Unknown Artist Rendering of the Snow Molly, 1737

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[List 45 A] A List of Ye men that are Pallatine Passengers from Sixteen vears and upwards on Board the Snow Molly, John Howell, Master, from Dover. [Qualified September 10, 1737.]

Valentine Stober
Valentine Stober, Jr.
Jacob Stober
Hans Jonas Ryffel
Frederick Ryffel
Christiper Grooman
John Albert Shaller
John George Albert
George Shaller
John Lenoard Willfort
Nicholas Cochelrise (aka Nicholas Kachelriess, see 11th signature in left column of the Snow Molly' manifest shown at the bottom of this page)
George Simon Christ
Hans Michael Hartlyn
George Fredarick Wollenweber
Micael Hartlyn
John Winter
Philip Godfriet Munk
Jacob Meyer
John Jacop Kayer
John Philip Kratzer
Valentine Rolevere
Christiper Grommer
Hans Grommer
Philip Adam Endler
John Rytzman
Christiper Shakey
Jacop Shaft
Philip Jacop Shaft
Freadarick Horn
Peter Hane
John Martin Frelich

Sept 10th 1737.

A true List of the Men of Sixteen years of Age & upwards. John Howell.

[List 45 B] Palatines imported in the Snow Molly, John Howell, Master. Qualified the 10th day of September 1737.

Weltin Stober
Valentin Stober, junior:
Jacob Stober
Han Jonas Reiffel
Friederich Reifel
Johan Christoff Grohmann
Johann Albrecht Schaller
Johann Georg Albert
Georg Albrecht Schaller
Johann Lenhart Wülffart
Nicolaus Kachelriess
Georg Siemon Christ
Hans Mich. Herdiein
Geörg Friedrich Wollenweber
Michael Hertlein
John (X) Winder
Philipp Gottfried Müntz
Jacob Meier
Johan Jacob (X) Geyer
Johann Philipp Kratzer
Vallentd. Rohleber
Christ. Christopf Gomer
Johans Adam Gomer
Philip Adam Endler
Johans Reitzmann
Johan Christoffel Schacke
Johann Jacob Schaaf
Philipp Jacob Schaaff
Friederich (X) Horne
Johann Petter Hane
Johan Marti Fröllich

[Endorsed:] Foreigners by the Snow Molly, John Howell, Mt, from Amsterdam. Qualifd, Sept 10th 1737.

[List 45 C] At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, Sept 10th, 1737.

Clement Plumsted, Esqr
Samuel Hasell, Esqr
Ralph Assheton,
Thomas Griffitts.

The Palatines whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Snow Molly, John Howell, Master, from Amsterdam. but last from Dover, did this day take & subscribe the Oaths to the Government.

Veltin Stober
Valetin Stober, Junior
Jacob Stober
Hans Jonas Reiffel
Friederich Reiffel
Johan Christoff Grohmann
Johann Albrecht Schaller
Johann Georg Albrecht
Georg Albrecht Schaller
Johann Lenhart Wulffart
Nicolaus Kahelries
Georg Simeon Christ
Hans Mich. Herdlin
Georg Friederich Wollenweber
Michael Hartein
John (X) Winder
Phillipp Gotfried Muntz
Jacob Meier
Jno. Jacob (+) Geyer
Johann Philipp Kratzer
Vallintd. Roh[le]ber
Christstofel Gomer
Johans Adam Gomer
Philipp Adam Endler
Johannes Reitzmann
Johan Christoffel Schade
Johann Jacob Schaaff
Phillipp Jacob Schaaff
Frederick (X) Horne
Johanne Petter Hane
John Marti Frolich

SOURCE: pages 173-175. Strassburger, Ralph Beaver. Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. Edited by William John Hinke. Norristown [PA]: Pennsylvania German Society, 1934. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co. Baltimore, 1964.

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