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Transcription of Family History Library Microfilm # 1714805
Transcribed for occurrences of the surname Brutscheck

by Walt Bruetsch, April, May 2008 with more comments in [ ].
Archiwum Cezjalne, Archidie Wrockaw
Filmed 5 Jun 1990, Project # POL 2003, Roll # 372


[The province of Wroclaw existed from 1975 to 1998. On 1 Jan 1999, the 49 Polish provinces were reduced to 16;

Wroclaw to Dolnoslaskie province. Prior to WW II, this part of Poland belonged to Germany.]


Definitions in [abc = xyz] are from German-English Genealogical Dictionary by Ernest Thode: [abc…] = WEB’s remarks,

? = uncertainity, _ = unknown letter, ehl. = ehel. = ehelich = legitimate, fr. = frau, Paur = farmer,

Gärtner = gardener; farmer with a small farm.

[The Deutsch “s” sometimes looks like the double “ss” symbol. I, WEB, tend to put in the “ss”.]
[Burial records surnames of wives are apparently the surname of the husband. This can cause confusion.]


The microfilms are filmed in "chapters" and are called Item #'s.

Locality of Record: Kuhschmalz Kr. Grottkau-Kobiela K. Grodkowa [for items 1-5]
Item # and Title of Record:
1. Taufen, Chrzty 1703 -1755 (a continuation from another roll.)
2. Taufen, Chrzty 1756 - 1766 and Communikanten 1766-1798
3. Heiraten 1706 - 1767
4. Tote 1706 – 1766
5. Trauungen, Sluby 1716 – 1767

Locality of Record: Kunersdorf Kr. Oels – Brzezia Laka K. Olesnicy
6. Taufen, Trauungen, Begrabnisse 1676 – 1691 [Baptisms, marriages & burials.]
7. Taufen 1691 – 1723
Begrabnisse 1691 – 1799 [goes to 1706, then onto #1714806.]
Trauungen 1692 – 1756 [All on #1714806.]

Start of Item # 6.

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Taufen 1676 – 1691 [Baptisms]

[Note: The page #’s are only on the right hand page, top right side corner.]

1679, [page 8 ½] # 11, Denn 24 Aprilis hat Baltzar Prutzke alhier ein Dorothea getaufsen ?h_ssen.
Paten [= witnesses] Maria Liebetantzin ?____ein und Barbara Karditzschin ?______? George Fritzek Millischer.

1681, [page 15 1/2] # 35, Denn Dito [16 8bris [October 16th]] ist des Arbl. [Arbeitsammen in other locations, arbeitsmann = working man] Balthasan Prutschek alhier ein töchterlein Elisabeth getaufst.
Paten [god persons] Georgius Hertzog millishes alhier Frl. Maria Liebetantzin Beckerin und Jungfrau Barbara Karditzschkin. [See burial on 1685 July 8.]

1684, [page 24] # 19, Denn 21 Aprilis hat [hatte = had] lassen [= let, allow] taufsen der Arbl. Balthasar Prutzschek, alhier sein Sohn Balthasar.

Paten herr Casper Liebetantz förster, Georguis Hertzog von Natzschr, und Jungfr Barbara Karditzschkin Schectzes tochter.
[In left hand margin is “2 Ostertauf”, which is likely the number of baptisms since Easter.]

1687, [page 33 1/2] # 4, Denn 26 Januarÿ hat Lassen taufsen Der Arbl. Balthasar Prutzschek ein tochter alhier Barbara [Dorotheam lined out, Barbara above the line out.].

Paten Barbara Schtorin [Storin], Mariana Liebetantzin, Michael Fritzschl.

1689, [page 41] # 16, Den 16 Maÿ. Denn Arbeitsamen Baltzer Brutscheck erbgartner alhir ein Sohn getauft worden mit Nahmen Johannes. Din Paten sein Michel Frintzsche, Barbara Stohrin alhier und Heinrich Hertzig Miller von Nehtze.

[1691 is the last year of baptisms in this group.]

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Register getrauten 1676 – 1691 [= those married]

1677, [page # 1 1/2] # 9, Denn 26 dito [26 Octobris] ist Copulirt Worden Der Arbeitsame Jungeselle Baltasar Prutzek

von Metat [or Mectat or Mectet] Aus Poslen, mitt Jungfer Elisabeth Nicklin von Stein.
[Polen = Poland = Posen 1815] [At times P and B interchanged, as in Palthasari or Balthasari.]
[There is a village of Stein, now called Kamien, in Kreis Oels, located ~ 4 km NNW of Kunersdorf.] [Apparently it was common to have a “z” after a “t”, as shown by Deutzschman, currently Deutsch.]
[20 Nov 1691 is the last entry on marriages.]

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Verzeichnis [= list] oder Register Der Todten 1676 – 1691 [deaths]

1684, [page 13 ½] Denn 7 Maÿ ist Der erden bestattiget Worden Dess Arbeitsammen Baltzer Prutzek, seine Schwiger Mutter mid 2 Pulsten, 2 Kertzen, 70 Jahr alt. [Schwigere = mother-in-law.]
[Currently: Schwieger-mutter = mother-in-law.]

1685, [page 15] # 14, Denn 8 Julÿ ist Dess Balthasari Prutzschek, sein tochterlein zur Erden bestättiget worden mit 3 Pulsten, 2 Kertzen, 4 Jahr alt. [With Balthasari name, appears started a P and changed to B.] [Some entries, after Kertzen, have standt lind or standtlind.]

[Mon, 19 May 2008 01:52:33 PM EDT     Hi Walt,
After looking at the film with the new number you gave me I have found the two entries you have mentioned.  I have also showed the entries to the two foremost experts for german records at the reference desk.  The general concensus was that the words "Pulsten" and "Kertzen" have nothing to do with the age of the child at the time of her death.  The records are catholic and "kerzen" means candles, which were burned in memory of the child, "pulsten" most likely mean bells being chimed (although we could not find the expression in the dictionary) and "stand lied" means some kind of hyms or songs being sung.  I can not guarantee that this is correct but is the best I was able to find out. Werner]

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Start of Item # 7.

Taufen 1691 – 1723 [first entry 13 December 1691]

[There are no Taufen records for 1724 thru 1764, so need to use marriages, deaths to estimate]
[In ~1693, listings show “arbeitsamen ‘name of person’ erbgartner]

1698, [page 28] # 31 Denn 3 October ist Denn arbeitsamen Blasÿ [Blasius] Bruscheck mit wohner zu Klein Öllss mutter Elisabeth ein sohn George getauft worden. Din Paten sein George Bulman Pauer und Eherichtsman Anna Klugerin Pauress frau und ?eung frau Dorotea Staschin erbgertners tochter alle von Klein Öllss.

1711, [page 66] # 41, Cunersdorf, 21 Sptbr [September] Baltzer Brutscheck [b. 21 April 1684] mittinwohner u. [und] Barbara. [Infans = Lat. = child] Anna. Patrini: Christoph Jantke ein junggesell, Hans Jantkes paurens Sohn. Martin Pafel ein junggesell, Christoph Pafels erbgärtners Sohn. ein Jungfr. Anna. Hans Kaudtwitzes erbgärtners Tocher. alle Von hier.

1712, [page 67 ½] Kunersdorf, 9 Febr. [Witness] Hans Brutzeck Schneÿder…
[For Christoff ?Lorentz & Anna.]

1712, [page 68 ½] Klein Öls, 4 April [Witness]…Hans Baltzer Brutscheck erbgärtners Sohn allhir beÿda….

[For Hans ?Rirtter & Rosina.]

1712, [page 71 ½] Kunersdorff, 22. 8tbr [October] [Witness] Hans Brutscheck schneÿder … alhir. …
[For George Langer & Anna.]

1713, [page 72] Kunersdorff, 1 Febr. [Witness]…Dorothea, Hans Brutschecks und wohner ehe beÿde alhir.

[Hans married 4 Oct 1712.] [For Christoff Saltzbar & Dorothea.]

1713, [page 73 ½] Cunersdorff, 20 August [Witness] Baltzer Brutscheck erbgärtt. alhir…
[For Michel Limman & Catarina.] [Another surname in this time era, Drutschman.]

1713, [page 73 ½] Locus: ibidem [Cunersdorft] 31 August Baltzer Brutschecks erbgärtner. Barbara [mother] [Kind = ] Joannes. Patrini: Martin Pafel mit wohner Dorothea. Christoff Janckes ?nuterohners? ehen. Anna, Hans Kaudwitzs erbgärtl. tochter.

Alle von hir.

1713, [page 74 ½] Klein Öls, 16. 9br [November] [Witness] Hans Brutscheck und wohner: Dorothea
…[For Hans Stohr & Elisabeth]

1715, [page 78] Kunersdorf, 4 April [Witness]…Elisabeth Hans Brutschecks mitgärth. in Peterwitz Ehewb:?

[Hans had married Elisabeth on 9 Sept 1714, after the death of Dorothea]
[For Hans ?Lielsch? & Susanna.]

1715, [page 78 ½] Klein Ols, 19. 7br[September] [Witness] Hans Brutzeck…
[For Hans Ritter & Rosina. See 1712 April 4.]

1715, [page 79 ½ ] Locus: Peterwirtz. 9 Jannurÿ, Hans Brutscheck Schneyder. [Kind =] Franziocy?
[Franziscus = (Lat.) = m. gvn. nm., Francis] Patrini: Martin ?Pafel? mit wohner Dorothea. Christoph Pfirtzners mit wohnes weib [= wife] beÿde alher, Bodlfried Stentzel Milscher Klein-reägelsderst.

1716, [page 80] Kunersdorft, 5. Febr., Baltzer Brutzeck erbgartl. Barbara. [Kind =] Barbara. Patrini: Caspar, Hans Janckes Paures Sohn. Anna, Hans Kaudwirtz erbgärtl. tochter. Anna, Martin Pafels? erbgartl. weib. alle von hir.

1716, [page 81] Klein Ols, 19 Julÿ [Witness] Hans Brutscheck [t & s together.] mit gärtl_ Maria ?Festen?...

[Hans’ wife Elisabeth buried 10 Jan 1716.]

[For Hans Stahr & Elisabeth. See 1713 Nov 16.]

1717, [page 82 ½] Suswinckel, 10 Februari [Witness] Hans Brutscheck Schneÿder von Kunersdor. …
[For Casper Fidler & Hedwig.]

1717, [page 83] Kunersdorff, 28 Martÿ [Witness] Hans Brutscheck Schneÿder, …
[For Görge Süsman_ & Anna.]

1718, [page 86 ½] [Loci] Suswinckel. 26. Maÿ Baltzer Brutscheck erbgärt. Barbara. [Kind =] Baltzer.
Patrini: Hans Weÿser mitgärtner, Casper. Hans Janckens Pauers und Gerichts geschrownent? ehl. Sohn, und Elisabets, Martin Paftels erbgärt. ehewirthin, all von hier.
[Ehe = marriage, Wirthin = (female) innkeeper; landlady.]

1718, [page 88] Kunersdorft, 6. November. Hans Brutscheck. Schneÿder Martha. [Kind =} Hans Görge. Patrini: Meister Hans Görge Strutzel erbmüller, Christoph Pfützner mitinwohner? und Elisabet, ?Martin Engels mitgl. ehewirthin alle von hier.

1719, [page 89 ½] Klein-Öls 20 April [Witness] …Hans Brutzeck Schulmäzster

[First mention of Johannes Brutscheck (baptised name) being a teacher.] [For Simon Schnuske & Anna.]

1719, [page 90] Kunersdorfs, 30 April [Witness] Hans Brutzeck…alle von Kunersdorft.
[For Balthazar Lazar & Rosina.]

1719, [page ] Cunersdorf, 18 July [Witness]…Martha, Brutscheckin Schul Maÿsterin alhir.
[For George Süsman & Anna. See 1717 March 28.]

1720, [page 95 ½] 21 Augusti [Witness] Joannes Brudscheck Schulmeister allhirin Kunersdorft…
[For Senrieg Wirm & Dorothea.]

1720, [page 95 ½] 5 Septembl: [Witness] Joannes Brudscheck Schulmeister allhir….
[For Getrg Kolthlein & Anna.]

1721, [page 101] Die 2 Aprilis [Witness] Des Joannis Brudtschecks Schulmeisters allhir seinn ?ehewürthin…

[For Jannes Viter & Rosina.]

1721, [page 102] Die 15 Maÿ [Witness] Joannes Brutscheck Schmeister allhir, …
[For Chrisophory (Christophorus –Lat. = Christoph) Saltzbrun & Dorothea. See 1713 Feb 1.]

1721, [page 102 ½] Die 14 Junÿ [Witness] Joannes Brutscheck Schmeister allhir …
[For Joannes Wilesch & Susanna. See 1715 April 4 Hans ?Lielsch & Susanna.]

1721, [page 103] Die 25 Junÿ, Infans: Joannes Antoniy [Antonius = Lat. = Anton] Vater: Joannes Brutscheck schulmeister allhir. Mater: Martha. Patrini: Martiny Engel mit [= (together) with] wohner allhir, ?istl Christoph Pfisters bauer allhier und

Anna Barbara Des Johannis Georgÿ [Georgius] Strutzes müllers allhier seine ehewirthin.

1721, [page 103 ½] Die 31 Julÿ [Witness] Joannes Brutscheck Schulmeister allhir, ite [item (Lat.) = also]
[For Simon Gintsch & Anna.]

1721, [page 103 ½] Die 22 Julÿ. Infans: Maria Vater: Balthazar Brutscheck erbgärtner in Süswinckel. Mater: Barbara. Patrini: Caspary ein junggesell Des Joannes Jurres baurs allhir sein Sohn, itl? Maria Des Andreas ?Yusthes ?brudtwei?, ?baruers ein Süswinkel sein ehewirthin, itl [= item (Lat.) = also] Anna Des Joannes Wisers mitwohner allhier sein ehewirthin.

1721, [page 106 ½] Die 9. Novembl. [Witness] …Des Joannis Brudtschecks Schulmeisters allhir seine ehewirthin?.

[For Georgig Süssmann & Anna.]

1722, [page 107 ½] Die 11 Januarÿ [Witness] Des Joannis Brutsches erbgärtners von Peterwitz sein Sohn, …

[For Joannes Schözs & Anna.]

1722, [page 113 ½] Die 15 Octobl: [Witness] Joannes Brutscheck Schulmeister Allhir, …
[For Joannes Wiltsch & Susanna. See 1721 June 14.]

1722, [page 114 ½] Die 28. Decembl. Infans: Joannes Josephy Vater: Joannes Brudtscheck Schulmeister allhier Mater: Martha. Patrini: Meister Joannes Georgiy [Georgius] Stentzek erbmüller allhir. mit Martiny Engel mit wohne allhir, item Dorothea Des Christoph Pfützners Sauers allhir sein eheweib [= wife; married woman].

1723, [page 115] Die 28 Februal. [Witness] Joannes Brutscheck Schulmeister allhir…
[For Senrieg ?Toeser? & Sedwigis.]

1723, [page 116] Die 30 Maÿ [Witness] Des Joannis Brudtschecks Schulmeisters allhir sein weib.
[For Nicolaus Weletzel & Eva.]

1723. [last entry die 14 Junÿ.]

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[Then starts Begrabrusten ism November 1691. Page 1.]

Register der Begräbnissen [burials] ism November 1691

[Viewed entries from 1691 thru 1709. No Brutscheck’s noted.]
The roll of microfilms ends with the last burial on 28 May 1709, page 21.