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The McKay - McBean - MacLeod Family History

Nicol Family History

 Inverness & The Black Isle

Family Reunion Report

Held Inverness Scotland

July 14 & 15 2007

A personal thank you to all who came along to our family reunion
to celebrate our heritage & revel in our ancestral history - the reason we were all born.

To all who travelled from afar, special thanks to you  for your support.

To my local Inverness cousins, one & all, it was extra special for me to have all of you there and especially those I either had not met before, or not seen for many a year.

My heart is still aglow with pride.

To the genealogists amongst us, well done, it is so wonderful to have been able to pool all our resources and share them around the world.

We must keep up the work and keep in touch.

 Our history will now live on as has that of those gone before us.

Donald & Isabella's Original Croft,

Balguneerie Ross & Cromarty


Beverley Duncan & Wendy
Celebrating the success of a wonderful weekend


A big thank you to all our cousins at Balguneerie Farm
Ross &  Cromarty

for making us so welcome

and sharing

Donald & Isabella's
Old Croft & Heritage

with us


Agnes, the matriarch of Balguneerie with
 Shaun, Fiona & Peta at Balguneerie

Joanne, Joan and Donald
at Balguneerie

To Shaun, Malcolm, Ian, Cathie & Duncan

Thanks a million



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Maureen & Jill
"The Treasurers"

Treasured in more ways than one



  Wendy Margaret Brindle
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