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James Brown/Jenette Thorburn
James H Brown married Jenette Thorburn in 1864. James and Jenette had 6 children - James had previously been married to Elizabeth Palmer, and that union resulted in 3 children, Anna Cora and one other infant who died shortly after birth, and Sheldon T, whom we know very little about.

Child NameBirth/DeathStateSpouseBirth/DeathState ChildrenSpouse FatherSpouse Mother
Benton W Brown1866/1929WI??/?WIList??
George H Brown1868/1938WI??/?WIList??
Edwin O Brown1869/1937WI??/?WIList??
Oscar A Brown1871/1945WIEmma Scofield?/?WIList??
Frankie J Brown1873/1973WINANANANANANA
Adam T Brown1875/1903WIFlorence Hayford1882/1908WIListSelim HayfordMartha Munger