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Andrews DNA & Genealogy Project

Purpose: To share DNA results ...


Andrews62 is a retired firefighter / EMT and a Vietnam Veteran.  He is presently on an overland tour of 66 countries; from New Zealand to Iceland, visiting World Heritage Sites;  then across northern Africa to the Mount of Olives.  Contact with him can only be made by "Iridium Satellite Phone".

So contact will be limited.  Persons with DNA interest are encouraged to get tested and put the results into Y Base and Y Search.  Then Andrews62 will find them.

Kamaz 4326 Cargo Truck Andy's dream truck: A Kamaz 4326 Cargo Truck. 2011 Truck for camper 2011 Dodge Ram 4500 Truck for camper, side view. New Roof Rack 2011 Dodge Ram 4500 Truck with new Garvin roof rake, with tire and Ridged Industries 50 in. light bar. Uro-Camper Uro Camper at the beach: Video Show Dodge brush guard by Throttle Down Kustoms Dodge bumper guard by Throttle Down Kustoms. Continental MPT 81 2011 Truck for camper  Continental MPT 81 - 275/80 R 20 inch Tires with Military bolt-together wheels. LED Light Bar LED Light Bar, installed April, 2014.

18K Hydraulic Winch 18,000 pounds hydraulic winch.
Capacity on Short Drum: 96 feet of 1/2 inch cable.
Capacity on Long Drum: 168 feet of 1/2 inch cable.
Pusher Air Intakes Pusher Air Intakes

EGR/DPF Power Package EGR/DPF Power Package

Light Force 240 XGT HID 50 W
Light Force 240 XGT HID 50 W

FASS fuel pump FASS (fuel air separation system) fuel pump # 05-12 Cummins 150 GPH HD Series.  Click for video location.

Glacier CCV Breather Kit Glacier Diesel Power CCV (Closed Crankcase Ventilation) Open Breather Kit

Installed Breather Kit Installed Glacier Diesel Power CCV Open Breather Kit

 Brunton 5010GEO Compass

Air Compressor Extreme Outback Products: ExtremeAire Magnum Compressor

Water Filter Katadyn Expedition Water Filter

Hema GPS Hema 6 GPS System

National Luna Fridge National Luna 125 liter Fridge Freezer, Stainless Steel

Excelsior Block Heater Excelsior Block Heater

Block Heater Installed
Block Heater Installed on bumper.

UnderWaterAirIntake Snorkel intake for deep water traveling.

Shocking Device High Powered Vehicle Shocking Device, via

Alternator      270 amp XP High Output Alternator.

Train Horn Nathan Air Chime K5LA Model 540 Train Horn Kit.

Rear Sway Bars Maxx Link heavy duty rear sway bars.

Roof Rack Custom made roof rack.

Front Leveler Revtek front end leveling system.

Grid Heater Grid Heater.

manifold Steed-Speed Performance T6 Manifold for Cummings diesel engine.

Head Light LED Projection Head Lights for Dodge Ram 4500 trucks.

Horn Air Tank Firestone Horn-Air, 20 gallon, 8 ports, Air Tank.

Rev-X Engine Oil Treatment Rev-X Engine Oil Treatment Kit.

Intercooler AFE Power Blade Runner Intercooler (

Lift Kit 2" Truxxx Front and Rear Lift Kit.

Trans-Cool-G56  Trans-Cool-G56 Transmission from Geno's Garage.
Tool Kit  NAPA Hand Tools: 137 pc. Diesel Tool Set.
Bumper Lights  Rigid Industries LED Lighting: Q2 Driving/Down Diffused Bumper Lights, 6.75 inches square.
Wrist Watch Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch SAST007 $2,450.
SpareTireBBQ  Front Runner Spare Tire BBQ Grate.
BBQ Lake Side  Lake side cooking with the BBQ grate.

February 22, 2011: Dodge Ram 4500 Specifications.  Then expect on May 1, 2011 the arrival of CM Truck Beds' TM Model.

1990 pic of Andrews62

Andrews62 in 1990

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