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[IMG](Plainview) Isaac Whealdon headstone.jpg08-Mar-2002 23:18 708K 
[IMG]1 nathan whealdon home.jpg25-Sep-2001 04:28 389K 
[IMG]2a3_14_1953jul26Whealdon100th2.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:03 140K 
[IMG]2a3_15_1953jul26Whealdon100th2.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:04 123K 
[IMG]2a3_16a_1953jul26Whealdon100thFaces2.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:05 199K 
[IMG]2a3_17_1953jul26WayneWhealdon2.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:07 153K 
[IMG]2a3_18_1953jul26LoisRuthElvaHelenJanetDouglas2.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:08 147K 
[IMG]2a3_20_1952SpringNellie2.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:08 123K 
[IMG]2a3_21_1953jul26EastFromElvas2.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:09 142K 
[IMG]2 nathan whealdon home.jpg25-Sep-2001 04:30 306K 
[IMG]3 nathan whealdon home.jpg25-Sep-2001 04:32 379K 
[IMG]4a3_01_ElvasHomeSandRidgeNearLebanon2.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:11 154K 
[IMG]4a3_03_FamilyAtElvas2.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:12 119K 
[IMG]4a3_06_FamilyAtElvas1961Maybe2.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:13 122K 
[IMG]Adelle Whealdon headstone.jpg08-Mar-2002 23:26 844K 
[IMG]Alfred Dorothy and Mary Whealdon.jpg06-Sep-2003 07:18 71K 
[IMG]Alfred Foshay headstone.jpg08-Mar-2002 23:28 381K 
[IMG]Alfred Whealdon & Dorothea headstone.jpg08-Mar-2002 23:34 778K 
[IMG]Alfred Whealdon.jpg06-Sep-2003 07:19 153K 
[IMG]Alfred Whealdon2.jpg06-Sep-2003 07:20 42K 
[IMG]Alfred and Dorothy Whealdon headstone.jpg06-Sep-2003 05:45 726K 
[IMG]Alice, Margaret, & Ruth Whealdon (Uncle Benezet's).jpg06-Sep-2001 21:40 54K 
[IMG]Alice Edwards & Nellie Douglas.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:39 87K 
[IMG]Alice Edwards.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:40 89K 
[IMG]Alice Edwards in spring of 1952.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:14 129K 
[IMG]Alvin Jones.jpg25-Jan-2002 04:58 31K 
[IMG]Amariah Ballen Jones & Arminnie Ruth Whealdon Jones.jpg25-Jan-2002 04:59 56K 
[IMG]Amelia Ann Foshay.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:40 61K 
[IMG]Amelia Foshay.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:41 36K 
[IMG]Amelia Foshay headstone.jpg08-Mar-2002 23:39 708K 
[IMG]Ann Whealdon Lippitt clock.jpg27-Oct-2001 08:32 90K 
[IMG]Annabelle Edwards.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:41 99K 
[IMG]Annie Shields Stephens.jpg25-Sep-2001 04:52 192K 
[IMG]Arminnie Whealdon Jones, Alvin Jones, Kenny Jones.jpg25-Jan-2002 04:59 56K 
[IMG]Arthur Earl Edwards.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:42 73K 
[IMG]Arthur W. Foshay.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:43 123K 
[IMG]Arthur Wellesley Foshay - 2.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:45 242K 
[IMG]Arthur Wellesley Foshay.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:45 64K 
[IMG]Aunt Nellie Foshay 80th Birthday 18 May 1958.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:15 170K 
[IMG]Aunt Nellie Foshay in spring of 1952.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:16 154K 
[IMG]Aunt Nellie spring 1952.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:17 122K 
[IMG]Belle & Bertha Edwards.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:46 94K 
[IMG]Belle Edwards - 2.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:49 482K 
[IMG]Belle Edwards.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:51 167K 
[IMG]Benezet Whealdon.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:52 144K 
[IMG]Biily Weiss, Herschel Jones, Paul Weiss.jpg25-Jan-2002 04:59 46K 
[IMG]Bob and Joan Sobonya, 1997.jpg27-Oct-2001 08:33 89K 
[IMG]Carrie Call & Dora Jones.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:00 59K 
[IMG]Cecil & Delta Whealdon (2).jpg12-Mar-2002 04:00 31K 
[IMG]Cheryl Strong, Billy Weiss, Herschel Jones, Paul & Alvin Weiss.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:00 38K 
[IMG]Clarence LeRoy Whealdon.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:52 15K 
[IMG]Clarence Whealdon going to officer's training.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:53 141K 
[IMG]Clarence Whealdon on graduation from Ann Arbor Law School.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:54 123K 
[IMG]Connor Edwards and sons at Three Hills, Alberta, Canada.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:54 66K 
[IMG]Constance Whealdon, Anna Foshay, Martha Whealdon, & Elva Whealdon at Monmouth.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:55 72K 
[IMG]Constance Whealdon.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:11 10K 
[IMG]Constance Whealdon2.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:11 10K 
[IMG]Constance Whealdon wedding certificate.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:11 44K 
[IMG]Dana Whealdon.jpg30-Mar-2002 19:23 6.0K 
[IMG]Dora & Herschel Jones.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:00 39K 
[IMG]Dora Jones & Alvin Jones.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:00 27K 
[IMG]Dora Jones.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:02 51K 
[IMG]Dora Jones and Gerald Ray Strong.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:01 30K 
[IMG]Dora Jones family.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:01 63K 
[IMG]Dorothy Newton Whealdon.jpg06-Sep-2003 07:20 23K 
[IMG]Dorothy Newton Whealdon2.jpg06-Sep-2003 07:20 61K 
[IMG]Dorothy Newton Whealdon3.jpg06-Sep-2003 07:21 145K 
[IMG]Dorothy Newton Whealdon maybe.jpg06-Sep-2003 05:20 231K 
[IMG]Elmer E. Shields.jpg25-Sep-2001 04:55 174K 
[IMG]Elva, Clarence, and Wayne Whealdon about 1897.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:06 120K 
[IMG]Elva Bryant 26 Jul 1953.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:18 116K 
[IMG]Elva Bryant Home 1952.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:19 121K 
[IMG]Elva Bryant Home in 1952.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:20 140K 
[IMG]Elva Whealdon & class in 1902.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:56 63K 
[IMG]Elva Whealdon - OSNS 1902.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:56 51K 
[IMG]Elva Whealdon Bryant - 2.jpg07-Sep-2001 03:59 216K 
[IMG]Elva Whealdon Bryant - 3.jpg07-Sep-2001 03:59 129K 
[IMG]Elva Whealdon Bryant - 4.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:00 144K 
[IMG]Elva Whealdon Bryant.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:05 411K 
[IMG]Elva Whealdon Bryant and class in 1933.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:02 216K 
[IMG]Elva Whealdon Bryant headstone.jpg08-Mar-2002 23:45 800K 
[IMG]Elva Whealdon and Anna Foshay.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:57 110K 
[IMG]Elva Whealdon and class in 1903.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:57 49K 
[IMG]Elva Whealdon at the Morgan School.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:59 269K 
[IMG]Elva and Clarence Whealdon about 1888.jpg06-Sep-2001 21:55 125K 
[IMG]Eva Burford Whealdon.jpg31-Mar-2002 06:47 8.5K 
[IMG]Evelyn May Willis.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:02 43K 
[IMG]Fay Whealdon.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:06 37K 
[IMG]Florence & Daniel Clarence Boston.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:12 12K 
[IMG]Floyd, Lilly & Annabelle Edwards.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:06 38K 
[IMG]Frank and Mary Needham crypt.jpg06-Sep-2003 05:51 420K 
[IMG]Harry Whitcomb.jpg25-Sep-2001 04:56 243K 
[IMG]Howard, Floyd, & Esther Needham.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:07 56K 
[IMG]Howard Foshay Needham BirthCert.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:13 45K 
[IMG]Howard Needham crypt.jpg06-Sep-2003 05:54 368K 
[IMG]Isaac & Adelle Whealdon.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:07 111K 
[IMG]Isaac & Mary Ann Whealdon.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:07 110K 
[IMG]Isaac Whealdon on horse.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:10 423K 
[IMG]Issac Whealdon home.jpg06-Sep-2003 05:57 384K 
[IMG]Jessie Mize Eager.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:11 136K 
[IMG]John & Caroline Whealdon.jpg12-Mar-2002 04:00 45K 
[IMG]John Foshay.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:09 145K 
[IMG]John Foshay headstone.jpg08-Mar-2002 23:48 423K 
[IMG]John L. Eager.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:13 225K 
[IMG]John Wesley Whealdon b. 1912.jpg01-Apr-2002 04:25 5.9K 
[IMG]John Whealdon Family - Faye, Wesley, Francis.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:11 332K 
[IMG]John Whealdon headstone.jpg08-Mar-2002 23:54 829K 
[IMG]John Whealdon tipped headstone.jpg09-Mar-2002 00:00 836K 
[IMG]John and Margaret Whealdon.jpg06-Sep-2003 07:22 64K 
[IMG]John and Vera Lippitt.jpg27-Oct-2001 08:33 62K 
[IMG]Joseph Whealdon memorial.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:15 357K 
[IMG]Kress headstone.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:13 10K 
[IMG]Lambert Whealdon & Lois headstone.jpg09-Mar-2002 00:04 575K 
[IMG]Lambert Whealdon.jpg06-Sep-2003 07:22 56K 
[IMG]Lambert Whealdon home.jpg25-Sep-2001 04:40 583K 
[IMG]Lambert and Lois Whealdon.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:11 94K 
[IMG]Leslie Whealdon.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:16 29K 
[IMG]Lewis Edwards family - Lewis, Floyd, Homer, Hermon, Dorothy, Alice, Bertha, Connor, Belle.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:13 254K 
[IMG]Liz Cole in Margaret Edwards dress in Jul 1953.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:21 148K 
[IMG]Lizzie Kress & Nellie Congleton.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:02 65K 
[IMG]Locksley Whealdon.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:16 15K 
[IMG]Lois and Lambert Whealdon.jpg06-Sep-2003 07:23 161K 
[IMG]Lucinda Edwards Whealdon.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:14 33K 
[IMG]Lydia Ruth Jones.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:02 11K 
[IMG]Martha Cornelia Whealdon graduation picture.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:14 117K 
[IMG]Martha Foshay headstone.jpg09-Mar-2002 00:09 734K 
[IMG]Martha Whealdon in 1901.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:15 56K 
[IMG]Mary, Anna & Nellie Foshay.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:19 111K 
[IMG]Mary Ann Whealdon.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:17 255K 
[IMG]Mary Foshay - 2.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:16 124K 
[IMG]Mary Foshay.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:18 69K 
[IMG]Mary Foshay U of O graduate.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:18 42K 
[IMG]Mary Foshay graduation picture from U of O.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:18 224K 
[IMG]Mary and Ruth Whealdon headstone.jpg09-Mar-2002 00:14 673K 
[IMG]Mize family.jpg25-Sep-2001 04:44 109K 
[IMG]Mother Needham in Spring of 1952.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:22 143K 
[IMG]Nathan Whealdon's.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:20 97K 
[IMG]Nathan Whealdon.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:20 76K 
[IMG]Nathan Whealdon chest, made about 1815.jpg27-Oct-2001 08:34 79K 
[IMG]Nellie Congleton, Elizabeth Kress, Dora Jones, Clarence Boston.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:03 64K 
[IMG]Nellie Douglas And Greg Needham 20 Sep 1953.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:23 139K 
[IMG]Nellie Douglas and Greg Needham on 20 Sep 1953.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:24 145K 
[IMG]Nellie Douglas headstone.jpg09-Mar-2002 00:19 731K 
[IMG]Nellie Foshay.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:23 62K 
[IMG]Nellie Foshay Douglas 18 May 1958.jpg30-Jan-2002 04:25 151K 
[IMG]Nellie Foshay Douglas and Mary Foshay Needham.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:22 196K 
[IMG]Nellie Foshay U of O graduate.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:22 32K 
[IMG]Oscar Jones & Paul Weiss.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:03 33K 
[IMG]Oscar Jones Sr and Jr.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:04 86K 
[IMG]Oscar and Herschel Jones.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:03 44K 
[IMG]Remleys.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:08 247K 
[IMG]Riley & Nellie Congleton (2).jpg12-Mar-2002 03:59 34K 
[IMG]Rowan, Alfred, Locksley, & Everett Whealdon.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:25 376K 
[IMG]Ruth & Elva Bryant, Wayne, Lilly, & Floyd.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:26 68K 
[IMG]Ruth Jones, Nellie Congleton, Elizabeth Kress.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:04 39K 
[IMG]Sand Ridge Neighbors, including Isaac Whealdon.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:27 140K 
[IMG]Sand Ridge Neighbors including Lois and Adelle Whealdon.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:28 150K 
[IMG]Sand Ridge Nwighbors including Lois and Adelle Whealdon.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:28 150K 
[IMG]Sandridge Whealdon graves .jpg06-Sep-2003 06:03 703K 
[IMG]Sandridge Whealdon graves with tree removed.jpg06-Sep-2003 06:06 368K 
[IMG]Tabitha Whealdon Shields.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:21 181K 
[IMG]Unknown Whealdon family boy.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:22 146K 
[IMG]Unknown Whealdon family boy2.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:23 132K 
[IMG]Unknown Whealdon family girl.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:26 207K 
[IMG]Unknown Whealdon family girl at Astoria.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:25 208K 
[IMG]Unknown Whealdon family man.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:27 195K 
[IMG]Unknown Whealdon headstone.jpg09-Mar-2002 00:25 699K 
[IMG]Unknown Whealdon headstone2.jpg09-Mar-2002 00:30 719K 
[IMG]Van and Annabelle Edwards Decker family.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:29 96K 
[IMG]Vigie Whealdon and Carl Phillips.jpg31-Mar-2002 06:47 13K 
[IMG]Wallace Evans children.jpg25-Sep-2001 05:28 135K 
[IMG]Wayne Whealdon.jpg07-Sep-2001 04:29 92K 
[IMG]Whealdon, John Manlove and Sarah Tacy Hibbs.jpg25-Sep-2001 04:46 24K 
[IMG]abel whealdon.BMP25-Sep-2001 04:34 5.9K 
[IMG]abel whealdon bed.jpg25-Sep-2001 04:34 231K 
[IMG]foshays.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:12 37K 
[IMG]frank needham memorial.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:12 25K 
[IMG]meribah fowler.jpg25-Sep-2001 04:42 174K 
[IMG]phoebewhealdon.jpg25-Jan-2002 05:08 7.9K 

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