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Family Newsletter News
Newsletter Publishing
Publishing Resources Family Newsletters
    • Offers a guide to editing and publishing family newsletters. Family newsletter tips, chat, message board, fun-poll and more included
  • Great Family Newsletters
    • Tutorials about family newsletters--why we have them and how we make them. News, message board and more.
  • Family Newsletter Registry 
    • A place to register your family newsletter and surnames on the web, so other family members can find you. Search engine for searching family surnames.
  • J. O. D.'s Old Fashioned Clip Art
    • Black and white images as transparent gifs and more
  • Puzzlemaker
    • A place to make quick and easy puzzles for your publication
  • Macomber Project Newsletters
    • This online newsletter keeps the Macomber Family abreast of progress in family research and the compilation of the Macomber database

Genealogy Resources
Personal Genealogy Homepages
  • Cyndi's List
    • More than 62,600 links!
    • Your Internet Genealogy Guide
    • John Lacombe gives us over 300 quality genealogy links and 130 Civil War links
  • Norway List Web Site
    • Karla Halsan Mattila shares many valuable links for researching Norwegian ancestors
  • Paper Tree
    • Beautiful hand painted family trees
  • The Genealogy Home Page
    • Family Tree Maker's listing of genealogy resources on the WWWeb
  • The Olden Times 
    • Offers an interesting approach to genealogy. It provides actual scans of old newspaper articles for you to search and add to. Name index available.
  • Suite Historians
    • Features informative articles by Deanna Corbeil on numerous aspects of the topic of family history. Emphasizes the importance of family newsletters and family story recording in researching one's family history.
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