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* indicates that the entire article is included in the notes below.

January 3, 1913

Jirasek - Ozymy wedding

Elam - Allison wedding

Westover - It is reported that Clarence Robertson and Eula Gleghorn were married on Sunday afternoon. 

St. Clair - Carney wedding

Francher - Henson wedding

Dr. T. F. Burnett left Tuesday for a three or four weeks visit to his old home in Tennesee.*

Lost - A ladies dark blue handbag between Mrs. R. E. Bryan's and the Baptist Church containing one $5.00 bill and some silver. Reward by return to this office.  *

John Francher died.

Bomartin - Deering and Adams wedding

Bomartin - B. J. Stone and family spent Sunday in Seymour with Mr. Stone's brother *

Deep Creek - Little Miss "Claudia Janette" has taken up her abode at Walter Franchers *

Lake Creek - J. E. Stone and family spent the holidays with relatives at Benjamin *

Cache Creek - Homer Andrews and Sister Nannie were seen at Cache Creek Sunday evening. *

Mary's Creek - Chester Welch, Walter Woods, and Homer Andrews went to Wichita Falls Christmas Eve *

Mary's Creek - Mrs. Andrew's mother is her visiting her.*

Mary's Creek - All report a nice time at Nannie Andrew's birthday party Christmas night.*


January 10, 1913

E. M. Stone, brother to B. T. Stone of Bomartin is moving to Baylor County.*

Jake Hall and Bride married

Mrs. J. D. Blanks and children spent Christmas with relatives at Denton.

Mrs. W. T. Hurst died (Lucy McClelland)

M. E. and M. O. Burnett and C. H. Taylor all of Red Springs are going to Arizona to file on land. Rufus Burnett is already up there.

Westover - Hall and Connell wedding

Bomarton - Leslie Potter returned with his new bride from Honeygrove.


January 17, 1913

Ed Robertson died in Haskell

Obituary for John R. Francher

 Wood 4ft., 2ft. and split stove wood at Adkins’ and Bryan, north of Washington hotel. 16-18

 Barber – Roland marriage in Teague Texas

 Wood-Coal - We have opened up a coal and wood yard one block north of Washington hotel.  We have put in scales at Bassham’s wagon yard, across the street, where customers can purchase, weigh and pay for fuel.  Our prices will make it to your interest to see us.  16-18 Adkins & Bryan *

Fancher-Henson Wedding  

I have taken charge of the Commercial hotel and will open for business Saturday 8am. 18th. W. T. Moody *

 Deep Creek - We were mistaken in regard to where Mr. Prince will live another year.  He will live on Mr. Knezek’s place.  Mr. Crabb will live on Mr. Matula’s place. Festus Houston will occupy the place Mr. Boyd lives on.  Walter Fancher will live where Bud Dobbins lived last year.  *

 Shady -Arthur Smith and wife returned from their bridal trip along with L. L. Potter and bride, Minnie Grizzard *

 Mary's Creek - Miss Bernie Ator and Trixie Hammett went to Seymour Saturday, spending Saturday night and Sunday with Prof. S. D. Ator and wife of Cache Creek.  *

Mary's Creek - Chester Welch, Homer Andrews and Misses Grace Welch and Nannie Andrews went to Cache Creek Sunday evening. *

Mary's Creek -  The writer failed to get in an important item of last week.  We organized a literary on Friday night Jan. 3, and elected the following as officers: Buford Brothers, president; Homer Andrews, vice-president; Miss Bernie Ator, secretary and treasurer; Miss Trixie Hammett, assistant secretary and treasurer and J. D. Taylor , editor.  Next meeting will be Friday night Jan. 17. All are invited to come and take part with us. *


January 24, 1913

W. E. Robertson died

Mr. Marion Holman and Miss Josie Roberson were married Sunday afternoon at 2:00 by Rev. Cannedy.  Full details have not yet been learned. *

D. C. Taylor, brother of Mrs. Bristow died.

Wm. Bryan of Woodford, Okla., was here last Friday night on a business visit. *

Levelview -  Mr. and Mrs. Hairston spent Saturday night at the home of R. E. Bryan. *

Levelview -  Mr. and Mrs. Jess Caussey are the proud parents of a bouncing boy. *

Mary’s Creek - The following have been on the sick list, but are all improving:  Misses Bernie Ator, Trixie Hammett, Grace Welch, and Robert Andrews. *


January 31, 1913

Child, Edna Josephine Huffman died

Thomas – Johnson wedding

Bomarton News - Grandma McKenzie and little granddaughter, Mildred, visited Mrs. B. T. Stone Saturday. *

Lake Creek - Mrs. B. T. Stone and Mrs. W. A. McKenzie were out from Bomarton Thursday visiting Mrs. Stone’s mother Grandma McKenzie. *

Deep Creek - Mr. Bryan has moved to his place at England. (not R. E. Bryan - no relation)*


February 7, 1913 (note - this issue was found after the Jan.3 issue)

Bomartin has a new school building that cost $10,000. Article includes much detail about the building.

Dr. T. F. Burnett returned from an extended visit to relatives in West Tennessee.

Wall - Pruitt wedding

Ellis - Heathington wedding

Death of Mrs. Walter Dykes (nee Simmons) - more found in Bomartin community news

Mrs. G. H. Ross died

J. R. Hammett of Red Springs says most people are busy plowing up his way. He is going to try and get stubble land all broken, but will list most of his stalk land.*

Bomartin - Mr. B. Ballow died

Ogden - Mr. Dubbins and Mrs. Hammett were married.

Shady - Grandma Moore died

Levelview - Mr. Hairston is one listed on the sick list.

Levelview - Child, Charles Parks died

Levelview - Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Thompson visited the family of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cox Saturday night. *

Levelview - Mrs. Ellen Lee died, sister of Mrs. T. A. Cox

Cache Creek - Mrs. Walter Dykes died



February 14, 1913

Mrs. G. H. Ross died (Minnie Ellen Lee)

Mr. J. C. Powell died

England - Heathington and Ellis marriage


Feb 21, 1913

Henry Shultz died

The Banner received the following new subscribers Monday: Char. Haase a substantial farmer of Mabelle;  F.W. Thompson, a newly married man who will live on the Wiggins place; A. A. & R. H. Clark of Bennington, Okla., paper sent by their father, T. H. Clark. *

Cache Creek - Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John Sprey,  Feb. 15 a fine girl. *

Deal – Holman wedding

Obit for B. Ballow


Feb 28, 1913

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Rolan Busby on the 18th a very fine girl. All doing well.*(this was in Westover)

Ogden (Feb.21) - The stork has again visited our community and left a bouncing boy with Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Robertson.  He was christened Edgar Ruth. *


March 8, 1913

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Randal’s wedding anniversary

Chamberlain – Sloss wedding

W. H. Roberson of Red Springs was in Wednesday and reports the arrival of a fine girl at his house Feb. 15.*

Westover - Mr. and Mrs. Ed Martin are the proud parents of a fine boy which arrived Tuesday night. *

Westover - Web and Cockrell wedding

Cache Creek - Mr. and Mrs. Will Holman are the proud parents of a fine girl.  *


March 14, 1913

R. G.. Bennett left the first of the week for Baltimore, where he will enter the John Hopkins Hospital for an operation.  He was accompanied by Dr. Winifred Wilson – Memphis Herald. *

The Seymour school now has an enrollment of 576

Mrs. T. J. L. Jones died, mother of J. L. Jones

McGuire – Lewis wedding

Picture of Earl Davis of Palestine Texas champion corn grower of Texas

H. P. Holmes left Friday for California where he will meet his future wife.  They will spend the summer there and return to his home here in September. His many friends wish him a pleasant trip and a happy union.

Mabelle Brown formerly of Shady now of Thalia in Foard in County died.

Mary’s Creek - Homer and Bob Andrews , Chester Welch , Buford Brothers, Joe, Willie and Preston Beaver attended the literary at Cache Creek Friday night and reported a nice program rendered. *

Westover - Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Cope are rejoicing over the arrival of fine girl, that made its appearance at their home Wednesday. *

Deep Creek - Infant of M/M Gene Fancher died


March 21, 1913

A very fine, healthy , happy girl arrived this week to make r her home with Mr. and Mrs.. A. E. Richmond. Boys are not in at that place now.

Smith- Green wedding

Westover - Dormaier - Campbell wedding

Levelview - Little Billie Cox who has been staying a week with his sister, Mrs. Ora Thompson near Seymour, returned home Sunday.  *

Levelview - Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Thompson spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Hairston.  *

Levelview - Mr. and Mrs. A. J.. Samsill are the proud parents of a 9 pound bouncing boy. 

Mary’s Creek - Homer Andrews and Miss Trixie Hammett attended singing at Cache Creek Sunday night.

Mary’s Creek - S. S. Andrews and family visited relatives in Seymour Friday. 


March 28, 1919

Child of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Robertson died

Photo sale at Rose's studio

Bomarton - Mrs. B. F. Stone went to Seymour Friday afternoon with her brothers family, Thom McKenzie of Lake Creek. They went in the car. *

Mary’s creek  baby of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander  died


April 4, 1913

Davis Meeks wedding at Rockport

Vera – Every store except one burns

Mrs. Hasket dies (Childress)

Mother of Mr. T. H. Clark died in Kosse City

Election - There was very little excitement over the election Tuesday for city officers.  A good field of candidates was out of good officers could not but be chosen. Also, some good men got beat.  Retiring officers, after most faithful services are : G. M. Head Mayor, J. T. Burns, Henry Carter and A. F. Durham aldermen.  Those chosen in there places are C. S. Whiteside Mayor, O. McDaniel, Lee W. Harris and W. h. Gray Aldermen.  Following is the vote in detail:

For Mayor - Geo. Ray 51, C. S. Whiteside 153

For aldermen - O. McDaniel  169, Lee W. Harris  145, W. H. Gray  125, J. Q. word 84, J. D. Blanks 76

Card of Thanks  for the death of Dorthie Bell Alexander, child of Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Alexander.

Westover - Stevens – Duckworth (nee Holmes)

Plainview - Lee and Praytor wedding

Mary’s Creek - Miss Trixie Hammett visited her sister at Seymour and homefolks at Red Springs Saturday and Sunday.   

Level view (March 31) - Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Hairston spent Saturday night and Sunday in Seymour


April 11, 1913

Lee - Praytor wedding

W. B. Morgan of Red Springs is bragging about a new girl at his house.  His family now numbers eight.  *

Randolph – Haley wedding

The month old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce White died Thursday morning with something like pneumonia. *

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bryan are the happy parents of a new big bouncing  boy since Tuesday.  The youngster is a lively fellow and lets his wants be known. *

Graham – Mayo wedding

Graham – Murrell wedding

Mary's Creek - Nannie Andrews is on the sick list.

Cache Creek - Williams - Melear wedding

Levelview - Mr. Joe Nichols married in Abilene

Westover - Emmett Hall was killed at Salt Lake


April 18, 1913

Pyburn House Burns

Eck Smith , half brother of W. S. Scruggs died

Debate Postponed. - We have been requested to state that the debate between Cache Creek and shady which was to have taken place next Friday night has been postponed until next Saturday night week, April 26.  The debate will be held at Cache Creek and the question for discussion is: “Resolved, That Compulsory Education for Children Between the Ages of 8 and 15 Years, With a Nine Months School Term Each Year, Would be to the Best Interests of Texas.”

 Mother of W. H. Francis died in CA.

E. B. McFarlin of Goree was here Monday and was bragging so on his new boy  that Mrs. E. P. McFarlin had to accompany him home and see the lad. 

Westover - Emmett Hall was buried in Weatherford

Westover - Double Wedding: Polk-Shelley and Shelley – Howe

Westover - Child of Mr. Malone died

Cache Creek -Mr. and Mrs. Cute Commer are the proud parents of a fine girl

Levelview - Dr. Bunkley was called out Sunday to see little Willie Mae Bryan who had gotten hold of some medicine and ate it, but she failed to swallow it and never hurt her so very much. 

Levelview - Loyd Storrs, Louis Cox, Early Samsill and Mrsses Ella Samsill, Katie Evanson, Bertha Lee and Minnie Casselberry all spent a few hours very pleasantly at the home of Mr. and Mrs.. John Casselberry Sunday afternoon eating peanuts.


April 25, 1913

Davis – Gill wedding in Colorado

Graham – Mayo wedding

Assessor R. E. Bryan requests everybody to render their taxes by May 1.  He has been unable to get out much lately on account of a sick baby. 

Graham – Murrell wedding

Parker – Boon wedding

Catholic Church. - Next Thursday, May 1st is the feast of the Ascension of our Lord.  At  the Catholic Church, Bomarton , the following children will receive their first holy communion.  Services will begin at 10:00 o’clock. 

Joseph Blaschke, John Bursik, Eduard Farek, Adolph Fojtik, Emil Holub, Alfred Motl, Joseph Orsak, Julius Orsak, Jtephen Pribyla, John Sinek, Martha Blaschke, Anna Muchlstein, Ludmila Muchlstein, Albina Pribyla, Rosalie Sykora. 

Following are the names of those little ones who will celebrate the anniversary of their holy communion:  John Cocek, William Cocek, Albin Cocek, Jerome Macha, Emil Motl, John Odstriel, Charles Zbavitel, Bertha Blaschke, Hermina Cocek, Rosie Cocek, Hermina Marak, Sophina Marak, Olga Motl, Elizabuth Odstriel, Caroline Orsak, Stephana Orsak, Eleanor Pavlicek, Hedwig Pavlicek, Juliana Pribyla, Ludmila Sykora, Sophina Sykora, Adelaide Zbavitel. 

England - Death of Mrs. Georgie Dingler’s death


May 2,1913

Jim Price of Haskell died

Redic E. Bryan , Jr. - Little Redic E. Bryan, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bryan, died Wednesday about noon after a continued illness with the whooping cough.  Every effort was made to save the little life, but to no avail.  Funeral services were held Thursday morning at the residence, conducted by Rev. T. E. Cannedy. Many sympathizing friends were present. The little boy was only 22 days old, bet he had formed a place in the hearts of the parents that cannot be filled. 

Davis Gill wedding – a long article

White – Roberson wedding in AZ

White Ranch - Mrs. Georgia Dingler died

Mary’s Creek - Miss Trixie Hammett visited the home of her uncle, Mr. Bryan at Seymour from Saturday until Sunday evening. 

Levelview - R. E. Bryan came out last week to see about his children who are staying with their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Hairston while they have the whooping cough. 


May 9, 1913

Richland - Owen Lee wedding

Deep Creek  - Hugo Malone died of meningitis

Card of Thanks  - We want to express in the strongest possible terms our heartfelt appreciation of the very great kindness of our friends and neighbors who were so helpful, solicitous and sympathizing upon the occasion of the death of our little boy.  We thank Dr. Bunkley, also , for his faithful service.  May the God of all good reward you in ways that we cannot  Sincerely, R. E. Bryan, wife and children. 

Bomarton News -  Ballow and Tipton wedding

Cache Creek - House and Williams wedding

Levelview - Two of Grandma Cox’s daughters; one from Okla. And one from Bowie Texas are her on a visit. 

Levelview - Pennington and Easter wedding


May 16, 1913

J. Q Word returned Tuesday from Memphis, Tenn., where he helped bury his father.  The father was 91 years of age, a veteran of the Mexican and Civil wars and was a prominent character in his town.  Mr. Word has our sympathy in his bereavement. *

Mr. Grossman died in Bosworth, Missouri

Westover - Harvey Gray’s sister died in OK

Westover - Born- Saturday morning to Mr. and Mr. J. W. Hazelwood a fine boy.  All concerned doing fine. *

England - Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Dornnan are the proud parents of a 12 pound girl who arrived the 2nd of. Mother and daughter are both doing well. 


May 23, 1913

High School Graduates of 1913

Horace Nichols, Will Wirtz, Ben Irby, Richard Finn, Frank Woodrum, Burns Gray, Betty Carr, Mary Anna Murrell, Neva Merrick, Jewell Bussell, Lucile Goss, Clio Bowman, Nevada Whiteside, Myrtle Toberson, Rebecca Murrie

Little Misses Nellie and Titia Bell Blanks of Denton came in Tuesday to visit the family of their uncles, A. J. and J. D. Blanks.

Deep Creek - Death of Geo Longley

Levelview - Tom Cox has gotten so he looks kinder old and we couldn’t decide the cause until we heard of a big boy a the home of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Thompson.  He is now grandpa. 


May 30, 1913

Amburn – Streetman wedding

Cooper – Green marriage

Davis – Bailes marriage

A stork visit is reported from the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McClure of Cache Creek Wednesday morning .  A fine girl was left to grace their home. 

Meinzer – Coody wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Graham are the proud parents of a fine baby boy who made his arrival Friday morning last.  Elmer says that he is certain to make a land agent or politician, he’s so long-winded. 


June 6, 1913

Child of J.C. McDonald died

Bill Konnell died



More will be added at a later date.


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