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Obernai. Catholic Church Marriages 1617 - 1728

Microfilmed for Gen. Soc. by Reporduction System, Salt Lake City, Utah

at Archives Du Bas Rhin, Strasbourg, France, Date: Oct. 21, 1969.

J. P. Simsonian, Photographer, Red. 12 Exp. 3, Cote: 5MI. 490


Paroissiaux Catholiques, “Marriages 1617 – 1681. Tables Annuelles

Family History Library Microfilm # 733391

The purpose of this transcription is to record all entries of the surname Britsch,

which DNA testing has confirmed came from Brütsch, the Ramsen, Switzerland lineage.

[“Google” Bruetsch Family History to find the website with Brütsch genealogical info, DNA, etc.]


[Notations in brackets are from the transcriber, Walter E. Bruetsch, November, 2008. Question mark ‘?’ means uncertain of spelling. Names of groom & bride made Bold for clarity.] [cum (Lat.)= with, et (Fr.;Lat.)= and, ex (Lat.)= from.]

[The letter “z” sometimes has before it what appears to be the letter “t” for a “tz”. But some transcribers just use “z”.]

[An extremely readable index of marriages for each year, 1617 – 1681, are located in the aft portion of this microfilm,

after 1681 marriages. So go there first! There are no indexes for 1682 – 1728.]


Index Results

Headings of: Nr., Names des Mannes, Name der Ehegattin, Tag des Heirat, Reg. No.


1634: 13, Britsch, Felix & Schwinger, Ottilie, Tag des Heirat 11. Febr. 1634, Reg. No. 27.

1637: 6, Britsch, Felix & Dankelsheim, Magdalena, Tag des Heirat 12. Aug. 1637, Reg. No. 27

1650: 3, Britsch, Felix & Sommer, Luzia, Tag des Heirat 18. Juni. 1650, Reg. No. 13

1665: 3, Britsch, Felix & Mathis, Christine, Tag des Heirat 28. Dez. 1665, Reg. No. 30

1667: 22, Moritz, Johann & Britsch, Anna, Tag des Heirat 11. Juli 1667, Reg. No. 13

1669: 5, Birtsch [Britsch], Theobald & Linz [Lintz], Magdalena, Tag des Heirat 26. Nov. 1669, R.No. 39

1670: 7, Britsch, Lorenz & Lohr, Ottilie, Tag des Heirat 11. Jan. 1670, Reg. No. 3


Register Book Results:

1634, # 27, 11. Febr. contemperunt?[Lat. = contemplati = contemplation = to intend or anticipate] Sponsalia [Lat. = dowry, enjagement, premarital counseling, banns] honestus [good character, honourable reputation male] adolescens [Lat. = unmarried young man; bachelor] Felix Britsch Melchior Britsch filiy [filius (Lat.) = son; y = shortcut for us] et honesta [good character, honourable reputation female] Otilia [Otilia, Ottilia = forms of fem. gvn. name Ottilie] Schwingerin Hans Knod ?vlidta. [vidua (Lat.)= widow.] Testes [Lat. = witnesses] Wolf Hügel, Theobald Kroneburg. [Lots of marriages in 1634 = 112. 1632 = 43, 1633 = 57, 1634 = 112, 1635 = 32. A pestilance may have struck in 1633. In Italy in 1635.]


1637, # 27, 12. Augi celebrarunt [celebs (Lat.) = single; unmarried] Sponsalia honestus vir [= Lat. = man; husband; soldier] Felix Britsch et honesta Magdalena Danckelsheimin Välfres?[Valten = form of m. gvn. nm. Valentin] Barr? ?vlidta. [viduata (Lat.) = widowed (female)] [viduatus (Lat.) = widowed (male)] Testes Balshasar Schmid, Joes [Joes. = abbr. for (Lat.) Joannes: Johannes] Danckelsheim, Maria Schcningin.


1650, # 13, 18. Juni celebrarunt Sponsalia honestus vir Felix Britsch et honesta V Lucia Sommerin Stephan Sommer ?sel [or vl?] filia [= Lat. = daughter], von Meyterzheins. Testes Joannes Danckelsheim, Wolfs Pimpel, Otilia Reibin.


1665 & 1666, # 30, Sponsalia vi die Decemb.[1665] Matrim [Matrimonia (Lat.) = marriage; wedding] die 25. Janu. 1666, Felix Britsch viduy [viduus (Lat.) = widower] molitor [= Lat. = miller] [et] Christina ?Mathisin? v [von?] ?Schifhostrhl. Testes Gall ?Oberstein [?Eberstein? see 1690.], Theobald Dietrich, Anna Britschin, Catharina Bährin.


1667, # 13, Sponsalia Die 3. Ma˙, Matrimon De XI [11th] July, Contrahentes: [Contrahenten = contracting parties] Joannes Mo, vib, Joannis fil [?fil. = abbr. for (Lat.) filius, mng. “son”] [et] Anna [,] Felicius [?Felix] Britsch filia [= Lat. = daughter]. Testes: ?Oberag Rades?, Theobald Britsch, fr [fr. = (Lat.) frater meaning brother.] Sponsa [Lat. = engaged woman.], Hans Ehler ?DeDoms? Sohn.


1669, # 39, Sponsalia: 16. Nov., Matrimonied 26. Novemb. Contrahentes Theobald Britsch, Felicis [ ? = Felix] pm. ?eOl? [? = Obernai] fil [et] Magdalena Linsin [?Lintz?] Michels tochter. Testes: K.? Leonard ?Bigs?, Valentin [male given name] Britsch [? Who is Valentin’s father?]


1670, # 3, Sponsalia 11. Januar˙, [No matrim date] Lorintz Britsch Felicis pm.[p.m. = (Lat.) post mortem = after death] fil [filius = son] [et] Ottilia Lorin Michel Schnitzel ?beinns? rel. [rel = Lat. relicta = survivor] vid. [?vid. = vidua = widow.] [Laurent = Laurenz = Laurentz = Lawrence = Lorenz] Testes: D. Leonard, ?Gyl? Jacob Lohr, Theobald hif. [Theobald is probably Lorintz’s brother.]


[At the end of the microfilm, have: FRNC.4, Roll No 2659, continued onto Roll No 2660. The latter roll is where the INDEXES for each year are recorded. The indexes are written in a very legible manner and thus were added much later in time, maybe 1800’s, 1900’s, perhaps when the register was being archived. I have moved them to a position prior to the actual transcription of the records.]


After the INDEXES comes: Paroissiaux Catholiques, Marriages 1682 – 1728, Abjur. 1699. 1726. There are no Indexes!


Page 16. # 51. Ao [= Anno = year] 1687, 15. 9bris [November] intronizaty [y = us] [Lat. = married at the altar.] fuit [Lat. = he/she was] honestus viduus [Lat. = widower] Nicolaus Gangolft: cum [= with] Maria Freidrichin, ?Laurenz? Freidrich ex Bischin, et Barbara Britsch filia [daughter]. Testes: Steptanus Kumppler, et Mathias Ohreser. lives. [livis?] ?Frinis [end of] Anni 1687.


Page 24, # 24. Ao 1690, 1 Jul˙ intronizatus fuit honestus viduus Mathias Danckeltzer [there is a c before the k] livis ex Bernertnrie˙ ?lter? cum pudica?[Lat. pudic/us = modest, chaste] virgine Christina Ebersteinin, Golli Eberstein, et Margaretha Britschin filia. Teste Gallus Eberstein Sponsa [Sponso = Lat. = engaged] pater [= Lat.= father], et Joes. [abbr. for (Lat.) Joannes: Johannes] Martz livis.


Page 24 ½ , # 27. Ao 1690, 21. Jul˙ intronizatus fuit honestus adolescens Josephius Fre˙, Leonarti Fre˙ [father], et Magdalena ?Otin?[Otlin?] [mother] filius [Lat. = son]; cum pudica virgine Maria Britschin, Theobaldi Britsch, et Magdalena Lintzin filia. Teste Theobaldus Britsch, Sponsa pater, et Joes Maritz. ?etl. [See 1714, page 107 ½. Maria remarries due to Josephius’ death.]


Page 30, # 11. Ao. 1692, 20. Januar˙ intronizatus fuit honestus adolescens Georgius ?Fegele, Jacob Fegele Von Mels aus Ders Schweitz [Schweiz = Switzerland], et Magdalena Willerin filius; cum pudica virgine Maria Ebersteinin, Gall Eberstein, et Margartha Britschin filia. Testes Gall Eberstein sponsa pater [= father], Joes. Mantz, Jacob Eberstein, ?Frepetrata? Dispencane a ?Rheimo? D.u Vicario Generali De Cartigeis.


Page 34, # 1. Ao 1693, 12. Januar˙ intronizatus fuit honestus adolescens Theobaldus Britsch, Theobaldi Britsch et Magdalena Lintzin filius; cum pudica virgine Catharina Schaffnerin, Petri Schaffner p.m. et Ottilia Fre˙in filia: Testes Theobaldy Britsch Sponsi pater, Balthasar Fr˙bel, et Josephus Fr˙bel.


Page 40 ½, # 3. Ao 1694, 24. Januar˙ intronizatus fuit honestus adolescens Joannes Britsch, Joannis Britsch, et Maria Husin filius: cum pudica virgine Maria Schmidlin, Theobaldi Schmidl, et Maria Henn˙in filia. Testes Michael Planck, sponsa tutor, Gabriel Planck, et Daniel Sa˙ller. Consanguinei [consanguineus (Lat.) = blood relative.] [See page 41, # 9 for capital “H” in Hoffmann & Hertzog.]


Page 52, # 28. Ao 1696, 17. Septembris factis tribus sein? meily? alio? iilos intronizatus fuit honestus adolescens Theobaldus Meder, Philippi Meder, et Chrisfina Moppertin filius: cum pudica virgine Ottilia Britschin, Theobaldi Britsch et Magalena Linsin filia; ?pvi sentilus testilus subsignatis [subsignare = Lat. = sign below] Philippo Meder Sponso patre, et Mathias Schu: [Then come the signatures of “Philil ?Medter?”, “Mathis Schuel”, “Joes. Keidiling” Eulia Kector]


Page 60, # 7. Anno 1699, 24. Jan. factis 3 promulgationily [promulgatio (Lat.) = proclamation; decree] intronizatus eel? honestus adolescens Josephy [Josephus: the “y” is a short-hand for “us”] Britsch feliy [filius = son] Theobaldi Britsch et Magdalena Linzin [;] cum pudica virgine Christina Sigristin filia Richardi Sigrist et Christina Kienin. Testes fuere Richardy Sigrist et Leonardy Fre˙ [Freius?]. Signavit primy [primus (Lat.) = first] “Richart Sigrist” signavit ?Edg? X. Intronizavil Endfg? Dng? rector.


Page 67 ½, # 11. Anno 1701, 5. April˙ factis trily proclamationily et nulls detects impedimento matrimonio m facie Ecclesia [Lat. = church] contraxit honesty Juvenis Juvenis [Lat. = unmarried youth] Jacoby Eberstein, Galli Eberstein et Margaritha Britschin legitimy [legitimus (Lat.) = legitimate (male)] filius; cum pudica Virgine Magdalena Higelin, Anthon˙ Higel et Agnetis Apffterin [Aschfterin?] legitima [Lat. = legitimate (female)] filia. Testes fuen. Gally Eberstein et D. Theobaldy Moser senator [then signed by] Signavit “Gally Eberstein”. “Teobalt Mosser?”, Intronizanit D. Rector


Page 71 ½, # 13. Anno 1702, 27. Novembris factis 3 proclamationily intronizaty eel? honesty adolescens Michael Lins filiy Joannis Lins et Ottilia Zenglerin. cum pudica virgine Catharina Eberstein filia Galli Eberstein et Margaretha Britschin. Testes fuere Joes. Lins et Gally Eberstein Signavil primy [signature follow] “Hans Lins” Signavil rdfgt.? Int? braun?


Page 90, # 34. Anno 1708, Die 24. Septembris, factis trily proclamationily & nullo Detecto impediment, matrimonied in facie Ecclesia contraxit, honesty Viduus [Lat. = widower] Theobaldus Britsch [So Magdalena Linzin has died, between 1699 – 1708]; cum pudica Virgine Catharina Sigristin Dei Laurent˙ [Laurentius = Lorenz] Sigrist Senatorie hieiaty & Agatha Sihin legitima filia. Testes fuernet Subscripti [then come signatures] “Laurentius Sigrist”, “Nirth Lins”, “Lienanit Michael Lins”, Intronizanit Rector Eulio.


Page 90, # 37. Anno 1708, 20. Octobris factis 3 promulgationily intronizaty eel honesty adolescen, Matthia Bayert filiy Matthia Bayert et Catharina Guntrum [;] cum pudica virgine Margaretha Britschin filia Theobaldi Britsch et Magdalena Linzin. Testes fuere Dng. Laurentiy Sigrest et Dng Leonardy Heiligenstein juraty. Signavil primy [signatures follow] “Larenty Sigrist”, Signavil Edty “Lienhart Heiligenstein” intronizant Dry Rector [top of the page has Rector Hertzog.]


Page 95, # 31. Anno 1710, 10. Novembris factis tribus proclamationilus et nullo detecto impedimento matrimoniul in facie Ecclesia rite contraxit honesty viduus Valentiny Dietrich cum pudica Virgine Magdalena Britschin, Theobaldi Britsch et Catharina Schaffnerin p. m legitino filia. Testes fuerunt ?Subsignati: Intronizanit Rector Eulefio. [Signatures follow] “Johannes Wolfer”, “Diebolt Britsch” [Apparently men with the name Theobaldius use Diebolt as a ‘nickname’.]


Page 107 ½, # 15. Anno 1714, 9. July factis 3 promulgationily intronizaty fuit honesty adolescens Laurentiy [y = us] Mayer filiy Joannis Mayer et Gertrude Hugin civium [civicus (Lat.) = civil; civic] en? Weldkirch trae ?chenum in ?brisgera. cum dispensation Endchimn D. Vicary Generalis Super alibinatu. Testes fuere Leonardy Frey et Theobaldy Britsch et Theobaldy Meder. Signarent emnes [Signatures followed] “Leinhard Diebolt Meler” “Diebolt Britsch” x cum honesta Maria Britschin Josephi Fre˙ vlicta? [vidius (Lat.) = alive] vidua [Lat. = widow]. intronizant ?Redy Pater Capiceing cum permesin. [The location of the bride’s information seems out of order, but this is the way it was presented in the register.]


Page 112, # 26. Anno 1715, die 5. Augusto factis triby publicationibus, et nulls detecto impedimento Canonic aut Civili matrimonium contraxit honestus adolescens Andreas Müller, Michäelis Müller et Ursula Sügristin legitimy filiy, cum vidica et Virtuosa Virgine Agnete [a form of Agnes] Britschin, Theobaldi Britsch et defuncto [defunctos (Lat.) = deaths] Catharina Schaffnerin legitima filia. Prosentily Dno Laurentis Sügrist Senatore et Michaele Müller et Theobaldo Britsch. Testily qui una mecum Subsignarunt: “Michel Müller”, “Diebolt Britsch”, Inthronizavit C.? Deoclarus Pimpl Francisland [= France?] ex Ell.


Page 120 ½, # 8. Anno 1717, Februar˙ die 1 [8] [Appears to be a 1, following entry has “prima” = 1. But preceding # 8 is an entry with the date of 8.] Tribus promore factis proclamationibus nulloy’s detecto impedimento canonico [canonicus (Lat.) = priest; canon] aut civili infacie Ecclesia matrimonim contraxit Laurentius Giss, honestus adolescens et filius Laurent˙ Giss et Appollonia Reissin coniugum legitimorum et civiumurbis obere fintie? mensis cum pudica virgine Catharina Britschin, Theobaldi Britsch, et defuncto Catharina Schaffnerin civium et coniugum, legitimorum filia [.] prosentibus Laurentio Gifs, et Theobaldo Britsch qui meuem benedictionem nuphalem impertiente Subsignarunt. Sponsus “Lorentz Giss” Sponso [groom] Signum “Lorentz Giss” [father] “Diebold Britsch


Page 148 ½, # 13. Anno 1720, Die Februarii 5. Tribus publicationibus in Ecclesia hae duntaxat publici factis ae nulls detecto impedimento a me infra Scripto parochials Ecclesia in Obernziem Rectore, recepto provio mutuo consensie, Sacro matrimonii, vinuclo in facis Ecclesia conjunct fuenent honestus adolescens Theobaldus Britsch, Theobaldi Britsch et defuncto Catharina Schaffnerin filiy legitimus, et pudica Virgo Elisabetha Elekerin Doni Valentini Elekert civitati huius [Lat. = of this] Senatori VD.o Elisabetha Wohleberin filia legitima ambo [Lat. = both] commerantes [commorant (Lat.) = living in, resident, dwelling] in hae porohia. Testes fuerunt dicti Theobaldus Britsch Sponsi patre et D. Valentinus Elckert Sponso patre gui vna meium? et cum portibus Subscripsrunt {Then come the signatures] “Diebolt Britsch” [sponsus], “Missre Elisabetha Elgertin” [bride], “Diebolt Britsch” [father], “Valtin Elgert” [father of bride]


[The following entry was very difficult to transcribe.]

Page 174, # 8. Anno 1723, Die Januar˙ 25. tribus publicationly in hae Ecclesia et ?totidem in inferiori ?Roeheim factis, prout per littera aR. D. ?Salomon ?eiueden Ecclesia postore ?data et ?agreed en ?remunents muti congtitio, eu nulles detecto impedimento, a me infra Scripto recepto provie mutuo consense Sacro matrimonius ?vinuelo in facie Ecclesia conjuneti ?Sunt? [?sunst = otherwise] Adamus Britsch Christophon Britsch et Anna Maria Rennin Civicem[civicus (Lat.) = civil; civic] in? Rosheim filius, et Magdalena Bentzin Joannis Bentz, et Odilia ?Fechterin? filia, ambo mod? in hae provehia commorantes. Testes ad fuerunt Joannes Bentz, Sponso pater, Daniel Grost, Joannie Lechder? et Joannis Petrus Degermann aditus?, qui vna mecumi omnes Signarcens ?exusta? Sponsa, qud notam fecit. [Signatures follow.] “Adamus Britsch”, “Hans Bretz”, “Daniel Grost”, “Jonns Le˙der”.


Page 184 ½, # 17. [1724]. Hodie octava [octavus (Lat.) = 8th] mensis Ma˙ anni mid ?septing ?vigesimi quaeti tribus publicationibus in hae Ecclesia duntaxat publici factis et nullo detecto impedimento a me infra [Lat. = below; under] Scripto Parochialis Ecclesia Ober ?Ehmtzme Rectore, recepto provie muteio Consense Sacro matrimoni, vinculo in facie Ecclesia conjuncti ?sunt? honestus Adolescens Josephus Britsch Josephi Britsch pistori [pistrio (Lat.) = pistorius = baker] et Christina Sigristin Civcis ?huiatum filius legitimus, et pudica Virgo Maria Elisabetha Sayin Petri Say pistori [ = baker] et Margaretha Dietrichin Civium ?huiatum filia legitima, ambo in hae parochia commorant. Testes adfuerent Josephius Britsch, et Petrus Say Sponsi et Sponsa patre, Theobaldus Britsch Sponsi avunculen [?= male relative] et Joannes Gurd? Sponso affinis, qui vna menem omas Signarunt ?eyev? Sponsa quo notam feist. [Signatures follow] “Josephh Brisch”, “Diebold Britsch”, “?__?”, “Pet_rs Sa˙”.


Page 195, # 15. [1725] Hodie [Lat. = today] 29. Januari, anni 1725 Tribus publicationibus in hae duntaxat Ecclesia publice factis et nullo detecto impedimenti a me infra Scripto Parochialis Ecclesia Oberl ?hntiemeahis? Rectore, recepto provie mutico consensio Sacro matrimoni, vinue in facie Ecclesia conjuncti sunt? honestus Juvenis Joannes Rinn Theobaldi Rinn et Anna Maria Seilerin Avium Senatrem filius legitimus, et pudica virgo Regina Britschin defuncti Joannis Britsch et Magdalena Achtzehnerin legitimorum conjugam et ?Civium ?huintum filia ambo in hae sporve hia Commerantes. Testes adfuenent Theobaldus Rinn Sponsi pater, Mathias Moppert, Paulus Dietrich et Joannes Petris Degermann adituey gui vna meium? omnis Signarent esesto? sponsa quo notam freit. [Signatures came next.]


Page 206 ½, # 4. [1726] Hodie 18. Februar˙ anni 1726 tribus publicationily in Ecclesia parochiaxi factis et nullo detecto impedimento provio hiatus consensu intronizati sunt? honesty Juvenis Antoniy Blanck Sebastiani Blanck et Anna Maria Lembsin conuigum in ?Ettenheim legitimy filiy et honesta vidua Magdalena Brithschin commoransis in hae civitate [Lat. = city]. Testes fuerunt Andreas Müller et Joannes Jacobus Deitrich qui et subsignarunt. [See 1708 for likely previous marriage of Magdalena Britschin.]


Page 217 ½, # 10. [1727] Hodie 3. Februari 1727. tribus publicationily in hae Ecclesia et totidem [Lat. = just as many] in filiali [Lat. = branch church] Britsch weiler [= hamlet, …] ?jubliee factis es nullo detecto impedimento a me infra Scripto Rectore recepto provie mutuo consensie Sacro matrimoni vinculo in Sacro Ecclesia conjuncti ?sunt honesty adolescens Michael Britsch defuncti Joannis Britsch p. m. diem viveret Civis huiati, et Magdalena Achzehnrin filius legitimius et vuidua Virgo Helena Heynschin Urban Heynsch et Christina Bagertin p. m. et Bernards Weiler filia legitima ambo in hae parochia commorante. Testes adfuerunt Mathius Moppert Cives huin, sponsi tutor, Joannes Georgius Bagert [Bazert?] sponso avunculus [Lat. = brother of the mother;…], Joannes Rinn sponsi affinis [Lat. = in-law; relative; brother-in-law] et Joannes Getrus Degermann aditnus, qui vna meium? omni [omnis (Lat.) = all] Signarunt ?exusta Sponsa quo [Lat. = which, …] notam [nota (Lat.) = note; mark] fecit [Lat. = he/she did; made].


Page 225, # 37. Hodie 17. 9bris [November] anni 1727. tribus [triduum (Lat.) = 3 days] publicationibus [Lat. = publication; announcement] in hae duntaxat Ecclesia publico [Lat. = in public] factis es nullo detecto impedimento a me Mathia Meyer Parochialo [= of the parish] huius [Lat. = of this] Ecclesia Rectore [Lat. = parish priest] recepto [Lat. = admit, …] provio mutuo [Lat. = mutual?] consensie [Lat. = agreement] Sacro [Lat. = consecrate] matrimoni [Lat. = marriage], vinculo in facie Ecclesia [Lat. = church] conjuncti [Lat. = union] sunt? [?sunst = otherwise; else] honestus adolesencs Philippus Mäder – Theobaldi Mäder vitriari et Odilio Britschin legitimorum Conjugum [Lat. = marriage] et livium huiatrim filiy, et pudica Virgo Anna Maria Küglin Jeremius Kügel es Anna Pimplin legitimorum conjugan es Avium huiatum filia, ambo in hae parochia commorantis [Lat. = living in, resident, dwelling]. Testes adfuerunt Theobaldus Mader sponsi pater, Jeremius Kügel sponsa pater, Jacobus Groff, et Joannes Petrus Degermann qui [Lat. = who, which, that] omi meein Signariers omnes [Lat. = all].


Marriages end in about mid 1728, on page 231. There is a marriage on 12 May 1728.   [Webpage uploaded 21 Dec 2008]

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