will have to send you a ceck again, or if any one was coming from there here and would pay you some money you could give them an order to us for it here. I mite talk a week about it for that is all I can do is to talk and I do hope that your bisness may soon be {not legible}  as it may git to you safe  the family all sends there love to you    your unchanging mother

E. S. Bryan


Those mentioned in this letter are as follows:

Spann - Spann Ragan, son of Elizabeth Regan and her first husband and first cousin, Joseph Regan, married Julius Leurany "Lou" Speight on May 1, 1856 in Bronwood, Georgia. 

E. S. Bryan - Elizabeth Span(n) Regan Bryan, mother of Spann.  Elizabeth Regan married Joseph Regan in Robeson County, NC in 1815. Spann was their second child. Joseph died in about 1820 and Elizabeth married Reddick Bryan in 1821. Elizabeth died in Bienville Parish in 1877.

General Wimberly - I have no information about General Wimberly.

Joshua Melvin - Joshua Melvin, age 41, can be found on page 278 in the 1850 census living very near Henry T. Wimberly and Ezekiel Wimberly and their families in the Western district of Bienville Parish.

J. Hunter - J. Hunter may be James Hunter, age 39, who can be found on page 276 in the 1850 census as living in the Western District of Bienville Parish.

Wim Wimberly - may be referring to William Wimberly who lived in Ringgold near the Bryan family. Many of these Wimberlys married Bryans. There is an enormous amount of information about William Wimberly in The Wimberly Family History and also at Thomas Wimberly's genealogy pages.

Mr. Williams - I have no information about Mr. Williams

Dr. Kenney - I have no information about Dr. Kenny

Dorothy - Dorothea Elizabeth "Dorothy" Bryan, daughter of Elizabeth Regan and Reddick Bryan.

Joseph - Joseph Brown Bryan, son of Elizabeth Regan and Reddick Bryan.

S. Wimberly - Sarah Margaret Wimberly was the daughter of William Wimberly and Lucy Smith Lawson. She married Joseph Brown Bryan on November 4, 1845.



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