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* indicates that the entire article is included in the notes below.


Jan 7 1905

 Found under “Items from Benjamin”

Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Burnett arrived home last week. Mr. Roy B. Jr. is a great social favorite and is kept busy entertaining his many friends. Mr. Roy is very proud of his new title of Papa and is rapidly becoming familiar with the duties of his new position.* 


Feb. 3, 1905

Dr. J. A. Richardson’s mother died in Brownsville, Tennessee.


Feb 24, 1905  No births or deaths found – top half of only some of the paper was on the microfilm


April 21, 1905

Peter Donahue, father-in-law of Michael Hilti, died in Fresno, California.



These 1905 issues were found on the "scrapbook" film. No other issues from 1905 appear to be available. All births, deaths, and marriages are recorded above. 


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