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Charles Brutton Atty of Exeter [Parents] was christened 1 on 17 May 1791 in Exeter St Peter's Cathedral, Devon. He died after 1851. He married Ellen H. about 1840.

Other marriages:
Rook, Mary Ann Matthews

Perhaps md. Mary Ann Matthews on 18 Apr 1827 - checking. - rhg Owned the Exeter Clock; put on show at Great Exhibition in 1851. -rhg

Listed as Freeman 24 Apr 1815 / Exeter, Devon England; 1815 Mayor's Court Book 1810-1827, Exeter Freeman. - rhg

1841 Census / Devon, Exeter, St. David, Dist. 6
1 Northernhay Place
Brutton, Charles 45 attorney b. Devon
Mary 35 b. Devon
Mary 12 b. Devon
Charles 10 b. Devon
William 9 b. Devon
Eliza 8 b. Devon
Isabel 6 b. Devon
Edward 4 b. Devon
Harriet 10mos b. Devon
and servants
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ellen H. was born 1 calculated 1820 in Topsham Barr, Exeter, Devon. She died after 1891. She married Charles Brutton Atty of Exeter about 1840.

1861 census for Devon, Exeter, St. David, Dist 2: Res: 8 North 1 Ct? (St.) - Ellen H. BrYtton, 40 widow (hoh) "widow of solicitor" and b. Exeter. Living with her are step daughter Eliza and Harriet. - rhg 1891 census for Holy Trinity, Exeter, Dist 18: shows Ellen as a widow and boarding; living on own means, born Topsham Barr, Exeter. - rhg

Edward Brutton [Parents] was christened 1 on 27 Jan 1837 in Exeter St. David, Devon. He married Alice.

1881 census for Stonehouse, Exeter, Devon: occ: Captain / Army H.P. Res: 7 George Place (next to police station). - rhg
1901 census forChelsea South, Chesea, London, Eng., District Royal Hospital: shows him as an Army Officer "in his Majesty's service." With him is wife, Alice, age 53, b. Ireland. - rhg

Alice was born calculated 1844 in Ireland. She married Edward Brutton.

William Henry Brutton was born 1 calculated 1810 in Dawlish, Devon. He married 2 Eliza Splatt on 4 Jun 1835 in Starcross, Devon.

1881 Devon census shows William as 71; a retired Master Mariner. Residence: in Dist. 2; 11 Alexandria Terrace. - rhg
1881 census claims his birthplace as Dawlish, Devon, England; however, the 1871 census claims "Kenton." Also, the 1871 Littleham, Exmouth, Dist. 2 (Devon) census shows his occupation as Master Mariner & Lodging Keeper, age 62. - rhg

1851 census for Littleham, Devon, England - we find Wm Henry Brutton, age 40, b. Exeter. Master Mariner w/wife,
Eliza 38 b. Biston Place, Exmouth, Devon, England; and two children: Henry 4, and Mary Ann Lucy 6 - both b. Exmouth. - rhg

1861 census shows he was born in Kenton, Devon. - rhg

Somerset Archive and Record Service / Miscellaneous Somerset deeds, mills, etc
Declaration regarding CHUDLEIGH, DEVON - ref. DD\BR\bb/39 - date: 1864
Declaration of William Henry Brutton of Exmouth that he is one of the heirs of Benjamin Parham of Ashburton, deceased and is seised of 1/6 part of Kennicks Close in Chudleigh.

1891 census for St. Thomas, Devon, Ed Dist 7, Littleham:
Wm. Henry 81 ret. master mariner b. The Warren, Devon, Kenton
Alfred Parham (s) 37 fishman/boatman b. Exmouth, Devon
Helen (d-i-l) 35 b. Sandford, Crediton, Devon
Mary Ann L. (d) single 48 no occ. b. Exmouth, Devon
(Mary Kennaway, lodger, 73, wid, own means b. unk) (Percy Hugh Druce, lodger, single 19 own means, b. Surbiton, Surrey) (Annie Sena Burch, serv, single 18 gen servant; b. Budleigh, Salterton, Devon)

Eliza Splatt was born 1 calculated 1812 in Dawlish, Devon. She died before 1891. She married 2 William Henry Brutton on 4 Jun 1835 in Starcross, Devon.

They had the following children:

  F i Marian Lucy Brutton was born 1 calculated 1845 in Exmouth, Devon.

Marian is still living with parents and unmarried in 1881 census. 1871 census agrees. - rhg 1861 census shows her name as Marisa L.? - rhg
  M ii Henry G. Brutton was born 1 calculated 1847 in Exmouth, Devon.
  M iii Alfred P. or Parkham A. Brutton was born calculated 1854.

Charles Phipps Brutton O.B.E. [Parents] was born on 20 Jan 1899 in Craneswater Park, South Sea, Hampshire. He died on 11 May 1964 in Ticehurst House, Sussex. He married Gladys G. McAlpine in Apr 1935 in Wrexham District. The marriage ended in divorce.

Other marriages:
Oakman, Katherine M. G.
Hood, Barbara M.

OBE in 1946; known as 'of' Portsmouth, England. Right-handed Cricket player 1921-1930. Bio data from cricket playing sources. - rhg UK Registry shows his birthplace as Portsea Island, Hampshire; vol 2b page 516. - rhg

Gladys G. McAlpine [Parents].Gladys married Charles Phipps Brutton O.B.E. in Apr 1935 in Wrexham District. The marriage ended in divorce.

John Snell was born about 1590.

He had the following children:

  F i Margaret Snell was born about 1620. She died in Jan 1715.

Andrew Brutton [Parents] was born in 1561 in Crediton, Devon. He was christened 1 in 1561 in Crediton, Devon.

He had the following children:

  M i Nicholas Brutton was christened 1 on 1 Mar 1597 in Crediton, Devon.

John Brutton was born 1 in 1775 in Devon. He died in 1850. He married Ann Hambly.

1841 UK Census:

Cornwall, Budock, Dist 15 Shallow? Mar__?
Britton, John 70 Md occ: Ind. b. Devon
Ann (w) 65 b. outside Somerset and servants

Ann Hambly was born 1 on 29 Sep 1782 in outside Somerset. She died on 12 Nov 1828. She married John Brutton.

Family supplied birth and death dates. - rhg

They had the following children:

  M i John Brutton was born in 1810. He died in 1861.

Philip Brutton was born calculated 1795. He died 1 in 1871 in Devon. He married Fanny Elliott.

1841 UK Census:
Devon, Awlington, Dist. 1 Passmores? Cottage
Britton, Philip 45 Md ag lab b. Devon
Fanny (w) 40 b. Devon
Mary (dau) 15 b. Devon
Grace (dau) 14 b. Devon
Fanny (dau) 11 b. Devon
Philip (son) 8 b. Devon
Harriet (dau) 6 b. Devon
Ann (dau) 3 b. Devon
Sarah (dau) 10 mos. b. Devon
The *Family* claims two more children: Elizabeth b. 23 Apr 1821 Hollington, Devon; and Jane b. 11 Jun 1818 Devon - died 1852 Devon. They also claim that Philip was born Jun 1783. We are using their dates on the children because they fall within reasonable acceptance given the census agreement; however, the census' birthyear for Philip is 13 years after that of the family's belief. - rhg

Fanny Elliott was born 1 in Jun 1796 in Hollington, Devon. She died 2 in 1871 in Devon. She married Philip Brutton.

1841 census shows Fanny at 40 years of age. Family claims she was a tad older. (ahem) - rhg

They had the following children:

  F i Mary Brutton was born 1 on 9 Mar 1824 in Hollington, Devon. She died 2 in 1870.

Age 15 at 1841 census - rhg
  F ii Grace Brutton was born 1 on 2 Jan 1827 in Hollington, Devon.

Age 14 in 1841 census. - rhg
  F iii Fanny Brutton was born 1 on 5 Feb 1830 in Hollington, Devon.

Age 11 in 1841 census. - rhg
  M iv Philip Brutton was born on 16 Jun 1832. He died on 25 Mar 1897.
  F v Harriet Brutton was born 1 on 13 Jan 1835 in Hollington, Devon. She died 2 on 2 Dec 1869.

Age 6 in 1841 census - rhg
  F vi Ann Brutton was born 1 on 31 Aug 1837 in Hollington, Devon.

Age 3 in 1841 census - rhg
  F vii Sarah Brutton was born 1 on 31 Jul 1840 in Hollington, Devon. She died 2 on 18 Aug 1869.

10 months old during 1841 census - rhg

Charles Brutton was born 1 calculated 1780 in Devon. He married Frances Cory.

1841 UK Census:
Devon, Parkham, Dist 10
Brutton, Charles 60 occ: Ind. b. Devon
Frances 50 b. Devon
June 20 occ: Ind. b. Devon
W. Medden 20 b. Devon
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Frances Cory was born 1 calculated 1788 in Devon. She married Charles Brutton.

1851 census for Parkham, Devon gave us "Frances Cory Hendry" - Cory maiden name? or middle name? Census also shows her as landed proprietor, farm; employs 2 men. Annuitant. Born Devon, Militandar__? Frances is listed as head of household - living with Eliza M. W. Smith 34, annuitant b. Parkham; and Jane (June) M. Bruton, 32, annuitant, b. Parkham.
Residence: 12 South Yeo. Dist 4C. Wondering if Elizabeth M. W. Smith is another daughter of Frances. - rhg

They had the following children:

  F i June or Jane M. Brutton was born 1 calculated 1820 in Devon.
  M ii Rector Walter Meddon Brutton was born calculated 1820. He died in 1849.

William Brutton [Parents] was christened 1 on 21 Feb 1793 in Exeter St. Peter's Cathedral, Devon . He married 2 Frances Stokes Kemp on 20 Aug 1821 in Exeter St. Martin's, Devon.

In the GRO records, Nick found marriage to Frances Stokes Kemp: "gentleman of the parish of St. John, Wiltshire; bride is shown " of this parish." Witnesses: Samuel Kemp, George Kemp, ___ Kemp, ...?, Susan Robinson and Charlotte Kemp. - nm

Nick Martin noted that William is not mentioned in his father's will (dated 1828) - possibly died before then? - nm

Frances Stokes Kemp was born 1 calculated 1798 in Exeter, Devon. She married 2 William Brutton on 20 Aug 1821 in Exeter St. Martin's, Devon.

1861 census for Devon, The Close, Dist.11: St. Mary Major, Exeter: Deanery Place (boarding with Eleanor Salter, Librarian) - Frances is shown as a widow, age 63, a governess b. Exeter, Devon. - rhg

They had the following children:

  F i Frances Amelia Comins Brutton was christened 1 on 28 Jul 1822 in Exeter St. Martin's, Devon.

Found in 1841 census of Devon, Close of St. Peters Cathedral, Dist. 3: Catherine Road. She is shown as governess; and
close neighbor is Elizabeth Brutton, 70 Ind. b. Devon. Is Eliz. a reat Aunt? - rhg

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