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Brütsch's / Britsch's in France and Germany

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Britsch's from Stein to the USA


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The Village of Stein,

8 km NNW of Pforzheim


Britsch Gasthaus in Stein


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In the Pforzheim region of Germany, ~ 40 Km NW of Stuttgart (and ~ 120 Km north of Schaffhausen, Switzerland), there is a large group of Britsch’s.  These Britsch’s are the result of one Swiss immigrant, Jakob Brütsch, (born ~ 1615 +/-2 yrs), from the towns of Ramsen and Biberach (currently Bibermühle), who had seven (7) sons in his new country, Germany.  But he also had eight (8) children in Biberach before he left Switzerland.


This story is presented in a scholarly, genealogical analysis report by Konstantin Huber of Pforzheim, where he is the Director of the Kreisarchiv des Enzkreises (county archive of the Enz River region).


More information from the report is in the table below and on the SGFF website. 

The full report can be read by clicking on the PDF file, on the left side of this page.


A book by Ernst Hahner, "Ortsfamilienbuch of Stein (Enzkreis) 1654 - 1850"

contains much Britsch marriages, births & deaths data.  It is available for purchase.  Click on Kreisarchiv, as given above.  Then click on Veröffentlichungen.  Then click on Schriftenreihe des Kreisarchivs.  Then Band 6.


This genealogical report was in the 2005 Jahrbuch, published by the

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Familienforschung (SGFF),  Dr. Christoph Tscharner, Editor.  It is available for purchase.  Click on Publikationen, then click on Jahrbuch to find Dr. Tscharner's email connection.  Then click on 2005 for a list of the seven (7) reports (with synopsis) in this book.

In France:

In Obernai, F67 Bas Rhin, Alsace, Fr. Caroline Britsch's lineage starts with Melchior ~1580 & his son Felix ~1610-1699.  DNA test results posted 21 Sept 2008.


Obernai Microfilm # 733391


Britsch lineage in Louisiana


Britz, Fritsch spellings:

Explanation and Image


Others in Germany:


In Biberach an

der Riss and

Bad Schussenried

  Susanne Britsch


In Ilsfeld:

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  Elisabeth Britsch


In Pfedelbach:

  Susanne Britsch


Please let me, Walt Bruetsch, know of other Britsch's.  Email:   Please cite your sources.


Webpage updated  15 May 2016.

As Published in German An English Translation / Understanding

Title:  “Von Stein am Rhein nach Stein im Enzkreis”

Title:  From the village of Stein on the Rhine River

in Canton Schaffhausen, Switzerland to the village of

Stein (8 km NNW of Pforzheim) in the Enz River region

of the State of Baden-Württemburg, Germany

Expanded Title:  “Der Auswanderer Jakob Brütsch aus Ramsen and die Ursprünge der Familie Britsch im

Pforzheimer Raum vor dem Hintergrund des Migrationsprojektes “Schweizer im Kraichgau und angrenzenden Gebieten nach dem Dreissigjährigen Krieg” “

Expanded Title:  This report is about emigrant Jakob Brütsch from Ramsen and the originator of the Britsch family in the

Pforzheimer area, as part of the background for the Migration Project: “Swiss in the Kraichgau (a scenic landscape in the NW Baden-Württemberg region) and adjacent / adjoining region after the Thirty Year War (1618 – 1648).”